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  1. NZ people, U2 ticket available
  2. hey download my torrents on oink
  3. I really like Duran Duran
  4. Arctic monkeys - Whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not
  5. I really like Sinister
  6. seared tune appreciation thread...
  7. Frank Zappa song of the day
  8. music listening philosphy
  9. the greatest reunion of our times has been confirmed!
  10. has anyone noticed that the part right after the key change in sufjan's "come on feel
  11. Holy **** the real Coachella line-up!
  12. where did you sleep last night?
  13. Real Coachella Lineup
  14. pretty girls make graves - elan vital
  15. secret mommy - very rec
  16. lilys - everything wrong is imaginary
  17. Sunn O))) - Black 1
  18. the strokes us tour and new single
  19. Freddie Mercury
  20. Whitesnake totally fuckin' rock, man!
  21. Evol Intent
  22. how do you pronounce "Sigur Rós"
  23. Now that Cat Power - The Greatest is officially released....
  24. Preview track of the new Motorpsycho album!
  25. Unlimited Sunshine Tour: Cake, Tegan and Sara, Gogol Bordello
  26. Top Fives with links if possible
  27. "Wicked Wisdom" Jada Pinkett-Smith's Metal Band
  28. good midi-cv convertors?
  29. i noticed there's a book on in the aeroplane over the sea
  30. This is pretty metal...
  31. Dr. Dre - Detox release?
  32. Dada
  33. led zepplin BBC sessions
  34. Chicago Music Stores
  35. Tatu fans
  36. Guitar Tabs Illegal (Search isnt working)
  37. i've forgotten
  38. grandaddy
  39. Palace - viva last blues
  40. Mr. Beast availible at Mogwai shows before the release date?
  41. american analog set - born on the cusp
  42. Fuck Pearls and Brass
  43. depeche mode versus new order
  44. Fuck Diamonds & Pearls
  45. Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
  46. First Upcoming Shows of the New Board?
  47. Lisa Loeb in reality form
  48. Gun Club: 9 Lives series, Live Box set?
  49. Willy Mason anyone?
  50. deftones / taste of chaos tour
  51. Does anyone have Moonraker's first cd?
  52. REO Speedwagon Appreciation Thread
  53. the piper at the gates of dawn
  54. elizabeth cotten
  55. favorite sufjan stevens songs by album
  56. The Faint
  57. wolf parade
  58. Want Two(dvd) - Rufus Wainwright
  59. Jesus, UK albums charts wernen't THIS indie in the '95 Britpop heyday!
  60. Matisyahu
  61. Coachella full lineup announced!
  62. MM hub address
  63. ISO: Belle & Sebastian Tickets Toronto
  64. coachella lineup announcement pending
  65. God damn realplayer music store!!
  66. Why not ?!!!
  67. Belle and Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
  68. the smiths vs. new order
  69. the raconteurs
  70. in this thread, you say who you would want to see at coachella
  71. Sigur Ros tour
  72. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's
  73. Bonnaroo 2006 lineup
  74. drukqs at 33rpm
  75. Rumoured Pearl Jam NZ/AUS Tour details in here!
  76. Silver Jews
  77. hey mirrar
  78. buckethead on tour
  79. Animal collective tour
  80. regina spektor Live cabret voltaire :Ed
  81. lost riots vs. now here is nowhere
  82. le tigre vs. los tigres del norte
  83. brazilian girls vs. girls in hawaii
  84. wolf parade vs. wolf eyes vs. frog eyes vs. the frogs
  85. Mayhem - de mysteriis dom sathanas
  86. new dresden dolls has leaked
  87. size of itunes music library
  88. The MusicFile
  89. Scott Reeder - Tunnelvision Brilliance
  90. islands - return to the sea
  91. tell me everything you know about Kathleen Hanna.
  92. Why the fuck did I wait so long to buy B&S and new pornos tix!!!?!?!?
  93. a game for you music lovers...
  94. POS is ruining my life.
  95. POD is ruining my life
  96. listen to my album:
  97. Walking with Monsters
  98. ATTN: fearfactory
  99. radiohead- towering above the rest
  100. Busta Rhymes bodyguard killed
  101. Cat Power Cancels Spring Tour
  102. I clicked to start a new topic
  103. Sigur Ros cancel aus shows.
  104. Opinions please fellow pumpkins fans
  105. whats so great about vinyl?
  106. Saprogenic - Ichneumonid
  107. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion
  108. radiohead - kid 17
  109. New Grandaddy hits oink!
  111. Aceyalone - Magnificent City
  112. No Grammys thread?
  113. check it.
  114. Sufjan Stevens - Opie's Funeral Song
  115. Coldplay's genuis is they're playing the contrived, shitty music card.
  116. U2 - Original of the Species
  117. shortest/longest song on your computer?
  118. Sparks "Perfume"
  119. The Life Pursuit IS good!
  120. SXSW 2006 Wristband Information
  121. Where the hell is this sample from?
  122. built to spill dates
  123. New Eagles of Death Metal, Death By Sexy leaked
  125. Help me title this mix please.....
  126. anyone know how gorillaz does their concerts?
