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  1. Show: 2012/10/23 - Palace of Auburn Hills; Detroit, MI
  2. Your biggest Pumpkins related regret?
  3. Billboard - News - Smashing Pumpkins 'Writing Songs for a New Album
  4. In search of
  5. So What Happened TO BiCorgs House Of Tea?
  6. Show: 2012/09/27 - Austin, Tx
  7. it's amazing
  8. 25 songs released so far...
  9. is this throwaway b-side better than anything bill's done since Zwan?
  10. Speed Kills (MII Version) MIX/Remaster from hell
  11. Show: 2012/10/20 St. Paul, MN
  12. VIP packages question:
  13. BillCo: "I’ve never had coffee".
  14. What if Billy was gay?
  15. please post the picture of billy in his cape, where the caption reads something like
  16. billy bare midriff sexy top
  17. Guy talks about meeting Nirvana (and later the Pumpkins) on reddit
  18. D'arcy: a victim of sexism in rock?
  19. Was listening to iTunes on shuffle, Glass' Theme (Spacey) > Pissant = FUCK YEAH
  20. Bit 5, revisited
  21. What to
  22. Tea Garden
  23. Show: 2012/12/10 - Barclays Center; Brooklyn, NY
  25. So I listened to MACHINA 7 times today...
  26. Dream or Premonition?
  27. So this is one of the best performances of Tonight, Tonight
  28. Corgan to have "vengeance" on his doubters
  29. Hipsters United is no more
  30. New Song: "Black Sunshine"
  31. New Oceania album
  32. • New interview with James Iha •
  33. What's in a name? Pisces Iscariot
  34. lyric interperatation/appreciation post
  35. Carson Daly Interview
  36. Probably out of loop but Howard Stern interview
  37. Changing of the guard? Menomena (@Metro) vs. SP (@AllState Arena) OCT 19th
  38. Show: 2012/09/28 - Cain's Ballroom; Tulsa, OK
  39. Abandoned songs
  40. Quick question about SBDs of shows this tour....
  41. Where the fuck IS that Oceania tower?
  42. Billco: Histrionic Personality Disorder?
  43. What's this? (Mellon Collie Reissue?)
  44. 30 for 30 episode directed by Billy Corgan debuting tomorrow night
  45. My Pumpkins collection
  46. Billy is getting sued
  47. Vancouver concert cancelled possibly due to poor ticket sales
  48. Alt version of this promo picture
  49. Yesterday they played There It Goes live again
  50. Smashing Pumpkins on Groupon
  51. new Billy interview
  52. guitar pedal with MII artwork themed
  53. list of known pro-video from the MCIS tour. what would you put on the reissue DVD?
  54. Adore B-Sides (Cut/Separated)
  55. 20 Questions
  56. This interview, latin mtv 1996...
  57. 21 questions
  58. Monte has the goods...
  59. Revisiting Zero on Karaoke - Hilarious
  60. Pisces Iscariot + Friends D2
  61. Alt version of this porno picture
  62. • Blank Page •
  63. QUIET ~ 2012-10-02 - Winnipeg, Canada - VIP-Pre-Show... meh.
  64. maybe billy's coffee shop is part of the teargarden 44 song cycle
  65. wtf was billy thinking when he did the 2012 Glynis mix
  66. new Song For a Son, DESTROYS
  67. Heavy Metal Machine Smashing Pumpkins The Movies video
  69. USA Tour starts tonight!
  70. sprc could have worked well with the reissues
  71. Here I Am
  72. Top 3 Oceania tracks?
  73. So no MCIS pre-order bonus?
  74. Manson with SP clip
  75. San Diego SP VIP
  76. Billco had anal with Courtney and other revelations (Howard Stern 2000)
  77. is billy going through a likeable period?
  78. Anyone have problems with the PI reissue DVD?
  79. manson using same intro music as SP2.0
  80. C Love and James Iha join forces
  81. No Zeitgeist Album songs played anymore
  82. Looks like tickets are not selling so well...
  83. In this post I will tweet Billy's threads.
  84. Adore songs with Jimmy
  85. who is singing backup vocals on jennifer ever?
