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  1. EMI sends Cease & Desist letters to hosts of Grey Album
  2. why is kurt cobain so overratted?
  3. will he ever play again?
  4. Far From Words similar to Pumpkins
  5. always get a winning itunes pepsi bottle cap
  6. Nellie McKay
  7. nine inch nails update
  8. the coolest thing i've heard all year
  9. Ima Robot
  10. the dears tour the US west SIDE
  11. Orbital Appreciation Thread
  12. spanish rock?
  13. My Top 5 Songs of All Time
  14. New BtS Songs
  15. :(
  16. Any Kyuss fans?
  17. Primavera Sound Festival 2004
  18. eyesbomb would never have bought these new discs because he's an utter fag
  19. rip off
  20. your favourite rock intros?
  21. West Coast vs. East Coast Hip-Hop
  22. Susumu Yokota
  23. Whiskeytown- Pneumonia
  24. Fuck singles.
  25. SHN is to MP3 as ___ is to ___?
  26. Upcoming Shows
  27. The video for Reptilia rocks!
  28. xiu xiu at hemlock, sf april 3rd
  29. any Tristeza fans here?
  30. recommend home recording gear
  31. any of you musicians been ripped off?
  32. opera for dummies
  33. nick drake
  34. tonights purchases
  35. The new Lali Puna is really good.
  36. What's the artist with the most albums that you know?
  37. stp
  38. The Dears
  39. should i break up my band.
  40. Not a great or original band but if you're talking about songs to make you sob...
  41. Does Air put on a good live show?
  42. I just thought of the greatest band name EVER.
  43. Am I instrumental second rate sigur ros?
  44. any good shows in dallas/ft worth march 11-20?
  45. any good shows in chicago march 6-10?
  46. any good shows in san diego \ los angeles march 5-14?
  47. so how is everyone liking mellon collie-era blink 182
  48. question about The Darkness
  49. X
  50. *best* NES cover band
  51. st: hook up music.
  52. Anybody seen Elefant?
  53. Britney Spears - Toxic
  54. Someone PLEASE tab out "float on" for me.
  55. Do you still listen to the radio?
  56. Question about the Darkness
  57. Ssion
  58. So I'm not going to SXSW anymore...
  59. i saw damien rice tonight
  60. Favorite Cure album?
  61. ST: Post your music, ye spoony bards!
  62. i saw stereolab last night so now i can die happy.
  63. the strokes
  64. new bands
  65. Courtney Love: AMERICA'S Sweetheart!
  66. Cure question...
  67. CD Quality rip of Modest Mouse - GNFPWLBN?
  68. fuck off machete
  69. Favourite DMB live CD?
  70. Synthesizers
  71. Madvillain - Madvillainy
  72. ep's
  73. What's this song?
  74. Who is still buying SPEAKERBOXXX/THE LOVE BELOW?
  75. hey patrick
  76. hey - anyone listen to yngwie malmsteen?
  77. best album of 1994
  78. Going to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah's tonight...
  79. are any of these bands good live?
  80. the new Vines album leaked.
  81. Autowahs
  82. now i comment on Good News for People Who Love Bad News
  83. there was a douchebag here that liked vincent gallo
  84. neil young - after the gold rush (album) appreciation thread
  85. My Bloody Valentine; second coming?
  86. I'm on a 2002 kick.
  87. New Thermals album in may
  88. The Living End
  89. Kanye West - College Dropout
  90. Opinions on the new Incubus album?
  91. worst single you've heard recently?
  92. Does "The Love Below" grow on you or is "Speakerboxxx" really 10x better?
  93. Pearl's Jam
  94. New Silver Mt. Zion Info
  95. So who's heard of these bands...
  96. Local H
  97. 50th birthday of the stratocaster.
  98. pixies/breeders LA show ruminations.
  99. Music
  100. Squarepusher - Ultravisitor
  101. jai guru da va OM!
  102. (smog)
  103. lhasa
  104. help!
  105. Recent Purchases
  106. new pedro the lion & ben kweller albums
  107. Beck! appreciation
  108. so apparently lil' bow wow got raped up the ass by his chauffeur
  109. is the tv on the radio album worth getting?
  110. Mahavishnu Orchestra
  111. the wrens vs. the unicorns
  112. these songs are pretty crappy
  113. Hole
  114. New Sonic Youth album - "Nurse"
  115. one of the many reasons pitchfork is not to be relied on
  116. Jem
  117. recommend me some GREAT oldies.
  118. albums with a majority of songs with positive/uplifting lyrics
  119. The Ponys - Laced with Romance
  120. Spinoff: Netphorian singer/songwriters unite and strut your stuff
  121. What's your favourite Unplugged performace?
  122. The Sounds
  123. Mp3 of Choir singing Nine Inch Nails "Closer"
  124. Son Of SP
  125. AtEase Board Radiohead Tribute
  126. Minus Story - The Captain Is Dead, Let The Drum Corpse Dance
  127. washington social club
  128. best drummer alive!
