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  1. So we've got a "remastered" Gish and SD.
  2. "Oceania is our best album since MCIS"
  3. Where do I start?
  4. New Mike Byrne Interview
  5. Infinite Sadness
  6. is Jeff's guitar playing as memorable as Iha's?
  7. Smashing Pumpkins - 10/18/11 - Terminal 5 - [Multicam] - [DVD] - Bit Torrent Download
  8. Smashing Pumpkins - 10/18/11 - Terminal 5 - [Multicam] - [DVD] - Bit Torrent Download
  9. is Jeff's hair dew as memorable as Iha's?
  10. who said mcis sounds like it was recorded on a pile of pillows?
  11. can we ban/mute lala already
  12. Nostalgia boys living in 1991
  13. PMs that Scotty send to me
  14. Members banned... Reason sought.
  15. Why is Mike Byrne in all these other bands when hes in one of the coolest bands ever?
  16. Is this kid better than Mike Byrne?
  17. New song - Have Faithe be Merrie!
  18. "Rubano tapes"
  19. Remastered version of Landslide leaked
  20. Billy covering John Lennon's "Oh My Love"??
  21. How long did it take Billy Corgan to write and record "Have Faithe Be Merrie"?
  22. no lala thread: lets be honest, mike byrne sucks
  23. you guys remember that SP fan that posted on amsp or something and killed a kid?
  24. Does anyone have the MCIS rough mixes?
  25. If I were to upload a rip of MCIS here...
  26. what is the best LIVE Oceania song?
  27. Finally a good recording of Double Doors show?
  28. Awesome fan made Mina Loy video
  30. will you be disappoint if the mcis reissue only has one bonus disc?
  31. Billy Corgan to Open Tea House
  32. Wowee Zowee - The Bob Ludwig remasters
  33. Corgan opening a Chicago teahouse!!!
  34. Does Corgan's narcissism make his lyrics seem less sincere, pure, and significant?
  35. message from frank quinto
  36. would Billy fare well in a fight?
  37. Gravity Demos
  38. What if Corgan's song writing ability came from "selling his soul"?
  39. Missing samples on the SD reissue
  40. so if it was revealed that corgan actually did sell his soul to the devil...
  41. so whats b0llys beef with zeitgeist?
  42. Billy will sign a poster for you...for $1000
  43. Billy has fallen out with Kerry
  44. winning combinations
  45. anyone wanna share Reissue Vinyls 2496?
  46. Reissue Vinyls
  47. Monte preparing a gift for Billy ... creepy
  48. Metro 1993 - raise your hands
  49. A New Poetry Appreciation Thread
  50. Who is Monte exactly?
  51. What if Billy Corgan's guitar playing ability came from eating a magic bean?
  52. Netphoria trumps the O-board in traffic these days.
  53. How would you sequence this short list of essential albums from the 90s
  54. So whats everyones over/under on Oceania actually coming out in March?
  55. Oceania release date?
  56. dreamy lol
  58. so we're all supposed to forget about oceania
  59. PI reissue
  60. a solution for a real reunion
  61. Lets find a derogatory name for teargarden... like shitgeist
  62. Teargarden is the best record of the last 10 years
  63. karaoke Soma
  64. Who's more pretentious: Billy Corgan or his fans?
  65. vieuphoria
  66. Gooch!
  67. which songs of the marked do you like best?
