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  1. check this out
  2. spinoff: how to survive an indie record store
  3. Anybody have the Bodysong soundtrack?
  4. gosh i'm glad it's raining. name good rainy-day songs
  5. recent disappointments and recent surprises
  6. Pearl Jam - Lost Dogs
  7. i'm beginning to SEE THE LIGHT!
  8. St#56564: Misheard song lyrics.
  9. Recent singles that make you cringe
  10. Two songs I can't stop listening to no matter what.
  11. post the tracklist to the last mix you made
  12. The best thing Madonna ever did
  13. whfs nutcracker 2003
  14. 50 Cent sucks
  15. Kinski/Acid mother temple split CD
  16. Food (supersilent related)
  17. Pink Floyd reunited
  18. david bowie!
  19. rush playlist
  20. songs about interracial lovin'?
  21. Spinoff: "Bedtime Story" is a gorgeous video.
  22. ****** Hill's image changed the mainstream.
  23. Midnight, The Stars and You
  24. saw chevelle tonight...
  25. Twilight Singers tour
  26. I'm listening to the Black Album leak...
  27. Non-mainstream music vendors?
  28. your current guilty pleasure faves
  29. A Thousand Leaves is the best fucking album ever put out and if you don't agree with
  30. Versus get my tits hard...
  31. I kinda like the new Default song
  32. ATTN Billy corgan
  33. review of Patti Smith's "Horses" on
  34. PIC POST: How do you feel when you listen to a certain band?( NP?)
  35. loungy female R&B cover of fell in love with a girl
  36. as of right now, your top 5 of 2003
  37. hey, i saw liz phair last night.
  38. Spinoff: Dr. Dre is *not* a good producer.
  39. went to Amoeba Music and came home with...
  40. got the new Kylie record today
  41. Graham Coxon
  42. Albums you forgot you loved!
  43. All RHCP Sounds the same.
  44. Whoa blast from the past!
  45. radiohead was awesome on subterranean this weekend
  46. mountaineers - messy century
  47. flaming lips - do you realize? (postal service remix)
  48. sad eyed lady of the lowlands
  49. Hot Hot Heat
  50. David Gilmour
  51. Who's bought Let it Be Naked?
  52. Creed break-up.
  53. death cab for cutie - last night!!
  54. guitarists, suggestions please
  55. how the music industry utilizes p2p
  56. STP Broke Up
  57. Weezer's Island in the Sun
  58. Settle a Bet : did bjork cover "99 luftballoons"?
  59. RIP Michael Kamen
  60. Placebo re-visit southern california
  61. Songs you can't believe are so fucking beautiful ...
  62. I'm interviewing Peaches soon, what should I ask?
  63. self-titled albums
  64. Guitar straps
  65. belle and sebastian really put me in a good mood
  66. Yo La Tengo - Today is the Day EP
  67. any MUSE fans here
  68. go and see the hidden cameras!
  69. Primus is Incredible Live
  70. Frozen Scrotum's new album (SlapFest)- anyone else heard it?
  71. Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - Streetcore
  72. Shellac/Steve Albini
  73. The Rolling Stone 500 list
  74. Should I see Explosions In the Sky?
  75. i wanna download a certain style of music, but i don't know what to look for
  76. the toadies - hell below, stars above
  77. what local band have you seen the most number of times live?
  78. who's heard the cover of BOC's "flaming telepaths"?
  79. stoner music
  80. lowcloudcover Music....
  81. Clay Aiken vs. PETA
  82. Poll: Did Cap'n'Jazz get killed by Mars Volta
  83. Hay guys
  84. i took someone's special program slot tonight, i have to play chick bands
  85. should i see the buzzcocks?
  86. Vinyl collectors
  87. Phil Spector charged with MOIDER!
  88. anyone in bands
  89. phil spector has been charged
  90. Anyone aware of Nina Hagen?
  91. DJ Shadow: Live In Austin
  92. Van Gogh's Missing Ear
  93. You should listen to The Aeffect
  94. "Change" is an excellent record
  95. i get to see The Rapture + The Shins free on 11/21
  96. spinoff: most overhyped local band?
  97. Top 5 Most Underrated Bands
  98. pink floyd
  99. The Darkness - Street Spirit
  100. lyrics Post!!
  101. The Helio Sequence
  102. The song "Ben" kicks ass
  103. i saw xiu xiu tonight
  104. i met bob nanna last night
  105. Guess who I met at The White Stripes show last night
  106. the earth is not a cold dead place
  107. Pic Post-Albums You Listened to Today
  108. Mick turner (dirty three) solo work
  109. Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday?
  110. Driving Home CD track suggestions
  111. Johnny Cash box set
  112. Just got back from Jose Carreras...
  113. fatboy slim - "gangster trippin"
  114. Songwriters... your inspiration and influences?
  115. Favorite record labels?
  116. john frusciante
  117. TM Juke?
  118. So Johnny Cash dies
  119. beatles record signed by paul on ebay for 5k
  120. why is it that many CD's have a different tracklisting than the original LP?
  121. Anyone else a fan of "The Features"
  122. clayaikenclayaikenclayaiken WTF HAPPENED TO THE BLACK WINNER!
  123. i love this video.
