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  1. Smashing Pumpkins 2012-05-26 Rock In Rio (Lisboa), Lisoa, Portugal [DVD-PRO]
  2. Rock In Rio (2012-05-26)
  3. Should Billy end with Smashing Pumpkins and restart Starchildren?
  4. Smashing Pumpkins 2012-05-26 Rock In Rio, Parque da Bela Vista, Lisbon, PT [AUD-FM]
  5. Would you wear any of this SP Oceania merch?
  6. Amazon clips for Oceania
  7. billy is intentionally bulking up
  8. Pastichio Medley v. Oceania clips
  9. I was never a big fan of Starla...
  10. Why should I pre-order from
  11. Looking to download some live shows...
  12. oceania is a failed album
  13. What happened to that pic
  14. Machina II on ebay
  15. Machina II UK Demos
  16. an album similar to Siamese Dream that came out the same
  17. Widow Wake My Mind Live on Jay Leno Appreciation Threat
  18. The two best songs on Oceania..
  19. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  20. Matt Walker leaving Morrissey's traveling circus
  21. SPRC: Double Door 1995 soundboards
  22. James Iha: Look To The Sky 2012
  23. Nicole's other band, The Cold and Lovely
  24. Billy's new girlfriend?
  25. Oceania Cruise Listening Party
  26. Billy Corgan Plans Wrestling TV Show
  27. Given that Oceania has the potential to change the face of rock,
  28. Haha! Top 20 most anticipated albums for June...
  29. Which one do you think will be thought of as the better album in a few years?
  30. this fucking voice kills fascists
  31. Oceania Megathread
  32. Oceania Favorable Review
  33. Rate Oceania
  34. So which song is going to be the lead single?
  35. if you have yet to listen while high on medical grade Cannabis, you do not know...
  36. New NME Interview
  37. Oceania Leak..
  38. 'I'll piss on Radiohead'
  39. The Oceania guitar tone thread.
  40. What next for Bill after the continued mediocre record sales?
  41. are you guys upset with oceania?
  42. Czarina
  43. Mike's new girlfriend
  44. Different Track listing for Oceania
  45. Quaser rips off Red Hot Chili Peppers
  46. bleed live 2012
  47. Do you think of the current "Smashing Pumpkins" as a Billy solo act?
  48. How many years since you liked new pumpkins material?
  49. why pale horse is awesome
  50. Jellybelly
  51. Lonely troll, disguise the dinner
  52. Oceania reviews collected
  53. do any formally trained and accomplished musicians actually appreciate this band?
  54. beginning of glissandra appreciation thread
  55. pictureles pins
  56. The vocals ruin the last song on Oceania
  57. Since Ginger reyes etc. are listed as Former temporary touring musicians.
  58. Greg Kot Interview
  59. do you guys remember that puppet wrestling match thing billy did
  60. future of the left disses Corgan?
  61. Wanted: Canadian MCIS cassettes.
  62. Chimera>Glissandra>Inkless = YES.
  63. how long does it take to get a confirmation email from spfreaks?
  64. What is a better album?
  65. Wow, live has gone downhill...
  66. "Oceania" vs. "Look To The Sky"
  67. 'Oceania' Review Aggregator
  68. My Love Is Winter is the best SP/BC love song since Stand Inside Your Love
  69. I just read Monte's SP Life for the first time.
  70. how much better will the Uncompressed 96kHz/24bit Audio of OCEANIA sound compared...?
  71. What songs from Oceania are you digging? (choose all that apply)
  72. Can we have a "download Oceania ITT" thread?
  73. why are some of you guys so focused on radio air play
  74. Corgan will be on Howard Stern Today
  75. Surprised with Oceania's critical response?
  76. IHeartRadio Show Tonight
  77. Billy Corgan CBS Chicago Interview
  78. Billy's imploding voice
  79. iHeartRadio Live Stream Happening Now
  80. Your favorite SP shoegaze songs??
  81. "About 40 Comments" for Billy Corgan to Improve Oceania
  82. Jessica Veronica
  84. Why is mike Byrne is hated?
  85. Oceania Cruise Souvenir Buttons
  86. I miss mellow sane Billy circa 2004.
  87. Reissues?
  88. Piers Morgan Interview Thread
  89. Billy's weight is affecting his singing and guitar playing.
  90. Space Oddity
  91. how many reviewers this far has complained about Mikes drumming?
