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  1. AMG's rating of your top 10 albums
  2. Sean Casey
  4. Pearl Jam - Brother
  5. Top 5 Bassists? In Your Opinion
  6. weezer's blue album [deluxe edition]
  7. new radiohead EP out march 29th
  8. bass effects through the computer
  9. recommend good slide guitar music/musicians
  10. worthwhile movie soundtracks
  11. List good commercials together with good music.
  12. five horse johnson
  13. new entries. ..
  14. The Mars Volta Tonight
  15. An awesome analysis of Flody's The Wall
  16. Logh is an excellent band
  17. five greatest live bands you've seen
  18. underground hip-hop
  19. St. Germain
  20. songs about fan and band "relations"
  21. Steel Pole Bath Tub..whats your opinion of SPBT
  22. now playing - albums
  23. favorite Rancid album?
  24. jitterbug............jitterbug
  25. Soulseek not working?
  26. Shows in Toronto?
  27. Current Guilty Pleasures
  28. David Bowie in Philly
  29. The Decemberists-The Tain.
  30. Lollapalooza 2004
  31. Quasi
  32. supergrass mania
  33. smiths albums?
  34. critique this
  35. Matthew Herbert: where to start?
  36. My Bloody Valentine, News v2.0
  37. Canadian Court rules file sharing is legal
  38. the walkmen on letterman tonight
  39. Are there any DAT or MINI DV tapers in the following cities?
  40. Prince - Musicology
  41. new Cypress Hill
  42. All Tomorrow's Parties
  43. favorite pavement?
  44. new killswitch engage?
  45. Dis my band!!
  46. in the past week i've heard modest mouse in...
  47. Attn: Everyone
  48. So who's seeing the Pixies?
  49. emiliana torrini co-wrote kylie minogue's slow
  50. gosh i love cold brains
  51. Fantomas / Melt Banana tour....
  52. bob dylan and jack white doing "ball and biscuit" live
  53. Will oldham
  54. air was pretty awesome live
  55. eagles of death metal - peace love death metal
  56. in the next few weeks I'm hopefully interviewing...
  57. Soulfly - Prophecy
  58. Wilco - A Ghost Is Born
  59. anyone wanna give me a record deal?
  60. so some shaggy blonde guy offed himself ten years ago today
  61. The Normal - Warm Leatherette/TVOD
  62. new comp. with built to spill, songs ohia, silver jews...
  63. At last scientific proof that Nickelback suck
  64. The following people
  65. Lamer than the Pumpkin ones...
  66. Selling musical instruments
  67. mr. tweedy goes to rehab
  68. recording on the computer
  69. Hoover Appreciation
  70. music trend/ prediction thread
  71. did you watch that Nirvana special on MTV?
  72. whoa pitchfork is dead wrong. Fly or Die hella grew on me.
  73. pixies will sell recordings of their shows at the european leg
  74. Modest Mouse - Good News
  75. Unkle - Never Never Land
  76. let's make a definitive list of songs covered by paul shaeffer's late show band
  77. patrick, Sean Casey, Irrelevant
  78. sometimes i get danzing stuck in my head
  79. New Of Montreal
  80. Kanye west college dropout
  81. Listen to this and tell me what you think.
  82. I never see this topic on here: Recommend some good R&B/Soul!
  83. Jay-Zeezer: The Black and Blue Album
  84. The Sounds - Rock N Roll
  85. The Mars volta (question)
  86. any buckley fans?
  87. Great as they were SP never conceived a new musical vocabulary like mbv on loveless
  88. Best album of 2003?
  89. Sunburned Hand Of Man - Rare Wood
  90. new Tortoise
  91. Matmos - Rat Relocation Program
  92. Major labels want to raise the price of online music
  93. Glassjaw Appreciation Thread
  94. I like the Melvins
  95. How do you eliminate/remove/reduce mic noise?
  96. listen to this band i'm in...fuck.
  97. built to spill do ozzy
  98. Less than Jake in 5 days!!!
  100. Lali Puna
  101. People going to Coachella
  102. black forest/black sea - forcefields and constellations
  103. Elf Power!
  104. probably ancient, but uber-cool!!!
  105. The Microphones - Test
  106. I painted "Merzbow" on a white t-shirt
  107. Blonde Redhead - "Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons"
  108. <3 my nerd music indie crew
  109. Rufus Wainwright in Toronto/Guelph...
  110. What Cracker album should i start out with?
  111. apparently the rapture and interpol are opening for the cure this summer
  112. mtv?
  113. hey boycott graceland
  114. favorite song from "america's sweetheart"?
  115. Despite the fact that Mayfuck likes Cornelius, they're/him/it are pretty good.
  116. Frustration Plantation
  117. Love's Forever Changes
  118. Need help finding a French song/singer
  119. did N*E*R*D always have 3 members?
