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  1. who here made that liam lynch thread a while ago?
  2. I'll keep holdin' on
  3. so i was watchin that green day dvd
  4. hey guys
  5. animal collective at logan square auditorium...
  6. Help me make a mix CD
  7. link wray's dead
  8. Spinoff: Any info/whatever on the following artists?
  9. Spinoff: Your 10 Most Annoying Songs of All Time
  10. Remastered Downward Spiral
  11. sons and daughters [aka shotfull is a retard]
  12. linkin parks
  13. metlica
  14. worst album title ever?
  15. Raccoo-oo-oon "The Cave of Spirits Forever"
  16. So i just got back from a Melt Banana gig.
  17. Pulp Fusion - Grooves of the Ghetto
  18. Fahrenheit 9/11 Music
  19. hey dEUS fanboys
  20. Sigur Ros - Hoppípolla video!
  21. another ebow song i recorded with my buddy
  22. Funny Music Videos
  23. new wilco live album
  24. Best of 2006
  25. Lycaon Pictus
  26. Sound Directons - The Funky Side of Life
  27. "Like Herod" or "Mogwai Fear Satan"?
  28. help me out with some bands and musicians
  29. In this Home On Ice - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  30. HAT available here.
  31. Be Quiet & Drive
  32. Best Queen Member
  33. song that gets stuck in one's head the easiest and for the longest time
  34. what do you know of death metal?
  35. Radiohead - Live @ the Astoria DVD
  36. axioms from impossible recording machine
  37. Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit (2006)
  38. toad the wet sprocket
  39. Yearrgh!!!
  40. How Many Band Names Can You Find?
  41. new Darkness.
  42. devotchka
  43. NickelBack Appreciation Thread
  44. Holy crap! Another Neutral milk hotel demo surfaced, 30 songs
  45. Mogwai, The Arches, Glasgow 29th November (aka dean moriarty is a twatfly)
  46. Best Queen Album
  47. Post the lyrics to your favourite Christmas tunes
  48. David Gilmour- On an Island
  49. no fun fest '06
  50. Best Queen Concert
  51. Bonobo - The Live Sessions
  52. Controller Controller last Friday
  53. scott stapp beat down by 311
  54. new strokes is on oink
  55. Hrsta
  56. good record players?
  57. A.C. Newman - On The Table
  58. lyrics that are so bad that they make you vomit and die
  59. The Cure
  60. suggest a good cheap electric guitar
  61. Holy crap.
  62. songs you wish you wrote
  63. Van Halen sucks
  64. well researched and skillfully written introduction to the smiths
  65. 2005 Christmas Mix Disc Exchange?
  66. HIM = the biggest bunch of posers wth no talent
  67. New Order or Joy Division
  68. does anybody know where to find
  69. couple questions about interpol
  70. Best New Pornos album
  71. Anyone seen Opeth live?
  72. should I see OAR
  73. Top 10 Albums Of 2005
  74. The White Stripes-Walking With A Ghost
  75. Half Man Half Biscuit
  76. So who likes Dead Meadow?
  77. new tool album?
  78. ryan adams sounds like..
  79. superwolf
  80. Can
  81. Favorite songs these days?
  82. Best Netphorian Musician?
  83. Acquiesce is so the greatest B side ever it's not even worth debating...
  84. Reason #989821 why Pitchfork is meritless
  85. John who?
  86. I like this guitarist, in a completely musical way
  87. enya's best album
  88. Reason #989821 why green chair is meritless
  89. leak: Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The Brave And The Bold
  90. Headwound City- S/T EP
  91. Islands - Return To The Sea
  92. should i see ELO
  93. should i see OMC
  94. should i see REO
  95. moe tucker ruined velvet undergrounds visual image
  96. broken social scene - ep to be you and me
  97. i wish you would step back from that ledge my friend
  98. Paperboyz Deliver!
  99. City & Colour - Save Your Scissors
  100. 13 hours in line for U2 tickets
  101. Winter Equinox, Holy Fuck, Caribou
  102. History will not remember Nirvana
  103. whats a good name brand for a banjo
  104. built to spill leak
  105. New Porns on Conan
  106. You Hear It First!
  107. Nine Inch Nails Okc March
  108. Emilie Simon
  109. i have to come up with a name for my radio programme again
  110. cat power question
  111. squeeze me macaroni
  112. Odelay rules
  113. So did the rest of those Neutral Milk Hotel demos surface yet?
  114. just one more time
  115. Jarboe will be in town January!
  116. beautiful music
  117. now downloading - a tell me what else to get thread
  118. Rough Trade's 2005 list
  119. Drum's Not Dead has hit Oink
  120. happy holidays - coldplay bites
  121. winterpills
  122. So a new Calexico album in April
  123. SXSW Initial Band List
  124. Songs About New Years
  125. quick! shows happening in SF from dec 19-23rd
  126. Rep Seki
  127. My Doorbell
  128. Remove 1 track from ev'ry Queen album
  129. Best place to download music videos?
  130. audio editing via spectrograph.
