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  1. Band you love RIGHT NOW ?
  2. Boards of Canada to release album in Februrary 2004.
  3. Rufus Wainwright tomorrow! Who's going?!
  4. Ten favorite songs from your favorite artists of all time/right now
  5. New Fiona Apple songs!
  6. modest mouse playing three consecutive dates in orlando
  7. so i'm considering getting room on fire.
  8. Clearlake - Cedars is excellent
  9. CDs At Arm's Reach
  10. quicksand pull me in
  11. so how do you go about telling your band you want to "do a b0lly"
  12. Does anyone here listen to Acid mothers temple
  13. Songs you have on repeat
  14. what's the best non festival line up you've seen live?
  15. interesting CDs/songs to review
  16. The Musical Box - Selling England By the Pound
  17. god damn
  18. so i've been listening to the pixies for several months
  19. Friends Forever - "Carnisaur vs. Unicorn"
  20. a good Beatles site
  21. Netphoria's best albums of 2003
  22. Netphoria's best singles of 2003
  23. This could get expensive...
  24. Modest Mouse Newbie
  25. What is The Strokes best song?
  26. remember when i said The Soft Bulletin was just an updated Pet Sounds?
  27. Eamon - Fuck It
  28. Netphoria's best albums of the 1960's
  29. Best albums you discovered in 2003
  30. Scissors Sisters- Comfortably Numb
  31. so, the Evanescence co-founder guy quit...
  32. Strange/guilty pleasure crushes on musicians
  33. mbv
  34. Does anyone listen to Mono or Violent Indiana?
  35. Eminem to be interviewed by the Secret Service
  36. A Big 'Thank You' to Netphoria
  37. Ozzy Osbourne seriously hurt in accident
  38. So Milkshake is supposed to be a good single?
  39. best best of list of 2003 of 2003
  40. Please let us hope that this is indeed not true
  41. Kool Keith tells dem bitches how it is
  42. ( ) > AB, ( ) = AB, or ( ) < AB ?
  43. Favorite CD when ill?
  44. Your top 5 80s Bands
  45. This is the reason why I love Bjork.
  46. Exclusive Frank Black EP
  47. so who here has seen the magnetic fields live?
  48. The best song(s) by the Pixies.
  49. bandname generator thread #247
  50. Recommend some heavy shit plz.
  51. What Would Your Backup Band's Name Be?
  52. CDs I bought today
  53. where's a good place for loops and samples and stuff?
  54. i saw ryan adams for free
  55. jay-z - the black album
  56. Surface of Eceyon - Dragyyn > Explosions in the Sky - The Earth is not a Cold Dead Pl
  57. Curse of the Birthmark is pretty way cool
  58. Chris Martin marries Paltrow
  59. David Bowie-Toronto-Dec. 12th Postponed
  60. if rappers were not allowed to rap about money\women\cars\drugs, who would be left?
  61. lcd soundsysterm - "losing my edge"
  62. shing02 - 400
  63. Rufus Wainwright....where have you been all my life?
  64. Goblin - Zombi (Dawn of the Dead) soundtrack
  65. CD Review: Mitch Hedberg - Mitch All Together
  66. New(?) NIN album info.
  67. elliott smith LP6 news/ruminations
  68. Because you indie fucks enjoy it so much..... music forum name dropping!
  69. Trip Hop is the best fucking thing ever.
  70. What do you think of my music
  71. Someone post a big list of records released in 2003...
  72. Your Favorite Song With 'Baby' In The Title?
  73. The Dessert Sessions Live!
  74. if rock bands weren't allowed to sing about love or drugs, who would be left
  75. Xiu Xiu: Fabulous Muscles
  76. dc talk
  77. Making music is soooo fun!
  78. quinoline yellow
  79. the thermals
  80. those Charalambides fellows
  81. Lauryn Hill Blasts Church at Vatican Concert
  82. More Shitty CD Reviews/Purchases From Thomas
  83. isobell campbell news
  84. Qotsa - ...Millionaire (Troy Mix)
  85. haha so who's gonna buy pitchfork's new book?
  86. if you like hip hop...
  87. Funny Twiggy quote
  88. soulseek
  89. I saw Belle And Sebastian last night
  90. Jack White may face assault charges
  91. Ryan Adams has a meltdown at First Avenue
  92. The Darkness - Permission To Land
  93. I'll say it again...
  94. New SFA tourdates!
  95. Stone Temple Pilots - Thank You
  96. Afterglow
  97. Acute political observations from Blink-182
  98. Songs of the moment
  99. The Private Press brings back so many memories.
  100. now downloading: the new microphones album
  101. With my naked eye I saw
  102. What do you think of Outkast?
  103. 2 new pqow songs!
  104. the byrds or the kinks
  105. The disastrous 1976 Beatles Reunion cover up
  106. I'm seeing A Perfect Circle's smallest gig ever
  107. Counting Crows - August and Everything After
  108. indiesnob bullshit
  109. damn japanese
  110. hahaha, Sean Lennon
  111. Cibo Matto is good, though.
  112. if you like m83 you might like the purple confusion
  113. this is going to be the best musical experience ever for 2004
  114. The Used
  115. the long black veil
  116. ehm... wah pedals
  117. kraftwerk in torornto
  118. Radiohead is the most amazingly artistically inspired band.
  119. i hang my head in shame...
  120. lol Pitchfork put their top 10 ALBUMS of the year up
  121. Is Ryan Adams losing it?
  122. *reminder* Dessert Sessions on Leno tonight!
