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  1. Anyone seen Dragonforce live?
  2. sonic youth added to bonnaroo
  3. this record kicks all your records' asses
  4. Anybody seeing Belle and Sebastian/New Pornographers?
  5. now, that's nice (donaufestival in krems, austria)
  6. BTmusic invite offer
  7. growing - color wheel
  8. i have a new oink account and have no idea what to get
  9. Can somebody send me Glassworks by Philip Glass?
  10. can anyone give me an IT invite in exchange for an oink invite?
  11. i met nick and albert from the strokes last night in nyc
  12. morrissey leaked if anyone cares. link.
  13. Birchville Cat Motel - Our Love Will Destroy the World - 2006
  14. will trade demonoid invite for oink invite
  15. Gym Class Heroes
  16. james blunt - "you're beautiful"
  17. this is awesome
  18. if you enjoy radiohead + grandaddy + the flaming lips + the russian futurists...
  19. Yanni breaks loose!
  20. attn:bass players/people who know their shit
  21. Anyone here going to Sigur Portland concert?
  22. The Frogs touring?
  23. new matmos leak
  24. ITT i rank everything i've heard in '06
  25. I Want Jazz.
  26. Magik Markers - A Panegyric to the Things I Do Not Understand
  27. Final Fantasy - Has a Good Home
  28. elektronik. supersonic.
  29. David Gilmour - "On An Island"
  30. Buckethead song...
  31. some noise improv
  32. Ten Club Members, Toronto tickets on sale today
  33. Mates of state appreciation post
  34. i totally have podcast radio:
  35. Currently listening..
  36. Tupac question
  37. Show your bones
  38. Torrent Leech invite for trade
  39. Prince - 3121 (2006)
  40. Morrissey - Ringleader Of The Tormentors
  41. what do you all think of Richard Thompson
  42. Dead Prez the last good east coast group?
  43. Has snap music caught on elsewhere yet?
  44. Other Communities
  45. first ever Silver Jews Georgia
  46. The Cure- A Forest (Ror-shak remix)
  47. Setlist: David Gilmour 3/10 Dortmund
  48. sufjan stevens- enjoy your rabbit
  49. Favourite Album Top 5
  50. i don't think i've ever seen anyone mention braid on here.
  51. so who else likes techno?
  52. Tool 10,000 Days?
  53. ATTN A/ [david gilmour stuff]
  54. vespertine is fucking epic
  55. when once proud bands release albums that are complete shit
  56. Is "Genius of Love' the weirdest tune ever that wasnt trying to be?
  57. help please - whats that website for movie music?
  58. Pearl Jam s/t
  59. Dinosaur Jr. - Auckland Show
  60. Listen to a song from my band
  61. H.O.B.
  62. oh boy!! another reunion!!
  63. Countdown to Thursday, March 16th
  64. Peeping Tom
  65. NIN and Bauhaus touring together
  66. Opera sample
  67. i saw this group open up for buckethead calld pnuma trio
  68. Tortoise - Echo The Dolphin?
  69. Mike Garson
  70. Lollapolazzo line up announced
  71. The new Ghostface
  72. BBC Sessions For You!!
  73. Limp Bizkit Tribute Thread
  74. Favourite Song top 5
  75. i'm surprised you guys arent raving wolfmother.
  76. Nightwish
  77. Two Gallants
  78. Kurt Cobain Action Figure
  79. What is that recent song called that sounds like Evanescence?
  80. Monthly Upcoming Shows Thread (Mid March)
  81. tab request?
  82. The Twilight Singers - Powder Burns
  83. itt we discuss Unwound
  84. So what about the upcoming Deftones record
  85. In this thread...
  86. 2 OiNK Invites...
  87. des anyone have Jeff Beck's version of Superstition
  88. so I've finally started going through this large stack of CDs I've never listened to
  89. good resources for new drummers
  90. switchfoot at isu
  91. Loudermilk, anyone?
  92. What Stereolab record should I get next?
  93. Travistan
  94. Om - Conference of the Birds
  95. For those of you in Europe... (Radiohead related)
  96. the new "say something good about a band you hate" thread
  97. Built to Spill Tour postponed
  98. The Sounds - Dying to Say This to You
  99. loose fur is so good
  100. Song request
  101. Russell Crowes band was on Leno tonight
  102. silver jews 1st tour - anyone gone?
  103. I did a Xiu Xiu interview this morning...
  104. anybody heard the new Throbbing Gristle?
  105. how many bands can you name
  106. HAHAHA..oh Lordi!..for the europeans
  107. Hey Brad, do you like Ephel Duath?
  108. thread where i freak out over baltimore club
  109. It's weird having an album on Itunes.
  110. led zep's gallow's pole
  111. Rock star picture thread...
  112. the most serene republic - phages (2006)
  113. tool's 10,000 days artwork
  114. The Fall - US/ Canada dates
  115. PSYCHOSTICK appreciation thread
  116. Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy review
  117. NIN Concert Tomarrow
  118. astral weeks....
  119. secret machines nowhere again
  120. ok
  121. Damone awesome new band
  122. Rush - Jacob's Ladder
  123. james bl;and
  124. james bland
  125. itt, sum up an entire genre in one song
  126. so you want to know why I listen to death metal?