  124. Pitchfork Top 100 albums of the 90's
  125. Carole King
  126. hum appreciation post
  127. Spin-Off: Pitchfork #1 for 90's
  128. Beck
  129. Lee Perry is the man...
  130. Refused News
  131. What member of The Donnas would you bone?
  132. The Ramones and Billy Idol had a Rockin Roll Baby!!!
  133. more awesome music from toronto
  134. Talking Heads-Once in a Lifetime (new box set)
  135. I need ideas for images to express the lyrics to Pink Floyd's Eclipse
  136. Rush In Rio DVD
  137. are these CDs ant good?
  138. Scarett's Walk tori amos
  139. Mum is the reason Aphex Twin sucks.
  140. Favourite Beatles Album
  141. Bing Jiling!
  142. Rolling Stone Issue #937
  143. hooley hoo
  144. frank black tonight
  145. Letting The Cables Sleep Appreciation Thread
  146. Totally Unsolicited: Britney Spears' Top Ten Records of All Time
  147. Mutant thread: SP versus mars volta
  148. upcoming showz
  149. Outkasts global takeover continues
  150. michael mayer - fabric 13
  151. themarsvolta > outkast
  152. Oh! Ranger.
  153. has anyone listened to avenue D?
  154. Favorite Michael Jackson song?
  155. wednesday 8pm-12am CST listen to my radio show?
  156. 3 hidden B-sides on
  157. When you really like a band, and then the whole board leaves you behind
  158. Gonna try to buy tickets to The Coral off a tout tonight
  159. Favorite One-Hit Wonder Radio Song of the Late 90's
  160. Part II: One-Hit Wonder of the 90's
  161. other bands need to take a hint from Tori Amos' greatest hits
  162. Jonny Greenwood's new soundtrack
  163. Spin-Off: top 25 albums of the 2000s
  164. yay, my friend gave me a best-of elvis record
  165. Evil Pupil - Gallons of Void
  166. Who has Pearl Jam - Lost Dogs? Is it good shit?
  167. Spinoff- The Best Bands To See Live These Days
  168. Good christmas songs
  169. I'm seeing Sepultura tonight, please pray for my life
  170. christ, arab strap are boring.
  171. Coldplay Live 2003 DVD
  172. Kinski wasn't half bad yesterday
  173. What the fuck did I just do? (newly bought music thread)
  174. Songs with clapping
  175. Les Savy Fav Live
  176. Ken Andrews & Maynard sing The Nurse who Loved me.
  177. the new belle and sebastian single is really terrible
  178. hey remember when you guys bought into and you will know us by the trail of dead?
  179. Britney- "Touch of My Hand"
  180. Hey netphoria, tell me about these albums
  181. shows to watch with the sound off and the albums to play while you watch
  182. Vinyl > Tape > CD
  183. Godspeed You Black Emperor Finished?
  184. Semi-bi-monthly Amon Tobin appreciation post.
  185. X-Ray Spex-Germfree Adolescents
  186. how do you open those pesky new CD/DVD packages without breaking the case?
  187. Fuck Lenny Kravitz
  188. 5 Sexiest Songs of All Time?
  189. hot hot heat.
  190. Who thinks U2 are talented?
  191. This is not a test
  192. Sleater-Kinney
  193. copy control discs
  194. Wanted: Flaming Lips & White Stripes New Years Eve Tickets (chicago)
  195. Most "emo" Beatles record
  196. why does everyone hate the promise ring so much?
  197. Saw APC last night
  198. Bootlist Help
  199. Help me decide which record to buy.
  200. Nation In Love With Girl From Record Store
  201. hey netphoria tell me about this album
  202. concert dvds
  203. Depressive songs ?
  204. Music reviews
  205. Current Songs on the Radio That You Enjoy
  206. Zombie! Rob or White?
  207. Upcoming EITS Shows
  208. What I like most about the Soft Bulletin
  209. Auf der Maur studio versions from the radio
  210. so, elliot smith...
  211. what does this board think of Denali?
  212. here i made this.
  213. In 1994, Portishead did a short film "To Kill a Dead Man"
  214. Deerhoof- Halfbird--Do you like any pre-Revielle?
  215. so jimi hendrix...
  216. Who is the illest MC?
  217. Favourite Joy Division album
  218. Pearl Jam Launches First Self-Published Music CD
  219. Radiohead recent setlists ?
  220. Favorite Television track?
  221. david bowie - space oddity appreciation thread.
  222. Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keys
  223. APC is boring live
  224. most hip hop beatles album?
  225. Most "Emo" Sounding Ja Rule Record?
  226. discs that came into my grasp this week
  227. new artists nominated for a grammy
  228. If Rock'n Roll falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it...
  229. The Grammy nominations were released...
  230. Best Super Furries album?
  231. The Radar Brothers - On The Line
  232. holy fuck, uk peeps
  233. 12/31/03 VERSUS w/ Mates of State in NYC
  234. yes!!! Andrew WK gets his own show on mtv2!
  235. I'm seeing a Shady Records extravaganza tonight
  236. what was the best show you saw this year?
  237. Broken Social Scene- December 3 & 4, Toronto.
  238. Andrew WK on the Video Game Awards
  239. John Mayer on why he's better than Junior Senior
  240. Design your own guitar!
  241. So, tell me about Lightning Bolt
  242. radiohead - towering above the rest
  243. Broken Social Scene Lyrics
  244. sublime appreciation thread.
  245. Live on release - Emotional griptape
  246. the notwist rescheduled toronto date
  247. Jackie White
  248. 2003 mix cds
  249. Party albums to drink to?
  250. Best Self-Titled Album?