  86. STL Show
  87. Vinyl Rips
  88. "bicorg" isn't funny
  89. so ...
  90. Has video of the Tibetan freedom fest circulated?
  91. In the 90s James looked like an anime character come to life
  92. Remember how Jimmy always said he was in a polka band before SP?
  93. St. Paul show
  94. Good luck kid!
  95. Double Door tapes might not be happening
  96. Oceania Reissue thread
  97. Jeff Schroeder: interview
  98. Show: 2012/08/08 - SAC; Quezon City, Manila, PH
  99. Toronto VIP
  100. Music Radar interview with Jeff
  101. What's one thing that full band covers of Mayonaise all have in common?
  102. Thoughts on the Montreal Show 10-28-12
  103. DC Hub Collection
  104. NYC Barclays 10/31
  105. Does Billy breast feed Mike?
  106. Show: 2012/10/25 - Air Canada Centre; Toronto, ON
  107. CBC interview with Billy
  108. happy halloween
  109. What ever happened to Emerald Green Is The Color?
  110. rescheduled tour dates
  111. List of people b0lly has not alienated
  112. CDC interview with Billy
  113. Signed copy of Siamese Dream
  114. re: Zwan tiger poster jpg
  115. Do you think Billco voted/votes, ever?
  116. billy in unfortunate locations
  117. Halo 4 - Foreshadow (James Iha Remix)
  118. whats the best 2000 live version of this time
  119. Stereo IQ interview with Billy
  120. ISO best quality version of Tower Theater DVD.
  121. ISO: TV-sourced audio of 12/21/99, 3/10/00 & 8/24/00
  122. Show: 2012/10/28 - Centre Bell; Montreal, CA
  123. Billy raising 90k for...
  124. Hummer, then and now
  125. "Something" on piano, live at ZuZu's
  126. Show: 2012/10/13 - Viejas Arena; San Diego, CA
  128. so which one of you is running the parody twitter?
