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  1. HOLY CRAP. Dinosaur jr opening euro tour @ my town
  2. The new weezer album
  3. Alexisonfire
  4. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
  5. small elements of songs that ruin everything
  6. The Tears - Here Comes The Tears
  7. damn, music theory again
  8. let me hear you say this shit is bananas!
  9. hey guys check out this band
  10. does anyone hate The Shins?
  11. if you are in new york right now...
  12. does anyone have The Shits?
  13. Your favorite record labels
  14. Arcade Fire show - 26-04-2005 Toronto - Danforth Music Hall
  15. Rob Thomas
  16. Slint auctioning off gear
  17. i saw moby on monday (the 25th)
  18. mad season
  19. hasil adkins dead
  20. Customers interested in Green Day may also be interested in:
  21. songs you would like to cover with your band / if you had a band
  22. coughs - fright makes right
  23. Since There Isn't An Upcoming Shows Thread On the First Page...
  24. Audioslave - Your Time Has Come
  25. LiLiPUT
  26. George Strait
  27. i saw bright eyes/the faint last night
  28. Old 97's
  29. Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack.
  30. New Papa M record
  31. Ben Kweller
  32. do you guys think...
  33. Dashboard Confessionals - Vindicated
  34. beth gibbons album
  35. Porcupine Tree
  36. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
  37. The Game - Hate It or Love It (Featuring 50 cent)
  38. Eminem - White People (feat. Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, The Game, Ludacris, Fat Joe, Kid Rock,
  39. Eminem, The Game, and Dr Dre
  40. no more fucking 50 cent threads
  41. New and Upcoming Albums - Amazon Links
  42. Concrete Blonde - Joey
  43. Best Madonna Song
  44. Best Masonna Song
  45. Lync / Love as Laughter
  46. Bloc Party in London tickets?
  47. 2nd official on-going albums bought/downloaded thread
  48. new low-quality EITS track
  49. dinosaur jr.?
  50. Mindflayer - Die &Mold
  51. Kevin Drumm - Horror of Birth cassette
  52. Axolotl/D. Yellow Swans - Gerritt
  53. Stupid Rapper Names
  54. iPod - 3G vs. 4G
  55. black eyed peas - monkey business
  56. Stupid Raper Names
  57. Meneguar
  58. Will it ever stop?
  59. well i got wasted and missed The Brunettes
  60. With Teeth
  61. kurt co-bang
  62. Nagisa Ni Te appreciation post.
  63. Ryan Adams - Cold Roses
  64. Bonnie Prince Billy
  65. ITT I list who I saw at Coachella
  66. pearl jam canadian tour
  67. the books live
  68. Will the Cure put out another album?
  69. austin city limits festival 05
  70. Edan - Beauty and the Beat
  71. favorite track 4's
  72. New weezer album...
  73. The Ponys
  74. soad - mesmerize
  75. the Xiu Xiu album leaked
  76. Ex-Models - Chrome Panthers
  77. Don't Believe the Truth
  78. music chicks u want 2 fuck
  79. help on the title of a 90's song
  80. Placebo Appreciation/Muse Depreciation thread.
  81. Free Sony or Bose Home Entertainment Sysytem !
  82. John Cena's debut album
  83. NIN rocked last night
  84. Is Best of You up for download anywhere yet?
  85. Donny Osmond's List of Music You Should Hear
  86. Pray For The Soul Of Betty
  87. Maynard James Keenan from Tool Fights Fan On Stage
  88. Prefuse 73 / Bower Ballroom
  89. how come new/leaked albums on soulseek always are VBR
  90. do you know of any good triple albums?
  91. Best Creedence Clearwater Revival album
  92. gary Numan book issued in the US
  93. Ipod cases? bang for your buck?
  94. semi-weird/obscure/one hit wonder/awesome 90's songs you love?!
  95. Tom Waits?
  96. hey ryan patrick when was the last time you listened to the smashing pumpkins
  97. Anyone Hyped for the new Foo Fighters Album?
  98. its really hard to get three good tracks in a row
  99. What music are you listening to?
  100. Alright, who do I have to blow to get an indie torrents invite?
  101. galaxie 500 - don't let our youth go to waste
  102. pitchfork gives new weezer album a 0.4
  103. I'm sad, I used to think that I could count on this place as my only source for news
  104. ITT: recommend me some jazz
  105. I'm sad, I used to think that I could count on this place as my only source for news
  106. has anyone heard the new single frame yet
  107. Fantomas-Suspended Animation
  108. Question(s) about pre-ordering stuff from amazon
  109. new millionaire album coming up
  110. fuck yes. the clientele are touring.
