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  1. the return of MBV's kevin shields
  2. new cds. check it aiiight
  3. How do you buy your concert tickets
  4. Moonlight Sonata appreciation post
  5. Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
  6. the smiths influences
  7. Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain
  8. opinions on rainer maria?
  9. Free 7/11/03 PJ Ticket
  10. new broadcast tourdates
  11. APC Ticketmaster Question
  12. anybody dowloaded beulah's "yoko" yet?
  13. Wanted: APC Denver Ogden theatre tickets
  14. aw man, pitchfork gave The Sick Lipstick a positive review
  15. Pick the better Arena Band
  16. eric clapton unplugged is the best album i own
  17. beat happening - jamboree
  18. favorite songs of the moment
  19. Interpol upcoming N.America Tour !!
  20. who has A Perfect Circle tickets???
  21. need help figuring out a song....
  22. microphones announce a bunch of new tour dates
  23. amon tobin's "collaborations EP"
  24. Xiu Xiu - Suha
  25. best stand-alone singles
  26. Tupac or Biggie?
  27. i present to netphoria, the best song ever produced....ever in the history of songs
  28. So who's goin to see Modest Mouse at the House of Blues?
  29. 'the virgins' disc came out on july 8th?
  30. Kashmir anyone??
  31. according to pfm: earlimart sounds like adore era SP
  32. pixies reunion possible
  33. a perfect circle tix?
  34. Pick The Better Band (pt II : The Heavyweights)
  35. worthwhile canadian music
  36. Genesis-related poll
  37. Elton John or Billy Joel
  38. horrible cover songs:
  39. i just heard siouxsie & the banshees' version of dear prudence for the first time tod
  40. Theme songs that are actually good in a way...
  41. last night I saw Bernard Parmegiani perform a 24 speaker diffusion
  42. ATTN: Songs: Ohia fans
  43. Beyonce's grave dance causes grief
  44. The Crutch - July/August Issue Now Available!
  45. Best song on De-Loused
  46. Iran - The Moon Boys
  47. Beatles Innovations
  48. bob dylan and the lottapianos tour
  49. pj untitled
  50. Finch w/ Darryl Palumbo- Project Mayhem
  51. my bloody valentine returns to the studio to complete album
  52. Deftones Bootlegs On Official Site
  53. Highlights of Montreaux 2003
  54. Seedling
  55. Year of the rabbit - S/T released today
  56. White Stripes US Tour Postponed
  57. Canadian Acoustic/Electronic artist Eric Hogg
  58. James Iha joins A Perfect Circle
  59. 28 Days Later music ?
  60. songs you can't get through without getting watery-eyed
  61. I've just got cable internet, so...
  62. fav male/female duets
  63. What was Modest mouse's setlist last night
  64. Beulah on file sharing, etc
  65. Who's Better (1985-1995 aprox.)
  66. 'Tallica - BDO 2004 confirmed.
  67. ST - Your Top 5 Favourite Male Vocalists
  68. one more thing about toronto..
  69. Bright Eyes on 8/1
  70. For Those Of You Going To The Downsview SARS Concert...
  71. Leonard Cohen- So Long, Marianne
  72. ST - Your Top 5 Favourite Female Vocalists
  73. Most of the anticon stuff sucks.
  74. much better my bloody valentine news
  75. Year of the Rabbit 07.16.03
  76. So what was Modest Mouse's setlist on the 16th?
  77. pitchfork: jack white blows his nose!
  78. wait
  79. purchase post...
  80. Incubus - Fungus Amongus
  81. So should I get the new Mogwai or American Analog Set tonight?
  82. Yet another reason to hate Metallica...part II
  83. why is it called expressway to yr sean and me?
  84. are you a Beatles man or an Elvis man
  85. Who's better (1992-1995 approx.)...
  86. recommend depressing folk music
  87. Tickets from W.A.S.T.E.
  88. name five of your fave records of 2003 thus far....
  89. rob zombie is now releasing a comic book
  90. new Weakerthans album on slsk
  91. Favourite Neil Young album
  92. What's your favorite Avril Lavigne song?
  93. hum reuniting for one show
  94. anyone else having problems with soulseek?
  95. Blur Tonight! (9:30 Club)
  96. Múm appreciation post
  97. stapp wasn't drunk. he was making an artistic statement.
  98. what the fucking hell
  99. if you can sit through this you are amazing...
  100. Sawdust Goes Shopping
  101. what's your favorite BEck album
  102. standard topic: last few concerts you've been to:
  103. So has anyone remixed hunted by a freak yet?
  104. Make up a song title for Creed
  105. upcoming shows
  106. Ken Andrews
  107. Audioslave - Seven Nation Army (live)
  108. the notwist's website
  109. it's dead dead dead
  110. which do you consider yourself?
  111. white stripes guitarist in car wreck
  112. Dave Gahan
  113. My Top 5 Albums of the new millenium (2001 - now)
  114. Pick the best out of the worst
  115. Chevelle
  116. Songs that would make me say "HOT DAMN THAT'S GOOD!" that I should download
  117. Smashchords?
  118. The Exploding Hearts in fatal car accident
  119. I feel like such a minority....
  120. Eels 7/25, cleveland, anyone going?
  121. the flaming lips appreciation post
  122. I am going to see Paul Oakenfold tonight
  123. I think you all hate women. Even the women here hate women.
  124. Sc
  125. frustrating radiohead argument with this kid I know
  126. Michael Jackson Jokes
  127. W.a.s.t.e
  128. scientists say: the music you listen to reflects your personality
  129. Which has done more for the world
  130. Stand by your man....
  131. Strays! New Jane's Addiction Album
  132. mars volta last night
  133. Darn. Lohner out of APC, officially.
  134. top 5 rock songs over 5 minutes
  135. albums listened to today
  136. Give me romantic songs
  137. Stones get new guitarist for the Toronto show.
  138. What are your thoughts on Portishead?
  139. so that married guy i've been flirting's his song
  140. drum machine advice?
