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  1. Poll: The Best Version of New Waver: MCIS vs TAFH
  2. Paléo Festival in Nyon live stream
  3. Fuck ups on the original albums
  4. SD Videos/Directors interviews - Spin online article
  5. Was cleaning out my closet and
  6. Can someone post scans of booklet/liner notes to TAFH?
  7. Mike Byrne attractive?
  8. Tripping
  9. Show: 2013/07/26 - Paradiso; Amsterdam, NL
  10. Happy 20th Birthday, Siamese Dream.
  11. Did you d/l TAFH?
  12. MCIS vinyl
  13. Pisces Deluxe Re-issue bonus cassette
  14. Where's the love for "Snail"?
  15. Show: 2013/07/29 - Cirkus; Stockholm, SE
  16. Show: 2013/07/30 - Sentrum Scene; Oslo, NO
  17. Songs you'd switch/trade for others on MCIS
  18. TEITBITE Video request
  19. Underappreciated songs on Mellon Collie
  20. TAFH in one disc
  21. Bill to quit touring + Jeff interview
  22. Show: 2013/07/31 - Falconer Salen; Copenhagen, DK
  23. The Starchildren Set
  24. TOASE... "Farewell, goodnight".... Farewell and Goodnight...
  25. If any musicians want some James Iha gear...
  26. sbd recordings guide
  27. Stumbleine
  28. Show: 2013/08/02 - OFF Festival; Katowice, PL
  29. Adore Reissue date?
  30. Tarantula music video files
  31. i never liked to forgive
  32. is sp your favorite band of all time?
  33. just click here when you want to chill for a second
  34. Teargarden Theme?
  35. The New Album
  36. Any musicians here?
  37. People here are insane?
  38. Show: 2013/08/04 - The Circus; Helsinki, FI
  39. Take Me Down instrumental
  40. the teargarden "journey"
  41. Billy Corgan sure talks a lot
  42. Show: 2013/08/06 - Stadium Live; Moscow, RU
  43. MCIS Demos Marquis in Spades question
  44. Live Zwan video?
  45. Thanks for 1979, Flood
  46. holla if you skip 'Crestfallen' when u listen 2 Adore to protest Monte
  47. realistic expectations from the machina(s) reissue
  48. Infinite Sadness - the song
  49. Will you be purchasing "Oceania: Live in NYC"?
  50. Breaking: Mike Byrne to quit SP! omg it's real this time, thank you Jesus!
  51. Mike Byrne had a sleep over at Monte's house???
  52. Show: 2013/08/10 - Summer Sonic Festival; Osaka, JP
  53. Could someone help me on this?
  54. Do you feel?
  55. Show: 2013/08/11 - Summer Sonic Festival; Tokyo, JP
  56. What was Bill's deal with Blue Skies Bring Tears?
  57. Chicago Songs...
  58. Was Billy a top or a bottom with Michael Stipe?
  59. How will B0lly handle the LMGTWTY release?
  60. Show: 2013/08/13 - AsiaWorld-Expo H10; Hong Kong, HK
  61. Smashing Pumpkins play in Russia
  62. What would be the best alternative to get unrealesed stuff...
  63. Juan Alderete de la Peña recalls Zwan audition
  64. best adore era concert
  65. request: can someone up me the original full sides of adore demos II
  66. Adore reissue - what can we expect?
  67. adore fan fic: do you think the song satellites was supposed to be another grunge hit
  68. Show: 2013/08/17 - Good Vibes Festival; Sepang, MY
  69. 35 Music Experiences You'll Never Have Again
  70. My Collection: Everything Must Go!
  71. I would have preferred Disco King to be on Machina instead of Everlasting Gaze
  72. Interview: Billy Corgan on CNN - Talk Asia 08/2013
  73. Whir appreciation thread
  74. Billy interview at Crestfallen
  75. is this a Pumpkins reference?
  76. looking for some zwan shows
  77. ISO Flaming Lips B Sides for THe Terror
  78. i listened to oceania proper for the first time
  79. few questions about the reissues
  80. "You see, the funny thing is..."