  92. Billy was on Opie & Anthony this morning
  93. Which is better MSOTS or Oceania?
  94. If billy died, do you think that the other 3 would still play together in a band?
  95. If billy died, do you think the original 3 would attend the funeral?
  96. Corgan calls Iha “one of the worst human beings I’ve ever met”
  97. KROQ
  98. Billy Is Annoying Me With His "I Decided Not To Write Hits For 15 Years" BS
  99. Oceania fan remixes
  100. Thorazine
  101. Siamese Dream: An honest question..
  102. Mainstream Pop Artists Who Are Also Porn Stars
  103. Are you guys blown away by the innovative interactivity of Oceania
  104. Its your fault the chicago songs aren't out
  105. king of limb vs. oceania
  106. siamese dream coloured vinyl question
  107. Had these songs been released one at a time
  108. The OFFICIAL March Hare Appreciation Thread
  109. US/UK Charts Thread
  110. Best Pumpkins power ballad
  111. Is Smashing Pumpkins your favourite band?
  112. ATTN FORUM part 2
  113. Billy Corgan and Chris Cornell
  114. spin off: billy's best lyric?
  115. Oceania - Soundcloud Vinyl Rip?
  116. Why is this song not talked about more?
  117. guys, look what i found on google images
  118. Why is this song not talked about more?
  119. Why is this song not talked about more?
  120. If your were making a soundtrack for your life....
  121. • Documentaries •
  122. How's this for a pumpkins album....
  123. Why did I order from the band website???
  124. I just heard that horrible buzzing sound in Pug
  125. Vote on your favorite album.
  126. Let's talk about the 1998 version of X.Y.U.
  127. an interesting thought
  128. Drum moments, your favourite Mike moments
  129. request 4 songs from If All Goes Wrong DVD
  130. Billy: Disappointed in Obama
  131. All I have to say is
  132. Does Oceania change the way you hear Zeitgeist?
  133. This is pretty messed up.
  134. Favorite back to back songs on an SP album?
  135. 1999/04/23 - San Diego - video?
  136. For years I've been pronouncing Machina as
  137. i think the other thread about this just started off the wrong way
  138. itt: you post performances that you think...
  139. A Musical Menu based on Oceania
  140. st #16: gish
  141. Corgan's favorite summer songs
  142. anyone know what era cinder open and blissed are from?
  143. Video of James and Darcy arguing
  144. Pisces Iscariot 2010 24/96 vinyl rip?
  145. Corgan's on the cover of Rolling Stone
  146. songs that hold up post-siamese dream
  147. I educate all the dumbasses in this thread
  148. Dennis Flemion missing and presumed dead in lake
  149. are there any folks under 28 who are on this forum?
  150. now that the pulse cable show is coming out, what are the remaining holy grails?
  151. James Iha soundgarden cover?
  152. Are there any smashing pumpkin fans 50 and over on this forum?
  153. 2012/06/12 Billy Corgan - Oceania Cruise
  154. Mellon Collie w/o the "hits" vs Oceania
  155. I think it's time to recognize TheFutureEmbrace as some of Bills best work
  156. adore
  157. Mary Star of the Sea songs listed as "traditional"?
  158. What's the best first ten seconds of any Billy Corgan song?
  159. The only woman Billy ever loved
  160. PI reissue cassette in lossless
  161. New Video released...
  162. MonteLSD doll up for sale!
  163. Have any of you met any of the band members?
  164. REQ: BHD/Adore/Machina demos
  165. Glynis (2012 mix) Unappreciation Thread
  166. kel bazar vinyl rips of adore&machina
  167. Pisces DVD-Audio Pulse Cable
  168. L/F BC Sig Strat
  169. Which would you rather have?
  170. Anyone have the EARLY mix of Machina to upload?
  171. darcy vocals on machina?