  141. Scott Cossu: a pianist none of you have heard of (but should check out)
  142. Favorite Blur album
  143. wow. louise post is a real tub of lard these days
  144. OK, so blur...
  145. new death cab album.
  146. top ten favourite blur songs
  147. Is anyone going to Radiohead in New Orleans?
  148. A "What should I buy?" Topic
  149. I finally picked up The Breeders - The Last Splash
  150. fountains of wayne - stacy's mom
  151. Are you on the RIAAS hit list?
  152. I'm really tempted to run round the office doing windmills like Pete Townshend...
  153. don't stop! (don't stop!) don't stop the beat i c-c-c-can't control my feet
  154. "ironic" by alanis morissette
  155. musicians you once adored, but have now given up on
  156. New Pornographers' latest LP
  157. oh yeah. guess what?
  158. s.t. #1 - now playing.
  159. Holy shit, DOKAKA!
  160. go to sleep
  161. Kid Rock has a tribute album
  162. Edgefest 2003 lineup
  163. news discs. cha cha (07/24)
  164. new Perfect Circle track
  165. omg, listen to this badass tribute to st. anger.
  166. DJ Vadim is going on tour eh.
  167. will radiohead break up after this tour?
  168. FOR SALE: Radiohead Madison Square Garden tixs (singles)
  169. Smoking Weed and Making Money
  170. Best Yo la Tengo
  171. hey enzed
  172. your top 10 marilyn manson songs
  173. BEST cover songs.
  174. Cornelius.
  175. Prince.
  176. Recommend me some Placebo
  177. Ever wonder what happened to Men Without Hats?
  178. Mogwai - Happy Songs For Happy People
  179. Favorite RATM song?
  180. David Pajo screws us over
  181. A Perfect Circle's failure cover confirmed.
  182. The Mars Volta
  183. has anyone heard of Moonraker?
  184. what are the bright eyes setlists like this tour?
  185. zaireeka
  186. 12 rods- split personalities
  187. do you want me to make you a mixtape?
  188. Cheap Trick - In Color (Albini Version)
  189. Over the Rhine
  190. doors appreciation thread.
  191. Robbie Williams
  192. Did anyone saw this already (grandaddy related)
  193. ATD-I vs. The Mars Volta SHOWDOWN
  194. This new Interpol song's terrible
  195. Blues Traveler
  196. So, does anyone here actually have the Merzbox?
  197. st #235: recently purchased musical equipment
  198. My brother is singing along with "Spanish Bombs"
  199. absolute beginners (British musical)
  200. If you are a Joy Division fan, take a look at this auction
  201. HUM reunion show - in my town : )
  202. AC/DC: Music for drunks.
  203. sunny day real estate
  204. rooney is alright
  205. fields of the nephilim
  206. Anyone know how to create that fade-in effect from Silverfuck?
  207. this is the best rock live album, ever
  208. the bangles- hazy shade of winter
  209. Anyone going to D-Plan's final show tonite?
  210. Napster 2.0
  211. who's the most melancholic
  212. modest mouse in austin?
  213. frank black and the catholics: show me your tears
  214. st: most recently downloaded albums
  215. i finally get it :\
  216. so i bought 'and then nothing turned itself inside-out'
  217. Steve burns from blues clues coming out with an album (song clips inside)
  218. weirdest album you own
  219. TV on the Radio
  220. I finally figured out what There There sounds like
  221. i just want to take this opportunity to say
  222. favorite album ending sequences
  223. eels concert last night at the Phoenix
  224. Guess what I'm doing for supper...going to see smog!
  225. Simple lyrics that sag with subtext and punch with pain
  226. Outkast New Album News
  227. aceyalone- all balls don't bounce
  228. what song does beyonce's "crazy in love" sample?
  229. summer songs for a beach vacation mix
  230. is bubba sparx's "deliverance" a good song?
  231. biggest atrocities against music performed by good bands on a soundtrack
  232. Tom Waits-Rain Dogs (the album)
  233. three years ago today...
  234. apparently chicago is not a limp bizkit town
  235. seattle radiohead
  236. i woke up to my parents telling me that the RIAA are going to sue us
  237. ...and you will know us by the trail of dead show what rock 'n' roll is like
  238. Current favorite video.
  239. NYC Radiohead tickets?
  240. in this thread i reccomend a german band you d/l songs and tell me what you think
  241. should i see patti smith?
  242. in this thread I reccomend an italian band you download songs and tell me yr thoughts
  243. in this thread i reccomend a DC band, you d/l songs and i don't care what you think
  244. Give me ideas for my all star rap/hip-hop mix
  245. I need to make a driving mix....
  246. múm on tour
  247. dashboard gets four stars from RS
  248. albums listened to today (new edition)
  249. the united states of america
  250. what's the big deal about the mars volta?