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  1. Rolling Stone (semi) Daily News 01.06.03
  2. Sinead O'Connor 1992 SNL appearance Q
  3. now what sucks, where do i buy vinyl online?
  4. Which Bjork album should I buy first?
  5. Lost albums: great records that have been forgotten
  6. In this thread I listen to the Esher Demos
  7. netphoria DC hub test
  8. Donnie Darko SDTK
  9. brainwashed 2002
  10. songs with good vibes
  11. There's things i haven't told you
  12. CD Price Fixing Settlement: get your money here!
  13. Roots Manuva
  14. Otis Fodder's 365 Days of Weirdness
  15. Billie Joe arrested on D.U.I.
  16. Dimmer
  17. Fiona Apple's new album
  18. Silverchair - Diorama
  19. yanqui u.x.o.
  20. Rolling Stone Daily News 01.07.03 / 01.08.03
  21. i don't want One Life Crew to play in my town
  22. godspeed you! black emporer
  23. Takako Minekawa - Maxi on! EP
  24. Americans, do yourself a big favour (live)
  25. omg Teenage Fanclub are touring australia in march
  26. Jim O'Rourke news
  27. Rolling Stone Daily News - Thursday, January 9, 2002
  28. Upcoming '2003 albums (?)
  29. Grammy Nominations
  30. Favourite Duets?
  31. The Be Sharp's--Best band ever?
  32. Unchained Melody
  33. Music for Furries?
  34. Rolling Stone Daily News - Friday, January 10, 2003
  35. Guilty pleasure song of the moment
  36. Hey DJ!
  37. Reviewing CD's
  38. yay! Jump Little Children 2 times in 2 months!!(new tour!)
  39. you say our love, it's like dynomite
  40. of
  41. Thinking of having a band play at your college? Here are the prices.
  42. has anyone been to the promowest pavilion in Columbus?
  43. Albums for the Week of 1/12
  44. For $29.28, I picked up the following today:
  45. song in volkswagon commercial ?
  46. 2 new songs to critique
  47. 1 hit wonder albums that are actually good...
  48. Requests for Netphoria DC Hub...
  49. Yeah like I got me some CD'S AND DVD
  50. Centaur Dates
  51. ISO: The Conet Project
  52. Maurice Gibb has passed away...
  53. Since Kazaa is about to go down...
  54. Pete Townshend arrested in child porn case
  55. what bands do you associate with which board members
  56. Best EP's?
  57. Florida man arrested in the death of Mia Zapata.
  58. okay, since my topic about "honestly" got deleted :[
  59. what??
  60. Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science
  61. isis
  62. We are on a rock, spinning in infinity
  63. netphoria music board swap meet.
  64. How would you define "pop music"?
  65. Anyone who doubts McCartney's Musical Ability....
  66. Hey you met@l types. Or anybody, really, but especially you met@l types
  67. Which Sea and Cake album should I purchase?
  68. tracklisting for SY Dirty reissue
  69. I Like These Songs
  70. Acid mothers temple
  71. Your mp3 album list!
  72. Jonny Cash covers NIN's "Hurt"
  73. Buddyhead's Best and Worst Albums of 2002
  74. D+t
  75. Why do so many of you hate Dave Matthews?
  76. Grandaddy to release double album
  77. what's a good Mouse On Mars record to start off with?
  78. Well, I'll be goddamned...
  79. hey bofus (or others)
  80. I'm Going to see the Used!
  81. act 4 bands....
  82. ST#1: your favourite album
  83. The Doors on Jay Leno Last Night
  84. Notwist tour dates
  85. Anyone know about the D-plan break-up?
  86. 17/01/03; Big Day Out 2003 - Auckland, New Zealand
  87. AHHH "les preludes" is sooooo beautiful
  88. Is the Netphoria FTP still around?
  89. the last five albums you listened to
  90. Steve Albini's Bands
  91. Ben Folds was on the CBS Early Saturday Morning show today.
  92. ST #10398 Best Music Video Ever
  93. spiritualized: complete works, part 1
  94. noyen's ticket stub project
  95. Ian Brown to appear in next Harry Potter film
  96. the assassins (opening for zwan)
  97. Her name is Yoshimi, she's a black belt in karate
  98. What CDs are in your CD wallets?
  99. Beatles Question
  100. Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
  101. SXSW roster justs gets better and better
  102. Milky Wimpshake
  103. "Life Like Weeds" tab help?
  104. has anyone heard the new supergrass?
  105. Silverchair - Emotion Sickness
  106. johnny cash covers NIN - hurt
  107. Listen to my Artist Only - Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan on Tuesday night
  108. Toronto musicians/musical gurus:
  109. new yorker article about bjork
  110. CD's I got today by airplane, from your fucking country, off CDUniverse
  111. Sonic Youth recommendations?
  112. Favorite Johnny Cash song
  113. Warped Tour will not skip Minneapolis
  114. What acoustic guitar should I buy?
  115. Death and it's effect on how one views each of these artist's music.
  116. A.K.A. Ferrari F-50
  117. since it comes out tomorrow - how's Mt. Eerie?
  118. The Doors were better than the Beatles
  119. musical equipment purchased this week
  120. new malkmus album on soulseek
  121. Worst Ska band names
  122. Let's make some R&B
  123. uhhhhh Charlotte Church is doing rap now?
