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  1. Dubstep
  2. Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus!
  3. A question for tabbers..
  4. Kramer v Kramer v Radiohead
  5. collest cunts on this board
  6. record reviews are unreadable
  7. POLYPHONIC SPREE are Awesome
  8. Boredoms and 74 drummers..
  9. estranged by guns n' roses is pretty great
  10. The Devil and God are Raging Inside Of Me
  11. Mastodon Re-Appreciation Thread
  12. Steve Albini on a poker message board
  13. Courtney Love: London Gig
  14. new weird porno rilo kiley single
  15. lol astronomy
  16. haven't seen anyone talking about the new dizzee rascal...
  17. Seattle's Bumbershoot lineup announced
  18. Avril rips off Revenge Of The Nerds
  19. MELISSA ETHERIDGE performance on live earth made me sick
  20. Need oink invite. Trading Blackcat's Games invite :)
  21. motus
  22. Prison Break - Season 2 - Episode 16 - Chicago
  23. does anyone here know anything about guitars?
  24. New My Bloody Valentine album and tour in 2008
  25. Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War
  26. the new interpol album?
  27. Earphoria Soma
  28. your current obsession
  29. Asobi Seksu
  30. Ryan Adams covering Strokes' album Is This It: Available Anywhere?
  31. Natalie Imbruglia - "Identify"
  32. Just saw the Police play...
  33. 40th Anniversary Reissue Of Legendary PINK FLOYD Debut Due In August
  34. Any listening recommendations?
  35. Cheap Trick- what was Teh B0lly's Obsession?
  36. Anyone familiar with Unkle?
  37. Opeth Appreciation Thread
  38. omg I'm seing JANDEK in dalls
  39. black duo jetscan
  40. Why on earth is the recording of Raw Power by Iggy Pop and The Stooges so shitty?
  41. Does anyone like Kill Hannah?
  42. Anyone familiar with the Ukelele
  43. anyone go to pitchfork tonight?
  44. The Delgados
  45. have Slint brought out any new material since their reunion?
  46. Did anyone get Cure tickets today
  47. i just met J Mascis
  48. my foray into electronic music
  49. help me find some good heavy music
  50. explosions in the sky are opening for some shitty band this fall
  51. the slits
  52. this requires its own post (roots covering dylan)
  53. I Mother Earth
  54. Radiohead - OK Vinyl
  55. as inspired by Rockin' Cherub, let's talk about good bands for a change
  56. SP / Deftones / Trail of Dead
  57. post sweet guitar wanks
  58. GWAR
  59. i love made for tv band biopics!
  60. 1991 vs. 2002
  61. Why would I lose all my oink invites?
  62. drm to be placed on webcasts
  63. What is some good blues from the 20s and/or 30s?
  64. Post 36 Chambers Wu-Tang stuff
  65. Nick Drake
  66. Is rock dead or in hibernation???
  67. Emo Death Estimation
  68. Most hated band
  69. Upcoming shows?
  70. I saw Slint yesterday (Pajo's equipment and settings inside)
  71. Oink's invites
  72. OK lets be honest here......
  73. Interpol - Mind Over Time
  74. Broken Social Scene Presents... Kevin Drew - Spirit If...
  75. Dead Meadow - 'Shivering King and Others' (YSI inside)
  76. Bjork- Unison (Ital Tek Remix)
  77. Iron and Wine show in Dublin
  78. CMJ Music Marathon 2007!!
  79. Anyone who likes Deerhunter: please defend yourself...
  80. party like a rockstar
  81. Coldplay hate?
  82. system of a down
  83. the white stripes are superstars
  84. the fiery furnaces - widow city
  85. Glassjaw
  86. Is Portishead ever going to release that new record?
  87. Smitten - A gem from the 90's.
  88. Parry Farrell's Satellite Party
  89. Modern Shoegaze
  90. Liars to open for Interpol
  91. stars of the lid stoned
  92. ST#3435: Are tickets more expensive now than in 80's, 90's?
  93. okay, who wanted those rentals b-sides?
  94. anyone who's not a FUCKING PUSSY should definitely check out
  95. les rallizes denudes
  96. mark ronson - version
  97. What's In Your Tape Deck(s)?
  98. ST 32193219: top 5 albums per year
  99. Interpol Appreciation Thread
  100. does anyone here know a website
  101. Recording: Acoustic and Mic vs. Acoustic-Electric
  102. Ripping and Tagging
  103. Garbage Greatest Hits CD/DVD coming out Tuesday.
  104. 65daysofstatic
  105. transatlantacism
  106. Check out New Music II
  107. sword heaven
  108. Bringin' the butt rock back.
  109. RollingStone Best Live Bands Playing Right NOw
  110. Ian Mackaye does children's show
  111. are new pressing of old records inferior?
  112. what exactly is the curriculum of the FLUXEQUALSRAD school of musical knowledge?
  113. can anyone recommend some good screw?
