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  1. Record Players
  2. Blood Brothers, 7/4, The Bottom Lounge, Chicago
  3. Hey guys - 80's rock
  4. Journey vs. Froeigner vs. Stix
  5. should i see cannibal corpse?
  6. is soulseek/nicotine working for y'all
  7. Hope of the States
  8. Black Cop, Black Cop, Black Cop!
  9. Should I go see Rufus Wainwright?
  10. Fu Manchu
  11. Have You Guys ever Heard of the band "Modest Mouse"?
  12. some flaming lips news
  13. for those of you who saw at the drive in live...
  14. Best Cover Version ever...
  15. WTF? Wilson Phillips is back together?!
  16. feist- 'let it die'
  17. Macy Gray to perform nude
  18. download tip of the day: Damien Rice - Nine Crimes (Live At KFOG)
  19. Glen Danzig got his ass kicked
  20. Upload your music files here
  21. bass amplification question
  22. Another new Fiona Apple song.
  23. go download the new Dillinger Escape Plan - it's out
  24. flaming lips appreciation post
  25. holy crap, melissa auf de maur sucks
  26. Elliott Smith's Final Album Nears Completion
  27. Jurassic 5
  28. Top 10 for the week of 07/07
  29. drumming help please?
  30. itt you give a phonetic pronunciation of this band's name: portishead
  31. Why are Velvet Underground so good?
  32. PJ Harvey live in Roma 20/6/2004 (download this amazing show)
  33. Everlong is a fantastic song.
  34. Fans Slam George Michael in His Chat Room
  35. Why does everyone seem to overexaggerate how great the Pixies were?
  36. Kanye West on MTV
  37. opening bassline for les savy fav's Reformat
  38. Ring Modulator Pedals
  39. The Ordinary boys live in glasgow 2night
  40. Today's music ain't got the same soul
  41. who is that "everyone's a winner baby" song by?
  42. ITT you tell me good rock songs to download for my 15 yr old brother
  43. DKT/ MC5 w/ Mark Arm, Evan Dando live
  44. God Damn Tom Waits be da Bomb!
  45. marshall jcm2000 tsl 602 4 sale. NYC ONLY
  46. Courtney Love hospitalized
  47. how long do you think today's big artists will stick around for?
  48. tenage fanclub :app post:
  49. Spirit of Eden vs. Laughing Stock
  50. creedence clearwater revival
  51. black sabbath
  52. you give a phonetic pronunciation of this band's name: Einstürzende Neubauten
  53. itt you give a phonetic pronunciation of this band's name: [[VVRSNN]]
  54. itt you give a phonetic pronunciation of this band's name: !!!
  55. itt you give a phonetic pronunciation of this band's name: Jet
  56. white magic
  57. The last single you purchased
  58. talking heads put out some "new" albums
  59. Little Wings - Magic Wand
  60. have you heard of a band called Seafood?
  61. What if...
  62. The Church
  63. Just when we thought Fred Durst couldn't get more desperate...
  64. The MC5 'reunion' tour
  65. venetian snares - huge chrome cylinder box unfolding
  66. Viktor Vaughn - Mr. Clean (video)
  67. Jet on Letterman tonighter
  68. Does Franz Ferdinand suck live ?
  69. In this thread, thrillhouse recommends new CDs that we buy
  70. So AMG got a new design
  71. Dave Grohl drums on new Nine Inch Nails record
  72. Torontonians - Symphony under the stars
  73. phattest beat ever
  74. Melvins tour dates
  75. Most underrated guitar riff ever.
  76. so.... what is trip-hop?
  77. the fiery furnaces - blueberry boat
  78. Is Modest Mouse supposed to be good?
  79. one of the biggest problems with pitchfork
  80. Elliott Smith's from a basement on the hill to be released on ANTI- records
  81. I will watch Olympic Games opening ceremony for one reason
  82. One of our new songs......if you have the time
  83. Come listen to my new band...
  84. Oh shit, AIR is on tour!
  85. Most uncomfortable pronunciation of "bounce" in a song`
  86. Sahara Hotnights
  87. MM Food or VV2?
  88. DJ Z-Trip is a motherfucking genius.
  89. new mount eerie EP on DC++
  90. new U2 CD stolen
  91. i'm finally going to go to this thing
  92. Your top five David Bowie albums
  93. if you are bored, here are some studio recordings from my band.
  94. Listen to some australia punk band tell off radio djs
  95. Name a few albums you listen to...
  96. soundtracks
  97. I'm incredibly disappointed with the new Cure album.
  98. ok so I gave Xiu Xiu one last chance
  99. does anyone know if Pixies are touring....
  100. new bjork track on soulseek
  101. I just listened to all 5 IRS R.E.M. cd's consecutively
  102. Mum
  103. i need some new and good country music!
  105. Electronic Drum Beats
  106. I wonder how much $$$ ryan schreiber makes from pitchfork?
  107. now playing, albums
  108. Since completely stopped working for me...
  109. chan marshall changed her name...
