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  1. The Roots - The Seed v2.0
  2. beck and kool keith confirmed today for coachella!
  3. devo
  4. why, hello coachella set times!
  5. Your current song addictions?
  6. spanish rockers, where art thou?
  7. Tom Waits Fans: How would you rate Frank's Wild Years?
  8. New Beasties
  9. denali broke up!!!1
  10. i covered and recorded a song by sufjan stevens. tear me a new asshole you fucks.
  11. Black Eyes - Cough
  12. I saw my favoritist band last night and it was oh so glorious.
  13. Killing Joke
  14. Your Band Sucks
  15. if you see me at coachella
  16. Phillip Glass...
  17. I'm trying to get a friend hooked on The Pixies
  18. fuzz pedal recommendations
  19. another pixies thread...
  20. 1991 - The Year Punk Broke (download link)
  21. Sebadoh/EITS together in Austin
  22. Another stunning Rune Grammafon album to get
  23. do most new bands sound alike to you?
  24. ITT you tell me three newish albums I should dload
  25. 100 years anniversary of death of Antonin Dvorak
  26. i saw dave pajo this morning
  27. Who do you think will be the special guest at Coachella today?
  28. MM lyrics post
  29. Coachella. Damn.
  30. albums listened to today...
  31. Jakob
  32. coachella 2004 + me
  33. lol, Total guitar publishes 100 greatest guitar riffs
  34. Charlie Manson
  35. i saw some fucking great music last night
  36. European aereogramme fans > a wee favour
  37. emotional joystick - bellicose pacific
  38. my review of A Perfect Circle last night for the GMU paper
  39. I am the Portugese Blues
  40. Calexico appreciation thread
  41. Ween or Wilco?
  42. do make say think tour dates in toronto.
  43. Bernard Herrmann appreciation thread
  44. loretta lynn on letterman
  45. Anyone record the Cure on Leno last Friday?
  46. East Hastings appreciation post
  47. First new Who songs in 20 years
  48. it's amazing what can be done with a simple drum loop
  49. sally webcast tonight at 10pm.
  50. Take That, "The Man"
  51. digital guitars!
  52. "SOunding Like" vs. "Ripping Off" bands
  53. Pixies announce fall tour dates
  54. Elliott Smith's Final Recordings Due This Fall
  55. Sparta - Porcelain and Atreyu - The Curse ripped.
  56. did you know that Snow actually released 4 albums?
  57. Sigur Ros - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
  58. 2 good things.
  59. I'm looking for a good music board.
  60. Pixies
  61. when does Auf Der Maur come out?
  62. Get your portrait painted with Stevie Knicks!
  63. motherfucking peaches live
  64. It Would Be As Exciting As Daryll Hall And John Oates Having A Reunion Tour In Your T
  65. so where's the fucking roster for ACL Fest?
  66. Spinoff: What bad memories ruin good music for you?
  67. the Frida Soundtrack is really good.
  68. Ever witnessed a band breaking up or having a serious arguement on stage?
  69. respond within 7 minutes...
  70. AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill
  71. 80s Ballad Faceoff
  72. Accordions!
  73. Silly grouphug thing...
  74. A Perfect Circle
  75. Primal Scream live in Osaka 14-11-2002 (download inside)
  76. 2004 sasquatch! music festival
  77. Oasis Face-off
  78. New Matthew Good
  79. APC - Lost in the Bermuda
  80. So, I bought Pixies tickets
  81. Is Jimmy Eat World coming out with an album this year?
  82. Which late spring/summer tour will you be most certain to avoid?
  83. the fuck?
  84. Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing In The Hands
  85. Fuck the Pixies, I'm going to Simon & Garfunkel
  86. white slave
  87. Are the Pixies playing at really shitty venues everywhere?
  88. My day of shopping at used CD stores.
  89. I'm doing a radio show on Tuesday...
  90. Funkstorung ft. Tes - Fat Camp Feva
  91. Can someone recommend some classical music?
  92. Choose Your Own Adventure: NYC!
  93. anyone see Sebadoh last night?
  94. Reznor says Tapeworm is dead.
  95. Explosions in the skys' "Magic Hours" shall play at my funeral.
  96. ani was amazing last night
  97. Anything happening in Rome June 5th - June 12th?
  98. i got the music staff to put the Old Tyme Lemonade comp in spotlight
  99. My Morning Jacket 05.09.04
  100. st# 36933: Upcoming Shows!!!
  101. TV on the Radio live
  102. radio stations?
  103. mates of state - funeral song
  104. Von Bondies?
  105. I wrote this song...
  106. Archers of Loaf - Web in Front
  107. Supersuckers cover of "Hey Ya"
  108. Jeff buckley's Stepbrother Taylor
  109. which two headed boy do you prefer?
  110. the new Avril album is on soulseek now guys
  111. Sexy Latin Singer Face-off
  112. What is the best place to buy music merch online?
  113. Modest Mouse on MTV
  114. the orgy show!
  115. fuckin' Destroyer!
  116. MUSE in SF
  117. oh, richard!
  118. Okay. Favorite song ever
  119. ringo starr's son joins oasis
  120. Public Image ltd blew ass
  121. Tool
  122. madm plays guitar too?