  114. Gary Jules - Mad World
  115. Bad Brains
  116. so there's a new bob dylan movie starring a lot of famous people
  117. Postmodern Shoes
  118. LOL: Bonnie "Prince" Billy in Kanye West Video
  119. Wu Tang Clan live
  120. Share bands, songs that you like here
  121. Discuss your early music influences
  122. Post some sad, pretty songs here.
  123. black lips - good bad not evil
  124. Youtube thread: Johnny Shithead covers that are actually good
  125. BSS FCS-966 opal EQ
  126. thanks D.
  127. NIN Sydney tickets for swap
  128. 10 new trapped in the closet chapters coming soon!!
  129. Vast - April (Retail Version)
  130. great new courtney love song
  131. soooo yeah
  132. This new Go! Team record is kicking my ass
  133. ebow the letter.
  134. Jimmy Buffett
  135. chelsea hotel #1
  136. Help with Jamming on the bass
  137. The White Stripes last night.
  138. Smashing Pumpkins are the greatest band of the 90's.
  139. anyone got an oink invite?
  140. Besando chichando con surfer rosa
  141. Skunk?
  142. oink
  143. reccomend me ferocious experimental psychodelic droney guitar music
  144. Anyone listen to John Frusciante?
  145. james blackshaw
  146. the new MCR video is just sick
  147. Folk-Oriented Music...
  149. iron & wine
  150. Bong-ra
  151. Pond
  152. MUSIC
  153. i cannot get this stink off
  154. M. Ward
  155. M.I.A. - Kala (has leaked!)
  156. russian circles
  157. you're gonna go to the record store
  158. Ryan Adams in Salt Lake last night...
  159. Band of Gypsys
  160. Once(the movie)/The Frames
  161. How About The Crystal Skulls?
  162. Prospect Hummer revisted
  163. I'm not a Scissor Sisters fan, really, but this is awesome
  164. Classical Recommendations?
  165. Any 311 fans?
  166. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
  167. Bob Dylan is amazing.
  168. monthly upcoming shows thread
  169. The Beatles
  170. The Rolling Stones
  171. Who else is pumped for the new two gallants cd?
  172. Best Band to Come Out of Texas
  173. Scott Weiland Wants STP Reunion?
  174. Best Ever Death Metal Band Out Of Denton
  175. andrew w.k. live in Busan
  176. Foo Fighters new single "The Pretender"
  177. I almost forgot to post this... FYI, unrelease Pj is on oink
  178. reccomend me ferocious experimental psychodelic droney classical music
  179. TV On the Radio
  180. urgent: does anybody have the harry smith anthology of american folk music
  181. Has MySpace helped you appreciate certain artists more or less?
  182. music gear thread
  183. New Jeremy Enigk already...
  184. Lolla last night
  185. since when is this place modertated
  186. blaqk audio
  187. ryan adams - i taught myself how to grow old
  188. pearl jams gorge cd
  189. Hole - Celebrity Skin (song)
  190. DL my new LP "shitegeist", maybe?
  191. Here's to the Atom Bomb
  192. the biggest influence on the bends
  193. yeah yeah yeah's - lollapalooza
  194. Your favorite bands/artists pic post
  195. Yoko Ono
  196. The Dreaming
  197. midtown bootboys
  198. some photos from lollapalooza
  199. how about that Prince huh
  200. Would you describe Muse as progressive rock?
  201. mass shivers
  202. new mount eerie song
  203. Led Zepp reunion tour?
  204. Pittsburgh Musicians
  205. Bad Jam Sessions
  206. i have no idea what to think about the angels of light album
  207. this new okkervil river album
  208. The NEW New Pornographers
  209. U2 - POP
  210. DJ Craze
  211. Sea Wolf
  212. favourite film soundtracks
  213. Soundgarden Reunites?
  214. the books - live in philly
  215. frances the mute is amazing.
  216. create a festival
  217. redbull is late to music
  218. WTF Bonnie Prince Billy and Zach Galaga-whatever in Can't Tell Me Nothing
  219. i got bored and made a list of my 50 favourite albums ever.
  220. Pearl Jam - 8/2/2007 - Vic Theatre - (YSI Download Link Inside)
  221. jens lekman thread
  222. I am in love with Regina Spektor
  223. akron/family - love is simple
  224. let me hear your band
  225. I am in love with Regina George
  226. netphoria's band should have an official name.
  227. Magick Markers
  228. are smoking popes any good live?
  229. The Flaming Lips, Zaireeka
  230. k, who is going to see van halen
  231. does anyone have that new mingus recording
  232. Minus The Bear
  233. The Dandy Warhols - Come Down
  234. hook of the year is
  235. cat power
  236. the new sparklehorse record
  237. holy shit
  238. bearforce1
  239. Blood Brothers
  240. Here, have a mix disc i made for a friend
  241. terrene album is out, finally
  242. Free Ben Kweller Tickets
  243. holy fucking shit on a stick squarepusher is really good
  244. 5 albums that came out this year, that you really need to check out.
  245. Mono
  246. rough listing of good 2007 releases
  247. itt reccomend artists as brilliant as jim o'rourke
  248. awesome band for fans of no age and their ilk
  249. max roach died
  250. A Drum and An Open Window