  129. best drummer poll
  130. OzzFest vs. Warped Tour
  131. Is there a Netporian WASTE Network?
  132. stake your claim to one band
  133. what's your favorite NIN song?
  134. dustin diamond (aka screech) just released an album
  135. Weekly Pixies thread
  136. Closer no longer allowed on the radio?
  137. The trembling blue stars
  138. Easy songs to play on guitar.
  139. We Ragazzi
  140. The guy from The Dead Milkmen
  141. MACRock At JMU?
  142. Sarah McLachlan appreciation thread.
  143. Kanye West leaked album
  144. nellie mckay - get away from me
  145. Papa M European tourdates (so far known)
  146. Daddy G solo set
  147. Stereolab show up for download
  148. Overrated/overhyped bands
  149. maroon 5???
  150. pay downloading
  151. Favorite guitar piece
  152. can you recommend me a turntable/record player?
  153. Interpol
  154. what songs give you shivers, and when?
  155. So i accidently experienced a noise concert
  156. ST#1 Post your concertography
  157. i was born a unicorn is a really fun song.
  158. Lossless Smile Royal Festival Hall, London, 24 February 2004
  159. Kill Bill Volume II Soundtrack tracklist
  160. now playing in my head
  161. so i saw the walkmen again tonight
  162. catchy songs
  163. new kevin shields interview
  164. 311 - Lovesong
  165. 2004's music has sucked (or: a veiled plea for recommendations)
  166. Sleeping at Last- "Ghosts" (the song, not the album)
  167. Favor requested: musical notes for Kid A (the song)
  168. ITT: We thank Mr. Patrick for the 8 disc 2003 compilation
  169. SXSW appreciation post
  170. music downloading programs
  171. Classical Music
  172. tell me about weezer's black hole sessions
  173. help with BOSS pedals
  174. supergrass
  175. Yoshimi Battles the Hip Hop Robots
  176. The Thrills
  177. good papa m review
  178. john vanderslice - cellar door
  179. favourite emcee?
  180. primus in dc saturday night
  181. Download some music
  182. Hangedup - kicker in tow
  183. The Stills
  184. eminem - straight from the lab EP
  185. Muse?
  186. 16 horsepower
  187. Placebo - Soulmates Never Die DVD
  188. ATTN: Sean Casey
  189. I saw Sonic Youth tonight...
  190. Songs for the advanced bass player.
  191. Modest Mouse Concert: Dallas, 3/16
  192. brian wilson plays a song by the beatles
  193. New Wilco Song
  194. The WHITE STRIPES are great, so lick my fucking toilet bowl.
  195. 16661
  196. listenting to whispers and catching bits of conversation...
  197. Hayden
  198. i like that evanescence song
  199. Chino Moreno
  200. APC live shows... and what happens there..
  201. did I get great new release discs today or what?
  202. Courtney Love Arrested.... again...
  203. New Streets single finally
  204. check out this music (not a personal plug)
  205. Sometimes She Burns
  206. what papa-m cd would you recommend for me to get?
  207. good sonic youth messageboard?
  208. I'm way hardcore.
  209. ITT, you recommend me something to download.
  210. magnetic fields - i.
  211. Tell me what Spiritualized video I just saw.
  212. Some of what I've seen at SXSW so far...
  213. Fugu
  214. Cody Chestnutt - Headphone Masterpiece
  215. Damnit people! New Calexico stuff coming up
  216. Measles Mumps Rubella
  217. N.E.R.D. Fly or Die
  218. has anyone seen the black heart procession or enon lately?
  219. Anal Cunt appreciation post.
  220. robert sledge got biiiig
  221. Rival Schools
  222. Should I buy the Bangle's "Doll Revolution"?/Music recommendations.
  223. MACRoCK 2004. Schedule + Who's going?
  224. Hey kids, I just did a cover of Rev. Davis' song 'I am the Light'..
  225. Top 10 Rock/Pop Songs Ever
  226. Joel Plaskett Mini-Canadian/US Tour
  227. New Neutral Milk Hotel rarities CD + live DVD
  228. your top ten albums
  229. yeah yeah yeah's
  230. Modest Mouse to release live album on website
  231. devendra banheart - rejoicing in the hands
  232. I have a bad feeling about the new PJ Harvey album
  233. So what effects are used on Souvlaki?
  234. i haven't seen any topics on it yet so..
  235. The Beatles
  236. new music
  237. my bloody valentine news
  238. to make sure i've started enough modest mouse topics
  239. Stereolab in "probably making a retrospective DVD" shocker
  240. another Modest Mouse thread
  241. new Beulah tour dates
  242. Did anybody get the new R.E.M. DVD yet?
  243. 17 year-old influenced by Unwound
  244. mazzy star - among my swan
  245. the liars live show was one of the best i've ever seen
  246. john mayer covers "kid a" (the song)
  247. bands that are like franz ferdinand, only better
  248. grey album
  249. trying real rhapsody for free for a week
  250. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction