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  1. recommend me some labradford
  2. Riot at first date of Guns N' Roses Tour!
  3. quick question: Paz (a perfect circle \ zwan)
  4. nin:tool
  5. YES. Beck
  6. Steely Dan
  7. is there a difference...
  8. Listen to my radio show!
  9. More Avril
  10. zAo
  11. The Clash, Costello, Police to be inducted into Rock Hall of Fame...
  12. Sonic Youth at Lupos [nov 23]
  13. Kick Ass Picture (Music Board Related)
  14. Tori played 27 songs on the opening of her new tour
  15. oh mickey you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey mickey
  16. Madonna - Die Another Day
  17. i need tickets, and fast....
  18. recommend me some music, plz
  19. ballboy
  20. should i go to a Beck/Flaming Lips karaoke contest?
  21. best riffs ever:
  22. elvis costello - watching the detectives
  23. Entire Genres that are Easy to Dismiss
  24. korn is even more stupid
  25. a request for Sean Casey
  26. NSync - I Need Love
  27. What's a better music board to read/post at?
  28. everything's pretty pointless...
  29. Flaming Lips on Charmed and new live EP
  30. Compilation for a loved one.
  31. If Kurt Cobain was still alive
  32. Beatles Dr. Ebbets Catalog Remastered Bootlegs
  33. Music you can't understand why people like.
  34. why does no one like experimental jet set trash and no star?
  35. cool new bjork video
  36. In ancient times ...
  37. gescom
  38. Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust)'s brother murdered...
  39. Riot Act
  40. you pick my new cd purchase!
  41. wanna buy the house Ian Curtis of Joy Division killed himself in?
  42. NME Top 10 singles of the last 50 years
  43. New and interesting topic! Favorite songs!
  44. recommend me some electronica I haven't heard yet
  45. Interesting interview with Ultimate Fakebook
  46. Sigur Ros in Mpls.
  47. So I just got Sleater-Kinney's One Beat..
  48. The Essex Green - Everything is Green
  49. Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk
  50. Help me find a MP3
  51. Neu discs for moi(11/13)
  52. Radiohead comp. cd
  53. details on new Massive Attack album...
  54. weezer nostalgia
  55. That new Tori Amos video is pretty fucking weird.
  56. Even more Avril
  57. Year of the Rabbit cover SR's "I wanna be adored"
  58. Ascap or BMI
  59. ICmuthafuckinP
  60. hmm. i might go see the blood brothers tonight.
  61. "Paul Westerberg blew it"-Tommy Stinson
  62. The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtracks
  63. Jackson Browne-"somebody's baby"
  64. Tori Amos- Saturday!
  65. Tom Waits - "Flower's Grave"
  66. what song goes like this?
  67. Sixpence None The Richer
  68. Flaming Lips Videos (including the imfamous Phoebe)
  69. question for those who know obscure music
  70. here's another reason weezer sucks:
  71. I'm seeing Peter Gabriel tonight
  72. NEED Taper for Chicago Double Door tonight!
  73. shefa gold
  74. Phish? help...
  75. space rock songs mix tape (help!)
  76. I saw the Legendary Pink Dots tonight
  77. Music recommendations!
  78. Jim Derogatis: "I've never seen a better rock concert"
  79. does bjork write happy music anymore?
  80. take a look at the ATP 2003 line-up
  81. Garth Brooks appreciation
  82. the smiths fuckin' rock!
  83. bands you lost interest in after seeing them live
  84. albums from this year i haven't heard that are worth hearing?
  85. pedro the lion last night
  86. For the Kids/Maybe This Christmas compilations
  87. When bands push products onto their fans
  88. ATTN: Netphoria's Favorite Eighties Albums
  89. Marilyn Manson and other creepy vibe songs.
  90. Tell me about 4-tracks
  91. I can;t find my cake cd!!>!>!>:(
  92. Drive Like Jehu - Yank Crime Reissue
  93. recommend me some cure stuff
  94. Beck - 'Lost Cause' Video
  95. Hole's version of "you know you're right"
  96. Death in June
  97. sick obsessions with christmas music or "hi, i'm gay"
  98. Clocks (by coldplay)
  99. Strummer and Jones: together again
  100. *leaves to see tool*
  101. Mission of Burma worth 23 dollars?
  102. Why is Eminem...
  103. I was wondering why there were so many Rap mp3s available on Kazaa, & then it hit me
  104. A few Frank Black pictures from last night.
  105. What is a good strokes messageboard, i need tickets
  106. recommend me some mogwai
  107. todat is the day
  108. Download Deftones songs
  109. pitchfork's top 100 albums of the 80's
  110. ftp address
  111. Song lyrics that tell stories!
  112. Diary of Sum 41
  113. tool
  114. Queen Latifah arrested on DUI charge
  115. Anyone seeing frank black at the gypsy tea room?
  116. YOKO FREAKIN' ONO is coming to my sister's high school:
  117. Secret Square's cover of Candy Says
  118. Nu-metal
  119. Make A Mix For Me and We'll Trade
  120. Good Info on the whole mp3/filesharing/music downloading debate?
  121. iso :the strokes nov 26 in DC
  122. Lyrics Help
  123. what hip hop shows have you attended?
  124. Brand Spankin' New Cds (11/22)
  125. Guitar Wolf
  126. motherfucker!
  127. please suggest music for me to download
  128. your favorite band? (still together)
  129. CDs I got from Kranky for my b-day
  130. i just bought funkadelic maggot brain and its terrifyingly good
  131. Right on, Joan Jett!
  132. Enzed's purchase og the week...
  133. Nirvana Fans: BBC Peel Sessions Online
  134. Elliot Smith: Thumbs up or thumbs down?
  135. Ivy - Apartment Life
  136. ST #99045: Your Latest Mix CD
  137. Interpol 'Turn on the Bright Lights'
  138. mama you've been on my mind
  139. Belle and Sebastian and Stereolab
  140. outside of music videos...
  141. So I guess the toadies are back together?
  142. Pavement- Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe and Reduxe
  143. What song is this? (from a commercial)
  144. Queens of the Stone Age
  145. Those APC acoustic performances are really really good.
  146. Edit the Sad Parts
  147. Pavement/Blur Question:
  148. Another commercial song question...
  149. Your favorite bands by decade!
  150. tell me about these bands, please
  151. Omg! So Pissed! Holy Crap!
  152. T.a.t.u
  153. The distillers
  154. Bands you can't get enough of
  155. i'm pretty sure this has been asked before...
  156. If any of you are fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, they are playing in Park City UT
  157. Where the fuck do they sell Sigur Ros shirts?!?!
  158. interpol vs the datsuns vs the von bondies vs the yeah yeah yeahs vs the beatings
  159. new Roots album
  160. The Bonzo Dog Band
  161. John Mayer: what is this faggot crap?
  162. D-Plan Slays the Dragon
  163. Billy's wealth and the Industry... the fight continues.
  164. recommend your favorite stand-up CDs
  165. Ever Been To a Concert Against Your Own Will?
  166. For those of you who got SoaD's "Steal this Album" today
  167. talib kweli - quality
  168. Audioslave review
  169. sybarite - nonument
  170. aluminum group - happyness
  171. soundgarden vs alice in chains vs stone temple pilots and why
  172. low>siugar ros
  173. your favourite lyric ever (max 6 lines)
  174. New Strokes MP3s
  175. Tortoise
  176. yay! 10 new blur songs are done!!
  177. new Stephen Malkmus mp3 at matador
  178. whoa, pennywise sucks
  179. Your first concert ever?
  180. guns n roses get too much credit
  181. why were so many of Jeff Buckley's lyrics about water and death and drowning
  182. excellent news to brighten your day!
  183. paul mccartney's concert on tv.. performing beatles songs.
  184. Does anybody other than Tori fans buy Tori albums anymore?
  185. here, listen to this song
  186. Convince Netphoria to download a song you love
  187. Depeche Mode: should I get 101 or singles (81-85)?
  188. What to buy (in the vein of O'Rourke, Fennesz, etc.)?
  189. Which version of Electrical Storm is the best?
  190. Favorite Soundtracks
  191. Ikara Colt
  192. The Music
  193. The Vines...
  194. black heart procession
  195. So it's almost time for the best of 2002 threads ...
  196. i need serious help with a song
  197. Magnolia soundtrack VS. Magnolia score
  198. new compact discs for this week
  199. i like being excited for concerts
  200. jump little children! acoustic tour! omg.
  201. MTV2 uncensored video show
  202. No one wants to go see Stephen Malkmus with me.
  203. Direct Connect Hubs
  204. RHCP LIVE ! best arena rock band in the world
  205. there's a new Death Cab For Cutie disc?
  206. Yume Bitsu - The golden vessyl of sound
  207. Does anyone else think that
  208. Tell me about these bands:
  209. uploading to the ftp
  210. So I went and saw Dj Shadow on Friday ...
  211. seriously...
  212. does anyone like the monkees' music?
  213. So I dl'd the QotSA from the Netphoria FTP...
  214. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
  215. Q Magazine Reader's Poll - Top 10 Albums of all time
  216. Coldplay-"Harmless"
  217. Brendan Benson
  218. anyone here get tickets for...
  219. Pearl Jam Eifel/Nurburg 09.06.00 - is this show any good?
  220. TV Comercial Music Question
  221. Fuck Liam
  222. I know I was born and I know that I'll die
  223. Kraftwerk to tour:
  224. Oceanic.
  225. Alice Cooper
  226. aussie netphorians: pearl jam special on RAGE this Sat. night
  227. Peter Garrett quits Midnight Oil
  228. Adult Contemporary owns all your asses
  229. Piebald has to be one of the crappiest, most boring bands in the world
  230. Cop Shoot Cop vs. Sam Stone
  231. Henry Rollins...
  232. This new Mtv cartoon has The Flaming Lips' "Fight Test" for its theme song
  233. what is the at the drive in song
  234. now THIS show would be bigger than the Osbournes...
  235. OFFICIAL: Netphoria's Top Singles of 2002
  236. New Discs for the week(12/04)
  237. omg! Yanni touring! & Yanni is coming to Richmond!
  238. To any who has heard the AudioSlave album
  239. I need some Christmas music.
  240. Flaming Lips in a commerical
  241. Modest Mouse > Pixies
  242. New Autechre CD in April!
  243. Built to Spill > Modest Mouse
  244. Top 5 songs to make love to
  246. Wanted: Good new bands
  247. quote of the day
  248. skunk,slint,chavez,tortise,papa m -is that it?
  249. i LIEK
  250. Review of Beck last night