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  1. West Indian Girl
  2. Post your Top 20 Randomized playlist songs
  3. chin up chin up
  4. Logh - the raging sun
  5. eminem - mosh
  6. Hey Toronto Netphorians...
  7. what do you see here? (pedals post)
  8. scotsmen: are macrocosmica any good?
  9. Franz Ferdinand
  10. doggystyle
  11. just in case anyone cares...
  12. Nirvana Box Set Tracklist
  13. When musicians can laugh about their dead band members
  14. ST #3, np:
  15. Which song is stuck in your head now?!
  16. low - the great destroyer
  17. how many 2005 albums have you heard so far?
  18. neil young
  19. The Tears
  20. Rilo Kiley - The Execution of All Things
  21. melissa auf de maur
  22. Holy shit, EITS put on a fantastic show don't they?
  23. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
  24. Stabbing Westward
  25. Sherreece - An Inspired Singer/Songwriter!
  26. I saw Green Day last night
  27. guitar tones
  28. what about non-US readers?
  29. The 5 worst bands ever
  30. Songs that sum up your elections mood.
  31. The new Guitar Wolf album whoops ass
  32. Will people make fun of me if I make a Rufus Wainwright thread?
  33. coolest music video ever?
  34. Eminem's Encore now online
  35. Does anyone need/want tickets to the 11/13 Muse show at the Riviera???
  36. Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood
  37. playlist for when you're just on top of the world....
  38. Jello Biafra/Melvins-Never Breathe What You Cant See
  39. Name 8 musical idols of yours
  40. Guitar Pedals?
  41. Yoshimi vs pink robots
  42. Local H doing Britney Spear's toxic
  43. Yellowman.
  44. Bamba Lamb?
  45. Favourite muscician quotes
  46. I saw George Clinton last night
  47. I saw Presidents of the United States last week
  48. uno, dos, tres, catorce
  49. ITT: You tell me of this band: Low
  50. Has anyone seen The Arcade Fire thus far on their new tour?
  51. Sleep - Jerusalem
  52. wtf has happened to sharingthegroove?
  53. Tell Me About Nick Cave
  54. I hate Kerry King
  55. "Sonic Nurse" - any thoughts?
  56. Q And Not U Interview
  57. Post pictures of David Lee Roth
  58. post slsk names / stuff you want that doesn't show up on slsk
  59. The real Ozzy is shivering in his grave...
  60. any Sage Francis fans here?
  61. glitch/electronic/laptop artists
  62. I Hate James Brown
  63. Death Cab for Cutie @ the Warfield in SF this weekend
  64. Create a dream band
  65. Timo Maas rocks my socks out
  66. let's name off some good christmas songs
  67. Calling all Le Tigre fans-your support is needed!
  68. Name musicians you have a crush on
  69. George Thorogood And The Destroyers - 30th Anniversary Tour
  70. Constellation Compilation CD
  71. music in bacardi commercial ?
  72. dr. hook
  73. THIS is what kazaa does: (nsfw?)
  74. GBV "Propeller" sells for $6,200
  75. People say that you die faster than without water...
  76. anyone go to manson in chicago last night?
  77. Musical guilty pleasures
  78. I'm interviewing Giant Sand tonight...
  79. the goo goo dolls suck
  80. LetUsBePurple
  81. Name your 3 favourite rockstars
  82. how to convince your friends that r.e.m. are absolute shite
  83. I'm guessing that Modest Mouse fans also enjoy;
  84. ugh. amps
  85. what's this song?
  86. Long Gone
  87. vhs or beta
  88. Blind Guardian
  89. Boulevard of Broken Songs
  90. These lyrics are beautiful.
  91. Who is a better band??
  92. Interpol has saved us all!!!
  93. Who is a better band part III
  94. These lyrics are TERRIBLE.
  95. That damn Jet song
  96. new goo goo dolls song
  97. Post Picktures of Brian May
  98. The Heartagram
  99. R.i.p. Odb
  100. holy fuck new M83 is awesome
  101. Thumbs up on the modest mouse perforance
  102. the dresden dolls
  103. recommend a good starting place with johnny cash
  104. around the sun is a beautiful song
  105. rushmore soundtrack question
  106. Pink Floyd - Carefull with that Axe, Eugene
  107. Pink Floyd vs Led Zepplin
  108. Animatrix credits song
  109. do make say think
  110. The Arcade Fire 11-14 Philly
  111. So I guess Usher is the New Blink 182 (ignore)
  112. jimmy eat world & interpol are guilty of a terrible crime THE CONSOLIDATION ALBUM
  113. Who is a batter band part IV
  114. Trail of Dead's "Caterwaul" = Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song"?
  115. Avalanches
  116. is "Spanish Flea" a good mix CD opening track or closer?
  117. la~
  118. holy crap i like Junior Boys
  119. Interesting realization
  120. pixies! aragon ballroom! tonight! omg!
  121. the uk music press' obsession with pete doherty is getting fucking embarrassing...
  122. The Engineers' Folly is the most beautiful sublime album I've heard this decade...
  123. Nmae the 5 worst lead singers
  124. Jhonn Balance has crossed the Threshold
  125. my ears are still blaring.
