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  2. haha, so i just officially lost any respect i had for pitchfork media
  3. Critique wanted on new song
  4. So what do you guys think of SFA's Phantom Power?
  5. Perfect Circle - Vancouver
  6. i like music
  7. Interpol Venue Change for Toronto
  8. Mer De Noms song-ratings.
  9. Well?
  10. Think Tank? Yay or Nay?
  11. Spun Soundtrack (not zwan related)
  12. I'm getting tickets for Grandaddy and SFA tommorow (technically THIS) morning!
  13. live APC trackz
  14. going to a gig where your name's MEANT to be on the door....
  15. Anyone want to trade APC at irving for radiohead tickets?
  16. Tool
  17. failure - the nurse who loved me.
  18. she's a go oh oh oh lden retreiver
  19. david byrne's new album
  20. dear mayfuck, Irrelevant, Graveflower etc
  21. So, now they're dead: Who of you actually checked out the exploding hearts
  22. Question for guitarists- Paranoid Android
  23. favorite oldies songs
  24. Who's seeing radiohead?
  25. Watched Monterey Pop festival film last night.
  26. woody guthrie/billy bragg/wilco - hesitating beauty
  27. did anyone see Bright Eyes in Columbus?
  28. was 9/15/00 the godspeed song in 28 days later?
  29. woah, they changed pitchfork's design.
  30. st# asdfgh: Upcoming shows!
  31. Nickel Creek - I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
  32. attn: people who sing loud at concerts
  33. song of the moment that describes how you've felt lately way too well
  34. APC at Berklee
  35. how are interpol?
  36. NewFreshness
  37. spinoff: rank the songs on Turn On the Bright Lights.
  38. Anybody else read Confusion Is Next: The Sonic Youth Story?
  39. Andrew W.K. is awesome...
  40. another spinoff: Rank the songs off Interpol's upcoming album
  41. APC In London Ont
  42. Marilyn Manson official message board
  43. Favorite Sonic Youth Album?
  44. Year of the Rabbit live cover tunes.
  45. new belle and sebastian album title/tracklisting
  46. Abbc
  47. You gotta shake it like a Polaroid PIC-SHAH
  48. Two Headed Boy Pt. 2 appreciation post.
  49. Records bought today
  50. Jeff Mangum - Live at Jittery Joe's
  51. ways to get a zone radiohead ticket
  52. Midwest Music Summit - This Week
  53. Rubyhorse
  54. ween - quebec
  55. What's NOT to enjoy about APC's music?
  56. Rachel's
  57. kinski - airs above your station > apreciation thread
  58. derrick carter plays a great set
  59. Two Headed Boy Pt 1 appreciation post
  60. Two Headed Boy Pt 17 appreciation post
  61. So I Saw Me Some Misfits and Damned Two Nights Ago
  62. flaming lips to rerelease yoshimi
  63. the robot ate me
  64. damien rice - creep (radiohead)
  65. Anthrax - Safe Home
  66. Fuck Mixtape romanticism
  67. dizzee rascal
  68. i am spoonbender
  69. what's the first Johnny cash cd i should get?
  70. APC vs. AFI vs. AAF vs. STP
  71. details on THE MACHO MAN'S RAP CD here.
  72. blue album 10th anniversary reissue
  73. I only just found out, that SAM PHILLIPS DIED LAST WEEK!!!
  74. i fucking love good music so much
  75. Holy fuck ! new Enemy! EoDM! Mark Lanegan!
  76. Speaking of Wilco...
  77. Sonic Youth, Pixies, Talking Heads, DJ Shadow, Wilco
  78. How are The Sea and Cake live?
  79. Medeski, Martin + Wood are coming to San Diego
  80. Just got back from Bjork in SF.
  81. Kiss, Black Flag, Minor Threat
  82. Peaches tour dates
  83. not only cavement enjoy pulling hair
  84. I'm going to see Bjork at the Hoolywood Bowl Monday.
  85. Favorite Poison Album
  86. new Dandy Warhols album
  87. i like the legendary pink dots
  88. in honesty, it's been a while
  89. outkast is the radiohead of hip hop...
  90. anders ilar - everdom
  91. Foo Fighters' Low is a sonic assault
  92. list all songs that have any sort of clapping for no particular reason
  93. What band's fallen farthest from grace in the past 5 or so years?
  94. Hum
  95. Mayfuck, you have gotten too predictable these days.
  96. So Venus and Serena by SFA is fuckin great
  97. The Kills aren't really a very enthusiastic live act
  98. Milo Goes To College
  99. Kings of Convenience?
  100. Whitley high
  101. The Violent Femmes in Ventura
  102. st. #26578: albums on your "to buy" list
  103. Anybody been to any of the recent Norma Jean shows?
  104. Yer recent purchases
  105. does anyone hear own the Radiohead - 7 Television Commercials DVD?
  106. Good Up and Coming Artists-
  107. Avril Lavigne is my guilty pleasure
  108. what really freaks me out
  109. Bjork at Hollywood bowl. o yes.
  110. Polyphonic Spree
  111. 8=========d
  112. kate bush fucking rules
  113. ST: Pic Post-Albums Listened to Today
  114. Billy Talent
  115. What's a really good variable bitrate encoder?
  116. name a few bands that fellow netphorians have gotten you into
  117. i see radiohead tomorrow.
  118. what bands have you been excited to see that ended up sucking
  119. What do you say when someone asks you....
  120. just did an interview with Angie Reed...from the Chicks On Speed label
  121. hub addies ?
  122. bands that sound the same live
  123. Queen Adreena....
  124. Ooooh weeee, that is nice and spiiice-saay of now playing:
  125. Frog Eyes - s/t
  126. I like Summer Sun
  127. The Who is pissing me off
  128. Vamos a jugar por la playa!
  129. how would you classify this sound?