  124. Simple Math for Netphorians.
  125. Thoughts on the Wilco EP?
  126. Whiskeytown - Sit and listen to the rain
  127. Electronica I bought this week (01/21)
  128. dudes i'm seeing wilco tonight
  129. robbie williams says i can download music on the internet
  130. oasis re-record wonderwall
  131. Inspired by a thread on the General Chat board....Creed or Limp Bizkit??
  132. the "Glengarry Glen Ross" soundtrack/score:
  133. swappingtons - the best idea for a website ever. like, ever.
  134. steve albini on how bands get fucked
  135. Sunny Day Real Estate
  136. Concerts you regret not attending
  137. rare cds I bought today
  138. Has anyone heard the new Nick Cave album yet?
  139. On Meeting Camper Van Beethoven...
  140. SUperGrass is Hot!
  141. My interview with The Greenhornes...
  142. a perfect circle is in the studio
  143. hootie and the blowfish - let her cry
  144. CDs I acquired this week
  145. I'd tell you guys about Down but...
  146. so i guess i'm gonna see audioslave
  147. Britney, Fred, and little babby.
  148. Pearl Jam US Tour Dates
  149. Sondre Lechre!
  150. hey Best Looking Boy while you're here
  151. CDs I received today
  152. i really really really really really wanna see Dillinger Escape Plan
  153. I Got Tix!!!......
  154. mayfly-gayest b&s song EVER?!?!?
  155. Nickelback and Godsmack men support war on Iraq
  156. to anyone who doesn't like suede's head music
  157. Justin Timberlake plays bass for The FLaming Lips
  158. now playing: Placebo ~ Sleeping With Ghosts
  159. CDs you've been listening to recently
  160. Gang Starr is coming to Providence
  161. Some info i stumbled upon on the new White Stripes album
  162. Holopaw
  163. albums purchased/downloaded this week
  164. spice girls - 2 become 1
  165. Suggest some good Massive Attack songs
  166. Some more stuff on the new Grandaddy record
  167. centro-matic tour dates
  168. are you into listening to vinyl?
  169. bands who have never had reunions?
  170. ground control to major tom
  171. help with the name of a song
  172. hotel arizona/try, try, try
  173. Spearhead?
  174. Music Trader Santee has closed
  175. ICP / 2 Live Crew go out on tour!
  176. Interpol - "NYC" Video
  177. holy shit from t.d.n.
  178. Music piracy levy is wrong headed
  179. Pitchfork - Eucalyptus
  180. "one with the freaks" by the notwist
  181. Does anyone actually go to Sam Goody...
  182. np basement jaxx- 'get me off' peaches remix
  183. ITT I listen to the Merzbow + Genesis P-Orridge album I downloaded
  184. for fuck's sake, someone please help me out
  185. zero 7 - destiny music video
  186. this cd sounds brilliant!
  187. Bright Eyes - "Road to Joy"
  188. Kazaa fights back
  189. Ok, what's that D-Plan song?
  190. Pearl Jam 2003 official bootlegs
  191. i think okcomputer-era b-sides are the best things radiohead have ever done
  192. rasputina dates
  193. how awesome is pulp?
  194. komeda-the genius of komeda
  195. Best song evar!
  196. Centaur playing at SXSW
  197. Dirty Three playing in Chicago at the Metro on April 4th
  198. The big record companies owe you U$20. You can get it here
  199. How Must It Feel....
  200. ? How do i get these sounds from my guitar ??
  201. Matthew Good tour dates
  202. Joe Strummer was supposed to be Pearl Jams opening band
  203. The Music
  204. Weezer and Queens of the Stone Age wish they were as good as...
  205. NunFucker
  206. <Hub-Security> This hub is currently full
  207. nother guitar question (power supply)
  208. bjork vs. radiohead
  209. Johnny Cash-"Hurt"
  210. song search
  211. UNKLE (with richard ashcroft)-lonely souls
  212. AT&T Wireless Commercial Question - That damn song in the **********
  213. Records Bought for Week of 1/30
  214. Does anybody else like Fuck Your Yankee Blue Jeans
  215. ooh! a game!
  216. Atombbombpocketknive/Paperchase are playing here next week
  217. Ghost - S/T
  218. MD recording problems
  219. The Boggs
  220. blank theory?
  221. This is totally depressing...(artists who have passed on)
  222. for those who have downloaded "Sleeping with Ghosts"
  223. So I'm watching this Roots concert...
  224. oh no ours on carson daly
  225. hub will be down this weekend
  226. where to start with david pajo?
  227. Sigur Rós - Vaka video
  228. aarktica / pale horse and rider
  229. My ears are bleeding!
  230. GYBE: lift yr skinny fists...
  231. guilty pleasures
  232. GSYBE vs. Zwan
  233. some guitar help please?
  234. i'm pretty sure "good vibrations" is the best song ever written
  235. 6 white stripes songs from Elephant
  236. Are Queens of the Stone Age good live?
  237. My friend from the radio station gave me...
  238. i acquired some records (vinyl)
  239. what PiL album to get?
  240. Eminem - Lose yourself
  241. the DC hub isn't running on my newly installed win2k
  242. Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer (goth version) -- mp3 here.
  243. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Nocturama
  244. genesis "the brazilian"
  245. Who was your first favorite singer/band?
  246. Better Replacements song: Alex Chilton or Bastards of Young?
  247. Massive Attack - 100th Window
  248. de-spectorised let it be confirmed!!!!
  249. Happy Mondays - Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches
  250. What do you think of Generation Terrorists?