  126. Torontonians: Jeff Buckley Doc tonight
  127. Shyne's New album
  128. Rufus Wainwright - Want One
  129. Five Most Important Albums
  130. so this nirvana box set...
  131. Sunrise Projector finally came in the mail.
  132. Who is a better band part V
  133. What are some depressing instrumentals?
  134. Mogwai vs. Explosions in the Sky
  135. "the wheel goes round": is it only good on the commercial?
  136. I hate Chingy
  137. I wish i could get a cd of the best hits of
  138. pixies tour
  139. radiohead's best song is...
  140. Can someone clear up this Sunny Day Real Estate thing for me?
  141. Craig Nicholls diagnosed with asperger syndrome
  142. Hayden's Toronto Shows
  143. The I_was_aborted and ZackZ Bury Me Thread.
  144. Nas beefs with the earth on his new album.
  145. Anyone seen Brian Wilson?
  146. afi - head like a hole
  147. kraftwerk
  149. i'm getting into hardcore and goth metal.
  150. Does anyone have a torrent for the Friday Night Lights soundtrack?
  151. The Delays
  152. have you heard Gwen Stefanie's new full-length yet?
  153. tippy/intense videos
  155. Judas Priest are stupid
  156. Fs: Pixies Tickets @ Arrow Hall
  157. twisted love songs
  158. A band is playing on the back of a flat-bed in downtown NYC
  159. Freddie Mercury died on the 24th
  160. Any placebo fans?
  161. Rolling Stone 500 greatest songs
  162. a TV film i wrote won an Emmy last night
  163. all this fuss about the new nick cave it really better than his other 50?
  164. Incubus - Alive at Red Rocks
  165. Syd Barrett - show the man some love
  166. mmmmm current listening
  167. Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror (best of)
  168. ex models
  169. Beck
  170. Song i made
  171. marilyn manson - personal jesus
  172. NYC is such a fuckin beautiful song, nothing on antics comes close...
  173. suggest me some My Bloody Valentine.
  174. Comparing the Cure to the Smiths is like comparing Kiss to Led Zep.
  175. should i go see the mad capsule markets
  176. you know it's going to be the fucking worst xmas ever when this is released....
  177. Nick Drake
  178. spinoff: 5 best singers
  179. Will Oldham/Sweeney collab in january
  180. a great song that everyone should hear
  181. j-rock/j-pop thread
  182. The Greatest Song in the World is...
  183. Sage Francis: Personal Journals
  184. Stars-Set Yourself On Fire
  185. Has anyone here seen Death From Above play live?
  186. what rock u like
  187. Remove 1 track from every Queen album
  188. The top 5 best lead singers
  189. I know we have some J.Mascis fans here
  190. EW's review of U2's thoughts
  191. Bob Dylan's first TV interview in 19 years....
  192. what are some good laptop-pop groups
  193. song suggestions...
  194. I quite like APC's When the Leevee breaks.
  195. Web's Largest Selection of Hard to Find & Import Music Titles !
  196. cochella rumours....
  197. who makes better albums?
  198. Who has finished their mix CD?
  199. ryan patrick netphoria mp3 blog
  200. albums with a tinge of mysticism.
  201. Recommend me some screengazer music
  202. albums that are special to you
  203. Death From Above 1979 - You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
  204. worst songs of '04
  205. Jolene
  206. white stripes - under blackpool lights
  207. Do you like Queen
  208. pixies live. big big fun.
  210. Are black artists under represented within the rock genre?
  211. I am not making this up
  212. Hey Interpol fans
  213. Bad news from NIN
  214. New Bright Eyes Albums?
  215. Underrated Songs By Highly Rated Bands
  216. Holy Bible's reissuiing, 10 year anniversary, "classic" status is fucking bogus
  217. brian jonestown massacre
  218. this isnt music news but d'arcy is going to have a small role in a loserish movie
  219. suggest good acoustic songs
  220. how would you most like to douche morrissey?
  221. Hey fellow Neutral milk hotel die hards
  222. More Music Censoring?
  223. Pixies in Camden
  224. Name the 3 most overated albums
  225. Sage Francis
  226. I wonder if Jimmy will do a video or two for the record
  227. im going to be a famous rock star
  228. mötley crue reunion
  229. slint reunion
  230. Song dedications
  231. Marianne Kesler Gives Away The Perfect Christmas iPod Gift
  232. Betty's New Disc To Come Early 2005
  233. Dickens Is Grate!!
  234. Top 25 Albums of 2004
  235. Billy Wishes He Wrote This
  236. The Best Band Ever
  237. I Hope If You Ever Breed...
  238. Varg Is Smarter Than Billy And Especially Netphoria
  239. best live gigs you've seen in 2004
  240. Cream Reunion
  241. Wilco
  242. Mirah
  243. smiths appreciation thread!
  244. The Chameleons
  245. who here likes blur
  246. Make a case for who you believe to be the best three lyricists ever.
  247. top 5 john lennon songs
  248. Frances the Mute
  249. Grammy nominations
  250. R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell