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  1. Hey assclowns, go check out calexico live
  2. reception after the reading
  3. Man Crashes Car During Timberlake Song
  4. it's so hard not to be crushed when you're prayin for too much
  5. Radiohead Rorschach
  6. bands that put on really enjoyable live shows
  7. I wonder...
  8. My Morning Jacket on Conan
  9. Should I go see Deerhoof?
  10. belle and sebastian tour dates
  11. christopher o'riley - true love waits
  12. let it be - as nature intended - 11/17/2003
  13. yet another new ben folds EP
  14. Expanded Marquee Moon coming out this Tuesday!
  15. This is even better than the Hideout #2 Comp
  16. camera obscura - "underachievers please try harder"
  17. British sea power
  18. Should i go listen to the Pooh Sticks?
  19. anyone going to see built to spill?
  20. mountain goats
  21. this song i heard on top 40 radio today...
  22. I just had a weekend of AUSTRALIAN ROCK
  23. Limp Bizkit's new album is going to be huge-
  24. Billy Idol - Eyes without a face
  25. LP's or 45's you've recently bought
  26. Let's Rate Radiohead's Albums
  27. fuck. juno broke up
  28. No one would listen to 50 Cent if he didn't have a Vagina
  29. phantomplanet crap
  30. say something nice about Faith No More
  31. cover art to new strokes album
  32. the new kevin shields material on the lost in translation soundtrack
  33. Ween
  34. Here's the mix I made for someone
  35. FINALLY - your chance at metal stardom
  36. inform me about appleseed cast
  37. Billie Holiday
  38. $85 for floor tickets to Bowie
  39. PJ's No Riot is underrated
  40. yellowcard
  41. Who likes new Peaches (fatherfucker)?
  42. st: the recent purchases thread
  43. OutKast - "Roses" and "Happy Valentine's Day"
  44. So, Speakerboxxx or The Love Below?
  45. great moment in "dig it" bootleg
  46. TOOL to contribute new\original song to the DOOM3 soundtrack
  47. do open mics work?
  48. Pearl Jam's Boston shows
  49. Favorite Songs of the moment
  50. Hah, the re-mastered Chronic
  51. st#6: your 15 favorite bands
  52. legitimate hip hop...
  53. SFA/Grandaddy...
  54. so did anyone buy fire theft
  55. Help identifying a video
  56. ST: cover songs you wish existed
  57. Al Green
  58. Big Day Out announcement one
  59. the new Buck 65 record suck ass
  60. Questionnaire about mp3 and CDs
  61. Massive Attack just turned itself on in my room.
  62. New Bowie album?
  63. Stereophonics drummer fired
  64. Hmm. I think I like Amnesiac's Morning Bell moreso than Kid A's.
  65. Rufus Wainwright, Charlottesville tomorrow
  66. You all suck. The Green Album is great.
  67. the new strokes...
  68. Chris Clark - Empty Bones Of You
  69. st#9: list all the live gigs you've seen
  70. R.E.M. 1988-2003 details
  71. For those with good ears and time.
  72. funeral music, revisited
  73. 'Thank you Brazil,' Alanis salutes Peruvians
  74. The Cure On Kilby Tonight
  75. radiohead hollywood bowl shows
  76. Strokes - Room On Fire
  77. New Distillers Album
  78. New Pearl Jam Album / DVD
  79. the truth is only about one in fifty records labelled masterpieces actually are
  80. the new Thursday
  81. Fantasy SP tribute album
  82. confessions of a fancy lad: I love the Pet Shop Boys' DISCOGRAPHY
  83. Jeff Buckley's old band
  84. Who got their B & S tix?
  85. Zeni Geva fucking destroys
  86. Classical music radio
  87. most underrated band ever, EVER!
  88. Holy shit, Destijl festival run-off
  89. songs that own yr ass at the moment
  90. Hopesfall - April Left With Silence
  91. Anyone going to A Perfecrt Circle at the Astoria in London this week?
  92. Two nights of Jane's Addiction and $160 later ...
  93. radiohead's 15 minutes of fame will soon be up
  94. so, upcoming concerts?
  95. Holy Fuck
  96. radiohead san diego.
