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  1. Has Anybody tried the pixies dvd yet?
  2. eagles of death metal: the creeper
  3. Chi-town
  4. free ticket to metallica, korn, slipknot etc... at donnington this sunday
  5. Hands down, Godspeed is my favorite band fucking ever.
  6. shure sm57 set up question
  7. I just bout The Advantage's new album.
  8. new Mclusky
  9. Thurs. Jun10 - Rolling Rock Battle of the Bands - Boston
  10. I apologize for liking Michelle Branch
  11. recommend the best 1st album to buy from these groups:
  12. nkzldnvkjlnfgjlkfd
  13. Pete Yorn
  14. 4-track recorders
  15. she wants to move~ BUT YOU'RE HOGGIN HER
  16. new Streets album
  17. ticketbastard strikes again
  18. I need one Belle & Sebastian song
  19. just got my Braid ticket for the atlanta show
  20. ITT you LOL @ G&R
  21. And so you find yourself in love with "loveless"
  22. RECHOlCE!!!
  23. What's the next Beach Boys album I should get?
  24. extremely beautiful song of the day
  25. Liars and Oneida
  26. tortoise
  27. 50 Coolest Song Parts
  28. What is it with soulseek?
  29. The Beastie Boys - Some Old Bullshit
  30. this makes my week
  31. Your Current Favorite CD
  32. Creed Break Up
  33. Blue Dog Pict
  34. Recent Purchases
  35. Adjectives to describe Belle & Sebastian's music
  36. what's your favorite song on the my so-called life soundtrack?
  37. no uh huh her threads?
  38. Landing - oceanless
  39. new Beasties. on soulseek. go
  40. Burning Brides w/a perfect circle 06.05.04
  41. beth gibbons 10/17/03
  42. The Ponys
  43. spiritualized and john prine: a case of lyrical theft
  44. Why do you love or hate the Beatles?
  45. Do Make Say Think at the Music Gallery tonight
  46. fiona apple's 3rd album shelved indefinitely
  47. alanis morrisette came out with a new album?
  48. what are the best albums to start with...
  49. wanta fanta
  50. yo la tengo messageboards
  51. Robert Quine is dead
  52. so what band/song is playing in that gameboy advance commercial?
  53. damn (a copy from the thread on the general chat ;) )
  54. yo la tengo
  55. Les Savy Fav interview on porno website
  56. Curiosa Tour tickets on presale today (Toronto)
  57. new Graham Coxon
  58. Jeremiah Green rejoins Modest Mouse
  59. SOnic Youth is going to be on Leno tonight
  60. anyone seen Franz Ferdinand live?
  61. Where could I get info on Auf der Maur's first week sales??
  62. so i played some songs i wrote for a class today
  63. so I think I like modest mouse...
  64. Boingo Appreciation thread
  65. what small venues are in your town?
  66. What's the primary function of concerts according to you?
  67. Ray Charles is dead
  68. Shameless Band Promotion Thread
  69. Recommend me: Shonen Knife, 5678's
  70. ever wanted to live inside a record?
  71. My quickie Modest Mouse cover
  72. my new band
  73. Hey Jesse Miller What Do YOu Think of the New Polyphonic Spree record?
  74. Should I see Acid Mothers Temple Sat?
  75. favorite musician quotes?
  76. ryan patrick's 25ed top idm albums
  77. seeing blue oyster cult on sunday
  78. Hyperb0lly
  79. Modest Mouse have gained too much popularity
  80. Radiohead - Com Lag
  81. fucking pretty girls make graves
  82. Austin City Limits Festival 2004 Roster
  83. Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse
  84. new hidden cameras album on soulseek
  85. Free B&S show in Glasgow today
  86. This Is The Story Of A Girl!
  87. edinburgh festival> one flew over the cuckoos nest
  88. so, slipknot have new masks....
  89. ne1 seeing secret machines at the metro tonight?
  90. standard topic-like topic: favorite riffs
  91. favorite songs from musicals...
  92. CDs from Canada?
  93. :o ahem...nick cave!
  94. bjork's new album is called "medulla"
  95. Beulah is breaking up
  96. Beach Boys' "I'm Waiting For The Day"
  97. new pixies song in itunes
  98. Best Since 2000
  99. Inspirational Rap
  100. your thoughts on new cure material?
  101. black lab
  102. Hands On A Hard Body?
  103. iPod Fans
  104. opinions on the Decemberists
  105. Nickelback singles A/B in stereo
  106. fatboy slim is fucking in heaven
  107. jesse miller, do u like the new pAper chAse record?
  108. jesse miller, you liking the new Lifter Puller?
  109. Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage
  110. Do you ever yell song requests at concerts?
  111. Maynard James Keenan writes song that he thinks will...
  112. New single from The Pixies!
  113. Maria Mena - You're the Only One
  114. built to spill
  115. Craig Taborn - Junk Magic
  116. I love Superchunk
  117. Nick Drake is so purdy.
  118. rolling stone gives beastie's new album five stars...
  119. baby, now that i've found you i won't let you go
  120. CocoRosie - La Maison De Mon Reve
  121. Royal city
  122. Has anyone here ever listened to this?
  123. the kill bill vol 1 soundtrack was a rip-off.
