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  1. help finding an album with lots of beats
  2. hey I never made a thread about the Sonic Youth concert I saw in august
  3. 80's reccomendations...
  4. i'm going to see snow patrol tomorrow.
  5. The Fiery Furnaces w/ White Magic
  6. snow patrol live = fucking AWESOME.
  7. eits movie score
  8. Where have I heard Sleep Station's "Flight-1" before?
  9. Pavement
  10. Come listen to my band's new demo :p
  11. explosions in the sky
  12. Favourite Punk Song?
  13. This ‘Josh Stone’ white stripes cover is pretty bad.
  14. Anybody want Pixies tickets in Atlanta?
  15. anyone like macha?
  16. I met Billy
  17. interesting APC bit
  18. New EITS songs on score
  19. So how about that arcade fire?
  20. The Hunches - hobo sunrise
  21. Her Space Holiday - this sunday...
  22. muse at the warfield
  23. muse at the warfield
  24. brian wilson - smile
  25. another mix tape thread:
  26. Hey Dutch people
  27. Elliott Smith DVD Due in November
  28. make a virtual mixed tape for someone
  29. Mark Kozelek
  30. masta ace - take a walk
  31. R.E.M. - Around The Sun
  32. Fuck you if you do not like it....
  33. ATTN: Anyone who saw the Pixies on this tour
  34. Matchbox Twenty Finally Finishes Watering Down Long Awaited New Album
  35. wrong board
  36. "blue skies, sunshine, what a day to take a walk in a..."
  37. jens lekman
  38. suggestions please!
  39. The Owls - our hopes and dreams
  40. Guess who is going to see Converge and Between The Buried And Me tonight in Montreal?
  41. Eminem lost his mojo
  42. What is goth rock?
  43. The Jelly Jam
  44. Mongoloid
  45. About The Sun
  46. where does dj shadow get his chops from?
  47. the dears are awesome live
  48. britney takes "slutiness" to a whole new level!
  49. Favorite Beatles Album
  50. Favorite Queen Album?
  51. how do i rip copy protected cds :(
  52. I stayed up listening to Queen
  53. the pain
  54. Want A Record Deal Or A Free Demo Review?
  55. the bees - sunshine hit me
  56. 2 Live Crew
  57. Green Day's new album
  58. I absolutely fucking love the Vaselines.
  59. Why did you guys ever like Unwound?
  60. Dogs Die In Hot Cars
  61. Elevator
  62. a perfect circle - imagine [john lennon]
  63. the futureheads
  64. Rilo Kiley??
  65. William Shatner - Common People
  66. Nine Inch Nails + David Bowie - I'm Afraid Of Americans
  67. Judge strikes down bootleg laws
  68. attn: mayfuck
  69. Ikara Colt
  70. to aquire respect
  71. Dear Lord, is Travistian really that bad?
  72. Silverchair has some really rad songs
  73. The Allman Brothers Band
  74. Rock the Vote Contest
  75. What are some really good covers?
  76. marilyn manson - lest we forget
  77. just talking about Antics...
  78. does anyone else love the new pornographers?
  79. Grace 10th ann. edition
  80. Neil Young Recommendations....
  81. so i'm a bjork fan now
  82. new and upcoming Les Claypool stuff
  83. attn: ppl in toronto who want something to do tonight!
  84. Lets get it started
  85. Cigarettes shop – Marlboro , Camel, Kent $14.99
  86. DJ shaniqua
  87. Neutral Milk Hotel 1998-03-04
  88. Pearl Jam in Boston...
  89. name this song
  90. Joni Mitchell
  91. name a song you're currently in love with.
  92. excerpts from "Chronicles" by Bob Dylan in Newsweek
  93. Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder
  94. an "i'll recommend you one band" thread
  95. new elliott smith album
  96. they renamed a laneway in my city AC/DC Lane today
  97. Favourite Radiohead Album
  98. Favorite Cure Album
  99. motherfucking crucial. soulseek works again. reccomendations plz.
  100. crispin glover
  101. manson singing about Jesus and faith a contradiction
  102. Ryan Adams NYC
  103. polmo polpo
  104. Bob Dylan is coming to my town...
  105. David Bowie
  106. Explosions In The Sky 10/1/04
  107. Bad Audiences
  108. I'm going to see kenny aronoff play tonight
  109. What is this song?
  110. Video for APC's Imagine (OMG THEY ARE SO RELEVANT!)
  111. Deerhoof live album released online
  112. Bands you should checkity check
  113. Bark Psychosis - Codename : Dustsucker
  114. most indie album you own?
  115. cover of weezer's "only in dreams" = sweet
  116. i advice you people to check out damien youth's new album
  117. theres only a few really good bands..
  118. Strong voices:
  119. Songs about school/studying
  120. nelly featuring tim mcgraw.
  121. leaving new york's never easy
  122. REM - "Around the Sun"
  123. supporting venetian snares tonight
  124. What styles of music do you listen to?
  125. Keane sounds like Travis
  126. trail of dead 10/15 bowery
  127. The Greatest Band!!
  128. Q And Not U, El Guapo, Et At It
  129. Dream Theatre...
  130. Music that makes you horny
  131. Tom's New Album, So how is it?
  132. Biffy clyro : infinty land
  133. fake plastic tree appreciation post
  134. I just called Sage Francis on the telephone
  135. Manitoba forced to change name to 'Caribou'
  136. who wants two tickets to see Pinback?