  127. should i see fiery furnaces?
  128. Calexico - Garden ruin
  129. Whitfield
  130. Green Jello
  131. I listened to Tool for the first time in a long time a while back...
  132. RIP: J-Dilla
  133. New Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely
  134. NIN
  135. Josh Freese - The Amazing One-man Orgy
  136. The Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics
  137. white zombie fucking rocks
  138. Garbage??
  139. Isis
  140. no fun fest roll call!
  141. Arizona amp and alternator
  142. FS: Belle and Sebastian / New Pornographers tickets Philadelphia (3/4)
  143. Your Top 10 Tracks and Top 10 Albums Ever
  144. scott stapp gets married then arrested drunk in an airport
  145. Hi guys
  146. does anyone have an audio rip of the pixies sell out dvd?
  147. System of a Down's "Dreaming"
  148. Roger Waters to tour Europe
  149. Northwest Death Fest
  150. What song should House of Bread Cover?
  151. Where to start with Boards of Canada?
  152. Best Music On Campus contest
  153. Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno - Starless and Bible Black Sabbath
  154. Polysics - Now is the Time!
  155. this is the thread where we listen to 2 Live Crew
  156. so, you think System of a Down's Mezmerize/Hypnotize concept was to make more money?
  157. bands like gomez, south, ...
  158. Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Interplanetary Escape Vehicle
  159. Nikka Costa
  160. Shotgun & Jaybird
  161. Red Sparowes?
  162. who wants an oink invite?
  163. favorite christian death album
  164. So I listened to the leaked 'demos' of a couple GnR songs...
  165. favorite christian death metal album
  166. hey guys!
  167. Use Your Own Illusion mix
  168. Anyone catch the Primetime piece on Payola?
  169. Recommend sometime myspace artists you dig
  170. 2 tickets for Toadies reunion show 3-11-06 for sale
  171. Hey Fearfactory
  172. Prince - Black Sweat
  173. Artists Only
  174. 3 fav. album covers
  175. Brian, I'll see your Christian Death and raise you Psycroptic
  176. post Neurosis
  177. This guys tunes make me wanna worship satan
  178. Nwa cover taken down, new songs replace it
  179. Wolfgangs Vault
  180. Singers like Danzig, Nick cave?
  181. JANDEK
  182. Rainer Maria in Omaha 3/22
  183. guns 'n' roses to tour europe
  184. There There is a cool song
  185. Life Metal
  186. dumb question re: built to spill - you in reverse leak
  187. dvda
  188. Does anyone else here listen to Devo?
  189. What do you dudes think of Secret Samadhi?
  190. Jeroen Thesseling
  191. spinoff: favourite radiohead b-side
  192. Pete Doherty and the KLF
  193. Rush - Power Windows
  194. New DOG FASHION DISCO side project (MP3'S!!)
  195. What the fuck are Keane trying to pull
  196. tell me about Low.
  197. The Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea (2006)
  198. Pitchfork: Don't Shop At Best Buy!
  199. Deadsy - My Only Friend
  200. House of Bread - Chainsawfucker
  201. SFA - Cloudberries
  202. I'm embarresed to ask this....however.....
  203. Queen
  204. Yeah Yeah Yeahs...
  205. Lou Reed
  206. Listening to much hip hop lately?
  207. She Wants Revenge- Black Liner Run
  208. The Psychedelic Furs
  209. At what point
  210. Free Oink Invite
  211. new TV on the Radio album
  212. Fantomas
  213. so i saw motley crue last night...
  214. Whoa, new motorpsycho leaked on oink
  215. 2112
  216. Citay - Citay
  217. Holly Brook
  218. Which song is the most annoying?
  219. So yeah...Worldwide Suicide
  220. Kill Hannah is touring very soon.
  221. latest bin laden tape for completists only
  222. ST #2190: Guilty Pleasures
  223. COLD breaks up
  224. The Melvins Appreciation Thread
  225. i just bought a roland tr 707
  226. So who will be seeing Mogwai this Wednesday in Chicago?
  227. Sufjan Stevens Interview
  228. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones
  229. the strokes are on letterman tonight (2/27)
  230. Psycroptic - Symbols of Failure
  231. this is a really interesting cover!
  232. Isis fans
  233. joy division/new order fans to thread, plz
  234. those oink fuckers!
  236. Tool European tour dates announced
  237. MtvU record deal contest
  238. Nickleback:"8 million people can't be wrong."
  239. So, you think you know how to record heavy, distorted guitars?
  240. Sunlandic Twins>Satanic Panic In Teh Attic
  241. don't bother with the new secret machines album.
  242. is popular music bad, or is bad music just popular?
  243. dEUS playing US/Canada dates
  244. Beter Than Ezra is playing at my school!
  245. DJ suggestions
  246. Madonna to Play Coachella
  247. Keith Fullerton Whitman's Lisbon is the most gorgeous release of the year so far
  248. how great is The Concretes' new full-length
  249. my band rehearsing some White Stripes songs
  250. French Kicks - The Trial of the Century