  81. When does the next Teargarden release come out??
  82. God Chooses Billy Corgan to Receive Cheap Trick Record at Illinois Concert
  83. attn sp board posters
  84. Aeroplane Reissue DVD
  85. Has Billy had plastic surgery?
  86. Teaser for Nicole's new EP
  87. The O-Board is down...
  88. What's your favorite live version of Shame?
  89. Has Billy's narcissism reached Gene Simmons level?
  90. search for billy corgan on spotify
  91. Top 4 Smashing Pumpkin Songs
  92. Aspirations to the follow up to Oceania
  93. 25th Anniversary fan tribute at Zuzu's...
  94. pumpkinland exterior pics
  95. So Who Were The Lucky Thirteen
  96. how exactly did monte get into the position he is in today?
  97. D'arcy disses Billy on Facebook
  98. The world is like a vampire
  99. When Zwan gets back together
  100. Spirits in the Sky Sources.
  101. Our balding forefathers.
  102. What kind of cameras were used to record the 33 video?
  103. The Last Song appreciation thread
  104. iso: pressing info and pricing for the vinyl reissues
  105. Is this the best time Billy & James ever played guitar together?
  106. Howard tweeted that MCIS is one of the best albums ever
  107. The current NIN tour
  108. to who knows where...
  109. Billy says he quits SP, moving on..
  110. Ascendo
  111. Ava Adore is...
  112. James is slowly turning into Michael Jackson...
  113. Oceania- Live in NYC is on TV right now
  114. The next album had better be just Billy and an acoustic guitar
  115. I'm looking for the best performances of Silverfuck and Gossamer
  116. SD Fanclub Newseletter
  117. Two years ago: Terminal 5 in NYC
  118. glynis
  119. Zeitgeist/Oceania was good because it required skill to make?
  120. where does Billy go from here?
  121. can't we all at least be thankful that billy didn't kill himself?
  122. the chicago code themesong by billy corgan
  123. Does this band even exist anymore?
  124. Billy new song ""Freedom Rider"
  125. During the days near Halloween
  126. you know what?
  127. say, lower beings,
  128. Do you think the band is dead?
  129. SNL 1995
  130. When billy dies, what secret tapes will be revealed? released?
  131. i love this photo
  132. y'all wanna work on some math problems
  133. Does Billy give anything to charity?
  134. If you could hear one full PM song, what would it be?
  135. Wasn't Bill gonna bring back the shoegaze on Oceania?
  136. The amount of people on this board
  137. any ideas on how to get bc and ji talking again?
  138. FLASHBACK: Vicious Ava Adore SOLO from 2011 NYC show in better quality
  139. Two things about the new stuff
  140. Remember when the Smashing Pumpkins?
  141. zwan setlist on ebay mentions new/unheard title "wake the ghost"
  142. In this thread I post Billy's "that can be my next tweets"...
  143. Spotify - The Smashing Pumpkins - Billy Corgan's Favorites Playlist
  144. If SP was to be remembered for one song
  145. If Corgan had a 'normal' voice
  146. Just to clarify in case you're confused..
  147. So...
  148. Discuss...
  149. Mellow, Jolly and the Infinite Madness
  150. Billy corgan should lift!
  151. The last few weeks on here have really sucked
  152. Doomiest Pumpkins Songs
  153. Oceania Demos and Outtakes
  154. mike byrne days of future past
  155. Video footage of 'Love'
  156. Stellar...
  157. XYU Fear To Tread Medley
  158. zwan setlist on ebay mentions
  159. Tila Tequila and Billy make sense now
  160. zwan setlist on ebay mentions
  161. so whats good with the adore reissue
  162. time for all Netphoria to do mass suidide
  163. that time billy and the beastie boys played basketball
  164. Anyone have the original "Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music" cassette in lossless?
  165. New LMGTWTY Clip
  166. Billy looks happy as hell here
  167. It's that time of year again
  168. speed kills machina II version appreciation thread
  169. Were they a bigger band in '92 (pre-SD) than they are now?
  170. dang rick trevino
  171. 2014 The Final Year In The Pumpkins Book
  172. Why Jimmy might be coming back
  173. Goin to see JC tomorrow...
  174. mashed potatoes
  175. I just heard the dropout in "Down I Am" by The Marked for the first time
  176. amazing rare billy corgan poster on ebay - must see
  177. what's your 14 track MCIS?
