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  1. hey i'm tired of waiting for the silver jews album
  2. U2's connection with Echo & the Bunnymen
  3. Favorite Modest Mouse Lines
  4. favorite musicians
  5. Opening bands?
  6. The Twilight Singers - Amber Headlights
  7. ‘This Shit Is Bananas’
  8. Do They Know It's Halloween?
  9. new Kanye full-length is online
  10. New Elliott Smith Recordings Surface on Soundtrack
  11. Beginning Guitar
  12. her space holiday - the past presents the future
  13. Upcoming shows, part 3049
  14. I need that song which is played on the radio and the singer whines alot
  15. With Drug Revelation, Eminem at Crossroads
  16. holy donkeyballs, live Idioteque kicks ass
  17. Pumpkins Fans : check this out
  18. Fiery Furnaces - Rehearsing My Choir
  19. new broken social scene
  20. who wants an IT invite?
  21. who wants an IT invite
  22. someone should give me an oink invite?
  23. Tool's Salival?
  24. so who here got Drawing Restraint 9?
  25. Not enough people in this world appreciate vinyl records
  26. Mix Trading Group
  27. Upcoming U.K. Explosions In The Sky Shows
  28. I'm forming a band and will need help (inquire within)
  29. Do you guys like Hot Hot Heat?
  30. Worst Live Show Ever
  31. music/bands you got into
  32. The Shit went down at Ozzfest the other night...
  33. Frank Zappa's "I Have Been In You" is one of the greatest songs ever
  34. st#9: live gigs attended
  35. Let's Play a Game
  36. pixies cover
  37. qotsa unplugged set
  38. movie soundtracks?
  39. Pantera - Slaughtered
  40. Vinyl club
  41. fucking car commercials
  42. Tujiko Noriko - Blurred In My Mirror
  43. best song ever.
  44. Velvet Acid Christ
  45. vegetable orchestra
  46. can some post a YSI for the new death cab
  47. Rex Brown
  48. Would you believe me if I told you this was a good album?
  49. help: pearl jam 'chapters' + 'live at vitalogy health club' artwork.
  50. ok so 2005 is now about 2/3 over. itt you tell me your most favorite music
  51. music videos
  52. Greenhouse Effect (Blueprint) vs. Radiohead
  53. Wasn't Kerrang! a good magazine at one time?
  54. Best albums with worst covers
  55. Top 5 drummers?
  56. SPINOFF: Best drumming clip from drummerworld
  57. Deeds of Flesh cancelled their San Diego show
  58. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - The Days Of Mars
  59. new modest mouse album
  60. Dandy Warhols - Odditorium: out in September
  61. ST#2347: guitars you have
  62. Kanye's album...
  63. typical plusone thread... recommend a song you really like and ill rate it
  64. people only like The Roots and Outkast for their pop songs
  65. The Flaming Lips - The Void DVD
  66. Your vinyl collection?
  67. SPINOFF: drums you have...
  68. I am buying a strat.
  69. Should I do this?
  70. Holy shit, this is the greatest collection of artists ever!
  71. Rush - Jacob's Ladder
  72. itt we post our 8-track collections
  73. Black Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe
  74. I've noticed that I tend to like a lot of longer songs..
  75. favorite music video
  76. Please recommend me some good jazz albums
  77. I'm looking for Z-Trips new album, none of the torrent sites have it.
  78. the walkmen
  79. indietorrents?
  80. the mega super-uber good music thread
  81. in case you hadn't heard guys - Sharon Osborne is the REAL Iron Maiden
  82. Favorite album of the moment?
  83. That "government cheese" song
  84. Most Obnoxious Fans
  85. new vashti!
  86. I have entirely too much Frank Zappa on my computer
  87. Fuck Yes (Phil Collins-era Genesis Related)
  88. mtv vma performances and crap
  89. Most Under-rated guitarist of all time?
  90. are record stores open at midnight
  91. Odious Mortem
  92. i like weezer
  93. upcoming albums prediction thread.
  94. All purpose Pearl Jam thread
  95. Art Garfunkle busted for possesion again
  96. Holy Living Fuck, Kate's Album Is Coming
  97. So I finally bought my chemical romance....
  98. Top 5 music videos of all time
  99. missing link theory
  100. spinoff: favourite drum moments in songs.
  101. My Bloody Valentine's I ONLY SAID in a movie or TV/SHOW?
  102. death cab - plans
  103. Garbage In Vancouver
  104. Is This It?
  105. Cake
  106. check out some of my new bands music??
  107. In My Pants!
  108. Alvarez Yairi JY-84 For Sale!
  109. this looks pretty awesome
  110. Dark side of the Gooom
  111. My Morning Jacket - Z (2005)
  112. merzbow live?
  113. The "terrorism" of modern music making...
  114. THE REAL THEAD: concerts where you wear headphones
  115. xinlisupreme?
  116. chris knox - not given lightly
  117. maiden filing suit on sharon osbourne
  118. john lennon could come back to life today, but..
