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  1. We saw Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band last night
  2. we saw 30 kittens get skinned alive last night
  3. wtf
  4. ongoing recently downloaded thread
  5. SunnO))) / Boris - Altar leaks
  6. i think my favourite minus the bear son is pachuca sunrise
  7. at the drive-in appreciation thread
  8. world's awesomest lyricists
  9. what are you guys listening to commemorate 9/11?
  10. the best New Wave group
  11. so did anyone go to the touch & go 25 thing
  12. Does downloading music dimish your attention span for albums?
  13. Primus is coming
  14. Combs Settles "Diddy" Name Case Out of Court
  15. Anybody get the new REM stuff yesterday?
  16. attn chicago kids: go see Airiel 9/19 and 9/21
  17. The Pretty Things - SF Sorrow
  18. REM Performs at the 40 Watt with Bill Berry
  19. Hey
  20. Justin Timberlake: futuresex/lovesounds
  21. Anthrax: Best Rock Album so far this decade.
  22. what are you guys listening to (in general, not to commemorate anything)
  23. post some inspiring, non-sp, youtube vids
  24. the way the guy from the black keys plays guitar bugs me
  25. so, why is mogwai on the miami vice soundtrack?
  26. Question about music downloading programs
  27. Question for Coldplay fans about Parachutes
  28. Adam Green - Live at the Independent 2006.09.13
  29. Tricky "Christiansands (Live)"
  30. in all seriousness, fuck anybody...
  31. live cover of radio free europe by the replacements
  32. new xiu xiu video makes me want to play sega genesis
  33. The Vertebrats
  34. Oh my, TVC15, oh oh, TVC15
  35. recommend me some good shoegazer stuff
  36. damn
  37. We saw Buckethead last night
  38. Susan Enan (if you like acousticy female stuff)
  39. band name game
  40. White Stripes are on The Simpsons tonite
  41. what the hell happened to dolores o roirdan
  42. Kasabian/Mew/onethousand pictures tour
  43. I don't like the new Thermals album.
  44. His goal in life was to be an echo (a lyrics post)
  45. his goal in life was to be a framer
  46. Brazilian Girls
  47. Another E6 band going bananas (apples in stereo)
  48. Anyone heard of Abra Moore?
  49. Mastodon - Blood Mountain
  50. mikheeel stipe, poet or buffoon?
  51. i started blogging
  52. deftones - hole in the earth
  53. i saw mogwai on sunday
  54. 19:00 -> 22:00 in Storm from Lift Yr Skinny Fists... appreciation thread.
  55. Bonkers 4
  56. Trans Am
  57. best use of good song in tv show
  58. The Black Parade
  59. swan lake. - beast moans
  60. U2 going hip-hip?
  61. tatu appreciation post
  62. lol free acrnym shit huh?
  63. Help with a band called ISIS...
  64. Anyone heard of Ben Lee?
  65. Anyone heard of Howie Day?
  66. Anyone heard of Steven Cravis?
  67. david bazan
  68. Beck - The Information
  69. i might be seeing yo la tengo in november
  70. This is AWESOME
  71. Can anyone recommend any CDs from this dude's eBay store?
  72. ha this is so fucking good! (Beck)
  73. velvet underground - murder mystery appreciation thread
  74. anticipated sophomore albums
  75. Does anyone know where I can find
  76. Massive Attack / TV on the Radio @ hollywood bowl rollcall
  77. tori amos fans
  78. lupe fiasco
  79. revisiting pavement's brighten the corners
  80. be your own pet
  81. Secret Machines- September 000 EP and Rare/B-sides
  82. Fergie - London Bridge
  83. New Built to Spill
  85. Scissor Sisters' Ta-Dah Cut Out Of Major U.S. Retail Chains
  86. The Veils
  87. "We Walk (live)" from new REM rarities thing appreciation thread
  88. Marilyn Manson - Food Pyramid
  89. aphex and squarepusher mashup
  90. Sam's Town
  91. *proud*
  92. New Pere Ubu CD and tour
  93. the band Catherine Wheel
  94. Saw SY last night.
  95. mountain goats fans
  96. is the second television album any good?
  97. BjŲrk & The Sugarcubes to reform for 20th Anniversary Concert
  98. Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam
  99. broken social scene
  101. new Nina Gordon album
  102. At The Gates
  103. I have an extra Secret Machines ticket for Chicago 10/09
  104. radical face - ghost
  105. new trail of dead
  106. cocteau twins - lullabies to violaine
  107. so muse's "starlight" is currently plaguing uk radio
  108. Daniel Johnston?
  109. Song from Pontiac car commercial
  110. Enzed's yearly Big Day Out thread
  111. best massive attack album?
  112. Mad Season
  113. The Information
  114. whos excited about the new album by yusulf islam?
  115. Transistor Radio > Post War
  116. Dandy Warhols used for theme song
  117. Screaming Trees appreciation thread
  118. If you like solo male artists on piano (lol)...
  119. The Crane Wife
  120. LEAK: Badly Drawn Boy - Born In The UK
  121. Mike Garson - In Paris (pictures)
  122. So the Easy Star All Stars show last night was pretty much the sweetest thing ever...
  123. Iggy & the Stooges concert rider
  124. Common - Be
  125. Guitar solo shredding shredding
  126. I saw Silversun Pickups tonight
  127. currently listening to...
