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  1. aberfeldy - young forever
  2. new Dead Science EP
  3. aereogramme 2004-12-09 vienna, flex, aut SBD FLAC
  4. Green Day's "American Idiot" rock opera movie
  5. Death Cab for Cutie's cover of Bjork's "All is full of Love"
  6. Daniel Johnston
  7. Salvatore
  8. How many of you like Eminem?
  9. Muse
  10. video for "the rat" by the walkmen
  11. Lamb
  12. shouldn't there be some 2004 threads?
  13. pixies homecoming
  14. Dimebags Death The Final Insult
  15. The new boyracer record
  16. Jandek
  17. Name Your 5 favourite bands
  18. Simple Plan
  19. Big Day Out 2005
  20. Mindless Self Indulgence news!
  21. Best Version of the Chanukah Song?
  22. New Bright Eyes
  23. Queen Tour News
  24. Heavier Than Heaven -- A Biography of Kurt Cobain
  25. The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute (promo rip) torrent
  26. Anyone heard of any of these bands?
  27. Greatest Music Video as of Dec 14th, 2004
  28. Any sonic youth fans
  29. rap?
  30. eDonkey and BitTorrent next on the block ...
  31. video for "F.K.O." by Subtle
  32. french rap
  33. important music question
  34. wayward arcade fire fans... GO!!!
  35. hello new is what i am to you
  36. The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll
  37. dream pop appriciation thread
  38. The Album Leaf
  39. Morphine
  40. for the people attending the sleater-kinney/wilco/flaming lips show in nyc
  41. oh shit. now i'm listening to bjork...
  42. Les Savy Fav probably will break up
  43. CAnadian BAnds????
  44. Rage
  45. Kid Rock
  46. top ten.....
  47. Good songs that you heard on the radio today that you had forgotten about
  48. hello
  49. Best Live Albums
  50. PJ Harvey quits playing live
  51. MC5 box set - Purity Accuracy
  52. Janis Joplin.
  53. Mcr!
  54. best drum fill
  55. music download
  56. attn drummers
  57. Bjorks Medula… Favourite songs?
  58. Can someone post a torrent for the recent controller controller album?
  59. ODB - Nigga Please
  60. I have $20, recommend me a new album from 2004
  61. Scissor Sisters
  62. Psychobilly @ Hot Topic? WTF
  63. Name That Band!! through picture clues!!
  64. wedding present - take fountain (2005)
  65. Songs to drive fast to
  66. pic post: currently in heavy rotation.
  67. i just heard a track off the Linkin Park / Jay-Z album.
  68. is soul coughing good?
  69. what albums do you predict to be huge in 2005?
  70. sean casey and ryan patrick
  71. God bless this man.
  72. Best online music store for "rare" stuff
  73. subliminal images in my placebo DVD.
  74. jesus
  75. Wesley Willis
  76. Best Albums Discovered in 2004, but Released Before 2004
  77. Modest Mouse GNFPWLBN Problem
  78. this
  79. thursday 4-midnite CST... RP top records of '04
  80. Francis the Mute Cover Art
  81. Shows you're looking forward to:
  82. The Doves - Some Cities (March 2005)
  83. Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails
  84. If you could take the music from one song and put your own lyrics over it?
  85. Alternate Cover by Joe Quesada & Idlechatter
  86. New Judas Priest Song
  87. the blue album.
  88. LetUsBePurple
  89. Name the 5 greatests guitarists
  90. I like 50 Cent
  91. Netphorian CD Swap
  92. First Three Songs Of The New Year
  93. hey interpol
  94. I know what the future is about!!
  95. My housemate said that Adolf Hitler was a sensitive man
  96. that
  97. Finally..The New Kate Bush Album
  98. Eva Braun let her fucked by a beast
  99. I had forgotten how enjoyable Achtung Baby was.
  100. the most gigantic lying mouth of all time
  101. itt, you tell me about Exile in Guyville
  102. A Grand Don't Come For Free
  103. Post random lyrics thread
  104. D00d, I am going to order ROCKTOPIA right now!!!
  105. i can't believe it but the mars volta actually got worse
  106. has anybody heard picaresque yet?
  107. In celebration of finally purchasing "5 easy pieces" by scott walker...
  108. sonic youth
  109. OFFICIAL Netphorian Mix Disc Exchange Results Thread (Sticky This, Mods)
  110. does anyone have pictures from the lips new year's eve show?
  111. NIN - With Teeth is finished!
  112. Ashlee Simpson's halftime performance
  113. reminder - Modest Mouse on The OC this week
  114. So, that Arcade Fire backlash
  115. To what standards do you hold the music do you listen to?
  116. spinoff: what dont you look for in music?
  117. every sub pop 7 inch single (minus one) on ebay
  118. The greatest song ever is:
  119. attn: german speaking people.