  123. attn: I_was_aborted
  124. Bands you recently discovered are awesome
  125. we were born within an hr. of each other, our mother said we could be sister& brother
  126. can you recommend....
  127. The Cure vs Morrissey
  128. The Detachment Kit - Of This Blood
  129. sonna
  130. Curiosa Tour dates
  131. mccartney - here today
  132. The Frogs?
  133. Which Kinks album to get
  134. Brit Band Face-off
  135. Now Playing...
  136. Man or Astro-man?
  137. Yaphet Kotto - We Bury Our Dead....
  138. Identification of effects - help needed
  139. fred durst's blog
  140. auf der maur
  141. Recommendation: Aidan Smith
  142. man, The Stickmen made Dismemberment Plan completely unnecessary
  143. so i started a little netlabel
  144. strokes in boston
  145. Courtney replyed to me.
  146. Favorite Album Artwork?
  147. dont love the band but suede's the wild ones is exquisitely beautiful...
  148. if i buy one fall cd and one super furries cd...?
  149. ATTN: sp aced
  150. Who's Going to See the Pixies Where?
  151. four track/eight track recorders
  152. so i finally got Fever To Tell
  153. morrissey
  154. areogramme in france somewhere
  155. Potential Mixtape, Vol. 1
  156. favorite album and song you've discovered this year (so far)
  157. what's the song that plays of the end of ryan seacrest?
  158. the nappies
  159. Fuck the Pixies and fuck Simon & Garfunkel, I'm going to Patti Smith
  160. elliott smith's either/or sessions being releases song by song
  161. R.e.m. / Up
  162. beastie boys
  163. new studio adventures from the crazy world of my band
  164. Recent Purchases
  165. SMiLE to suck
  166. Top 10 WORST album covers of all time
  167. What the fuck is up with the Veils?
  168. song identification help
  169. i think i've succumbed to emo
  170. coheed & cambria
  171. Radiohead Hutchinson Field Show, CHI Question?
  172. Barry Manilow
  173. will tom waits ever tour again?
  174. Tom Petty Appreciation Thread
  175. tujiko noriko
  176. favourite all time album name
  177. new PJ harvey album
  178. modest mouse - opinions please
  179. devistatin' dave: turntable slave (mp3)
  180. petition to rename forum to Irrelevant's Music and Discussion Forum
  181. The Postal Services' cover of the Iron and Wine song.
  182. online music store help
  183. good album cover
  184. Matthew Good news and shit (hub)
  185. fatlip
  186. Thoughts on Velvet Revolver
  187. joanna newsom - milk-eyed mender
  188. Frusciante to release 6 records by the end of the year
  189. Advice on mic ?
  190. dinosaur jr. / jmascis
  191. Clue To Kalo, Mice Parade
  192. Happiness In Magazines
  193. new Polyphonic Spree stuff
  194. Discovering great talent at openmic nights
  195. ITT you post the title and artist of a song...
  196. wooa'a'a'oow'waoo'oo'a'a'oo...
  197. What's the first tape or cd you ever bought?
  198. omg, they are selling this tape for $3.99 at FYE!
  199. the 90's: one hit wonders!
  200. David Hasselhoff to release hiphop record
  201. What you get when you mix Beatles with Metallica
  202. song download of the day
  203. What did Black Francis lift this from?
  204. Lift to Experience
  205. hymns, choral music, the like.
  206. Bush - Sixteen Stone
  207. amazing Xiu Xiu show - FLAC
  208. Phish is breaking up
  209. Lost Boy - In search of Nick Drake
  210. bachelor no.2
  211. Toronto area people: Will I see you at Lollapalooza?
  212. Tell me about these albums and...
  213. ash's new song orpheus is hilarious
  214. MADM will be on edge radio today
  215. for Finnish Metal fans
  216. Eagles of Death Metal
  217. a song from my new album: "Rain Upon The Windows"
  218. Favorite Led Zep song?
  219. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
  220. I was offered a free ticket to see OAR in august.
  221. Bass Drum Mics
  222. how do you feel about dave matthews band?
  223. Hey eyesbomb, where are the good record stores in Rome?
  224. Audioslave Blow.
  225. Patti Smith
  226. DC Hubs.
  227. it's time for another inane cross-genre cover to get forwaded across the internet
  228. Bands With Managers
  229. Bikini Girls with Machine Guns
  230. NIN-Closer (Super Mario Remix)
  231. Avril interview cut short when singer gives camera one finger salute
  232. So, with all the Maynard hating going round…
  233. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Grace Legacy Edition
  234. haha...afi
  235. Porcupine Tree
  236. I listened to the William Hung CD yesterday
  237. So i downloaded a Khanate album
  238. I'm going to see The Stills tonight
  239. what's that site where you can search for difficult-to-find albums?
  240. A Perfect Circle 5/29/04 - Houston, TX
  241. favorite outkast album
  242. The vines do it again!
  243. Did anyone get Prince's Musicology get?
  244. Mum - yesterday was dramatic, today is ok
  245. I can now die a happy music lover
  246. Polyphonic Spree new album preview...
  247. What song did Ambulance play on Conan this past Friday?
  248. rock's biggest douchebags?
  249. eno music
  250. hasn't the new Beasties record leaked yet?