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  1. anyone have any info on Joy Division's 'Still"?
  2. MOFO on repeat
  3. I could listen to this song all day and not get tired of it
  4. I'm desperately looking for an mp3: Moby - Soul to Love
  5. The new Four Tet sucks, too
  6. Favourite Beatles songs
  7. Acid mothers temple tour
  8. the rolling stones
  9. the beach boys
  10. pixies
  11. Tilly and the Wall
  12. Local H All-Request Tour
  13. Millionaire - Paradisiac
  14. miss strawberry sounds like...
  15. Foo Fighers- IN YOUR HONOR
  16. Primus appreciation thread.
  17. jane - beserker
  18. Pink Floyd Reunites
  19. NIN/Coldplay
  20. who likes HIM?
  21. Marilyn Manson
  22. Him
  23. ISO: NIN's Reptile remixed by Dave Ogilvie
  24. anyone been to a weezer show on their current tour?
  25. scott walker
  27. pink floyd reuninon
  28. Dido!
  29. DJ Shadow - Endtroducing...
  30. Antony and the Johnsons
  31. Book on neutral milk hotel
  32. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  33. QOTSA joining NIN for Fall Tour
  34. Nine Inch Nails US Tour Dates
  35. article on that hold steady album
  36. do the ditty bops suck
  37. Silver Mt. Zion tonight - is it worth the $8?
  38. Depeche Mode announce World Tour!
  39. The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema
  40. the Led Zep live DVD is proof that Jimmy Page sold his soul to the devil
  41. Isis - Panopticon
  42. how bad are fightstar
  43. download
  44. hottest frontman of all time
  45. Season song on 28 days later soundtrack = fucking amazing
  46. clor
  47. hottest frontwomyn of all time.
  48. please dictate the next trend in my musical tastes: a reccomendation thread
  49. Goddamnit. Why do good shows have to go on at House of Blues?
  50. best Foo Fighters song per album
  51. Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante
  52. Hullabaloo
  53. Post a picture of your cd or cassette collection
  54. Initial reactions to recent albums
  55. my latest mixdisc
  56. Shoegaze?
  57. Sexiest vocals?
  58. biffy covering franzes take me out .... hahahsha
  59. Knitters (X Side Project) new album AND tour dates!
  60. Myspace bands.......check out Dabell inside!!!
  61. Songs That Put You Into Fits
  62. best weezer album?
  63. The Terms
  64. Amusement Parks on Fire
  65. Kula Shaker
  66. ACL Fest - I'm going - Who should I see?
  67. for you pumpkins fans...
  68. Interesting Fiona Apple news
  69. Freddie Mercury is a gross, disgusting gay man
  70. toronto netphorians, this thursday...
  71. Jamie Lidell
  72. Panico - Subliminal Kill
  73. this Isolee album
  74. Colder - Heat
  75. my 10 favorite flaming lips songs
  76. Goblin were the greatest prog rock band
  77. Olympic Island on Sunday
  78. new Royksopp album
  79. We Are Wolves - Non-Stop Je Te Plie en Deux
  80. My Top 10 Modest Mouse Songs
  81. bloc party
  82. don lennon - downtown
  83. the epoxies- stop the future
  84. iPod Question
  85. Toronto (again)
  86. Sonya Kitchell
  87. Interesting news re: copy protection
  88. has anyone seen rogue wave on this tour?
  89. Young People
  90. Everyone here seems to care about Sonic youth and Pixies..
  91. Tool
  92. is it ok to like the new slipknot?
  93. I love the Broken EP
  94. post-pumpkins output.
  95. What is unqiue about Indie Rock?
  96. The Redwalls
  97. moooount eerie = no flashlight
  98. Abandoned Pools
  99. pic post: first indie album you bought
  100. who here likes daler mehndi?
  101. group x news
  102. share your five most memorable concert experiences so far.
  103. The Son of the Official Netphorian Mix Disc Exchange- Signup inside
  104. Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary
  105. 1 Song You Just Remembered that Rules
  106. top singles of the past 5 years...
  107. If adult contemporary had a Karma Police...
  108. FireGarden - Crawl - music download
  109. j mascis + uma thurman?
  110. Can You do this...
  111. Powerglove
  112. Sonic Youth
  113. god, i'm still obssessed with venetian snares
  114. Beverly Hills hits #1
  115. hitsville usa - the motown singles collection (1959-1971)
  116. lets talk about acid mothers temple
  117. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  118. st1.5: concert tickets in hand
  119. Supreme Court rules against file-sharing
  120. do you like clap your hands say yeah
  121. spinoff: weirdest concert experiences
  122. Mad World
  123. The City on Film - In Formal Introduction
  124. in the crystals song "and then he kissed me"
  125. Favorite Adam Green Lyrics
  126. awesome songs
  127. Indietorrents invite!
  128. a day in the life of pitchfork editor in chief ryan schreiber
  129. This is the funniest thing ever
  130. pop-punk just got a whole lot more evil....
  131. what is so bad about nickelback?