  111. New DMB Album
  112. deerhoof - green cosmos ep
  113. GodsGun
  114. who are cerberus shoal
  115. Gorillaz - Demon Days
  116. Roskilde Festival 2005
  117. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Stoned and Dethroned
  118. Metropolis festival, 3th of juli
  119. i saw rilo kiley last night
  120. nada surf
  121. Louis the 14th are a bunch of fags
  122. The smiths
  123. what kind of record player do you have
  124. Royksopp is way cool!
  125. oh my, camper van beethoven is touring with modest mouse
  126. Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
  127. duracell
  128. Boredoms/Jim O'Rourke 5/25
  129. Bright Eyes
  130. minus the bear- menos el oso
  131. what have you been listening to most lately?
  132. john denver
  133. joni mitchell
  134. hall & oates
  135. Best songs with numbers in the titles
  136. out of exile n mesmerize
  137. Team Sleep, anyone?
  138. ST#3543654: What strings are you using..
  139. ST#3434980394 What sticks do you use?
  140. Losing the leash
  141. good songs about masturbation
  142. Good news for the anti-Weezer crowd.
  143. new Aereogramme tour dates
  144. Nardwuar
  145. New Abandoned Pools Song
  146. woops i'm on northam
  147. dear Ryan Patrick
  148. fill in the blanks:
  149. Itunes is fun
  150. good songs about anal rape
  151. i hate music!!!
  152. DJ Spooky vs. Dave Lombardo - Drums of Death
  153. i disgust myself
  154. Wedding present - take fountain
  155. most HATED band at the moment...
  156. Camp Lo
  157. Get Behind Me Satan
  158. Eats Tapes
  159. Anyone have an invite?
  160. All you maggots smoking fags
  161. Weezer - Songs from the black hole
  162. My Chemical Romance is actually not that bad
  163. Post the lyrics to your 2 favourite songs
  164. Bob Sagat (Full House) raps... and it's actually good!
  165. what's your favorite music magazine?
  166. American Music Club
  167. 3 Inches Of Blood -- Wykydtron
  168. Anyone in South Florida? Music scene?
  169. the sundays, the innocence mission, over the rhine, cocteau twins
  170. Audioslave - Out Of Exile
  171. The Magic Numbers
  172. The cure
  173. Happy happy joy joy news for all the faggots in the house
  174. Anybody going to the Sasquatch Festival?
  175. hello
  176. Sing the Sorrow
  177. pixies and weezer!!!
  178. architecture in helsinki tour dates
  179. Industrial
  180. Kent and the Futureheads added to Roskilde
  181. Maximo Park
  182. Pitchfork's Audioslave Review
  183. Radiohead
  184. The Arcade Fire
  185. ....and the Telefon Tel Aviv appreciation post.
  186. Aimee Mann's list of music you should hear
  187. european screenings of "rubber johnny" and "paradise lost"
  188. great bands from the great north
  189. So I just listened to the worst album I've ever heard...
  190. Nine Inch Nails drops show over Bush backdrop
  191. Trent reznor WINS legal suit against ex-manager 100%!!
  192. Indie Torrents
  193. Malhavoc - Get down
  194. your current guilty or not so guilty pleasures?
  195. i threw it all away
  196. Current Tours worth seeing....I feel this is important as I'm completely oblivious.
  197. Holy fuck, look at this: Athens pop festive
  198. whats better quality...
  199. Damon Albarn was at the Kaiser Chiefs show on saturday
  200. Within Temptation
  201. Big Black
  202. Dream Theater - Octavarium
  203. new Cocorosie has leaked - all is right with the world
  204. sometimes i hate all of my CDs
  205. So when the fuck is Chinese Democracy coming out?
  206. Foo album leaked
  207. Bono, Chris Martin on Radiohead
  208. Trent wins civil suit...
  209. Third Eye Blind - Blue
  210. X and Y
  211. Snoop almost gets attacked in concert
  212. the newish weezer album
  213. god is an astronaut
  214. I fucking hate The Killers.
  215. News On New Strokes Album
  216. Max Weinberg appreciation post
  217. favorite aphex twin song?
  218. your favorite albums of the year (so far...)
  219. do people here like joy division? what about my bloody valentine?
  221. I need an Indietorrents invite :(
  222. Wait (The Whisper Song)
  223. I need an oink invite
  224. electric wizard - dopethrone
  225. sleater-kinney - the woods
  226. What does everyone think of the new Royksopp?
  227. I Need Coldplay Toronto Tickets
  228. rock and roll photos
  229. i think i'm going to buy this book
  230. coldplay = gay
  231. Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock And Roll
  232. The Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do
  233. Omfg Michael Bolton!!
  234. pretty songs
  235. Name one album that you will never, ever get tired of.
  236. John Vanderslice
  237. 65daysofstatic
  238. Jeff Buckley fans?
  239. dear musicians of netphoria, i have the following request
  240. slsk upload
  241. Linda Strawberry
  242. Stand-Out Indie Rock Album Thus Far
  243. Can we do another mix cd thingy? Please?
  244. White Stripes Live DVD Question!!
  245. The stone roses
  246. the new white stripes cd is teh crap
  247. who wants to be my music friend
  248. the new white stripes cd is teh rocks!
  249. hippocamp ruins pet sounds
  250. So, we got pwnd by Mastodon yesterday