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  1. i'm seeing the who tonight
  2. Marianne Faithfull - Before the Poison
  3. Did anyone else get Tool tickets?
  4. Grizzly Bear - Yellow House
  5. The Flaming Lips free show last night in Del Mar
  6. nautical themes in songs
  7. The Golding Institute Presents Final Relaxation
  8. post your favorite music video of all time.
  9. firing furnaces?
  10. arctic monkeys
  11. Nick Cave and PJ Harvey interviewed on working with Marianne Faithfull
  12. Boredoms
  13. opera suggestions
  14. New single
  15. Bright Eyes to release "Noise Floor" (rarities disc)
  16. SLADE drummer Don Powell in an interview in Germany by RMN Radio
  17. Contemporary German Music
  18. I saw The Raconteurs last Friday-They covered "Crazy"
  19. Bad Company (UK)- The Nine though cliche is the best electronic record evar
  20. New bonnie prince billy on oink!
  21. What'd you think of Melissa's solo CD?
  22. Osheaga
  23. I miss Artful Dodger
  24. gene simmons' infamous interview with NPR's terry gross
  25. Another Fiona Apple concert review
  26. nurse with wound is like the best "band" in the world
  27. Boris is up there, too
  28. there was cum on the piano
  29. New Jason Molina on oink!
  30. that new dj shadow album is a real piece of shit
  31. R.E.M.- And I Feel Fine…The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987
  32. Remember when we all hyped up Fulflej
  33. guess what
  34. do you like this song?
  35. Starsailor – On The Outside
  36. Albums that live up to the hype
  37. concerts you've attended in which artists have debuted new albums?
  38. R.I.P. Top of the Pops
  39. MTVu just did a piece on dubstep
  40. best 2006 album so far
  41. Your fav video of the week
  42. Butthole Surfers- Sweat Loaf
  43. Teargas & Plateglass
  44. these arms are snakes - easter
  45. favorite guitarists, meritless list thread
  46. best White Stripes album?
  47. So I got a Pearl drumkit for free...
  48. Loefah's Punisher Remix is the hardest bassline evar
  49. I just made a 2xCD mix....
  50. Roddy Woomble (Idlewild) Solo Album
  51. Whirlwind Heat
  52. Post reviews here of albums you think everyone should hear
  53. CHIRON - my debut single, "Rosabella" download link
  54. The Dears - Gang of Losers
  55. Through Glass by Stone Sour
  56. the rock star lottery
  57. ST #419235: Big Day Out Rumours Thread
  58. Starsailor – On The Outside – Hits Stores August 22nd!!
  59. anyone else go to pitchfork?
  60. Slowdive reissues
  61. Buckethead and ODB
  62. Raise your hand if your pissed off that Hipinion is down right when...
  64. the most depressing song you've ever heard
  66. "Judith" What a fucking awesome song. Vid inside
  67. lyrics post
  68. So I gave my g/f a pearl necklace for free..
  69. JAMC dual disc reissues
  70. you're going off to a desert island for a year...
  71. The Long Winters- Putting the Days to Bed
  72. tapes 'n tapes
  73. Soul Asylum- the silver lining
  74. bands you are embarassed to say you like
  75. lollapalooza
  76. Tuliphorians: Mastodon is coming to Toronto
  77. lollapalooza
  78. lollapalooza
  79. nine inch nails and david bowie - hurt
  80. Prince
  81. Girl Talk - Night Ripper
  82. xtina's new double-disc opus has leaked
  83. best band names?
  84. Johnny Marr is now a full-time member of Modest Mouse
  85. Which one of you fags recommended Dusty Springfield?
  86. Deadsy- Phantasmagore (August 22nd)
  87. albums that should've never been released
  88. lollapalooza
  89. death from above 1979 announce split
  90. Why did session musicians sound so much better in the 70s than they do presently
  91. Joe Esposito - You're the best
  92. is anyone here into classical music.
  93. one of the better album covers of the year
  94. what time does the Edinburgh Radiohead show start?
  95. Pavement - Range Life
  96. new mastodon!
  97. D+ - 'Mistake'
  98. mogwai
  99. Come On Die Young > Young Team
  100. D. - 'Mistake'
  101. Björk - It's Not Up to You
  102. thread to post random music lists of any kind u fancy
  103. Mute Math
  104. Californication is a halfway good album
  105. Buckethead (****** only maybe? lol)
  106. ISO the old MEW cds (that were not released in usa)
  107. 4 OiNK invites to give away...
  108. Bands on MySpace that put "Us" in the Sounds Like: column
  109. Jucifer (+pic)
  110. Stupid Sigur Ros ep...
  111. fs: two leeds festival tickets - day passes for the friday with pearl jam.
  112. chavez videos are completely awesome
  113. Interview Nicky Wire
  114. new sparklehorse!
  115. Pixies - U-Mass
  117. the best joy division cover, ever.
  118. OK GO - anyone have a treadmill?
  119. Edith Frost demos
  121. Comets on Fire - Avatar
  122. What if McCartney was killed instead of Lennon
  124. George Strait
  125. i have a newfound appreciation for 311
  126. If you wanna hear some truly good music
  127. check out my band/looking for members
  128. Giddy Motors - Do Easy
  129. SYR
  130. st: Faith
  131. Were concerts louder in past decades?
  132. acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o. - power house of holy
  133. How awesome will the next 2 weeks be for RPGS
  134. Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence... A song about what?