  123. They were all in love with dyin', they were drinking from a fountain
  124. Recommend some art-rock bands...
  125. Stereolab Tour Dates
  126. Courtney Love's New Single
  127. Indepth internet music piracy analysis from the BBC
  128. spinoff: recommend some bands that a pumpkins fan would like
  129. ryan patrick and captain jared will be on air 12-4 a.m. CST tonite
  130. agh dates clash
  131. bands from your city with enough potential to make it big...
  132. Come in this thread.
  133. I hope this is good
  134. muso problem.
  135. elastica s/t appreciation thread
  136. Who is the most fucked up band of all-time?
  137. Prefuse 73's new album 'One Word Extinguisher"
  138. the music nerd test
  139. Melissa is supporting APC in Europe.
  140. Radiohead are so much better than The Beatles
  141. I hate this time of year
  142. headphones (good ones)
  143. another rip off, this time the names are eccellent
  144. I am Listening to "St Anger"
  145. Remy Zero have split
  146. mbv's "don't ask why"
  147. yo, slags. spillthe beans on 4-tracks.
  148. British Christmas No 1 announced!
  149. All Tomorrows Parties (UK)
  150. Iain and I broke up
  151. hey, failure, recommend me stuff
  152. Massive Attack and trip hop suggestion thread jack off
  153. Echoes isn't really that good.
  154. eyesbomb has the stupidest views on music ever
  155. Converting .SHN to a CD-Burnable format without much loss.
  156. The Definitive "Netphoria's Must-Own Albums" List.
  157. Original 'Songs For The Deaf' Appreciation Post
  158. What can you all tell me about Daughter Darling?
  159. 'Can't Even Breathe' Appreciation Post
  160. her man's been gone
  161. Urgent! Flaming Lips/White Stripes NYE tickets for sale
  162. Yeah Yeah Yeahs question
  163. like music ~~
  164. White Stripes singer charged with assault
  165. arkane- i
  166. radiohead is the best band of all time
  167. radiohead sucks
  168. i personally like radiohead but think they are overrated
  169. how many more people would like the pixies if they had a different name?
  170. How many more people would like the Pixies if they didn't suck?
  171. If you like my band...
  172. I got Lost Dogs for Christmas
  173. debut of the year (2003)
  174. modest mouse and wilco should come out with new albums so i can use these gift cards
  175. current favorite music
  176. Pixies CONFIRMED for their live return
  177. Beastie Boys, "Sounds of Science"?
  178. Minuit
  180. the feeling of discovering new music.
  181. Predictions for music in 2004
  182. records out in 2004 you can't wait for
  183. Phillip J Collins
  184. albums you've recently obtained
  185. Is the Loose fur cd worth owning?
  186. st#24: make a list of the live gigs you've been to
  187. Pinch Me: Southern California just got a great alterna-rock station
  188. name this song
  189. Old but good: DJ Food - Refried Food
  190. ...and in this post we celebrate Medeski Martin & Wood.
  191. Ever cried because of a song?
  192. John Peel's Festive Fifty 2003
  193. Bands that you saw LIVE before they broke up/died
  194. One From the Heart (1982 musical)
  195. demanding, difficult but GREAT albums that always reward
  196. "Work of Director" DVDs
  197. talkie walkie is all over soulseek
  198. Albums that are as good as the Glow Pt. 2.
  199. Spinoff : What album have you convinced the most people to buy?
  200. my dad's listening to Riot Act really loud in the other room
  201. The Postal Service - Give Up
  202. there's been a recent resurge on this board
  203. listening to the love below for the first time.
  204. The Icaurs Line - Mono is the best album of 2003
  205. Favorite Scott Walker Song...
  206. Music To Empty Your House In Under 10 Seconds - Tested!
  207. Your Favorite Song on Weezer - (Blue Album)?
  208. Alkaline Trio on Letterman Tonight.
  209. Super Furry Animals help
  210. Mellowdrone is fucking awesome.
  211. Ex-Girlfriends
  212. Why isn't anyone talking about the Non-Prophets
  213. Hooray, another damn end-of-2003 poll
  214. possibly trivial post: b0lly & mars volta?
  215. G'n'R appreciation thread.
  216. Hey, so uh, what's your favorite band?
  217. morrissey, the comic book
  218. best grandaddy songs?
  219. have your seen your favorite bands play your favorite song live?
  220. Pretend you have no albums and you're visiting ...
  221. 12-4pm CST... listen to my top 25 albums of the year
  222. Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem, movement II, Dies Irae
  223. first Nirvana show ever
  224. I Uploaded Some Songs I Wrote If You Want To Hear Them.
  225. REM- Out of Time
  226. Wolf Eyes
  227. album cover quiz
  228. indiesnob controversy post 101
  229. recommend fugazi
  230. this is war
  231. If You Want To Hear A Song I Just Recorded With Vocals...
  232. Recent CD Purchases
  233. Your local radio stationís Top x of the Year
  234. Is writing and publishing tabs ilegal?
  235. Celebrity Look-alikes
  236. Belle and Sebastian - "Piazza, New York Catcher"
  237. interesting covers
  238. more Elliott Smith news....(good this time)
  239. Alex Lifeson of Rush arrested, tasered, nose broken by police (vid.)
  240. wow, this is sure good news for me
  241. Use Your Illusion I VS. Use Your Illusion II
  242. single frame ashtray
  243. badmotorfinger vs superunknown
  244. so i just listen to a few songs off loveless for the first time
  245. fugazi broke up
  246. jack white's mug shot
  247. best 10 punk/hardcore albums ever
  248. If I like Durian I will also like _____.
  249. Recommend some Nuskool breaks.
  250. Eagles of Death Metal : Live ~