  124. modest ferdinand.
  125. Primus Live
  126. The Flaming Lips
  127. post a song in here and i will learn, play and record it.
  128. Fav Foo Fighters Album?
  129. my dad and I were arguing about this the other day
  130. |:o
  131. apples in stereo/cornelius "seashore & horizon"
  132. rufus wainwright and ben folds tonight!
  133. Any tips for repairing scratched cds
  134. crappy live recording from a show i played last night.
  135. Sonic Youth and J mascus Sydney
  136. I'm obsessed with this Renata Youngblood lady.
  137. R.E.M's best album
  138. your favourite Dylan album
  139. applied communications
  140. Atreyu sucks
  141. Part Chimp - Chart Pimp
  142. David Bowie got a lollipop stuck in his eye
  143. The Cure sucks
  144. New Slum Village is dope
  145. Cornell cover
  146. Attn: Pixies Fans
  147. Vanity
  148. anyone have vid of Auf der Maur on Conan? i missed it
  149. Yona kit
  150. James Brown sucked
  151. staring at the sun
  152. worst song titled "one"
  153. anyone going to glastonbury?
  154. attn: tasty
  155. Hole - You Know You're Right
  156. I saw Spoon last night
  157. New Fiona Apple song, Extraordinary Machine.
  158. Pedro the Lion covers for anyone who cares.
  159. Lollapalooza cancelled
  160. Ticketmaster
  161. Pitchfork "retracts" Beasties review
  162. Would you have gone to lolla despite not buying tickets yet?
  163. new cure album streaming on vh1
  164. guitar advice
  165. good acoustic albums
  166. van lear rose
  167. my avril mp3 turned out only kinda OK.
  168. Europeans - you going to see dEUS?
  169. Dig!
  170. all copies of Beastie Boys - To the 5 Buroughs contain virus
  171. There's a Devil in my dick, and some demons in my semen
  172. Ryan Adams - Love is Hell
  173. quick easy question
  174. Bob Dylan - Sara
  175. pixies @ u-mass 12/1
  176. omg the lead singer of VAST has gotten big..hes on carson
  177. Mansun
  178. so um, yea i got to meet Shellac at the show saturday
  179. SPFC tabs
  180. London record stores
  181. so am I only one who is totally in love with Wilco's new album?
  182. Jane's Addiction break up again...
  183. Liars
  184. the goo goo dolls suck.
  185. The Rasmus
  186. Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit
  187. I'm sorry, but I am now officially loving the fact that Lollapalooza was cancelled
  188. What's your favourite decade in music?
  189. john otto! take it to the matthews bridge!!1
  190. dead milkmen - smoking banana peels
  191. Matt Nathanson
  192. I wrote a song called "Seven Seas of Victory"
  193. rodeohead - more proof that pitchfork is retarded
  194. what's a good place to start with bjork?
  195. explosions in the sky austin 06/26
  196. I saw The Paper Chase last night...
  197. ST 1: Favorite Beatles Album
  198. the darkness are a bit strange in person.
  199. the RADIOHEAD "just" video mystery
  200. I swear to God, you must all go fucking listen to the pAper chAse
  201. Cake : the distance
  202. $810 for a copy of Shellac - the futurist
  204. notorious b.i.g.
  205. Venomous Concept-Retroactive Abortion
  206. Who here likes Judas Priest?
  207. dreams coming alive
  208. Sonic Youth tour dates & other info from fan email
  209. London Calling: The 25 Anniversary Edition
  210. gay for johnny depp
  211. favorite genre right now
  212. best genre for you, right now
  213. wire - chairs missing
  214. Anyone check out Indie band of the month: "The Killers" yet?
  215. the thrills
  216. Guilty pleasures.
  217. fuck. shit. damn.
  218. this year's hip hop releases
  219. new cure album
  220. Jack Rose
  221. Who likes Twista and Do or Die?
  222. what pedal should i buy next?
  223. check it out is a really good single.
  224. Canada Court Ruling: ISPs not liable for royalties
  225. Bjork writing songs for The Rasmus?!?!
  226. create a music video
  227. new hip album
  228. Best way to ship a guitar?
  229. so, 2004.
  230. the hives are funny.
  231. Reverend Horton Heat- REVIVAL
  232. Claypool's new project
  233. NSFW - The rules. (This thread IS safe for work)
  234. New Interpol has leaked...
  235. Iron & Wine
  236. best albums of the 2000 decade so far
  237. New NaS: the Thief's Theme
  238. muse: The second best band ever?
  239. Reality Bites 10th anniversary soundtrack
  240. Funny thing
  241. New Tragically Hip
  242. Foreigner appreciation post!
  243. best hip-hop song EVER
  244. Brother Danielson - Brother Is To Sun
  245. I saw They Might Be Giants yesterday!
  246. The Mars Volta
  247. your 3 favorite 3/4 time songs
  248. what is ur favourite song with bass in it lOL!!!
  249. Reccommend me music from the 30's, 40's and 50's
  250. prodigy, always outnumbered never outgunned