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  1. new live animal collective material
  2. r. kelly- 'im a flirt'
  3. Black Angels
  4. How do you organize your full albums in iTunes?
  5. Breaking Benjamin Live
  6. lol @ rockin' phil collins cover on MTV right now
  7. Self Portrait
  8. let's check out EVERYBODY's new songs
  9. so has anybody picked up rufus's new one?
  10. portishead are doing the next ATP
  11. failure
  12. Overlooking the Sound against the shores of the Suicide Capital!
  13. television
  14. Silversun Pickups - Carnavas
  15. TRENT REZNOR - NIN - Great Interview!
  16. Off to see Bjork!
  17. Neko Case's underoos on ebay
  18. Era Vulgaris Leak
  19. does anyone here like Trail of Dead
  20. bloc party
  21. The White Stripes - "Icky Thump" Music Video
  22. Bonnaroo schedule is up!!!!!!!1111
  23. itunes question
  24. DC++ hub's. Please list at least one good one.
  25. Robin Thicke - Wanna Love U Girl
  26. The National - Boxer
  27. Any synth/keyboard players in SoCal?
  28. cupid's chokehold/breakfast in america
  29. Most improved band album to album
  30. calvin johnson being held on $5 million bail
  31. Man, AiC and Gretchen Wilson sure rocked Barracuda [VH1 Rock Honors thread]
  32. Lets talk about how great Houses of the Holy is
  33. Comets on fire pics i took
  34. keren ann
  35. Operator - Soulcrusher
  36. if you had the chance to humiliate a really terrible musician, for the greater good
  37. if you had the chance to humiliate a really terrible musician, for the greater good
  38. new Tegan and Sara leaked..
  39. #1 Reason Why Nirvana Is Better Than Pumpkins
  40. Why do people like the Pierces?
  41. wilco song featured in a fucking volkswagen commercial
  42. Movie "ONCE" good singer songwriter stuff
  43. Motorpsycho
  44. Mika is a ripoff.
  45. RegnYouth
  47. Let's talk about how great House of Bread is
  48. Netherlands VPRO radio just now - what song???
  49. new shellac, architecture in helsinki leaked
  50. lollapalooza added...
  51. Could someone recommend me some good books to learn music theory?
  52. my friends, i have found REAL happiness
  53. The Books: Playall DVD
  54. 10,000 Days puzzle.. sounds interesting
  55. did ne1 see this interview with Reznor about music labels?
  56. Hey guitar players - guitar maintenance?
  57. itt we discuss trance music
  58. Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West & Pharrell rapping over The Eraser?!
  59. more icky thump songs
  60. help with acoustic guitar sound from audio clips?
  61. 92.3 Krock Returns to New York.
  62. i dont know if there are any sound engineers here, but
  63. i am loving oingo boingo at the moment
  64. The Police on MTV's Unplugged
  65. Icky Thump has leaked, and Jack White is pissed...
  66. London people!
  67. Courtney Love rehearses new song
  68. it was 40 years ago today....
  69. new Dizzee Rascal
  70. Secret Machines reveal new lineup & new material
  71. here's my top 20 of this year so far
  72. Michael Jackson now owns the rights to Eminem, Beck, Bjork.
  73. iTunes secret!
  74. The Ike Reilly Assassination - We Belong to the Staggering Evening
  75. Later On Jools Holland
  76. Satin Chickens - 'The Anatomy of Sodomy'
  77. I just bought Carnavas
  78. In need of summer albums
  79. Jimmy Flemion [the Frogs]
  80. My god Meg White has huge boobs
  81. Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings
  82. how are the deftones live?
  83. Oasis, Killers covering Beatles for 40th Anniversary on BBC
  84. Al Jolson
  85. how good is jane's addiction
  86. tell me about wilco
  87. Garbage's new single
  88. Ra Ra Riot's drummer found dead
  89. The beginning of the end for 'LOUD AT ANY VOLUME'...?
  90. ever heard of the band hella?
  91. Guitar peoples help messss
  92. tokyo police club
  93. just saw Deftones
  94. Black Light Burns
  95. the best song i ever heard.
  96. I like pizza
  98. somewhere on a desert highway
  99. best guitar one-two punch bands.
  100. spinoff: best guitar/bass one-two punch bands
  101. Velvet Revolver
  102. I must admit that i thouroughly enjoy "hissing fauna"
  104. Queens of the Stone Age - The Duluth Tour Dates
  105. songs you just crave
  106. Alec Eiffel is the best Pixies song
  107. Mewithoutyou - Brother, Sister
  108. So im getting puzzle tommorrow...
  109. Silverchair's YOUNG MODERN and NA Tour (yes!)
  110. Velvet Underground
  111. Grinderman - Small US Tour
  112. Velvet Empire
  113. talk show host
  114. attn: rocklobster
  115. beastie boys - the mix up
  116. Foreign Gems
  117. kids soundtrack
  118. New music on youtube
  119. for anyone into neutral milk hotel/elephant 6
  120. Any Upcoming Shows You Are Going To?
  121. Are The Killers worth checking out?
  122. ratm - Alpine Valley, 8/24
  123. did anybody see tom morello making an ass of himself on Later the other night
  124. Live Pearl Jam webcast right now
  125. Afghan Whigs - Gentleman
  126. is anyone aware that powderfinger released a really good record in 1998
  127. hey look, there's a new fog record
  128. Pretty Girls Make Graves (Final show)
  129. ST#210: How high/low do you have your guitar?
  130. Cat Power - 'Names'
  131. Serena-Maneesh
  132. mono
  133. Rage Against The Machine
  134. that cd with the london sinfonietta doing aphex twin and squarepusher
  135. psyopus - Our Puzzling Encounters Considered
  136. Meat Puppets - Rise to Your knees
  137. Oink
  138. The Rolling Stones
  139. upload the song you are currently listening to!
