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  1. Trent Reznor "Breaks" Sobriety
  2. question for vinyl people
  3. I need some fucked up shit
  4. what w3as the last album you really really adored
  5. songs to sleep to
  6. Drum Mic Question
  7. kim gordon is awful live
  8. What STP album did you enjoy more?
  9. del
  10. 2 best rock n roll bands in the world
  11. songs that totally sum up the 80's
  12. ST#2134: How many guitars you have?
  13. Recommend me some jazz
  14. has the best end of year list
  15. new boris
  16. 2006 mixes
  17. Anyone here going to either of the two shows this weekend?
  18. Awesome Two Gallants show tonight!!!
  19. Oink's invites
  20. Heifetz plays Paganini Caprice No.24
  21. The Oinkfest "What'd you get" thread
  22. New Mekons Album
  23. Tragically Hip's World Container
  24. Genesis Reunion Tour
  25. Gruff Rhys - Candylion
  26. So I guess the new Modest Mouse single leaked...
  27. the best prog rock release of 2007
  28. break/glitch core
  29. are you alive?!!?!?!
  30. I like the new Kill Hannah album
  31. the noise improv thread
  32. 200+ free songs
  33. New Arcade Fire Songs (YSI)
  34. what stuff have you been digging lately?
  35. Selling music on myspace...
  36. I finally got that love battery song
  37. Police reunion
  38. have you guys seen the cover for this patrick wolf album
  39. eluvium
  40. Lupe Fiasco is good listening
  41. i still think that the hidden cameras
  42. Does anyone care about Blur?
  43. Favorite quirky moment on a demo:
  44. Theres rarely ever any threads the beatles.
  45. distance equals rate times time
  46. an album i think people need to hear from this year
  47. Music forum.
  48. Bloc Party I Still Remember
  49. Fuck Razorlight
  50. New Arcade Fire European Tour !
  51. 45:33 appreciation thread
  52. This song rocks
  53. Theres rarely ever any threads the bob dylan.
  54. Attn: Netphoria strings section
  55. Theres rarely ever any threads the the the
  56. Theres rarely ever any threads the the the, the
  57. Virgin Prunes.
  58. jimmy kimmel live concert series...
  59. Josh Freese
  60. there's rarely threads about the microphones
  61. there's rarely a thread the taking back sunday
  62. there's rarely thread's
  63. wicked Psych band
  64. Reissue of Fennesz's Endless Summer
  65. there's rarely a thread there there
  66. Lowest record sales ever
  67. nine inch nails
  68. Who do you prefer?
  69. Amon Tobin's New Album in March 07 - To feature primarily field recordings
  70. my ears are bleeding...
  71. damon albarns new "supergroup"s album leaked
  72. BARR - summary
  73. is there a version of stadium arcadium i can obtain
  74. I've got a huge crush on Regina Spektor
  75. Muse - Knights of Cydonia video
  76. Anyone have two extra tickets to Snow Patrol March 31 in Toronto?
  77. the besnard lakes
  78. NIИ: Best Tracks From Each Album
  79. Post 10 random songs from your collection here
  80. Musicians Wanted
  81. dinosaur jr. in tampa
  82. I Only Play for Money
  83. beck
  84. Bit crusher for pro tools
  86. zea
  87. Upcoming shows?
  88. does anyone know the title of the song in this commercial
  90. well the new clap your hands album has leaked
  91. what that bitch from the cocteau twins be saying when she sing
  92. Skip Spence
  93. My Chemical Romance=Smashing Pumpkins???
  94. Prince
  95. Should I go to this? attn netphorians is FL
  96. overrated bands/solo artists
  97. I'm so sick of this techno-y rock music
  98. ST: top live moments
  99. Your Favourite (Non-SP) bands
  100. hey GYBE fans
  101. plug a band nobody else has heard of
  102. New Bjork Album
  103. albums you like by bands you dont
  104. Worst Band Ever
  105. Treepeople
  106. Favorite singles
  107. The Bean Counters "I Dream, White Boy."
  108. akon
  109. two gallants acoustic show (12.30.06) recording:
  110. reccomend me some aphex twin/richard d. james
  111. RATM re-united for Coachella
  112. most insane pop album ever made
  113. Anybody have the Thom Yorke 'Videotape' solo piano performance?
  114. I realised on the way home while listening to electric wizard.
  115. Roger Waters- Hello (I Love You)
  116. if you like the pumpkins
  117. New Electrelane Album "No Shouts No Calls"...does anyone have it?
  118. of montreal - hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?
  119. Linda Strawberrys latest
  120. Bright Eyes- Four Winds EP
  121. so how bout that jamc reunion eh?
  122. ringtones
  123. The Peace Creeps
  124. miranda july's albums
  125. if you like kidd's creek
  126. Beulah
  127. Bus Driver- Roadkill Overcoat (2007)
  128. Top 20 guitar solos
  129. Nas - "Hip Hop is Dead"
  130. Soccer Team
  131. Irving...opinions?
  133. Buckethead
  134. "Tribute" Albums (String Quartet, Bluegrass Style, etc)
  135. Here's my House of Bread music video.
  136. i love ray lamontagne
  137. does anyone like the books.