  120. keeping your guitars shining
  121. Please vote in my site's 2004 music poll...
  122. Comprehensive Band Websites
  123. Photos from the Lips/Wilco new years show
  124. Qotsa - little sister
  125. Question for EITS fans
  126. what's this song?
  127. Jennifer Gentle - Valende
  128. Janis Joplin / Big Brother and the Holding Company - Summertime
  129. Greatest Canadian singer/band
  130. the House of Love
  131. Mclusky are no more
  132. Favorite sonic youth songs
  133. the trouble with music
  134. Favourite sonic youth members
  135. thoughts on The Dissociatives: daniel johns and paul mac
  136. Autolux
  137. Kasabian
  138. Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, Tenacious D, Josh Homme show
  139. Black Crowes Reunite
  140. m83 tour (north america)
  141. drive like jehu was cool
  142. Wave aid
  143. I Love Rap!
  144. little help identifying these songs
  145. PRIMUS is THE fucking SHIT
  146. Mu: Paris Hilton video
  147. caribou - the milk of human kindness
  148. what else can i post about...
  149. Name the 5 greatest drummers
  150. ITT you post your top 5 elliott smith tunes
  151. Woei! Woei! Woei! (Eels News)
  152. Ages of people in various bands:
  153. West Coast: The Killers are on SNL.
  154. look up bright eyes on allmusic
  155. Best Neil Young album
  156., anyone?
  157. band members posting on Elephant 6 boards
  158. New ASMZ Album
  159. My band is playing a show with Superchunk
  160. Albums that you've lost
  161. new beck album leaked
  162. so who wants to download Tori Amos' new leaked full-length?
  163. Music software help
  164. when is the destroyer/frog eyes ep going to leak?
  165. the flaming lips?
  166. has anyone here listened to the LCD Soundsystem album?
  167. NMH - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
  168. new Out Hud out March 21st
  169. ryan patrick is not me
  170. Hi we are an Irish Band and here is a link to our mp3's
  171. Nina Gordon - Straight Outta Compton
  172. They should call drum and bass dumb and bass.
  173. Bonnaroo 2005
  174. np:pic
  175. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds B-Sides tracklist (Unofficial)
  176. talking heads
  177. The new Bright Eyes albums came in the mail today
  178. Recommend me something
  179. HOT Music !
  180. 30% off New Releases !
  181. So Portishead are back is business...
  182. 2005 albums to watch for - ITT you give us a heads up on music you are looking fwd to
  183. Nickelback's new song
  184. OTC are back together?!?!
  185. genghis tron
  186. dream theater
  187. Could you rate these bands based on popularity?
  188. American Indie Rock
  189. Guitar Help
  190. interesting guitar design/paint jobs
  191. Up to $600 on Classic Speakers !
  192. Free Delphi XM MyFi or Sirius Satellite Plug & Play!
  193. on the beach
  194. i bought my buddy and ebow for christmas so we wrote a song about it
  195. loci
  196. Sweet Mother Of Fuck - Dead Can Dance Reunion
  197. Are Pink Floyd getting back together?
  198. so who's hosting SMiLe On Soulseek
  199. I just saw Gavin Rossdale
  200. check this out
  201. your most recent purchases
  202. Neil Young is the best
  203. Favorite first lines:
  204. New Order's new single
  205. T.i.
  206. the joys of mature rock
  207. Anybody Pre-order U2 tickets?
  208. Clinic
  209. Sxsw 2005
  210. How Good Was Jamiroquai?
  211. Courtney Love
  212. What do you think?
  213. how is the new qotsa album?
  214. i didn't buy any ebow
  215. List Every Concert You've Went to
  216. prefuse 73 - surrounded by silence
  217. Welcome to the House of Fun
  218. out hud - let us never speak of it again
  219. banned from indious hub??
  220. the mooney suzuki
  221. Anybody checked Ryan Adams' site recently?
  222. Up to $600 on Classic Speakers !
  223. 12 CD's for the price of 1 !
  224. So I went to see *deep breath* Something Corporate.
  225. new Canned Kitty album leaked
  226. ISO mp3 of the new Postal Service single
  227. 'Kay, folks, help me out: Music festivals
  228. Chicago musicians calling
  229. I just saw The Hives
  230. The Bravery/Ash
  231. can someone englighten me on free jazz, please
  232. Can
  233. call me an ignorant cunt but is the last track on "i'm wide awake"...
  234. ITT You post songs for others to Download.
  235. fuck, i've booked to see wilco and bright eyes on same night
  236. chewing gum - annie
  237. Nova Express
  238. anyone got the new Mogwai yet?
  239. back in 92 REM and U2 were neck and neck as the uber bands of the world...
  240. Sparks
  241. Do you sing good?
  242. the widow video at mtv
  243. of montreal - sunlantic twins
  244. f*ck modest mouse
  245. why are most music videos such shit?
  246. Anyone else catch the arcade fire on conan last night?
  247. Green Day - American Idiot
  248. Postal Service
  249. and i wonder?
  250. anyone have the new beck?