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  1. Cattlepress - Hordes to Abolish the Divine
  2. Just found one of my band's songs on Limewire.
  3. So who can do good Guitar arangement.
  4. At. Home. He. Feels Like A Tourist.
  8. radiohead blah blah
  9. No Fiona Apple thread?
  10. post your original music site, so that we can tell you how bad you are...
  11. White Stripes to appear on Daily show...
  12. Harvey Danger's new album available to download
  13. Kaki King
  14. Is the Bravery an acceptable band to like at Netphoria?
  15. Cancer - Spirit In Flames
  16. Best Two Weekends Ever
  17. Awesome. Big Day Out first bands announcement.
  18. ISO Kermit the Frog - The Rainbow Connection
  19. so the my morning jacket cd is really good
  20. Fallout Boy
  21. I'm going to see Atmosphere, POS, and Blueprint tonight...
  22. ever heard of the all mighty senators?
  23. DEMENTED songs.
  24. YAY! Thanks shotfullofdiamonds: The virgin suicides soundtrack appreciation post!
  25. Gorerot - Burn the Innocent
  26. The Darkness - "One Way Ticket"
  27. Fender Blender to be reissued
  28. I like a gay song...
  29. Trail Of Dead - "Source Tages and Codes" Appreciation thread
  30. I like a glay song...
  31. sub pop is pathetic
  32. What one hit wonders do you sometimes still find yourself listening to?
  33. Blood Brothers/ Coheed and Cambria- 10/6, Lawrence, KS
  34. recommend me some Sun Ra
  35. NIN replacement drummer: Meg White?
  36. hmv sale.
  37. Anyone heard of Gogol Bordello?
  38. Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music
  39. can somebody give me an indietorrents invite please?
  40. I want to see Depeche Mode but tickets are 70 dollars
  41. i have a problem with the way people sing nowadays
  42. The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang
  43. This place creates angry disgruntled posters
  44. favorite piano based song(s)
  45. Sigur Ros - Gong appreciation thread.
  46. Someone explain Pancake Mountain to me
  47. new ghostface feat. raekwon
  48. list shitty gimmick bands here
  49. earthquake?
  50. I was rocked by the Foos last night
  51. La Monte Young and John Cage
  52. Exhausting albums
  53. Parliament/Funkadelic on PBS tonight
  54. Even pitchfork enjoys dEUS
  55. double leopards
  56. sunn0))))))))))))
  57. best call pitchfork has made all year
  58. I'm on a mission
  59. Nada Surf's 'Blankest Year'
  60. Beethoven
  61. Liam Lynch - We're All-Nighters
  62. Cat Power - The Greatest
  63. Blame it on the Tetons vs. Unwind
  64. my cobain theory
  65. Elliott Smith - From A Basement.... II (unreleased tracks leak)
  66. New Supersilent material released
  67. Bright Eyes- Motion Sickness (live disc) coming NOVEMBER 15TH
  68. any Paul McCartney fans here?
  69. I'm making a mix cd for my Icelandic grandma.
  70. Art brut
  71. Otep
  72. did anyone go to the hum show?
  73. Dresden Dolls at the Metro
  74. Audion - Suckfish
  75. hey are stars good
  76. oink and IT invites needed
  77. What do you think makes a band good?
  78. Your CD collection
  79. Day Tripper or All My Lovin
  80. Scale requisites/favorites?
  81. the new oceansize
  82. Wire - "The 15th"
  83. that guy in coheed and cambria has the weirdest voice ever
  84. Stubbs the Zombie Soundtrack
  85. decemberists tonight!
  86. Concerts you had a ticket for, but missed because life's one big smelly cunthole
  87. Best rock n' roll vocalists
  88. swans - children of god
  89. SDRE - "How It Feels To Be Something On"
  90. Musicians, please check this out?
  91. Trompe Le Monde is My Favorite Pixies Album
  92. favorite beatle
  93. The Boy Least Likely To
  94. the new clintele record "strange geometry"
  95. Michael Bolton
  96. I Hate Queen
  97. Wolf Eyes tonite!
  98. favorite guns n roses album
  99. revisiting the wren's the meadowlands
  100. I scared Carl Newman tonight. (pics!)
  101. last night i put boyz ii men onto my ipod.
  102. Can anyone hook me up with this album?
  103. i never realized they sang 'lullabies to paralyze' in Mosquito Song
  104. you must see the go team live
  105. I met Claire Danes and Jason Schwartzman
  106. what the fuck are liars doing?
  107. attn: ryan patrick
  108. Grand Theft Bus
  109. Toronto netphorians....
  110. theres a light on in chicago
  111. Ozzy Osbourne is NOT the "Prince of Darkness"
  112. Fuck YOU, Fiona Apple.
  113. song?
  114. proficiency and songwriting
  115. ?uestlove Sample Lesson Mix
  116. I like this song:
  117. Check this shit out. It's real.
  118. Rachel's fall tour
  119. Aphex Twin appreciation thread.
  120. Year Long Disaster
  121. strokes/arcade fire/wilco live
  122. hey ryan patrick
  123. dEUS in 2 hours
  124. The Rentals...
  125. Why are there so many Mexicans in metal bands?
  126. Holy Fuck - S/T (2005)
  127. in this month, in 1984...