  138. songs they play all the time on the radio but you don't turn them off
  139. Neon Bible
  140. why does beck keep re-releasing his albums 6 months after they first come out?
  141. Jamiroquai
  142. Wincing the Night Away
  143. why prince is no longer considered a credible artist
  144. so neon bible leaked.
  145. James reform
  146. Crash Test Dummies
  147. Nick Cave used to be REALLY cool!
  148. Panda Bear- Person Pitch (2007)
  149. Slint to perform in Spain in 2007
  150. Have we talked about the MBV reunion yet?
  151. any advice on guitar pedals?
  152. Ours on online radio tonight
  153. Can anybody spare an oink invite?
  154. Oink Ratio?
  155. Curious
  156. Fender Jag-stang
  157. Hear Ye
  158. Bardo Pond
  159. What are you people scared of ?
  160. omg at my school !
  161. holy shit ^_^
  162. should i go see john cale tonight.
  163. Fulton Lights - s/t
  164. The Verve, their early stuff
  165. new skinny puppy
  166. good rolling stones albums
  167. the beatles - HATE
  168. Gone Bald
  169. Silver Atlas
  170. Silver Apples
  171. Silver Jews
  172. A Silver Mt. Zion
  173. is street fighting man the greatest song ever?
  174. Mae Shi
  175. Valentine's-Day Mix
  176. Bands that you're embarrassed to say you've never listened to.
  177. my own artist page is now up on
  178. so that silversun pickups band
  179. klaxons
  180. bill callahan - woke on a whale heart
  181. st: top live albums
  182. New pornographers. Decent?
  183. why do people dislike NYC Ghosts + Flowers?
  184. Upcoming Shows
  185. It's Official! Roth to Rejoin Van Halen
  186. why are pavement known as "the kids who can't play their instruments"?
  187. Spike Jonze vs. Michel Gondry
  188. any shows in toronto march 24th?
  189. CocoRosie - the adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn
  190. plug awards NYC irving plaza w/ MAlkmus
  191. guitarists - some wisdom please
  192. Damon Albarn's new band
  193. According to the blog of one of the studio guys, there will actually be two albums...
  194. Prince covers Foo Fighters "Best of You" in the Super Bowl halftime show...
  195. me covering beyonce
  196. digital/analog track recorders
  197. eric reed fans?
  198. Caribou - The Milk of Human Kindness
  199. Legendary Pink Dots
  200. Bands that you're not embarrassed to say you've never listened to.
  201. Marilyn Manson to have new album out this summer
  202. Hum - You'd Prefer an Astronaut, very pumpkin-esque
  203. Chin Up Chin Up
  204. Foo Fighters Cover Prince
  205. the elm street singers - freddy's greatest hits
  206. Ozzfest to be free this year...
  207. Uncle Tupelo!!
  208. Is Rilo Kiley any good?
  209. Cover Foo Prince Fighters
  210. This is hard to explain (Al DiMeola)
  211. Sun Kil Moon Reissue w/bonus cd - BEAUTIFUL alternate versions
  212. sparklehorse fans..
  213. Nadja
  214. holy shit! new Dino Jr album leaked
  215. avril first single from her newest album...
  216. Q: Is there any band more hideously boring than Pony Up?
  217. xiu xiu
  218. So this robin thicke guy....
  219. Woot!! Just got my MCR and Muse tickets!!
  220. SXSW Reveals "Preliminary" Lineup
  221. I really like the first 4 songs off the new Bloc Party album
  222. Depeche Mode - Exciter
  223. Mi and L'Au
  224. Satellite Party
  225. Iggy & the Stooges US tour dates
  226. lily allen
  227. the moools - "cat calendar"
  228. Best Jimi Hendrix DVD?
  229. five hip-hop songs that get you hyped...
  230. Music News 2007!
  231. ISIS Live
  232. So I'm putting my CD collection on my computer
  233. Should I see Mastodon at a small club for $20?
  234. yes you should see mastodon
  235. smashingjj: were i to download a mastodon album, which would you reccomend.
  236. i love all 3 of them. remission is the heaviest i guess, leviathan is my favourite.
  237. smashingjj: were i to dislike mastodon, what would you do.
  238. Prussian Blue
  239. metal albums with nerdy themes
  240. New Bright eyes track
  241. Can anyone upload Tras EP by Battles?
  242. yeah i watched the grammys
  243. john mayer reminds me of billy corgan
  244. does anybody have an oink invite
  245. NIN - Year Zero tracklist and ... stuff
  246. Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" song/video is the worst thing
  247. ITT you link me to Nas - Stillmatic
  248. do you read books on musicians/bands?
  249. Anyone planning on going to coachella this year?
  250. explain wilco to me