  119. Best moment in rock history
  120. ATTN: all musical phorians
  121. Hal
  122. Official Sounds Of Netphoria covers CD thread.
  123. recently rediscovered albums
  124. The Mars Volta's bass player
  125. Most Overrated Album
  126. new metric has leaked
  127. Dancing with Iggy & the Stooges @ Bumbershoot
  128. Sigur Ros in Durham
  129. the radiohead thread
  130. mark kozelek records modest mouse cover album
  131. Man, PJ Harvey kicks ass.
  132. So what do you think of this Wolf Parade?
  133. First Page Recently Purchased Thread!
  134. looking for audioslave ticketmaster presale code please
  135. new lightning bolt~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  136. guilty pleasure
  137. eits in LA (december)
  138. Royksopp.
  139. Tweedy vs. Farrar
  140. Primus
  141. Did I already make a post that Z-TRIP is on a tour?
  142. torrent spy and mac compatibility question
  143. The real YouSendIt thread. Read now or forever burn in hell!
  144. Olivia Tremor Control at GAMH 9/8
  145. last night i added the following onto my ipod:
  146. Ben Harper records TOOL cover album
  147. Techno?
  148. blur
  149. insane clown posse records twiztid cover album
  150. David (and his band Burning Cornfields) Records S. Tasty Covers Album!
  151. Upcoming shows!
  152. ours
  153. the new Franz Ferdinand album
  154. Seeding my band's radio promo on BT.
  155. I wonder how many people don't get The Dillinger Escape Plan
  156. how many of you non-UK folk have heard of...
  157. music benefit for katrina
  158. White Stripes concert
  159. remember how the trail of dead released an album this year?
  160. is / are
  161. Amazing moments in music:
  162. the Appleseed Cast
  163. YOU Pick My Next Purchase
  164. Worst sophomore album ever released? (retry!)
  165. girl with finger in pussy records album of queef noises
  166. New Built to Spill song
  167. The Fall - Fall Heads Roll (2005)
  168. Sonic Youth - Goo deluxe edition
  169. Roxy Music
  170. The Decemberists @ The Filmore 9/11 & 9/12
  171. Dirty Three - New Album and Tour Dates
  172. burnout couple fails to record album; record contract terminated
  173. unborn baby fails to record album
  174. with all these albums being released, i may have to get a second job...
  175. Speaking of post-rock, has anyone caught mono on tour yet?
  176. a band i feel rather sorry for
  177. Paul McCartney - Chaos and Creation In The Backyard
  178. Has anyone here seen Beck on his current tour?
  179. Has anyone here seen Beck on his current tour?
  180. What's hip, kids?
  181. so Fantomas destroyed me.
  182. Official Netphorian Mix Disc Exchange- Post Your Mixes
  183. so...should i go to the white stripes show or not?
  184. necking
  185. Arcade Fire - Portland, OR - Anybody want 2 tickets at face?
  186. You should all be listening to/watching The Billy Nayer Show
  187. The video for Glosoli is fuckin' sweet.
  188. Xiu Xiu in Minnesota!
  189. downloading programs
  190. 3
  191. Trail of Dead live video, eyesbomb stagediving *******d
  192. Everyone shoul buy this:
  193. Phantom Planet Our House cover song
  194. OTC broke up?
  195. i rest my case: md > ipod
  196. what do you like right now
  197. the hidden
  198. The Strokes - "Juicebox"
  199. oh man
  200. so im seeing death cab for cutie
  201. NEW DEPECHE SONG CLIP(not the single)
  202. Motorpsycho news
  203. Modest Mouse to Reissue Good News
  204. Sigur Ros @ Chicago Theater
  205. God - the new dandy warhols album sucks a whole lot of ass ...
  206. surf nazis must die
  207. (DJ) Shadow Percussion Project
  208. I totally just came across free tickets to ACL.
  209. voodoo fest moves to memphis this year!
  210. amy rigby
  211. songs with no words in the choruses
  212. Bedoiun Soundclash
  213. Jumbo don't you crryyyyeiiiyyyiyyyy
  214. A good torrent site for downloading live shows
  215. i feel like an old man at shows now.
  216. Top 4 Worst music magazines
  217. do you think donald fagan really cried when he wrote deacon blues
  218. Has Marilyn Manson retired??
  219. My cat really likes Takk!
  220. Christmas with Sufjan
  221. Favoruite song ever
  222. laguna beach dude making an album
  223. badass songs.
  224. SFA - Love Kraft
  225. Top 20 Artists You Listen To
  226. best ryan album since heartbreaker
  227. spinoff: weekly top artists
  228. patton rahzel
  229. buckethead
  230. guys im scared
  231. Say something good about a band you hate
  232. Raise your hand if you are excited for the new...
  233. Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary
  234. the libertines
  235. So the new Warlocks album sucks bad?
  236. So last night I hung with the hipsters at the Shins/White Stripes show
  237. Vile - The New Age of Chaos
  238. Ca Ira - Roger Waters
  239. New Depeche Mode Record
  240. Howling Hex
  241. em - fiona apple
  242. YSI: aereogramm 2004-12-09sbd.flac
  243. winter equinox album up on indietorrents
  244. ST 991: Shows you're looking forward to
  245. the very best song of all time would have to be...
  246. Choose 4 bands and fav. song by each of them
  247. coldplay covers johnny cash
  248. Neil Young - Parie Wind
  249. Thrice
  250. Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway of Radiohead being sued