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  1. new pixies album in 2005?
  2. No one care
  3. QOTSA back in the studio
  4. Ben Folds recommendations?
  5. Pic post: albums you can't get enough of
  6. i love feist.
  7. best non-singles?
  8. Public Enemy???
  9. i played a pretty cool set tonight
  10. New Interpol video leaks
  11. allman bros
  12. So i'm listening to Grandaddy's Windfall varietal
  13. the new album by the Muffs is awesome
  14. Winter Equinox
  15. Neutral Milk Hotel - On Avery Island
  16. Maladroit or The Green Album
  17. What's your favorite music video of all time?
  18. Van Morrison
  19. Brian Wilson's SMiLE official final tracklist
  20. New Beck album?!?!?
  21. Will The Cure tour again?
  22. Iggy & the Stooges opening for Madonna
  23. So I'm just getting into the Cure
  24. the only bands i want to listen to lately
  25. So I'm just getting into Aerosmith
  26. Ciffs of Dover intro....
  27. Wait, what's this about Bjork performing tomorrow at the opening ceremonies?
  28. Modest mouse played a kings island yesterday
  29. red light sting broke up
  30. Ours discussion
  31. Burning Brides, Mpls 8/12/04
  32. which one should I buy?
  33. The album leaf at the Knitting Factory...
  34. so i have slsk.exe open
  35. Omg Omg Omg I Made A Freakin' Mix Cd!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. Secret Machines
  37. sonic youth tonight
  38. last night's ADAADAT showcase
  39. tips on tuning drums?
  40. Went to Curiosa Last Night
  41. Mogwai
  42. The Mars Volta
  43. good songs to cover
  44. J and P basses
  45. Magnetic Fields
  46. stragne onee
  47. usher- confession part 2
  48. Who knows who Nils Lofgren is?
  49. Ocarina Of Time OST
  50. Pink Floyd Experience
  51. shall we write a song together
  52. What's the song in the VW Toureg commercial?
  53. OLD MAN on the BACK PORCH
  54. Lisa Loeb - The Way It Really Is
  55. why are the pixies playing...
  56. the wait is over
  57. I'm sharing all of Medulla on slsk
  58. A Big Mix
  59. Run
  60. top 10 madonna songs
  61. hey or hey ya
  62. elliott smith's from a basement on a hill is getting really good
  63. i saw the dead last night
  64. i just made a mixtape, too!!
  65. bjork - medulla
  66. mp3 interview with Isaac Brock 7/04
  67. New or Old: Whats your favorite Bon Jovi song?
  68. Built to Spill
  69. I'm looking for piano-centered music
  70. Mates of State
  71. Kanye West - College Dropout
  72. any cool bass players in chicago?
  73. hanson's optimistic cover
  74. Mike Watt + the Secondmen tour
  75. Hidden Cameras - I Want Another Enema
  76. utabi - manchurian candy
  77. Pearl Jam - Grand Rapids
  78. Asheville, NC
  79. Rediscovering Dinosaur jr.
  80. The Beach Boys - Smile
  81. whoa, check out these ultra rare bonnie "prince" billy demos that leaked
  82. =V-/= appreciation post
  83. Guilty pleasures
  84. the new version of "Heroes & Villains" is kicking around
  85. Detroit area guitarist wanted...
  86. Latest Soundtrack
  87. Interesting Radiohead interpretation site
  88. early Big Day Out 05 lineup announcements
  89. Frou Frou?
  90. I made a mixtape!
  91. For those of you pretentious like myself who title their mixes...
  92. Xiu Xiu Last night
  93. Mr. Bungle return?
  94. Broken Social Scene concert in Toronto this Friday
  95. Dave Matthews Band 'Covered people in shit'
  96. neutral milk hotel - two-headed boy
  97. battles
  98. Orange
  99. Attn: Southern Californian Blondie Fans
  100. ashlee simpson appreciation post
  101. R.E.M. - "Leaving New York"
  102. music board sucks these days
  103. mike patton & rahzel
  104. Josh Ritter is the best songwriter since dylan and cohen!
  105. download this you cunts because it fucking kills
  106. Anyone know of any Toronto bands...
  107. the new venetian snares ep called "infolepsy" on coredump records
  108. my first torrent
  109. for Bjork fans: its been bugging me...(its in our hands)
  110. kraftwerk
  111. drunken bar bet: what year was "Ana's Song" released?
  112. song suggestions?
  113. "no me ames" by jennifer lopez & marc anthony is the heaviest song ever
  114. guided by voices - half smiles of the decomposed
  115. Tell me about these bands please
  116. = dead
  117. vhs or beta
  118. which MBV album should I get?
  119. is that franz ferdinand cd any good?
  120. Does anyone here still like metallica???
  121. the two best bands in canada are playing in the states together!
  122. Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest
  123. goose bumps
  124. abbey road apprecaition
  125. What ONE upcoming show are you most excited about??
  126. the new dEUS single!
  127. so have any of you got Medulla yet?