  172. SD & PI pbthal 24/96 vinyl rips
  173. Forgive me and feel free to make fun...
  174. Corgan inspired or Corgan written?
  175. Does MCIS need to be remastered?
  176. they finally played soot and stars again
  177. Hmm...
  178. Billy can see the Smashing Pumpkins going on without him?!
  179. Oceania tour - July 2012, Australia
  180. Siamese Dream is nineteen years old today.
  181. Anyone Found a Complete Glastonbury 1997 FM source?
  182. I'M BACK
  183. A fool enough to ALMOST sing it?
  184. If All Goes Wrong and Siamese Dream Reissue DVD
  185. Songs with prominent 12-string guitar parts
  186. NME Brat Pack Cassette
  187. Assorted sp promos for sale
  188. Intro Tarantula / Dark Lady
  189. Order the songs from SD from your favourite to least favourite
  190. Is PI being fixed?
  191. what's your significant other's fave sp song?
  192. A flawless cover of Whir
  193. Billy Corgan likes Justin bieber
  194. Are we going to get a new SPRC song
  195. Ohh schnap
  196. Has anyone gone through and broken up each individual song from P-Medley?
  197. Luna live 2012
  198. Billy giving some bald dude a death stare
  199. Let's talk about the Pre-Gish era please.
  200. Billy Corgan on Gay Marriage...
  201. New info about re-releases
  202. Demos & B-Sides megatorrent
  203. Full video of 4/8/94 show on YouTube
  204. Since we've all heard Oceania in it's entirety; Studio vs. Live ~ What do you prefer?
  205. lets talk about the vieuphoria version of silverfuck
  206. PI reissue DVD
  207. Is Billy A Good Candidate For Face Widening?
  208. Interview > 1er fevrier 1992
  209. Full show on YouTube > 1996-01-06
  210. Is it just me...
  211. Does your s/o ever get tired of "pumpkins talk"?
  212. Is it that Billy "doesn't want to" sing like he used to, or simply that he "can't?"
  213. So, Jimmy was a heroine addict for years. But did it ever affect him during a show?
  214. Monte: how about asking Billy where in United States Jimmy misses a beat?
  215. how come jim isn't on that tonight tonight poster
  216. isn't there a video of The Lab party?
  217. this is a good, honest interview
  218. the 2007 lineup was really good, wish it lasted longer. also Jimmy on this track
  220. something to think about
  221. pisces Iscariot + Friends
  222. Where's the hatred for Oceania?
  223. Billy on his musical touchstones
  224. MCIS pbthal vinyl rip
  225. What is with this TFE lyric?
  226. Does Jessica Veronica still have a Billy Corgan tattoo
  227. Spaceboy doesn't belong on Siamese Dream.
  228. waiting 7"
  229. SP will be on Jay Leno Thursday
  230. ISO 4-CD Zwan Compilation
  231. Return to Enormodomes
  232. Billy Corgan • 2012-08-19 interview
  233. • Great SP Covers •
  234. yes i know there is a wicked live performance thread but this merits its own
  235. Pumpkins on Leno tonight.
  236. what's so good about Celestials?
  237. Hey Billy I see you with that sourpuss face on.
  238. were there presale tickets/
  239. "Let Me Give The World To You" - 98' Viper Room version
  240. Sad/Awesome
  241. VIP Tickets
  242. The Aeroplane Flies High.
  243. 1979 doesn't belong on Mellon Collie.
  244. is there any song that billy won't let mike burns ruin the drums to?
  245. FREE: sp posters
  246. James Iha's best performances in SP...
  247. Why do people waste their time on these?
  248. TV show appearances
  249. BiCorg gets called out - backpedals on Soundgarden & Radiohead comments
  250. the '95 Riviera show