  178. BC interview - need help with link
  179. Mike Byrne offering drum lessons in Seattle
  180. Smashing Pumpkins 2010-11-20 Webstream
  181. Mellon Collie ranks as the 10th best double album on RS
  182. What have you learned from playing with Billy, Mike, & Nicole (question for jeff)
  183. James on Piano
  184. Some general questions about Billy's guitars (paintjobs)
  185. mike burns fan fiction
  186. Torrent: The Marked Music Videos - Upgrade
  187. Jackboot is the best Gravity Demo
  188. Pale horse won't come back, new plan.
  189. Do you think Billy Corgan will try to make another super group as a last ditch
  190. ITT we compliment bill
  191. NIrvana 01-16-1993 is now available over at livenirvana
  192. Will Corgan ever write good music again?
  193. I need help. Where's the picture of that creepy fat kid in the SP hoodie a few years
  194. James Iha: Interview 2014/1
  195. 1992ish shows/bootlegs
  196. ISO: Large Smashing Pumpkins posters.
  197. Billy pays drummer mike in Gushers (tm)
  198. Metro DVD with Machina Re-Releases?
  199. Jeff vs. James
  200. Did Bill ejaculate with Courtney during anal intercourse? Discuss...
  201. Is Billy Corgan Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Bonk?
  202. Billy's current recommended reading, as per his new facebook account
  203. Talkasia Interview from last November
  204. Killer in me is the killer in you
  205. vic chesnutt cover - sad peter pan
  206. Mike Burns
  207. WTB: One of your downloads of Louis C.K.'s Tomorrow Night
  208. KYP
  209. ISO 1988-08-10 "At the Avalon" in flac/lossless
  210. Ignoffo Tape (Flac)
  211. 1996-10-25 Question
  212. "Billy's Wild Ride" Interview
  213. Thanks Billy Corgan
  214. Smashing Pumpkins i&i unedited (Part 1)
  215. Best non-Jimmy SP Drummers
  216. what was the best lineup?
  217. Billy Corgan gay meter
  218. Billy Madam ZuZu Interview
  219. Adore Reissue
  220. Two audio editing questions:
  221. Smashing Pumpkins i&i (Part 2)
  222. Sierra Swan -Little Shoes (new song)
  223. the parts of Gish that remind me of Soundgarden's Down On The Upside
  224. does anybody have the alternate mellon collie album covers
  225. Post Your Favorite Videos [Revived]
  226. Torrent: 2000-05-23 Universal Amphitheater
  227. Corgan and Buckethead, could they ever work together?
  228. it REALLY is a shame about
  229. Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music V. Corgan's "SIDDHARTHA" Performance
  230. Why was Darcy left out of the "Graceful Swans Of Never" Documentary?
  231. Feel like I'm at peace with bill these days
  232. Best live jams
  233. Letter to Billy Corgan
  234. ISO: 'Mayonaise Dream' & 'Whatever' Bootlegs
  235. Why does Billy Corgan hate treadmills
  236. the fucking obelisk
  237. Does Billy Corgan still write a song everyday?
  238. A Brief History of Billy Corgan Losing His Goddamn Mind
  239. Billy needs to stop shaving his head.
  240. Best New Pumpkin since the reunion & why
  241. Create an SP line-up excluding Billy
  242. Machina 2 Remasters going to be SWEEEEET
  243. Can you guys imagine if....
  244. Rains in New York
  245. Remove That Bible - Ancient Times
  246. pics from the abandoned Fruit Bat Salad venue (the Unicorn, Milwaukee)
  247. Born: March 17, 1967, Billy Corgan.
  248. If billy dies can Jimmy reform SP
  249. Big Smashing Pumpkins announcement coming this Monday (March 24th)
  250. Lego SP