  132. Best Blink 182 Song Per Album
  133. Need A Record Deal???
  134. standard music topic #512: the mountain goats
  135. the "new" Gorillaz
  136. Best pink floyd songs per album
  137. Really cool Garbage special on Music Choice
  138. Why is Wilco So Fucking Awesome
  139. o2 wireless festival - keane
  140. fonzie music purchase thread
  141. willieeeeeeee nelson
  142. nine inch nails
  143. The Eagles
  144. The Stooges - s/t and Fuhouse Deluxe Editions
  145. I hate seeing Drum and Bass live...with those annoying MCs
  146. I just bought this...
  147. eels and paz
  148. what's the best stereolab album
  149. Hell has frozen over.
  150. July 12: Prefuse 73 - Reads the Books [EP]
  151. once again: favorite album covers
  152. i still love Hair Police
  153. does anyone have these two DAMIEN RICE cds
  154. Dido @ Live8
  155. Great Australian band
  156. I am disgusted with emo music.
  157. So i just saw the Pink Floyd reunion
  158. bittersweet sympohony
  159. belle & sebastian - le pastie de la bourgeoisie
  160. YYY finally back in the studio.
  161. Nevermind (remastered)
  162. spinoff: rank the belle and sebastian albums and EPs
  163. Velvet Revolver kicked ass at Live8 too.
  164. eits news (well..sort of news)
  165. Auf der maur?
  166. Iron and Wine fans?
  167. Live 8
  168. Wilco live
  169. Ana Ng and I are getting old And we still haven't walked in the glow of each other's
  170. Garbage
  171. Avril Lavigne & Deryck Whibley - HOT HOT HOT
  172. Some OLD songs on a NEW myspace account.
  173. anyone like nick drake?
  174. attn: knowledgeable people
  175. New Songs from Scarecrow Messiah
  176. New Songs from Scarecrow Messiah
  177. i listened to an indie band today.
  178. New Songs from Scarecrow Messiah
  179. surfjam stevens new album CONTROVERSAY
  180. Sufjan Stevens - Lord God Bird
  181. Wow. Lil' Kim sentenced to year in prison.
  182. Acoustic aphex twin
  183. Super Furry Animals - Love Kraft
  184. The Cure (RE: Reissues)
  185. Best live album?
  186. spinoff: favorite sufjan stevens song
  187. top 40.
  188. Orthrelm - OV
  189. So, apparently, 12th sept, NEW dEUS
  190. The Magic Numbers = Best!
  191. high and dry is a monumentally good song
  192. The Game - Hate it or Love It sample?
  193. magic people, voodoo people
  194. The Cure
  195. The Son of the Official Netphorian Mix Disc Exchange: PAIRINGS
  196. marcy playground
  197. My Bloody Valentine?
  198. shoegaze funk soul hip hop techno trip hop folk country metal hardcore classical recc
  199. noise rock and "skronk" music
  200. Teh Cure
  201. Come On, Come In
  202. petition for a separate "ryan patrick music forum"(dedicated to the late ryan patrick
  203. Help needed identifying a song!
  204. if you're buying a new album / single...
  205. Sigur Ros - Takk
  206. mtv live 8 u2 performing now
  207. Coldplay's Fix You is legitimately really, really good.
  208. top 10 mariah carey songs
  209. So, Roskilde Festival was great
  210. hey, jeff mangum hasn't done anything in like, almost 8 years
  211. Bands of Some Friends
  212. Billy Joel
  213. Jeff Buckley = An Awesome Possum
  214. dEUS Euro-Tour!
  215. The gay parade
  216. i just went to my local second hand record store
  217. q and not u broke up
  218. warped tour contest
  219. I just listened to a Dredg album and now I'm listening to Deeds of Flesh
  220. new Mount Eerie has leaked
  221. Do you remember when you used to wait overnight for shows?
  222. Saying hello with lyrics
  223. Skid Row Is G3tng Bak 2g3ther!1!!
  224. Coldplay's Fuck You is legitimately really, really bad
  225. The Boy Least Likely To
  226. new releases
  227. Scarecrow Messiah
  228. Top 8 Boston songs
  229. Sonic Youth Recommendations
  230. OK, so who's buying the new William Hung album?
  231. Malevolent Creation, Origin and Disgorge
  232. I think it's funny to see how few views a thread can get
  233. I can't believe that Britney's pregnancy didn't make my head turn earlier...
  234. John Kaada
  235. isis + aereogramme in the fishtank!
  236. BMG Music Club
  237. Music...
  238. indie albums I missed recently
  239. This question's a little tardy
  240. Bob Dylan played "John Brown" last night
  241. New Devendra has leaked.
  242. 20 Most Underrated Records
  243. Tracy Bonham
  244. exceptor-ka
  245. spinoff from thread in general: best programs to record music on a mac?
  246. Holy Shit - NIN's video for Only
  248. U2 Albums?
  249. Guitar innovation of the last 25 years...
  250. Cursive - The Difference Between Houses and Homes (2005)