  127. classical music
  128. Pics from the new Flaming Lips video...
  129. Gnarls Barkley
  130. lollercoaster! britney Spears nude!
  131. Boris playing select shows with Sunn O)))
  132. So I have really shitty seats for Pearl Jam
  133. Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
  134. Songs you would like to cover live (from computer games or shows)
  135. i may interview deerhoof tonight!
  136. Replacements return! (well not really)
  137. The Flaming Lips to headline Wakarusa!!!!!!!
  138. im listening to zaireeka right now.
  139. oh, did i tell that...
  140. Another Flaming Lips thread
  141. Neil Young - Heart of Gold (The Movie)
  142. Pretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vital
  143. fashionable
  144. i was wondering, why does fearfactory listen to death metal?
  145. Feels vinyl
  146. post a song on yousendit
  147. Anyone into venetian snares?
  148. Electronic Music Creation...
  149. the flaming lips break up
  150. return of np
  151. electric six
  152. You all were so right
  153. Tanakh - Ardent Fevers
  154. Favorite music when you're fucked up?
  155. Raconteurs - Painted Boy Soldiers
  156. This just reminded me how badass Maxinquaye was
  157. Video of brad ravin it out to Pendulum
  158. Atari Teenage Riot
  159. Love is All - Nine Times That Same Song
  160. damien rice
  161. Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors - Who got 'er?
  162. reccomend me some lyle lovett
  163. Shall I go see this?
  164. The new Skin record.
  165. Beter Than Ezra update
  166. Muse - Stockholm Syndrome cover
  167. Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds
  168. Sunn 0))) and Boris Release New Ringtones, Fuck Eachother
  169. most underrated vocalist of all time
  170. A Thread about Noise
  171. So what do you guys think about the AIC reunion?
  172. Radiohead and my idiot friend
  173. Your top 5 hip hop artists of the 80's, 90's, and 00's
  174. Say Anything interview
  175. well...I hate the world (Wilco tickets related)
  176. House of Bread - House That Bread Built
  177. Dani California
  178. remember that idiot
  179. Your fav Grime/Garage/2step artists
  180. Mikaela's Fiend - We Can Driving Machine
  181. World of warcraft funeral gets ambushed
  182. The Frogs?
  183. Need help identifying band from video
  184. mountain goats - babylon springs ep
  185. Ode to Daryl - MG version
  186. Stiltskin Return
  187. Step into the Carsan universe...
  188. my favourite downer album available free here:
  189. mogwai - mr. beast question
  190. Which song should be played on your funeral?
  191. Music that would be played in hell
  192. So apparently the new Elf Power leaked
  193. My sister gave me $60 in Best Buy gift cards, what the fuck should I get?
  194. I'm listening to Allman brothers band
  195. Placebo - meds
  196. Alice In Chains Unplugged DVD
  197. attn: where is me
  198. *bitch thread* just when i thought goth kids could get no stupider...
  199. RIP Proof of D12
  200. petition for Mallow world tour
  201. oh you're so silent jens
  202. Early Man blows
  203. Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped leak (YSI)
  204. APC "supposedly" over
  205. Halcali is the craziest shit ever
  206. Dinosaur Jr. - Zombie Worm (2006)
  207. Six Organs of Admittance - The Sun Awakens (2006)
  208. Headphones...
  209. i have one oink invite
  210. Pearl Jam @ The Astoria
  211. st#44327: Upcoming Shows!
  212. Congleton of the pAper chAse produces new Polyphonic Spree album
  213. do you suggest going to any of these concerts?
  214. did you dudes hear about the new sufjan stevens album
  215. Zach Hill and Mick Barr - Shred Earthship
  216. Ranaldo/Giffoni/Moore/Cline - Four Guitars Live at Luxx
  217. Spiderwebs - Away Away
  218. Scott Walker - The Drift
  219. New Pearl Jam Leaked
  220. Am I the only one who can't stand Arcade Fire?
  221. OiNK
  222. New Neil Young Album "Life of War"
  223. Gym Class Heroes
  224. New Tool Single 'Vicarious' just leaked
  225. What's the consensus on Thee More Shallows?
  226. DEMF lineup announced
  227. Is there a complete list of albums released so far this year online somewhere?
  228. normally i wouldn't share something that i think is absolutely incredible
  229. Pearl Jam just OWNED on SNL
  230. Kanye West's "Mission Impossible III" theme
  231. so i'm listening to cursive at work...
  232. Question about Dallas venue
  233. The Streets: The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living
  234. Best live band video ever.
  235. Sigur Ros...Live
  236. if you were in a band, what songs would you want to cover?
  237. Newest Jandek albums "Glasgow Sunday" and "What Else Does the Time Mean" on OINK
  238. Someone post the Sunn O))) RLY? pic so I can save it.
  239. The Life Pursuit has grown on me quite a bit.
  240. Maritime - We, the Vehicles
  241. What you think of the new TOOL album?
  242. rhcp stadium arcadium 5/9
  243. Drive By Truckers/Robert Randolph/Black Crowes summer tour
  244. Frank Zappa
  245. Songs about/for an unrequited love
  246. Girl Talk - Night Ripper
  247. What's the last band(s) that you used to like and are now ashamed
  248. Olivia tremor control VS the Black swan network
  249. could someone be so kind as to walk me through this torrent shit?
  250. adam jones is such a fag