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  1. albums you were told to not download/purchase that you later discovered you loved
  2. The Exploited causre riot
  3. best album intros/ first song on album
  4. Radiohead on Letterman tonight
  5. File Sharing Program
  6. Spinoff thread: worst album intros/ first song on album
  7. What's wrong with Pavement?
  8. einsturzende neubauten us tour!!
  9. that "bang bang" song on the kill bill soundtrack
  10. Peaches tonight at the Metro.
  11. Is the double bass in these metal bands for real!?
  12. Beth Gibbons - 10/17/03 - St Paul, MN
  13. Radiohead to tour Japan
  14. That "buzzworthy" Fountains of Wayne song is fucking awful.
  15. The Cannibal Corpse appreciation thread
  16. The Crutch - October Issue now available!
  17. i'm lovin' it
  18. Limp Bizkit fans sue group a la Creed
  19. Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips
  20. My Morning Jacket 10/17/03 Austin, TX
  21. just got soulseek working again after 2 weeks. what should i dl?
  22. Recommend me some Papa M...
  23. This is where you post some lyrics
  24. so i saw jr./sr. last night
  25. mogwai are playing glasgow tonight
  26. Death Cab song on FOX NFL Pregame
  27. "Walk Away Renee"
  28. Standard Topic: Top 5 gigs attended
  29. Notwist are so fucking good
  30. The Slackers are fun!
  31. atp la
  32. Twilight Singers - Blackberry Belle
  33. Bad Company
  34. there was something like a wall between
  35. MCIS is the best album since 1980
  36. Fuck "On The Beach"
  37. Because I've Been A Bit Of An A-Hole Recently And Everyone Needs A Laugh...
  38. Wayne Coyne’s severed head as a hummingbird feeder
  39. would anyone make me a couple mix cds?
  40. I just got Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
  41. lightning bolt tonight
  42. young gunz - can't stop, won't stop
  43. DAF fucking owns
  44. why does myxomatosis need two songs named after it?
  45. Yea is what we had
  46. Anyone wanna make me a Crestfallen drum track with Fruity loops?
  47. Clay Aiken has won me over
  48. Ween- Quebec
  49. Kill your mommah
  50. Favorite instrumental song moments..
  51. help me crib music
  52. Are there any programs I can use to remove vocals from a song?
  53. Now Playing...
  54. What song is this? (Charlie's Angels)
  55. Albums that on a whole are good, but where the singles are the best tracks
  56. Elliot Smith
  57. Ryan_Adams_-_Rock_n_Roll-2003-XMR
  58. I just got back from The Walkmen
  59. elliott smith's death has indeed been confirmed
  60. a perfect circle agree to disagree
  61. Pretty good New York Times article on the Shins
  62. Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain
  63. greatest band ever
  64. Pictures of memorial for Elliott
  65. Worst drums ever?
  66. Rush.............Rush in Rio DVD.
  67. Tell me about the Cocteau Twins
  68. Judas Priest anyone?
  69. i guess i'll do this again: albums bought sometime this week
  70. Dark Entries
  71. How do you pronounce the title of Pearl Jam's second album?
  72. New EITS Album Review
  73. room on fire > elephant
  74. Michael Jackson appreciation post.
  75. Radiohead tour dates for AUSTRALIA
  76. Michael Jackson vs Prince
  77. Numbered White Album LP
  78. Has anybody heard that Bubba Sparxx single?
  79. people you enjoy as opening bands...
  80. Elliott Smith Tribute Album
  81. P.Diddy, Marathon Man -do you think he's gonna make it?
  82. Heh, Josh Homme and PJ Harvey are doing a duet on Jools Holland
  83. anyone interested in the new Pearl Jam DVD
  84. Pearl Jam - Lost Dogs (BT link)
  85. Maritime
  86. Desalation Row is one of the best songs in the past 50 years.
  87. does it frustrate anyone else endlessly...
  88. What music does pumpkins fans like?
  89. Best Album of the Year
  90. I broke glass bottles with a mic taped to a hammer last night...
  91. Teenager of the Year is the best album of all time
  92. Fcuking Fuck!
  93. What was the name of that incredible guitar chick on Conan again?
  94. extra white stripes tickets?
  95. CDs i got today...
  96. cleaning cds
  97. If Queens of the Stone Age had come out 10 years ago....
  98. R. Kelly - Thoia Thoing
  99. since i've been gone for like, 2 months...
  100. have the polysics ever played live on a much music show?
  101. band name poll
  102. alt.
  103. I love Belly.
  104. everyone's jumping on the nurse who loved me train.
  105. suede were great
  106. Siouxsie And The Banshees
  107. Prince World tour sydney
  108. Whatever
  109. Nick Cave - Song of Joy
  110. Morcheeba - Who can you trust?
  111. date set for Stereolab newie
  112. R.E.M. - "Animal" and "Bad Day"
  113. Be a man
  114. artists 'evolving' sound + , - , or =
  115. The Shins are better than your stupid emo bands.
  116. Why I Love Pitchforkmedia.Com
  117. has the new blink or puddle of mudd leaked yet?
  118. unibomb will set the whole world on fire!
  119. Favorite Rolling Stones album?
  120. I really like Angie Stone.
  121. Anyone a fan of "The Anniversary"?
  122. Her name is Yoshimi
  123. who's going to see kill hannah at the voodoo music festival?