  137. who wants two tickets to see Pinback?
  138. Annie - Anniemal
  139. Best drum intro to a song. EVAR.
  140. attn: NYC/brooklyn netphorians!
  141. John Cale's Hobosapians is good
  142. Incubus singer is a terrorist
  143. i think i'm falling in love with hayden.
  144. OFFICIAL Netphorian Mix Disc Exchange
  145. Attn: LA/Southern California people
  146. Anybody wanna see Morrissey in Milwaukee on 10/16? FREE?
  147. help me on this bill-nye related music project i want to do
  148. 311's "Love Song" is a good cover
  149. Flaming Lips on Spongebob Soundtrack
  150. HOLY SHIT! Check this band out!
  151. I'm loaded. Swirlies appreciation thread.
  152. A Low question and information for you!
  153. Tarantula
  154. i like songs: ohia and will oldham
  155. new le tigre album in 8 days.
  156. Anybody heard Vertigo yet?
  157. Does anybody here like Year Future?
  158. Toronto audience is horrible (EITS concert yesterday)
  159. RIP Shannon Hoon
  160. Smile
  161. is anyone able to get me the tracklist for gravenhurst - black holes in the sand?
  162. The Decemberists will be on the John McEnroe Show tonight.
  163. matador records celebrates 15th birthday with compilation
  164. last truly great thing youve come across
  165. slint reunion
  166. NIN update
  167. What's the weirdest album you own?
  168. what album do you most enjoy singing along to from beginning to end?
  169. ITT: You tell me about Interpol
  170. Bright Eyes news
  171. morrissey is coming
  172. Recommend a Ryan Adams album.
  173. Anyone know the tracklisting for the Nirvana box set???
  174. Frank Black - Honeycomb
  175. Sunn0))) tour
  176. SMiLE
  177. 65daysofstatic - The Fall of Math
  178. Concerts you're looking forward to?
  179. Eminem - Just Lose It
  180. Cover Art For A Mix CD I Made (Warning: For Slow Connections)
  181. Seriously: iTunes is pissing me off
  182. I got my picture taken with Freddie Mercury
  183. this is the best cover ever
  184. the definitive archetypal emo song.
  185. ITT we discuss the Cinematic Orchestra
  186. nov. 1 will be the ten year anniversary of the release of nirvana's unplugged cd
  187. Those great local bands
  188. so, what do you think about the killers?
  189. ATP L.A. moo?
  190. Paula Abdul - Vibeology
  191. Gavin Rossdale's lovechild
  192. OFFICIAL Netphoria Mix Disc Exchange- PAIRINGS!
  193. flaming lips - spongebob & patrick confront the psychic wall of energy
  194. Plz recommend a guy some 'pac
  195. Jaga Jazzist
  196. ITT you help me learn the US presidential candidates position on music and technology
  197. Who is a better band?
  198. most overrated album/band you've heard
  199. Music
  200. Most underrated albums
  201. New Bright Eyes Singles
  202. Athens -
  203. C2B3 comic
  204. Who here listens to Madonna?
  205. Keane
  206. Name the 5 greatest bands ever
  207. favorite albums of each year
  208. Did anybody else see William Shatner on Leno?
  209. so i'm back to whore my website
  210. Songs that you cannot listen to without at least tapping a foot.
  211. so whats the sound of now?
  212. musicians: post your drumless songs and ill add live drums to them
  213. Cat Power: Speaking for Trees DVD (Reminder)
  214. Listen to my band
  215. metallica: some kind of monster (the documentary)
  216. Yuka Honda
  217. The 5 greatest guitarists ever
  218. Animal Collective / Black Dice Show
  219. Bright Eyes?
  220. akira soundtrack and the raven readings
  221. Jarvis Cocker of Pulp vs. John Williams of Everything
  222. Oasis - Standing On the Shoulder of Giants is a good album
  223. William Shatner - Has Been
  224. recommend something as good as...
  225. new gwen stefani video - pretty fuckin weird
  226. Vote for Netphoria's Top 75 songs of all time
  227. Trying to find name of band and this song
  228. Coldplay's The Scientist is a rip-off of Radiohead's High & Dry (proof inside)
  229. how to convince friends that r.e.m. DON'T SUCK!
  230. psychic hearts
  231. soulseek
  232. Your favourite member of Led Zeppelin
  233. matt good's touring with MAdM and limblifter?
  234. i know Madvillainy's gotten mentioned here before...
  235. List of your favorite remixes
  236. i'm listening to Nirvana
  237. John Peel died
  238. any stereophonics fans!!
  239. eMotive is on soulseek
  240. The Breeders are better than The Pixies.
  241. Godspeed You Black Emperor on Car Advert?
  242. William Shatner - The Transformed Man
  243. Another interesting CA/US tour for you people: Supersilent
  244. Shout out Louds
  245. pic post: you with rockstars !!
  246. Mad
  247. can anyone find the new aeffect album available for download?
  248. K-OS and Joel Plaskett are coming to Kingston.
  249. Badly Drawn Boy - Houston 10/26/04
  250. accelerator sweden