  129. James asked if he and Billy could ever reunite
  130. SP FREAKS & scanning credits
  131. What is Billy doing wrong?
  132. Best and worst song on mellon collie
  133. billy Rig Rundown
  134. No 'Infinite Sadness' on MCIS reissue?
  135. Make a six song EP out of Machina and Machina II
  136. Make a five song EP out of Machina and Machina II
  137. Make a 3 song EP out of Siamese Dream
  138. SP member lookalikes
  139. Make a one song single out of TBK
  140. A little update on D'arcy... She seems to be doing OK...
  141. Who has better chemistry? Corgan/Chamberlin or Homme/Grohl?
  142. Make a 3 song EP out of the Lull EP
  143. Make a 0 song single out of Zeitgeist
  144. Make a 27 song album out of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  145. I like this alot!
  146. Berlin 1993 - Does a complete source exist?
  147. I'm ready for the fucking leak now
  148. Selling my SP vinyl, promo CDs, Commercial Boots & other SP related stuff
  149. James Iha talking about his solo album and the MCIS reissue
  150. Jersey Shore
  151. The Wolfgang Press 1989-02-18 Cabaret Metro on dime
  152. Bonus Tracks (what do you think of them)
  153. netphoria's allowance of leaks is ethically unsound
  154. Can we expect any changes in the live sets?
  155. history repeats itself
  156. Show: 2012/12/04 - Newport Music Hall; Columbus, OH
  157. Show: 2012/12/06 - Stage AE; Pittsburgh, PA
  158. Best song on the MCIS bonus
  159. MCIS
  160. interview with Nicole
  161. knuckles appreciation thread
  162. MCIS orders
  163. Billy's live vocals
  164. Could Jimmy replace Bonham if Led Zep were to do a tour in 2013?
  165. Show: 2012/12/01 - State Theatre; Portland, ME
  166. Rare sp for sale
  167. Methusela.
  168. can we just talk about
  169. These reissues should be subtitled "from the bitter perspective of Billy Corgan"
  170. Show: 2012/12/02 - Mohegan Sun Arena; Uncasville, CT
  171. The remasters are superior to the original versions
  172. Belly's running out of cash
  173. Lisa Germano: "I touched Billy on the knee"
  174. Anybody still need a Celestials 7" box?
  175. Teargarden by Kaleidyscope - The Book
  176. birry krugman
  177. Choir releases cover of Christmastime
  178. If All Goes Wrong cover
  179. Sibilance in Stumbeline
  180. Imagine if Steve Albini
  181. bros is there anyone to get around someone who is bid sniping on ebay
  182. How's the MCIS reissue DVD?
  183. Adore (Reissue)
  184. Anyone scan the MCIS liner notes??
  185. The Frogs - Count Yer Blessingsz
  186. VIP questions
  187. MCIS Booklet
  188. Nicole & Mike interviewed by children
  189. Show: 2012/12/09 - Patriot Center; Fairfax, VA
  190. Smashing Pumpkins filmed New York show for upcoming video release
  191. ST # 984725: Billy's most pretentious song title
  192. Show: 2012/12/08 - Susquehanna Bank Center; Camden, NJ
  193. I Am One drum intro spotting in Bill Nye episode
  194. Billy The Egomaniac
  195. iso VMA 96 and Grammy 97 FLAC
  196. so, why do you keep coming here?
  197. MCIS Re-Issue Vinyl Transfer
  198. look what i found on a vhs tape
  199. Have people seen this clip before?
  200. Billy & Bowie
  201. has anybody heard this?
  202. The Viper...will it see the light of day?
  203. Oceania Follow-up speculation thread
  204. Greatest Find of the New Millenium?
  205. An open letter to Billy-Bolly-Corgan from one of your biggest long time fans
  206. Post An open letter to Billy-Bolly-Corgan from one of your biggest long time fans
  207. Willy Corgie Lie Thread
  208. Billy releasing pent up rage re: Jimmy on 7/12/96
  209. inteview with Billy for Sex+Design magazine
  210. mcmurderson christmastime video no longer on youtube
  211. Merry Christmas Pumpkins fans/Netphoria.
  212. Compiling An Album That Collects All The Songs Found On Soundtracks, Promos, Etc..
  213. Extremely awkward hour-long TV special w Billy & Uli Jon Roth (2008)
  214. MCIS (reissue)
  215. For F!@#$ Sake
  216. new vinyl rips of gish and blissed
  217. Billy Musta Been So Pissed (Zwan Vid)
  218. I have some very interesting unseen SD-era footage...
  219. the gear used in 2012 (and the few years before that)
  220. Looking To Buy Extremely Rare Japanese Import of SD
  221. Courtney ripping on Corgan again
  222. New Years Eve 21yrs ago.... (12/31/91 Video)
  223. Which of Billy's ex's would you date?
  224. Happy New Year - SP 1993 Compilation
  225. NYE drunk pumpkins thread
  226. The thread wherein I attempt to sell my dust-covered youth.
  227. Pennies MCIS vs Pennies High Tea
  228. James Iha - Gemini Appreciation Thread
  229. Billy interview on Fuse
  230. James Iha interview on SPFreaks
  231. Women Corgan has boned
  232. how the fuck are you filing these reissues? digitally.
  233. Pete Townshend and Billy Corgan in Los Angeles in 2006
  234. How do we know they were on mushrooms for this show?
  235. Taylor Swift Collab
  236. 2013: European tour dates
  237. 2013 tour: dates & random stuff
  238. Jimmy!!!
  239. Men who have boned Billy
  240. Billy on MTV Hive with Pinfield
  241. Corgan congratulates Alex Jones
  242. Bleeding the Orchid THEN, Bleeding the Orchid NOW
  243. Finally
  244. ISO: 1991-06-22 instore appearance
  245. This is the difference between a Billy and D'arcy bass track.
  246. It appears that Jimmy ...
  247. Violet Rays
  248. Teargarden by Kaleidyscope as a standalone album.
  249. Murder Island
  250. Bumped into James the other night...