  124. Billy Joel Appreciation Thread
  125. fucking insane: sunburned hand of the man
  126. BWAHAHAHA! The Polysics are my new favorite band.
  127. White Noise - An Electric Storm LP
  128. Who were some of the first/most famous country music artists?
  129. RZA should not rap on the Kill Bill soundtrack
  130. logh
  131. Explosions in the Sky
  132. Pearl Jam - 10-28-03
  133. Question RE: 'artsy fartsy music'
  134. My eyes...are bugging out
  135. the strokes "under control"
  136. I'm in love with the new No Doubt song
  137. hi there everyone~ ^^
  138. did anyone see mogwai at the astoria on the 24th?
  139. ok, so i've only found two records this year that i really dig (suggestions plz)
  140. R.E.M. - New Adventures in HI-FI
  141. Favorite Modest mouse Cd? (LETS GET THE NEW ONE ALREADY DAMN YOU SONY)
  142. I get to see Belle & Sebastian this Sunday.
  143. music you persuaded lately.
  144. what I bought
  145. Paul McCartney and that money grabbing bitch have child
  146. Red Headed Stranger - Carla Bozulich
  147. Hole
  148. Primus playing 'Sailing the Seas of Cheese'
  149. Tomahawk w/ Queens of the Stone Age
  150. anyone ever seen or heard of dynamite boy?
  151. If you've never heard any Chicago-style House, CLICK HERE NOW!!!!! kthx
  152. Hey Baby
  153. Radiohead - Scatterbrain
  154. I saw the Violent Femmes last night.
  155. My friend's favorite R.E.M. song is "All the Way to Reno"
  156. Do you like the starlight mints?
  157. You got me lifted lifted feeling so gifted
  158. now playing (in your head)
  159. who's going to see Rufus Wainwright on this tour?
  160. 22 greatest bands on Mtv 2
  161. Tool and a puzzle involving Lateralus
  162. Ssion
  163. She says I am the one
  164. Alias - Muted
  165. show me show me show me how you do that trick
  166. Interpol???
  167. now downloading?
  168. boy, modest mouse sure did suck tonight.
  169. sun kil moon! Sun Kil Moon! SUN KIL MOON!!!!!
  170. saw i saw mike patton with rahzel yesterday.
  171. Cancel
  172. Listen to my band if you wish...
  173. Neil Young - After the Goldrush
  174. new years with the white stripes in chicago
  175. New Explosions In The Sky Article
  176. nuggets II boxset
  177. Am i the only one caring for the warlocks
  178. The Impossibles
  179. i could go see Belle & Sebastian for free tonight
  180. LTJ Bukem is the godfather of drum and bass.
  181. Big Day Out 2004 2nd announcement.
  182. Sloan
  183. I'm sure you've all seen this but...
  184. The Strokes on Conan GODS OF EIGHTH NOTES
  185. What is scatterbrain?
  186. Great Headphones Albums
  187. rubber soul.
  188. now downloading: let it be naked
  189. ATTN: Nas fans or Nas haters
  190. BLB was right about HTTT
  191. phantom planet tonight. *sniff*
  192. Rachel's - Systems/Layers
  193. im going to see...
  194. busdriver, radioinactive, daedelus - the weather
  195. universal to eat dreamworks
  196. bought a few discs today
  197. What's a good (FREE) website for getting album sales numbers?
  198. Sony, Bertelsmann plan to merge music businesses
  199. Is Soulseek down for anyone else?
  200. just discovered godspeed
  201. Ryan Adams - Note to Self: Dont Die
  202. Music that SUCKS and I would NEVER be caught DEAD listening to
  203. torrent
  204. Does anyone know anything about classical music/opera?
  205. I'm a little nervous
  206. Wanna be in a band?
  207. Sin ropas
  208. songs that ownz you right now
  209. The Cure - Join The Dots - b sides and rarities collection 1978-2001
  210. kelly and ozzy
  211. Random Album Appreciation Thread
  212. suede to break up
  213. Good rainy day albums.
  214. When you can play a song, it just doesn't sound the same anymore.
  215. Has anyone heard of Solex?
  216. Favourite song by Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen
  217. Sigur Rós win MTV award
  218. The Microphones live
  219. a short topic about the 2 latest White Stripes efforts
  220. Song In Camera Commerical
  221. What the fuck is David Baker (Mercury Rev) doing now?
  222. this heat - "health & efficiency"
  223. what mics are used for mum's the ballad of the broken birdie records?
  224. So, i'm listening to the darkness right now...
  225. Hottest 90s Britpop Frontman!
  226. recording gear advice....
  227. Polar Ice Vodka commercial
  228. upcoming live shows
  229. jimmy gnecco solo acoustic
  230. Hey Tool fans!
  231. John Coltrane vs Miles Davis
  232. I had a dream the S. Tasty album got a 9.6 on Pitchfork
  233. What is wrong with the Knitting Factory/NYC?
  234. The Hippos...
  235. haha
  236. jeff buckley - you and i
  237. new Do Make Say Think
  238. that limp bizkit who cover 'behind blue eyes'
  239. Pearl Jam 10-28-03 New Source
  240. I wasn't even aware these were out
  241. isn't the new Let It Be Naked disc out next week?
  242. Is Greek music any good?
  243. Spinoff of Johnny_Swallow thread
  244. Auf Der Maur news
  245. Sad Mafioso
  246. Probot News (featuring Matt Sweeney and David Grohl)
  247. I asked her her name
  248. Without this forum I wouldn't be able to sound like a snob at record stores.
  249. Revival/Cover bands
  250. check this out