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  2. Argh is annoying as fuck and embodies what I HATE about "shredding" guitar players
  3. attn: Argh
  4. Check out my friends' band
  5. Pure Reason Revolution
  6. good albums to camp to.
  7. Odious Mortem - Devouring the Prophecy
  8. good albums to be camp to
  9. Total Science - Mars Needs.... Album
  10. Worst/Best Second Albums Ever?
  11. PLEASE check out my new song!
  12. good albums to crap to.
  13. when the hell is the new Futureheads going to leak?
  14. you know, "Slow Hands" is such a fantastic track
  15. Anyone have "The Second Imaginary Symphony For Cloudmaking"?
  16. If only American radio had variety like Radio One
  17. Damn, I'm enjoying my newly downloaded complte Prince discog
  18. i just got shut out of tool tickets
  19. Any Diplo fans?
  20. Rush - R:30 DVD
  21. Emusic
  22. this is both sad and horrifying...
  23. itt thread i appreciate stuart a staples, mandarin movie, zeitkratzer and mogwai
  24. Sonic Youth EP Re-Release
  25. do any of you know people who like Korn?
  26. Pearl Jam: ST
  27. albums that should be better than they are
  28. Any Bay Area netphorians want to buy Sigur Ros tickets at cost?
  29. Solo clip for the David Gilmour fans.
  30. YYY- Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)
  31. Upcoming Shows, Musical Commentary, a few questions and a general blargh
  32. Any Austinites seeing Acid Mothers Temple friday?
  33. re: my challenge to argh
  34. Mkay, Coachella Roll Call!
  35. Neil Young - Living with War
  36. Beirut - Gulag Orkestar (2006)
  37. I can't wrap my head around the fact that
  38. Ted Leo live
  39. Attn: Fellow Blood Brothers fans
  40. Songs that make you feel like a badass.
  41. Radiohead Announce North American Tour, Finally!
  42. Peeping Tom
  43. Me collaborating with the dresden dolls
  44. Belle and Sebastian - Stay Loose Appreciation Thread
  45. more tool shows on the way
  46. question for users...
  47. Gilmour and Megadeth
  48. Monty Python's Spamalot
  49. this is my band
  50. Who are these fucking bands
  51. mer de noms
  52. ST#325443: what's your current guitar store riff?
  53. Mogwai Tour Dates
  54. BLINDED COLONY in studio video. (one of my labels bands)
  55. Belle and Sebastian - Dress Up In You Appreciation Thread
  56. 2006 has been a pretty good year for music so far
  57. Coachella Reviewed
  58. new RHCP has leaked
  59. new firegarden single, whatya think
  60. Is it pissing anyone else off that...
  61. ok i'm gonna make a post about music boris - pink
  62. So... Pearl Jam, eh!?
  63. Drive-By Truckers
  64. So has anyone heard some of the new Radiohead tunes?
  65. Placebo - Meds
  66. interview with godsmack frontman sully erna (best band interview, ever)
  67. is there anyone here who hates 'Loveless' ?
  68. Itt we discuss the Kinks
  69. mix cd thread
  70. samples of Paris Hilton's album
  71. sounds like the smiths
  72. New Replacements Tune!
  73. hey brad
  74. So I bought The Bends today...
  75. Sparks - Dick Around
  76. wait, what? (radiohead tour)
  77. alright! who has the new dave matthews band album?!
  78. Sailing the Seas of Cheese is one of my favorite albums ever.
  79. has sufjan - the avalanche leaked yet?
  80. I really quite enjoy the guitar work on at the drive in records
  81. Seawhores
  82. elis regina & antonio carlos jobim - elis & tom
  83. free oink invite
  84. New Radiohead Songs
  85. is this true?
  86. craniometry disproves Darwin's theory
  87. since there seem to be a few radiohead threads already
  88. mogwai SLC pics
  89. ITT you name one great song that's in a movie, ONE SONG PER MOVIE.
  90. RHCP CD...
  91. Jesu - Silver EP
  92. The Futureheads - News and Tributes
  93. bitching about modern music
  94. sigur ros at the opera house!
  95. We need a new Radiohead thread - gigs being cancelled? Phil's mum died.
  96. hey guys what do u think is the best radiohead album
  97. hey guys have u heard the new tool album??
  98. hey guys are u going to any of the new radio tour shows?
  99. New Deftones Song!
  100. Hey have any of u guys bought the bends today?
  101. OH SHIT. New VAST demos just dropped.
  102. New Muse single - Supermassive black hole
  103. John Frusciante...
  104. Just Like The Fambly Cat
  105. Songs You Thought You'd Never Hear Again
  106. Recommend me some Stoner Doom.
  107. Band/artist biographies
  108. The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes
  109. Sisters Of Mercy - Floodland...
  110. I want to get into Birchvile Cat Motel
  111. So I'm pretty torn up about Dave Baksh leaving Sum41
  112. thom yorke's solo album
  113. Who got Massive Attack tickets?
  114. Stadium Arcadium Reviews?
  115. RATM self titled appreciation thread
  116. the right brothers: truth disguised as music
  117. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Candlebox has reunited!!!!!!!
  118. Jimmy Gnecco featuring Brian May on guitar
  119. Radiohead - 13/05 - Empress Ballroom Blackpool
  120. Seventeen Seconds remastered
  121. The Greatest Album of All Time?
  122. Netphorians On Soulseek
  123. Cymbal Rush is NOT a new Radiohead song....
  124. BabyShambles
  125. a new track from my band... give it a listen?