  135. Your FIRST Love (post the album cover)
  136. Dragonforce
  137. i hate music
  138. )EIB( aka Bad Company UK- Spacehopper is the sickest tune I own
  139. Chulahoma is the best thing The Black Keys have released
  140. kid a
  141. I have to take my little sister
  142. She thinks she missed the train to Mars, she's out back counting stars
  143. outkast - idlewild
  144. juana molina - son
  145. jesus christ
  146. Radiohead & Beck, August 22nd, Meadowbank Stadium
  147. Deerhoof
  148. Explosions In The Sky doing Cadillac commercial?
  149. Ryan Adams
  150. pic post: favourite band photos
  151. Post: Local bands
  152. Poll: greatest song of all time
  153. st #7: upcoming shows
  154. FINALLY!! The definitive greatest music video of all time is on Youtube.
  155. osheaga festival schedule suggestions
  156. Brothermandude In Stores September 26th!!
  157. Neil Young - Like a hurricane
  158. The Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane
  159. One of the best mash ups ive seen
  160. Mew?
  161. Jim O'Rourke - Memory Lame
  162. new Akron/Family leaks
  163. Great guitar youtube videos...
  164. New Deftones and Isis singles online!
  165. i hung out with Oren Ambarchi tonight
  166. A little song i recorded
  167. menomena back in studio-FOR REAL
  168. Song critique
  169. Placebo Appreciation Post
  170. the twangy guitars on the Cure's " Disintegration "
  171. Paris Hilton's own reaction to her debut album
  172. The English Beat
  173. modest mouse new album release date announced
  174. Hey Beck fans and graphic artists!
  175. Melvins-Lysol (s/t) on loud home stereo
  176. Bob Dylan - Modern Times leaked
  177. Comets on Fire - Sour Smoke
  178. The Roots - Game Theory
  179. Ive got a kurt cobain action figure
  180. Spice Girl Mel C's "Going Down"
  181. new isis...!
  182. wtf: Bloc Party/Panic At The Disco tour
  183. Phil Collins
  184. Spankrock
  185. Superdrag - Sucked Out
  186. quarterly j-rock thread
  187. thank you ohnoitsbonnie
  188. The Crane Wife has Leaked
  189. Elton John: “My Next Record Will be Hip-Hop”
  190. Film School anyone?
  191. pearl jam question
  192. Planet Uranus
  193. So I was hanging out with a metal purist on Saturday
  194. Modest Mouse - Sad Sappy Sucker
  195. that new MC Hammer track is pretty fresh
  196. Meek Warrior
  197. We saw Ben Harper and Damian Marley last night
  198. Bonobo, Aphex Twin, and Amon Tobin all have new albums coming out
  199. Which Gorillaz album is better?
  200. best song ever performed on television
  201. otomo yoshihide discussion
  202. anyone seen Alice in Chains on the new tour??
  203. Yo La Tengo - I am not afraid of you, and I will beat your ass
  204. Jonathan Balfour (fresh and tasty MP3s inside)
  205. Pitchfork previews the Decemberists "Summersong" from The Crane Wife
  206. Joanna Newsom - Ys
  207. Upload a song for other people to check out
  208. AFI - Decemberunderground
  209. simon & garfunkel - america
  210. invites: indietorrents (5), oink (9)
  211. OK Go VMA treadmills
  212. whats some new stuff i should listen to
  213. the rapture - pieces of the people we love
  214. Failure
  215. ghinzu
  216. favourite elephant 6 bands/affiliates
  217. Is Travis any good?
  218. My friends NIN- THTF remix
  219. Krautrock vs Post-Punk
  220. Perry Farrell Resurrects Jim Morrison
  221. sundays on the phone to monday, tuesdays on the phone to me.
  222. ask i_was_aborted (on matters concerning music)
  223. Yet another Bjork appreciation thread
  224. Anybody want Beck "Guero" promo stickers?
  225. the zombies - the singles a's and b's
  226. I lost all my Postal Service LPs in the move
  227. devotchka
  228. XXXChange (Spankrock)- Speed it pussy
  229. Vinyl people please help me.
  230. That fuckin Doncha song is singlehandedly ruining my self esteem...
  231. mercury prize
  232. Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist
  233. world's shittiest lyricists.
  234. :rofl:
  235. I hear a little band known as the stooges are making album with albini
  236. Garth Brooks
  237. check out my project "secret goldfish"
  238. It still bothers me that....
  240. new mcr new killers
  241. who doesn't like classic 70's R&B?
  242. Beck - The Information (6 track sampler)
  243. Dj Hazard- Cola Cube is the most danceable tune ever made
  244. Arab Strap disbanding....
  245. New Of Montreal already leaked
  246. does any body have some guitar tabs for the Inspector Gadget theme song?
  247. Built To Spill - Car appreciation thread.
  248. silent shout is so fucking good
  249. most dissapointing show
  250. I know I'll get flamed for it but...