  128. guide to upcoming music performances on tv?
  129. awsome poll
  130. Deftones B-sides & rarities
  131. jerome's dream
  132. Song your parents used to sing to you as a child when they were drunk
  133. best remix albums...
  134. itt i am requesting some torrent links (wilco, and this bird has flown)
  135. i know this thread has already been made but someone recommend a turntable
  136. good music to study to
  137. I bought a ticket to Mos Def and Talib Kweli
  138. i like how jamie foxx's album is going to be called "unpredictable"
  139. time goes by... so slowly...
  140. Explosions in the Sky - The Rescue
  141. broadcast
  142. sun kil moon - tiny cities
  143. Music Project
  144. Hypermagic Mountain
  145. i've never heard wonderful rainbow
  146. saw animal collective this evening
  147. Architecture in Helsinki, E6, ect. need recs.
  148. anyone going to NIN nov 10th in toronto?
  149. i saw dungen wednesday
  150. any gearheads on this board?
  151. favourite deerhoof album!!
  152. a mix i just made
  153. first single from CHINESE DEMOCRACY?!
  154. Jay-Z and Nas bury the hatchet
  155. Tonight we're buying Brother Ali & RJD2 tickets
  156. the brian jonestown massacre
  157. Madonna's new single is fucking awesome
  158. Queen vs. Michael Bolton
  159. plugging a kick ass local indie band
  160. Top 3 Queen songs
  161. Does anyone else not really like DMB at all...
  162. streaming radio stations
  163. news about CHINESE DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  164. David Reilly of God Lives Underwater dead
  165. I need help
  166. a game
  167. hi eyesbomb
  168. favorite movement of the mars volta - cassandra geminni
  169. Controller.Controller
  170. Controller.Controller
  171. Guy from God Lives Underwater Dead!!!!!
  172. Broken Social Scene is the only wholesome bank in America.
  173. I like music that sucks
  174. Anyone have a copy of Pretty Hate Machine?
  175. the grateful dead are the most over rated band in the history of the world
  176. Where to start with sunn o)))?
  177. thread in which we talk about important musical matters
  178. what is 'your song'
  179. 3 Best songs of the 1980's
  180. attention: drummers
  181. 2006 US Sigur Ros tour announced
  182. please, for the love of god
  183. Ris Paul Ric - Purple Blaze
  184. Razorlight vs Libertines
  185. dEUS current tour (saw them in Glasgow on Saturday)
  186. Ten Bucks Says I Post Some Salivating Propaganda For The New Kate Bush Album...
  187. NEw White Stripes video
  188. Looking for a Stars Ticket
  189. inexpensive condencer mics
  190. DCFC - "Plans"
  191. Your best year for seeing bands / artists?
  192. My Humps
  193. Rachel's tour cancelled
  194. METRIC just saw them live... GREAT band
  195. Decapitated
  196. Yellow Swans - Psychic Secession
  197. Nautical Almanac - Cover the Earth
  198. imogen heap
  199. Ozzy's new cover album
  200. Fan Art of a music artist or band
  201. So who's going to go see SFA/Caribou?
  202. Editors - The Back Room
  203. Cougars - Pillow Talk
  204. density and low frequency
  205. Liars - It Fit When I Was a Kid video
  206. Idiot wind is one of the best songs ever
  207. best goo goo dolls songs
  208. Post the cover of your current favoruite album
  209. Best goo goo dolls member
  210. songs by u2 that are good
  211. Limp Bizkit Greatest Hitz
  212. Are the clientele worth seeing?
  213. Best Goo Goo Dolls concerts
  214. hey patrick and elisabeth
  215. Urgent News from Natn'l Enquirer: Johnny Rzeznik dead at 39
  216. Favourite Johnny Rzeznik hairstyle
  217. Favourite track on Takk?
  218. What kind of Goo Goo Doll fan are you? Take our test!
  219. New Mogwai Album News
  220. Trail of Dead - Worlds Apart
  221. perhaps the most incredible thing ever
  222. 11.12- Bright Eyes @ Jesse Auditorium in Columbia, MO
  223. as one
  224. ivy....?
  225. hey Ensoul
  226. recommend me some death in vegas
  227. Post pictures of your 3 favourite bands
  228. system of a down - hypnotize
  229. Netphoria Top 10 Gayest Albums of the Year
  230. Suggestions for a country mix
  231. menomena - under an hour
  232. Ulrich Schnauss
  233. Best of 2005
  234. <3 xinlisupreme newsletter
  235. Maxim's 20 Most Annoying Songs of All-Time
  236. My Frank Zappa live mix
  237. Jens Lekman
  238. Jens Kidman
  239. Jizz Spunkman
  240. M83
  241. my oink account was disabled
  242. Here's some demos for your listening (dis?)pleasure
  243. I never really knew how fucking good The Mars Volta were until recently
  244. i met death cab for cutie
  245. Weekly Top-Ten Artists (revived)
  246. new ryan adams
  247. Ensoul is 15
  248. The Austin Deerfhoof show
  249. are any of these bands cool to see?
  250. Caetano Veloso