  126. great album opening lines
  127. Guitarists:7 layers of Triaxis + Strategy 500 (CLIPS)
  128. Beirut's newest album "gulag orkestar"
  129. who's going to see Liars on tour?
  130. Songs You Love But Don't Really Understand
  131. Guster - Ganging Up on the Sun
  132. Has anyone else heard this stuff?
  133. Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines
  134. Devotchka
  135. Songs that are forever ruined for you..
  136. Everclear Is Back!
  138. old Santana appreciation thread
  139. Pick My Next Purchase
  140. The Album Leaf Appreciation Thread
  141. House of Bread
  142. are there many triple-albums out there?
  143. do any of you dudes like Richard Thompson?
  145. Jeff Martin - Exile and the Kingdom
  146. netphoria grab-bag quiz
  147. new muse tracks
  148. I was just given Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tix, what can I expect?
  149. Anyone have a spare indietorrent invite?
  150. WMP 11?
  151. ITT: We discuss the genius of Dangermouse
  152. Belong, "October Language"
  153. Dixie Chicks - Taking the Long Way
  154. Marilyn Manson plagiarism of Radiohead
  155. so I bought the Raconteurs CD...
  156. New Band Suggestions???
  157. Pharoah Overlord - III
  158. Sunn O))) - La Mort Noir dans Esch Alzette
  159. who's that artist...?
  160. so that drudkh album is pretty sweet
  161. Cool - Free ipod - several options!
  162. Jack White rocks (live song)
  163. pumice - yeahnahvienna
  164. Gym Class Heroes
  165. First Listen: Thom Yorke's The Eraser
  166. Chili Peppers plagiarism of Tom Petty
  167. Foo Fighter's "In Your Honour" and Radiohead's "Sulk"
  168. John Cale plagiarism of John Cage
  169. introducing a friend to radiohead (sort of)
  170. ITT: name good trilogies/series of albums
  171. Immortal Technique
  172. does anyone listen to Fushitsusha?
  173. John Zorn (w/Patton) - Sorceress
  174. Nickelback plagiarism of Nickelback
  175. Comets on Fire - Avatar
  176. did any of you check out Angels & Airwaves?
  177. how are NIN live these days
  178. Why can't monsters get along with other monsters?
  179. blind guardian announce north american tour
  180. new venetian snares leaked!
  181. seriously, everyone should hear this
  182. new afi
  183. Blacklist recording at Scratchie Studios
  184. Beatle's "Sexy Sadie" and the Radio Heads' "Karma Police"
  185. recommend me
  186. k records is so embarrassing now
  187. Severed Savior
  188. The Sound of Animals Fighting - Lover, the Lord Has Left Us (2006)
  189. this Sparks record really is good shit
  190. Mew
  191. I'm going to see Pearl Jam in just 13 hours.
  192. New Outkast Song
  193. new beck album due this fall?
  194. Public Image Limited
  195. the eraser leaks
  196. my bloody valentine - loveless
  197. deerhoof- free ep
  198. New Yo La Tengo track from forthcoming LP
  199. Hey, this is serious: St. James just added to Lolla's lineup!
  200. I'm pretty sure every band with an ! in the title sucks
  201. what do you think of Thom Yorke's solo album "The Eraser"?
  202. seu jorge
  203. remember Juliana Hatfield?
  204. for those who use soulseek
  205. Thom Yorke - Eraser thread #4
  206. nimrod, what bands do you not hate
  207. The Killers sound a lot like Interpol
  208. Xiu Xiu - Air Force
  209. Nobuo Uematsu live in Japan
  210. Corey Heart appreciation thread.
  211. Top 100 Albums
  212. does anyone happen to have the lyrics to thom's new album?
  213. What happened to Arcade Fire?
  214. Musicans that give interviews worth listening to
  215. Widescreen Monitor
  216. Rammstein - Moskau
  217. what motorpsycho album would you dudes recommend i start with?
  218. Hey Argh! this is for you
  219. torrent site invites
  220. WHAT THE FUCK is with these fucking Foo Fighters tickets?
  221. Pukkelpop 2006
  222. the 25 minute version of the diamond sea owns
  223. st# 43276.3 Driving/roadtrip songs (or albums)
  224. Videos that were/are awesome (youtube)
  225. Strawberry Alarm Clock
  226. is storytellers still running?
  227. Good sites for live music torrents?
  228. Favorite Bands
  229. Rather Ripped in stores in Australia
  230. Vincent Gallo
  231. Pixies songs 'covered' by other artists
  232. Arts & Crafts
  233. captain beefheart
  234. Interesting: Liars covering Led Zep 10"
  235. lol "stars are blind" by paris hilton leaked
  236. feist's "mushaboom" video is on right now
  237. Wolf Parade
  238. favourite head
  239. Devotchka?
  240. what in the fuck is with the new radiohead songs
  241. The Southern Side of Van Halen
  242. Islands
  243. Peaches - Impeach My Bush
  244. The New Rage Against The Machine?
  245. converting mpeg4 (m4p) to mp3
  246. Kid A is like a painting
  247. An anniversary deluxe addition to actually give an elephant's dick about...
  248. My brother met Alice in Chains...
  249. Orgy - Candyass
  250. Bedhead