  128. A few stories regarding the Shins and The White Stripes.
  129. Did you also get this APC email?
  130. So, Sugardrive have released a new album
  131. Noyen:
  132. Thank you Stuart Braithwaite for the twenty minute orgasm that you gave me.
  133. ATTN: smashinjj + Nothing/everything
  134. ITT hate yoko ono
  135. Do you poop to music?
  136. Albums you played today.
  137. Simon & Garfunkel (a b-day present to me)
  138. Chris from Ruth Ruth says Hi
  139. ITT we discuss Dizzee Rascal's Showtime
  140. Band In A Bubble
  141. The arresting power of Chan Marshall ...
  142. Chris from Ruth Ruth says Bye
  143. Morrissey new Album!!!!
  144. Interpol live? Discuss.
  145. The arresting power of Chris Kennedy ...
  146. netphorian community service:
  147. Oh man...
  148. Two NEW Roger Waters songs....
  149. linda perhacs
  150. NIRVANA Box Set - Due out Novmber 23, 2004
  151. Man I fucking hate pitchfork
  152. Why do you like the music you like?
  153. mang i love yeahyeahyeahs.
  154. Which of these do I download?
  155. Afrirambo
  156. Papa Roach New Album
  157. isis
  158. Kasabian
  159. Who here listens to Queen?
  160. ST ? Music Collection Size
  161. Kaada/Patton - "Romances"
  162. FAILURE - Golden ..unreleased sounds and images
  163. Pbs....
  164. Hey Crestfallen33 (or anyone else from Norway)
  165. Fiona Apple and Johnny Cash - Father and Son?
  166. the story of mayhem (norways most evil death metal band)
  167. need help remembering the name of this band (indie kids I need your help!)
  168. Click here to see how much Nickelback sucks
  169. Mindless Self Indulgence
  170. oh man, what happened to The Tea Party?
  171. Do message boards breed negativity?
  172. Interpol - Antics
  173. Net Labels
  174. Remember that song Bittersweet Symphony?
  175. Kasabian?
  176. Anyone want to trade MJ - Invincible or Number Ones to me?
  177. What do you think of the smiths?
  178. ATT'N: cap'n j'azz + other electronic performers
  179. perennial topic: music & musicians in commercials
  180. crush songs
  181. Sgt. Pepper - stereo or mono?
  182. Music and Bush hating?
  183. D12 touring Australia without Eminem
  184. A Perfect Circle....releasing political songs collection...
  185. Bumbershoot looked like ass this year.
  186. Green Day @ Phoenix Theatre in T.O.?
  187. songs that bug you out
  188. PJ Harvey NA Tour
  189. Rilo Kiley live?
  190. SMiLE everybody...
  191. "little Nikky cry.." -name that song
  192. Hot Snakes - Audit in Progress
  193. Did anyone here actually listen to this?
  194. Unicorn Hard-On
  195. i made a mixtape for you guys
  196. Sunday Bloody Sunday by George W. Bushwacker
  197. Just out of interest…
  198. we haven't and an upcoming shows thread in a month...
  199. Secret Machines
  200. SM - jenny and the ess dog
  201. The transition from 'fixed income' to 'what does your soul look like?' is flawless.
  202. another mix cd thread
  203. What do you guys think of the grease soundtrack?!?
  204. Violating Copyright Law for Friend in Hospital
  205. Natalie Merchant appreciation post.
  206. what instruments does bjork play?
  207. Can I make a Bulls on Parade appreciation thread??!
  208. EITS in Toronto on 11th October
  209. deftones tour
  210. how would you grade my favorite pavement songs mix...
  211. Lyrics about heartbreak
  212. trail of dead at bowery ballroom
  213. Hum
  214. Preferred downloading program?
  215. preferred downloading program?
  216. do you mostly buy or download...
  217. Aereogramme UK tour
  218. fierce dragon @bannermans last night
  219. My wem solid state amp
  220. How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
  221. Anyone going to the Chavez show?
  222. itt we talk about "In the aeroplane over the sea"
  223. Tell me about these bands:
  224. Sun Kil Moon- Carry Me Ohio
  225. jim guthrie
  226. what do you listen to when...
  227. what do you listen to when...
  228. what do you listen to when...
  229. who wants a free Frog Eyes ticket for the toronto show
  230. Guided by Voices Rule!
  231. The Streets & Chris Martin - Dry Your Eyes
  232. HELP. Muse pre-sale passwords????
  233. Kmfdm
  234. new Trail of Dead album
  235. the stills
  236. Johnny Ramone dies at 55
  237. Funeral For A Friend('s Mom)
  238. pic post: albums you've recently rediscovered
  239. The Cure
  240. go junior, go senior!
  241. oh hay if i like [] i would like [] thread!!
  242. acl festival
  243. article about my band in the paper
  244. Happiest moments in music?
  245. neil young's best
  246. what album/songs should i get to get into franz ferdinand?
  247. Down in a hole but quickly coming out of it
  248. i'm in chicago...and that can mean only one thing:
  249. m83 live (holy goddamn)
  250. Johnny Rzeznik is an ass clown