  97. Talulah Gosh, Backwash
  98. This is the New Shit - Manson vs Goldfrapp
  99. roll call ! radiohead @ the woodlands
  100. I saw Frank Black last night...
  101. Share good DC++ hub links here.
  102. ISO: 2 Toronto Radiohead tickets
  103. Why so much hate for Radiohead?
  104. I like Pele
  105. traditional japanese music and me
  106. Guitar World's best guitarists list
  107. Bands that don't get enough credit?
  108. Better artist: Thom or Billy?
  109. pablo honey haters
  110. Linn LM-1 drum machine appreciation post
  111. New Ben Folds EP Download Here
  112. the newest AWK video is so great
  113. Favorite BECK song?
  114. this is why I love the Allmusic guide
  115. Mogwai Minneapolis
  116. wicked, there is going to be a new Missy Elliott full-length in Nov
  117. The Rapture - Echoes
  118. U2 Slane Castle DVD: Nov 17th
  119. Funki Porcini
  120. Achtung!This thread will tock yer balls (if you have em) till the rest of this week!!
  121. Who is going to see A Perfect Circle tomorrow at a very small venue in London Eng.?
  122. Grandaddy and SFA last night....
  123. Who's going to Interpol at the Palladium tomorrow!?!?
  124. jets
  125. Queens of the (FUCKIN') Stone Age - Quest Club - Minneapolis - October 1st
  126. phil + mirah's duet of "i am a rock"
  127. Jonny Greenwood Solo Album...
  128. built to spill NYC long time ago
  129. gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  130. ST: post your music
  131. Radiohead > Pearl Jam
  132. Ours
  133. R.E.M. - "Bad Day" / Roll call Raleigh, 10/10
  134. SO, the Interpol concert tonight at the Palladium...
  135. Courtney does it again...
  136. ISO: Song Title
  137. what do you all think of kmfdm
  138. Archtop guitar/es 335 style recomendations
  139. Okay then, Pearl Jam or Radiohead
  140. I like listening to Busta diss Ja Rule.
  141. Cover Versions that are actually good
  142. Three artists who suck
  143. Photos: Aktion Unit/Hair Police/Point Line Plane
  144. Anyone in London england who wants to see THURSDAY & Coheed and CAMBRIA for free ?
  145. Is there a SPFC type site for Pearl Jam?
  146. 2 APC tix /Orlando Nov. 11 Gen. Adm. for sale
  147. Why do people like the Beastie Boys?
  148. someone please kill neil diamond.
  149. Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll
  150. I got that "Saddle Creek 50" cd in the mail today!
  151. is Neko Case good live?
  152. female artists who play every instrument on their albums?
  153. who's going to see DURAN MOTHERFUCKIN DURAN!
  154. encores.
  155. Stephanie Songs
  156. hey julio, do you like metric?
  157. Pitchfork has me somewhat more hopefull for the new Belle & Sebastian
  158. Pitchfork takes the piss out of YOtR.
  159. Official: White Musicians Are Nothing In The United States
  160. st: top five favourite bands/artists
  161. Unwound
  162. so pitchfork finally reviewed the new YOTR album 235652346 years later.
  163. Dismemberment plan is a great band, but...
  164. howie day - stop all the world now
  165. 2 Radiohead Toronto tickets For Sale
  166. so I don't have Parachutes, should I acquire it?
  167. any Flemion bros./Frogs updates?
  168. Ehm - Papa-M North European Tour round-call (sort of)
  169. Static-X - Shadow Zone
  170. typical tuesday topic: albums purchased
  171. albums you feel AMG has unjustly graded negatively
  172. Jane's Addiction 'Three Days' DVD
  173. QUICK! I need to know how long The Strokes new album will go for
  174. the new Sevendust album "Seasons"
  175. The Unicorns
  176. I may be interviewing Richard D James in a few months
  177. new albums - discuss
  178. ST: Upcoming Shows
  179. Do You Want To +own+ A "piece" Of Yer Idols?
  180. So, Nelly made Carson an honorary St. Lunatic...
  181. Big Day Out 2004 - APC pull out
  182. Help me decide on shows
  183. hugely disappointing follow-ups to your favorite albums
  184. bought a few new discs today
  185. billy corgan's new album cover released.
  186. kill hannah on carson daly
  187. yay
  188. SHOW ANNC: The High Street Riffs
  189. Animal collective to reissue early stuff
  190. Badly Drawn Boy tourdates
  191. i thank god for having found this old artists in the past 6 months or so...
  192. its making me listen to marilyn manson!
  193. The new Dido album
  194. Clatter Box
  195. good indie rock bands with non english speaking singers
  196. K-Rock's Best 500 Songs of All-Time
  197. Buy this:
  198. Let It Be reissue
  199. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / October 3, 2003 / DV8 - Salt Lake City, Utah (review)
  200. admission:
  201. R.E.M. - Atlanta 10/11/03
  202. what do u think of NOFX?
  203. OK- tell me what music I should have....
  204. arcade fire are better than you
  206. Listen to Tycho.
  207. Frodus
  208. What's the best Tom Waits album?
  209. mid-90's dance music
  210. Guilty Pleasure Albums:
  211. hey eyesbomb
  212. mount eerie/the microphones to release a live album
  213. Laura Imbruglia
  214. cheap dvd/cd from cdwow
  215. the rasmus
  216. how can I not pre-order this?
  217. Hey, I like Led Zeppelin
  218. hot hot heat, irving nyc
  219. The 3 last tracks on Still (NIN)
  220. Tickets for APC in Louisville??
  221. Loro - Pinback... WTF???
  222. Question for hardcore Beatles fans
  223. Primus is back
  224. much a week does everyone spend on music?
  225. The National Anthem is playing on my launch station!
  226. White Stripes live
  227. halfway to a three way
  228. Sum 41 - debut album... best album ever?
  229. gosh i sure love nocturama
  230. The Fire Theft Live
  231. Hey Patrick Stein, I like Flowchart, Heavenly, Marine Research, softies, swirlies
  232. the love boxxx
  233. The most beautiful song i've heard in months
  234. ST#!!!*&!!! Recent Purchases
  235. Sarah Slean
  236. snowy red kicks ass
  237. Guitar Gear thread (aka "show us your instrument!")
  238. johnny greenwood - bodysong
  239. Chicago Musicians?
  240. Need opinions on my A Perfect Circle - Pet cover.
  241. Karen O scares me
  242. St#342: Best debut album?
  243. FUCKING HELL [live] (I just realized..).
  244. The Cure's "pictures of you" used in new American commercial
  245. how come no one told me..
  246. Kylie Minogue - Slow
  247. have i ever mentioned i hate Rolling Stone?
  248. ISO: Ticket Interpol 10/18 9:30 D.C.
  249. dub narcotic in car crash
  250. weakerthans, live