  110. xbxrx, wolf eyes, and sonic youth
  111. william shatner - common people [pulp]
  112. Crooked Rain Deluxe Edition
  113. What's your favorite song on 69 Love Songs?
  114. Why the fuck is there all this media fuss about 10 years of Oasis?
  115. I just saw an Iron & Wine video
  116. Jesus Christ Pose by Soundgarden is the heaviest song ever
  117. GarageBand Day at MagnumMac
  118. ST #783: New stuff for you
  119. Kim Hiorthoy - Hopeness EP
  120. the alternate lateralus
  121. John Mayer's cover of Kid A
  122. The new Low box set
  123. DJ Shadow: In Tune and On Time DVD+CD
  124. Angry CHair by Alice in Chains is the heaviest song ever.
  125. Any word on The Frogs?
  126. make a "summer" mix
  127. Papa M question
  128. Concerts in London/Manchester/Glasgow in the next couple of weeks?
  129. Explosions in the Sky Tour Dates
  130. Melvins "Pigs of The Roman Empire" News
  131. songs for sexing
  132. recent,present,future purchases
  133. So this accoustic cover of Terrible Lie by 'Maynard'...
  134. The Underworld Soundtrack...
  135. Ch-Check it Out (Just Blaze Remix)
  136. What purpose did the Funky Bunch serve in Marky Mark's music?
  137. chris cunningham
  138. bruce springsteen- i'm on fire
  139. What do you think of The Lost Prophets?
  140. The Cure 7/24/04
  141. good club - techo music?
  142. helio sequence / secret machines show
  143. Belle & Sebastian live
  144. haha, that chick charlotte from Ash has gone solo
  145. Pearl Jam to preview live tracks on the radio tonight
  146. best pearl jam album
  147. Any netphorians going to the Pete Doherty Gig at Stereo tomorrow night?
  148. ozma just broke up
  149. Is it cool to like Pete Yorn?
  150. Ignornant cry for assistance
  151. My annual "I love Belly so fucking much" thread.
  152. The Mullet Burden by the Dillinger Escape Plan is the heaviest song ever.
  153. new Aereogramme album >
  154. omar rodriguez solo
  155. Dizzee Rascal's new single
  156. worst political song ever?
  157. recommend french pawp music.
  158. john "cougar" mellencamp appreciation
  159. Jamie Stewart + James Iha =
  160. background music in FX firefighter show
  161. fag patrol
  162. Not everyone understands house music
  163. DKT / MC5: Sonic Revolution DVD
  164. songs not for sexing
  165. an "unmastered advance" of The Blood Brothers' Crimes album leaked
  166. Bardo pond - on the eclipse
  167. Gomez
  168. The Day I Tried To Live Has The Greatest Most Assquaking Bass Line Ever
  169. Sunny Day Real Estate
  170. you have bad taste in music man
  171. Review of Sonic Nurse
  172. Handshake Drugs is the only song on Ghost not to suck shit from a dead cow's ass
  173. Hand in my Pocket is the sexiest song ever
  174. Recommendation thread: If I like Telefon Tel Aviv...I will also like.
  175. I just saw Prince in concert
  176. can anyone actually recomment some good korean music
  177. this years VMA nominations
  178. Roll Call : Curiosa Festival - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto - Aug 9
  179. The Cure - Pornography
  180. Check out my friends band!
  181. Murcof - Utopia
  182. What's your Holy Trinity?
  183. Best song evar.
  184. guitar playas.
  185. Clann Zu last night
  186. Best Albums - 1st Half of 2004
  187. The who in sydney
  188. Dolores O'riordan is a fucking goddess.
  189. What do you think of Maroon 5's new album??
  190. fave lyrics/lines
  191. New Badly Drawn Boy album.
  192. Why did no-one mention that The Hidden Cameras are well gay?
  193. mad...
  194. Pete DiStefano (Porno for Pyros), Stephen Perkins (JA) Jam last night
  195. CJ Sleez
  196. DC++ Hub Addresses? List 'em here.
  197. songs with dates/years in them
  198. Btrt002
  199. Devendra Banhart's new record Nino Rojo is on slsk
  200. I don't understand the modest mouse haters
  201. Modest Mouse
  202. throw the jew down the well
  203. new nonpoint
  204. Beta Band break up
  205. New Built To Spill album and tour
  206. Upcoming Shows
  207. anybody here watch Uranium?
  208. shortwave (check out this article from todays washington post)
  209. Jude Law, 33, is to play Ian Curtis - the whole tragedy about IC is he DIED YOUNG!!
  210. Don't mind this post.
  211. beavis and butthead introduced me to a lot of the music i listen to today
  212. Slint Reunion
  213. What Sufjan Stevens album do I buy?
  214. I really like punk loser anthems
  215. Red Hot Chili Peppers Question!
  216. What do Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M. and Bright Eyes have in common?
  217. New REM album: Around the Sun
  218. Chronic Future
  219. counting crows 'accidently in love' appreciation post
  220. M83
  221. Yo La Tengo will be on McEnroe tonight
  222. REM US/Canadia Tour Dates
  223. Metric is some pretty trippy shit
  224. ATTN: Tony, Thomas, Chris (EITS in Houston)
  225. i'm addicted to VU - After Hours
  226. new Comets On Fire record
  227. Sonic Youth at the Kool Haus last night
  228. soulseek help please
  229. isan
  230. Who likes Jimmy Buffett?
  231. Official Public Image Ltd. thread
  232. Thoughts on Garbage/ their upcoming LP?
  233. FYI: Rick James died today
  234. I love Cat Stevens.
  235. Sweep picking....
  236. Joe Preston joins High On Fire
  237. Yet another "I just saw Wilco and they were awesome" thread
  238. XIU Fing XIU live video and mp3s
  239. i have been getting down tonight , mainly to ////// the time
  240. Soothing study music
  241. Best Squarepusher album?
  242. DJ Shadow - In Tune and On Time.
  243. Instant indie rocker kit.
  244. Altar Bridge totally gives me a half-stack
  245. When do they usually announce the Bridge School Benefit lineup?
  246. curiosa
  247. favorite modest mouse and built to spill song.
  248. if i could have sex with a record
  249. good tab sites?
  250. Favorite Wu-Tang member?