  140. need suggestions for chillout mixtape
  141. comets on fire - field recordings from the sun
  142. I leaked the new Liars on Oink, and I post it on Netphoria since..
  143. new avril video
  144. lollapalooza persons, anyone fancy a meetup?
  145. so the new Ryan Adams leaked.......
  146. attn: shannon
  147. macha
  148. I leaked the new Magnolia Electric Co. on Oink, and I post it on Netphoria since..
  149. THREE new Magnolia Electric Co. cds leaked today
  150. If you guys haven't heard yet already...
  151. yellow swans - descension
  152. Pink, Metal Skool slaughter some Skid Row
  153. writing a decent metal track is pretty challenging.
  154. any mp3 bloggers?
  155. Deadsy singer goes solo
  156. I've listened to Drumcorps- Grist (the album) for about 6 months straight and...
  157. dresden dolls video
  158. New Pornographers - Challengers LEEKED
  159. Jens Lekman - We're All Gonna Die [Scout Nibblet cover]
  160. QOTSA - Christian Brothers [Elliott Smith cover]
  161. favorite albums of the moment
  162. how often do albums not leak?
  163. in this thread, we decide which is the worst beach boys song
  164. oink question
  165. Meme: Favorite 3 Songs In Order Off a 2007 Album
  166. Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain
  167. I just downloaded an album and now I can't find it.
  168. Begging for KG invite
  169. finally a really good 2007 rock record
  170. austin city limits
  171. antifolk thread
  172. New Radiohead has somewhat surfaced...
  173. DJ Scotch Egg
  174. Living Colour
  175. Aquemini is a masterpiece
  176. anti-antifolk thread
  177. did anybody get into Auf Der Maur
  178. illinois phorians - pygmalion music festival (Champaign/Urbana)
  179. ghjkl
  180. A Perfect Circle
  181. Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs
  182. Anyone Still Into Fulflej Here?
  183. advice on writing singing melodies?
  184. guys, this is going to be fucking hillarious
  185. Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog LEEKED
  186. Akron/Family & The Angels Of Light - We Are Him LEEKED
  187. holy shit, halo benders reunion show
  188. where is Alan Wu
  189. Should I buy tickets to see Velvet Revolver with Alice in Chains?
  190. Bonnaroo 2007 Review
  191. I have a question re: Dj Shadow + Bjork
  192. Suburban Lawns - Janitor
  193. so I finally got around to checking out Can
  194. attn: David Akerman
  195. Pete Wentz is a .....
  196. arcade fire + lcd soundsystem tour!
  197. Let's Hear it for the Little Guys
  198. I am sick and tired of OINK
  199. yet ANOTHER fucking wilco fucking song in a fucking VW fucking commercial
  200. So, really enjoying Blood Brothers and 65daysofstatic
  201. apc post
  202. possibly interpol's best song yet
  203. 1967 vs. 1980
  204. Man, this has been a top-notch year so far for brutal music
  205. led zeppelin continues to be the sad, sad sacred cow
  206. straight from the blog
  207. Tom Waits?
  209. Interpol- Our Love to Admire
  210. So I just caught the end of this Wreckers concert on CMT
  211. rolling stone:the record industry's decline
  212. hockey night
  213. Cure/65daysofstatic tour
  214. Elliot Smith - St. Ides Heaven
  215. hipsterism
  216. girls with acoustic guitars
  217. If you were a baseball player, what would you want as your intro music?
  218. Apparently, Rednex hold the title for longest title of a song.
  219. EAC Ripping Question
  220. The worst band I have ever heard...the Rocket Summer
  221. Matisyau-what do you think of this interesting rasta rabbi?
  222. Damn how come I haven't listened to Keith Jarrett before?
  223. Songs that just KILL you every time you hear them?
  224. Internet Radio Day of Silence
  225. Man, my band fucking ruled last friday.
  226. Need an OINK invite? pm me your email
  227. Instant Karma: Campaign to Save Darfur
  228. Aphex Twin is just head and shoulders above any other IDM artist
  229. Horrible Genre Names
  231. Flaming Lips 5.1
  232. How many months post-op is Amy Winehouse?
  233. ugh, the new rentals EP is pretty bad
  234. animal collective - strawberry jam
  235. saw Tool last night
  236. Any Dream Theater fans?
  237. So I'm listening to the Battles right now
  238. WTF is up with oink?
  239. frank zappa's best song is
  240. MY Vitriol - A Pyrrhic Victory EP
  241. Am I the only one who HATES Dimeadozen's search?
  242. al green doing "i want to hold your hand"
  243. Trying some Muse covers (on YouTube)
  244. The Who v The Rolling Stones
  245. Best review ever?
  246. Rodney Bingenheimer
  247. AIDS Wolf v Wizardzz
  248. Universal not renewing contract with iTunes
  249. The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart
  250. R.E.M. "Working Rehearsals" in Dublin