  128. ITT you recommend a band you like, describe them, and post similiar artists
  129. Imogen Heap
  130. Queens of the Stone Age - self titled
  131. does anybody like ladytron
  132. anyone want to send me some lyrics
  133. Trail of Dead-So Divided
  134. regina spektor appreciation
  135. so Nelly Furtado went from really bad to intolerable
  136. ghostland observatory
  137. that "Boston" song is the worst shit ever
  138. oink invites
  139. the afghan whigs
  140. threat signal?
  141. i saw the pet shop boys last night
  142. Queen appreciation thread
  143. When did BRMC get good?
  144. Zero 7
  145. These Kids Destroy!!!
  146. your favorite albums since 2000
  147. A gift to phoria Squarepusher- Hello Everything
  148. New exploding hearts comp on oink
  149. Can someone ysi some bends era b-sides?
  150. so that new r.e.m. dvd
  151. i wanna record music
  152. Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist (Leakage)
  153. roommate - songs the animals taught us
  154. recommendm e songs to learn in CFBbEbBC
  155. album of the year 2006
  156. Terrell Owens - I'm Back
  157. Black Keys - Magic Potion
  158. do you want to see our band's music video?
  159. Evan Dando - is he any good live?
  160. Boris - Vein LP
  161. Scarlett Johannson to release album of Tom Waits cover songs
  162. Gnarles Barkley - "Gone Daddy Gone"
  163. Anybody got any Owls or the new MCR?
  164. Sigur Růs
  165. itt, appreciate pinkerton
  166. U2/Green Day "Saints are Comming" studio version
  167. Placebo shows? Who's gone so far?
  168. going to a rave this weekend.
  169. hopefully the new tenacious d will leak soon...
  170. i remember placebo being worse than this
  171. Tom Waits new 3-disc album has leaked
  172. Music For Airports is pretty unbelievable in its simplicity
  173. Curl Up And Die...a tribute
  174. my DVD's
  175. mars volta drummer quits after two months on the job
  176. Justin Hawkins quits The Darkness
  177. new Shins album isn't so good
  178. I know there are a couple of Two Gallants fans here...
  179. Battle of the Bands' Album Covers
  180. Talking Heads - "Once in a Lifetime"
  181. And on Halloween I'll Be...
  182. everyone should know Buck 65
  183. I just got back from a Built to Spill show
  184. dead moon - echoes of the past
  185. do you expect the arcade fire's new album to top funeral?
  186. Deus: Give Kahlo an education
  187. i've been having a cranberries revival over the past couple weeks
  188. Shawn Smith appreciation thread
  189. del
  190. The Drones - Gala Mill
  191. White girl shake it till my dick turn racist
  192. i just got the coolest tshirt ever
  193. New acquisitions.
  194. Zidane + Mogwai + Movie = grandiose.
  195. Chin Up Chin Up - This Harness Can't Ride Anything
  196. ITT we discuss Spank Rock
  197. Genesis Reunion!!
  198. Help me remember the name of this band (2003/4ish discoish)
  199. pale princess: "wait, people still care about arcade fire?"
  200. No one digging the new Beck album?
  201. The Radar Brothers - On The Line (!)
  202. song(s) of the moment
  203. Dry Demonstration - PJ Harvey
  204. So I recorded a new House of Bread song.
  205. Goldfrapp appreciation thread
  206. is there any good nazi music out there?
  207. The next great band has arrived
  208. That new Jay-Z song has the greatest beat...ever
  209. Damien Rice: music for boring people?
  210. chavez rocks again!
  211. Gomez - How We Operate
  212. Chavez reunion
  213. Favorite Two Gallants album?
  214. Every new indie release is boring
  215. just watched some nirvana interviews on youtube
  216. Logistics - Now More Than Ever = 2nd best dnb album to come out this year
  217. Manu Chao
  218. endless wire leaked
  219. Asobi Seksu
  220. Mew.
  221. Nine inch Nails European Tour!!
  222. Shogun Kunitoki
  223. every new non-indie release is boring
  224. Song of the year
  225. Recent purchases?!?
  226. Lady Sovereign- Love me or hate me (Remix Featuring Missy
  227. Your opinions on Sams Town?
  228. Rubber Johnny (A Short Film) [Aphex Twin Related]
  229. Is Molko as talented as Corgan ?
  230. i need songs about suicide. (But it's not what you think!)
  231. a present from mccririck to YOU
  232. AIDSí (Letís Stop It)
  233. do any straight guys like ani
  234. Natalie Imbruglia.
  235. Augie March didn't win a fucking thing at the ARIA's
  236. Anyone in Belgium / Netherlands and the UK interested in some good live S.A. music?
  237. So, new Apples in stereo leaked
  238. Best albums from 80s that I own
  239. Was anything released from what was going to be Nirvana's fourth studio album?
  240. Blitzkid
  241. Article on Courtney Love's new album
  242. John Legend's new album
  243. Best lines from a song?
  244. Queen are making a new album (no no no no no)
  245. Flaming Lips Alley
  246. the who - endless wire
  247. gayness in calum's anus
  248. "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."
  249. Songs that sound cool sped up to 25% greater than original tempo