  120. fuck. i love this guy
  121. I got Pixies tickets in ATL
  122. William Basinski's Degredation Loops
  123. np ben gibbard - jňga
  124. Cancel: Easter Sessions
  125. New Seven Mary Three Album "Dis/Location"
  126. Recomend me some albums to download.
  127. primus on tour again
  128. band
  129. The Rentals: Return of the Rentals
  130. Disappointment Party of One (for ***** specifically)
  131. As Seen On TV
  132. tonight i shall see the rapture
  133. albums purchased recently
  134. standard topic whatever favorite album openers
  136. New Andrew WK dates!
  137. Pixies Setlist from their first show (4/13/04)
  138. Best Rapper of All Time?
  139. i might get this eight track
  140. ST#373: Upcoming shows
  141. McLusky is the new Jesus Lizard
  142. ATTN: Sean Casey
  143. wilco cancels coachella, 7 other dates
  144. Duran Duran!!!
  145. who's seeing the magnetic fields 5/20 at town hall?
  146. listen to this and tell me what you think
  147. modest mouse
  148. Curefest!
  149. The Long Winters now a 3 piece
  150. maynard's gay??
  151. ST: Albums listened to today
  152. lightning bolt - power of salad and milkshakes
  153. APC show was pretty cool.
  154. Thoughts on Modest Mouse?
  155. cds you want
  156. i am the walrus question
  157. Nurse leaked in it's entirety
  158. James Chance
  159. Now Playing,....
  160. Tiger Lily
  161. ST# 34523: Cheesy Parts of Good Songs
  162. ever walked out on a headlining act?
  163. Tricky
  164. attention all you electronic music makers.
  165. overrated records
  166. poorly timed rock careers
  167. PJ Harvey joins Lollapalooza
  168. Reccomend me some good travelling music...
  169. taking controls of a strat
  170. taking controls of a strat
  171. taking controls of a strat
  172. Stunning reccomendations
  173. Any of you like Tortoise?
  174. Ex-Girl - Endangered Species
  175. Acid mothers temple touring the US
  176. Ahaha, check out (music related)
  177. Rich Dork
  178. Instrumental Jazz Music
  179. Anyone have an extra ticket to the Pixies Toronto show?
  180. Blink 182 rocks my socks off
  181. now that Pitchfork has reviewed it you can all go buy it
  182. interesting picks for the summer of 2001, failure
  183. Sometimes I like to tie multi-colored streamers around my arms, hop atop my bed...
  184. is it OK to like the von bondies?
  185. Blender names 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs…Ever
  186. Want a Record Deal or a Free Demo Review?
  187. so someone just sent me Broadcast - Still Feels like Tears
  188. songs about money and relationships
  189. Pixies in T.O.
  190. What's Your Fav Pearl Jam Album?
  191. Nirvana vs. Radiohead
  192. of the albums you have listened to so far this year...
  193. the nickelback mp3
  194. taking controls of a strat
  195. Does anyone have good software for burning from FLAC to CD?
  196. Orbtial's Blue Album Online?
  197. so do you all like of montreal now
  198. wttw chicago soundstage was awesome
  199. sarge appreciation post
  200. The Sounds really suck.
  201. Whats with this new stupid rock cliche?
  202. The Music
  203. Dusk at cubist castle and Explanation II
  204. sonic youth appreciation!
  205. Rank these "new" bands
  206. Since Paradise City still rocks hard to me...
  207. Mister_Density Netlabel release
  208. Local Bands That Pride Themselves On Sounding Like Radiohead
  209. reccomend bands on indie labels that don't sound indie
  210. good songs/albums to download
  211. austin city limits sep 17-19
  212. Songs about 40s
  213. Nas
  214. ST 19: favorite Nirvana album
  215. Dammit, Kill Hannah is playing at Cane's and it's already sold out.
  216. Rock and Roll
  217. hOLY SHIT. Maynard's side project "TAPEWORM" demos leaked to internet. link *******d
  218. fall down bloo.
  219. I would love to see this rap faceoff
  220. Has anyone heard the new Telefon Tel Aviv?
  221. Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy
  222. what the fuck? from the new issue of spin.
  223. GBV to split.
  224. is yeahyeahyeahs' fever to tell a good album?
  225. Baby Dayliner
  226. Radiohead Sydney 24th april
  227. RHCP - universaly speaking
  228. RHCP - universaly speaking
  229. I bought Ace of Base's greatest hits.
  230. So who here has seen 'The Darkness' live?
  231. Thelonious Monster: California Clam Chowder
  232. elliott smith's final album to be released within months
  233. May will be a good month for me.
  234. New Music
  235. No Radiohead at Coachella??
  236. Rap song I heard on teh radi0
  237. Who is going to Coachella? Can anyone help me with a ride and some tickets?
  238. After having lived in England for almost a year; my fav english band is 100 Reasons
  239. Am I the only person in the world who completely dislikes The Smiths?
  240. since everyone thinks i'm so cool and stuff
  241. Explosions in the Sky live videos.
  242. Van Lear Rose is miraculous
  243. I'll host the Nurse album for a bit.
  244. The Goom Label
  245. Public Enemy - Fight the Power
  246. i need to come up with a name for my special program by friday
  247. mUSe
  248. Clearlake - Cedars
  249. Which pitchfork writer do you have a crush on?
  250. ATTN: Ryan Patrick