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  1. New Grandaddy EP
  2. Neutral milk hotel reissues coming up
  3. can anybody tell me ANYTHING about deathprod?
  4. Music News
  5. wow, the weezer concert was amazing
  6. Revolution 9 is one of the most influential songs of all time
  7. F**ked Up Underground Hip-Hop
  8. The Constantines - Tournament of Hearts (2005)
  9. broadcast - tender buttons
  10. R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet
  11. recommend me one album
  12. OutKast - "Two Dope Boys in a Cadillac"
  13. Listening to music whilst high
  14. Paul Anka - Rock Swings
  15. Young Jeezy and T.I. sound exactly the same
  16. listening to music when you're not high
  17. my favorite song this week
  18. Beck's new album
  19. white stripes album
  20. Subject testing test
  21. Subject Testing
  22. does anyone have the marine time keeper's a perfect knowledge of dreams cd?
  23. The 100 greatest albums of the past 20 years
  24. new pixies record
  25. Esmerine - Aurora
  26. I write songs. Here's some if you're bored enough to care.
  27. should i see hot hot heat tonight for $10?
  28. Sigur Ros roll call
  29. Wow. Just saw REM at Hyde Park, postponed from last Sat 'cause of the bombings..
  30. CHIRON's new music
  31. 5000+ unique back links
  32. Attn Dom:
  33. i just took pics of one of the hottest females in rock
  34. Regina Spektor
  35. albums you think people should download.
  36. In The Closet Chap 1-5 by R. Kelly
  37. Death's "Symbolic" is one of the greatest albums of all time
  38. what gary numan should i get?
  39. Black Star.
  40. has anyone heard gwen stefani's "cool" or seen it's video?
  41. Foos and Weezer on tour together this fall?
  42. live-gig goosebumps
  43. yesterday i experienced rock drumming like never before
  44. Suicide - 23 Minutes Over Brussels
  45. The Double - Loose in the Air
  46. Austin Signs 512-453-2533 Electronic LED
  47. Have you listened today?
  48. Beach Boys question(s)
  49. Austin decking 512-385-5334 Austin Lumber
  50. who wants an indietorrents invite?
  51. seeing concerts in chicago
  52. Wow, Paolo Conte is the epitome of cool.
  53. up coming tour with 311
  54. Austin Commercial Roofing 512-926-3940 Austin Roofing
  55. Concert venues you've attended
  56. New Death Cab song on myspace
  57. Our Lady Peace, one of the bands most hated by net4ians
  58. You just know some publicity starved metal/hip hop artist is gonna use that image...
  59. broken social scene guy gets his ass kicked by cops.
  60. aw44444444444444444
  61. The Double - On our way
  62. are all alice coltrane records as good as "a monastic trio"?
  63. Gwen Stefani as pop diva.
  64. Kaiser Chiefs
  65. New Depeche Mode song leaked--
  66. New Son Volt
  67. brian jonestown massacre's "starcleaner"
  68. best live song video/video song/live video
  69. Killah Priest
  70. dEUS - Pocket Revolution
  71. Dark Light
  72. Lollapalooza. Who is going?
  73. Foo Fighters Australia and New Zealand Tour
  74. Pop-punk cover of Just Like Heaven
  75. Worst Bandname ever, Best Album of Year Thus Far
  76. favorite non-pumpkins album of the 90s
  77. Indie torrents invite, somebody, please
  78. the rolling stones are probably my favorite band now
  79. should i go see the foo fighters?
  80. wtf is up with sufjan stevens?
  81. Black Dice - Broken Ear Record
  82. now playing: pic post
  83. Edited: What's This Song?
  84. Should go see Crosby, Stills, and Nash?
  85. More Jeff Mangum: Buy a JM Fender
  86. kim deal or d'arcy wretzky
  87. whats up with dave navarro?
  88. Sigur Ros - Staralfur
  89. actually talk on x&y is pretty good...
  90. babydayliner - high heart and low estate
  91. What do you guys think of this pic?
  92. Why do a lot of people rave about the Only video so much?
  93. Worst Album Ever Bought Pic Post
  94. wow. didn't see this coming
  95. The new Olivia Tremor Control shows
  96. uk 7" single sales up 87.3% from first quarter last year
  97. Anyone heard the new Coheed song?
  98. The Zombies
  99. Just curious:how big are Oasis in US - eg how do these venues compare to TFE tour?
  100. indie radio activism
  101. I am Sufjan Stevens.
  102. A band called Chikinki
  103. sufjan stevens!!
  104. My Bloody Valentine
  105. Oh yeah, Andyslash is cool.
  106. "Guys, that sounded great... but I coulda used a little more cowbell"
  107. Michael Bolton
  108. on the fringe
  109. My siblings returned from newry with...
  110. I admit I only listened to the new mars volta album once before proclaiming it sucks
  111. Hey guys this is a serious thread: Which single was better
  112. Spin's The 90 Greatest Albums of the 90's
  113. Making money with referrals
  114. Get paid for referrals
  115. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
  116. Iron & Wine / Calexico EP has leaked.
  117. I'm going out to buy CDs in an hour
  118. Anyone want 450mb of dEUS?
  119. the pixies
  120. i'm seeing fantomas and getting paid for it.