  131. silver jews - first tour ever
  132. Chuck Schuldiner
  133. unrest - imperial f.f.r.r.
  134. ok i need an oink account.
  135. David Gilmour NA tour dates (not many)
  136. THIS is what I want for Christmas...
  137. Someone Help me!!! (pedals)
  138. my top 50 '05
  139. Rust never sleeps
  141. Excepter - Sunbomber
  142. Andrew Pekler - Strings and Feedback
  143. more cowbell
  144. albums compiled based on a single word being used in each song
  145. Love is All - Nine Times That Same Song
  146. The Deadly Snakes - Porcella
  147. Derek and The Dominoes with Duane Allman
  148. OiNK's Holiday Gift
  149. Nicky Wire solo track(my christmas gift to you :P)
  150. Here are things that I put together for other people that you can have too
  151. That Crying Over You Song
  152. mogwai tour dates
  153. Sigur Ros: Atlantic City 2/10/06
  154. Silver Jews tour
  155. new Graham Coxon
  156. Attn drumming netphorians, Sonic john? Sleeper or anyone else?
  157. Now Playing
  158. put your Itunes/Media Player on random...
  159. I have a $50 gift card to the Electric Fetus- what should I get?
  160. Isobel Campbel & Mark Lanegan - Ballad of the Broken Seas
  161. holy fucking shit CCR is incredible
  162. is sigur ros worth $42?
  163. new motorpsycho album in march
  164. Pitchfork Top 50 of 2005
  165. First Song Of The Brand New Never Before Experienced Year
  166. Boris - Pink
  167. now that they've had time to sink in....which Extraordinary Machine is better?
  168. Oink rampage download list (post yours)
  169. Coheed and Cambria rock.
  170. Anyone here like Jesus Jones?
  171. The Unicorns?
  172. spoon - a series of sneaks
  173. metric sucks balls
  174. i got a $50 giftcard for itunes, please recommend me some stuff from 2005
  175. pedro the lion broke up
  176. psychic ills - dins
  177. No Need 4 Proof
  178. so are mogwai worth seeing?
  179. good tremolo pedal?
  180. Animal Collective - Hollinndagain
  181. Belle and Sebastian/New Pornos tour
  182. Lyrics post!
  183. Hey my shitty band put out some new songs
  184. Da Pixies - Suggestions?
  185. what song should I learn (guitar)
  186. Einstürzende Neubauten
  187. Mogwai - Mr. Beast
  188. Which should I see on March 10?
  189. Epic Rock...
  190. mt. eerie breaks up
  191. I want one New Order release. Which?
  192. Matisyahu... too religious to get big?
  193. the craziest audio link you can find
  194. I Broke Up
  195. Siouxsie & The Banshees
  196. Deadsy broke up!
  197. Nasum - Grind Finale
  198. attn fearfactory
  199. Smashing Pumpkins break up
  200. Sinister - Hate
  201. list what is on your ipod or pc or discman
  202. fiest! mushaboom! and a question
  203. the Arctic Monkeys
  204. this is the greatest piece of music i've heard in a very long time
  205. Music downloading creates listener apathy...
  206. lol
  207. Chicago nixes Radiohead gig for this summer
  208. chicago band looking for drummer
  209. the big old bug is the new baby now
  210. your favorite album to _____ to:
  211. Dubside of the Moon
  212. jim yoshii pile-up
  213. those songs that you just adore...
  214. i read that andrew wk was in wolf eyes at one point
  215. lightning bolt
  216. damn, oink crashed
  217. Best of '05
  218. late to the party: Lush
  219. Sacd
  220. Mary Timony/Sound Tribe Sector 9
  221. new song
  222. i like that new madonna song
  223. Melissa Auf der Maur
  224. recommend me some hip-hop
  225. Kanye West sucks ass!
  226. best silver jews songs by album
  227. holyshitthenewbuilttospillsongkicksassssssss
  228. Bands/albums people should have told you about earlier?
  229. pic post: good soundtracks you've heard recently
  230. The Sea and Cake...another band I should've known about
  231. Just made the best mix cd EVER!!!!!
  232. buy me
  233. Godspeed Rumor
  234. recommend me some new jack swing
  235. anyone see the video for weezer's "perfect situation"?
  236. Bob Marley's Pimper's Paradise
  237. what bands would you have play on the White House lawn if you were President?
  238. ysi placebo
  239. Everyone should download My little airport
  240. Has anyone used
  241. Nile, Hypocrisy and Soilent Green on the same bill!
  242. Sxsw 2006
  243. Kill Hannah finally put out their DVD...
  244. Weezer "Only In Dreams" vs. Rolling Stones "Paint It Black"
  245. Apc
  246. my solo project, tell me if you like it
  247. lucinda williams
  248. Tila?
  249. are there any "fun" bands still around?
  250. shows you have seen on your birthday