  130. hay julio
  131. New OutKast
  132. radiohead's tour opener.
  133. what have the radiohead setlists been like?
  134. Live Radiohead on the radio
  135. blender magazine: the 50 worst music artists ever!
  136. Fuck yes.
  137. ST#654: Box Sets you own...
  138. Damien Rice
  139. Admit it you fucking brits
  140. Dismemberment Plan's Real Final Show Ever
  141. New Radiohead B-Sides
  142. rufie's new album
  143. what's been Maulkmus setlists so far for this tour?
  144. Calexico appreciation post
  145. Just saw the 'Go To Sleep' video
  146. speaking of radiohead videos...has anyone seen "just"
  147. i just watched the dandy warhols on conan
  148. So, did anyone gave the new raveonettes record a listen yet?
  149. Radiohead's "Loophole" Competition
  150. i'm going to see...
  151. I saw Sonic Youth last night
  152. does anyone listen to Suicidal Tendencies?
  153. Motley Crue- The Dirt
  154. electronic shit I'm going to see + hear
  155. OMG GUESS WhAT.
  156. Name a better rap album than Paul's Boutique
  157. Radiohead Toronto Show POSTPONED
  158. New Do Make Say Think record coming up
  159. Take Me Down is the best song on Mellon Collie
  160. new dashboard confessional
  161. Placebo is the better version of Kill Hannah.
  162. And You Will Know Us By....
  163. Just heard the new S. Tasty
  164. belle and sebastian RIP (1995-2003)
  165. What's the album you have heard the most, in your life?
  166. Weak And Powerless Studio MP3
  167. what about the new muse album
  168. Recommend A Band
  169. what is netphoria's stance on sneaking into concerts and pit areas.
  170. cunt
  171. Check out songs from my band,
  172. Name records that you once loved that now seem dated
  173. Anyone ever noticed the similarities between Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here...
  174. Jeff Buckley - Yard of Blonde Girls/ BWBW rant
  175. hum back together?
  176. electronic shit *IM* goint to see (better)
  177. i can't find my motherfucking bjork ticket
  178. So I Taped the Radiohead Show in Montreal
  179. "Sleep the Clock Around" appreciation post
  180. if you were a stripper, what song would you dance to?
  181. Boredoms = GOD
  182. haha, sisters of mercy
  183. recommend 2 great albums that donīt last longer than 40 mins...
  184. Depressing songs...
  185. i hate indie
  186. Discuss: Wave Twisters
  187. what's more +rock+ .
  188. anyone else excited about the new neil young
  189. who's the girl with the band titsofrenix or whatever?
  190. how fucking good is The Moon from Song Islands
  191. this festival in chicago looks great
  192. 'Phish' Bassist Arrested; Allegedly Found In Secluded Area With 9-Year-Old
  193. If you were a sniper, what song would you kill to?
  194. liz phair
  195. Kroq's Inland Invasion III: Flashback to the future
  196. If you were Stryper, what song would you praise jesus to?
  197. Why the fuck is Ed Kowalczyk singing about Jesus?
  198. radiohead camden
  199. sensefield - a letter to elise.
  200. Learning the genre of jazz
  201. So, which 2003 Pearl Jam bootlegs should I buy?
  202. LA netphorians - KROQ Inland Invasion tickets?
  203. bright eyes to release box set
  204. Anyone willing to drop a guest rap or sing something for the S Tasty album?
  205. the first song that turned you on to rock music
  206. metro - death cab for cutie
  207. Christina Aguilera should cover "Fake Plastic Trees"
  208. musical items bought this week
  209. What have The Jicks' setlists been like at the Radiohead shows?
  210. Stevie Wonder - "Innervisions"
  211. So, anyone else...
  212. I'm so glad we have Maxim Blender to tell us what not to listen to
  213. death cab - photobooth=pavement - shady lane
  214. dial "m" for monkey
  215. what are your favourite music DVDs? pic post!
  216. "boy you're just a stupid bitch, & girl you're just a no good dick"...
  217. Moneen
  218. The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow
  219. Rate songs on Kid A from best to worst
  220. rank the songs on...
  221. i'm listening to Abby Road, you should too
  222. itt, we discuss weak and powerless by a perfect circle
  223. strokes the nirvana of the 21st century
  224. radiohead vancouver.
  225. da joggers
  226. Whats the name of the song at the end of Garage Days?
  227. The Urban Sophisticates (rap group, kind of jazzy)
  228. attn: powered by pear (or anyone else who was at the SF belle and sebastian show)
  229. so 80s pop star Tiffany is singing a free concert 10 mins away from my house
  230. Ben Lee - Hey You Yes You
  231. Radiohead Columbia, MD
  232. your favorite albums to listened to while lying in complete dark and stoned?
  233. neutralize every man in sight
  234. When stoned, Radiohead or Pumpkins?
  235. Reccomend me some music...
  236. Dur. Radiohead at Alpine Valley
  237. in this thread, you come up with cool band names
  238. i like kid koala
  239. Becoming X is a good album
  240. covers on Singles 1-12
  241. Suktor Ros
  242. ST #69: upcoming shows
  243. so, if downloading music is evil...
  244. great albums inspired by death
  245. Bands that sound like Smashing Pumpkins/influenced by
  246. Good early morning songs
  247. Who's fans are generally dumber? Andrew W.K or ICP fans ?
  248. kill hannah is the wham of the 21st century
  249. attn: netphorians who were at the LA belle and sebastian show (aug 24)
  250. How can i find setlists and boots for say, 8/24/03 Radiohead?