  121. so i downloaded the advance leak of the next DISTURBED album
  122. the go! team north american tour
  123. Music I've created...
  124. GWAR in Bk Commercial!
  125. Omgsmashingpumkins!
  126. small details in songs that makes them great
  127. Deeds of Flesh
  128. I'm going to see the Heiroglyphics and Del the Funky Homosapien now (for free!)
  129. Daily Download Contest
  130. Acoustic or Electric Guitar
  131. the bravery suck.
  132. top 10 favorite bands
  133. My chemical romance
  134. Martha Wainwright - Martha Wainwright
  135. favourite bob dylan album
  136. new American Analog Set
  137. acoustic fans
  138. Holy Shit. Rage Against The Machine's First Album!
  139. 3 most hated bands
  140. for the hum fans on the board
  141. Post covers of last 3 albums that were listened to
  142. Recent purchases?!?
  143. Bjork came out with a new cd today...
  144. Oh...and the new Iron and Wine is aiight.
  145. More Jeff Mangum news
  146. pumpkins lyrics
  147. Cat Power
  148. Sigur Ros - Takk (leak)
  149. Sigus Ros- Von Brigdi
  150. dresden dolls
  151. social lyric composition
  152. The Herbaliser - Take London
  153. is there any good dylan boards?
  154. Early Notwist?
  155. Fall Out Boy blows!
  156. High Dependency Unit appreciation post
  157. Your Favorite Anti-Religion (God) Songs??
  158. new Minus Story and Deerhoof have leaked all in the same week
  159. Amina / Amina Fecundus
  160. Catherine Wheel and the Smashing Pumpkins
  161. Tell me about The Smiths and Morrissey
  162. top 10/20 favorite albums
  163. The Red House Painters?
  164. excepter-throne
  165. Familiar with The Cure
  166. Top 5 Album Openers
  167. Broken Social Scene - Shorelines [Single]
  168. who has the new brian eno
  169. should i see merzbow
  170. coldplay - seriously
  171. Death Cab for Cutie- Plans
  172. Immolation - Failures For Gods
  173. Deadsy
  174. Has Bill said anything about Sufjan Stevens?
  175. Soilent Green
  176. Live Radiohead CD?
  177. Van Morrison
  178. David Sylvian / Porcupine Tree
  179. upcoming shows
  180. Favorite Albums by Year since your birth
  181. Belphegor
  182. okay guys, greenday suck.
  183. The new Pelican record
  184. Albums that you are waiting for
  185. QOTSA Beaver record
  186. Bumbershoot: Iggy & the Stooges!
  187. rank The Cure albums' title-tracks
  188. Common - Be
  189. favourite 20 seconds in a song positioned 4th on an album ever list (top 5)
  190. pixies acoustic
  191. Good scores from the local record shop
  192. Good scores in the local record shop
  193. "classic" bands
  194. I'll give a BTmusic invite for an indietorrents' one
  195. Frances the Mute - the single
  196. Stephen Malkmus - Face the Truth
  197. Feist on Bravo
  198. Tortoise
  199. Feels is leaked
  200. Between the Buried and Me
  201. YouSendIt trade thread - have a look!
  202. so, we have a tour coming up. and an album!
  203. bauhaus
  204. old John Peel obituary -- Interesting read -- I learned a thing or two
  205. depeche mode fan?
  206. New Acid Mothers Temple record!
  207. New Gwen Stefani Video
  208. le tigre
  209. everything but the girl
  210. st 3943943 Drummers
  211. HUM - Reunion Show 2005
  212. HUM - Reunion Show 2005
  213. summer releases you've purchased
  214. 75 Minutes
  215. 75 Minutes
  216. Aphex Twin
  217. Sigur Ros - Atlanta...(begging enclosed)
  218. Soilent Green - Sewn Mouth Secrets
  219. Chino Moreno's group : Team Sleep
  220. Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson
  221. what song is this line from?
  222. White Stripes - Doorbell
  223. The Rosebuds
  224. Cave In - Perfect Pitch Black
  225. 3 new Incubus songs on "Stealth" Soundtrack
  226. canadian musicians interviews
  227. whats with the dancing radios
  228. Pitchfork bloooooooows now
  229. lol @ entertainment's review of 311's new album.
  230. i wish the new clientele album would leak already.
  231. Tea Party Appreciation Thread.
  232. KROQ Inland Invasion
  233. blood brothers tour
  234. Most ridiculous black metal pics pt 2
  235. new boards of canada has leaked
  236. The Jayhawks
  237. the neil forbes
  238. So, Extraordinary Machine is being released in the fall.
  239. does anyone have the bass tab for Satriani's "The Mighty Turtle Head"
  240. Great live bands
  241. Great live bands
  242. Favorite choruses in songs
  243. Deeds of Flesh - This Macabre Fetish
  244. Chavez
  245. Liars - Drum's Not Dead
  246. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
  247. JC Complex show tonight
  248. Your concert ticket stubs
  249. that fallout boy video where the guy has antlers
  250. So who likes Nile?