  68. Lonely is the Name Appreciation Thread
  69. DVB Upgrayyedd to Late Show 92 performance
  70. A couple of these look familiar
  71. Billy's Fact Checker
  72. First Pumpkins Songs
  73. How ridiculous is it that we have a release date for Iha's 2nd solo
  74. From AMSP: "Super Elite Rare Track"
  75. Nicole's album out B4 oceania?
  76. New MBV album out before oceania?
  77. Is Bill Corgan a Beef Yankee?
  78. Is there a chance music will cease to exist before Oceania comes out?
  79. is it funny or sad to you
  80. Smashing Pumpkins Anagrams
  81. Smashing Pumpkins - 10/5/11 - [Multicam] - [1080p/Remix] - [MP4] - Bit Torrent
  82. If Darcy released a solo album...
  83. Remember this song?
  84. WTFc: Cherub Rock played by Floppy Disc Drives
  85. Corgan's favorite song he has ever recorded is...
  86. did anybody mention the orwell/oceania connection
  87. Oceania and Slaughter House Five AKA Kurt Vonnegut's masterpiece
  88. How sweet ...
  89. Prediction: Oceania won't be out until May/June
  90. MP3 of "Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies"
  91. Req: Smashing Pumpkins 2007-06-02 Rock am Ring, Nurburgring, Nurburg, DE [PRO]
  94. New mix of Glynis on Pisces Iscariot reissue!
  95. does anyone have a hi-res version of this picture
  96. What Zwan song(s) were you most disappointed to see go unrecorded?
  97. If SP3 was a situation comedy TV show...
  98. If sp3 was made out of ribs...
  99. I got an advanced copy of Oceania in the mail today.
  100. If SP was a movie
  101. goodnight sweet prince... Billy Corgan 1967-2012
  102. Oceania is only a month away!!!!
  103. Oceania is just an excuse away!!!!!
  104. If Billy Corgan died suddenly how it would it change your life?
  105. We are working very closely with Billy to find and manufacture something specifically
  106. This board is dead
  107. Mojo Interview With Billy Corgan
  108. Happy Songs
  109. Happy Birthday, Mike Byrne
  110. hi-res photo of the MCIS booklet group photo
  111. Is there a pic/vid of Glynis Johnson anywhere?
  112. 2000-05-24-Soundboard?
  113. In this thread are ideas for potential Oceania matrix codes
  114. church session / chicago songs
  115. Lollapalooza 2012
  116. Pug
  117. The thing about Billy Corgan
  118. the future embrace is better than the vast majority of SP2 material
  119. Desire appreciation thread
  120. What in the hell?
  121. Mellon Collie ... anybody here ever listen to it?
  122. SP Webisodes
  123. Daydream appreciation thread
  124. Silversun Pickups on being compared to the Smashing Pumpkins
  125. Billy's favorite song to record was...
  126. A thread, a thread. A kingdom for a thread.
  127. Iha live in Japan
  128. Why do you like SP/Corgan music?
  129. i have pull in this city
  130. tonight video props exhibited
  131. What if Machina was the follow-up to Siamese Dream?
  132. Do you think Billy has herpes?
  134. As huge a disappointment this band has been the last few years...
  135. Your expectations of highlights on Oceania
  136. Moon appreciation thread
  137. What Criteria Defines Success For SP?
  138. Pumpkins gifs
  139. Is there a release date for this album yet?
  140. Drummer Mike spilled Yoo Hoo all over the console
  141. Billy Corgan to announce Oceania’s release date
  142. Show: 2012/05/26 - Rock in Rio; Lisboa, PT
  143. SP Audition Video: Drums
  144. Here is a Thought
  145. I'm thinking about selling some of my collection
  146. The Real Reason Smashing Pumpkins Have Not Had Continued Success
  147. With the release date being revealed soon, when do you expect Oceania to come out?
  148. So, there's no record deal, right?
  149. 18:25 f-ya!
  150. My Life and Times Appreciation Thread
  151. Bleeding the Orchid was intentionally written to sound like Alice in Chains
  152. I am one French promo
  153. monty screams
  154. glass and the ghost children
  155. Bitching about the release date appreciation thread
  156. Over/under on billy announcing when he is going to announce the release of the album
  157. Bye June
  158. Billy Corgan Rants About 'Posers' at SXSW
  159. Use one word to describe each album
  160. good interview with Matt Pinfield about reissues and song meanings
  161. Jimmy's Isolated Drum Tracks for Cherub Rock and Siva
  162. Anyone have Ihas new album ripped yet?
  163. Corgan and Alex Jones have been hanging out together
  164. Queen of Mean...
  165. Lisbon Campo Pequena 2nd night 2011
  166. The Killer In You
  167. happy birthday billy corgan
  168. when was mayonaise written?
  169. Post here if you are more excited for Iha's album
  170. Do you believe that Oceania will actually be released in June?
  171. Smashing Pumpkins fan fiction ideas?
  172. The complete lack of an official Smashing Pumpkins live album
  173. You cannot watch this clip and then say James was not awesome
  174. Which ex female member you miss most?
  175. Is Billy racist?
  176. SP mix for a hater?
  177. Possible new material link?
  178. Selling Brand New Sealed TAFH Box Set
  179. Oceania Album Art?
  180. SPRC
  181. Billy is a genius
  182. Oceania released June 18th
  183. oceania song title parodies
  184. Will Billy Corgan ever produce anything as bad as St. Anger?
  185. Oceania mix
  186. Req. A Certain Kind of Change lyrics
  187. torrent more fares tapes
  188. Corgan using the classic Zero logo to promote his wrastling company
  190. Kerry Brown blog post about his split with billy.
  191. Does anybody have MCIS Demos I...
  192. Why does Mellon Collie begin and end with a piano solo?
  193. VANITY
  194. According to
  195. you got that pine green tree thing in your car...
  196. Rank your favorite female vocals on an SP song
  197. flute in 'suffer'
  198. Potential Tea names for MADAME ZUZU'S
  199. pre-gish demos
  200. when i met bily, and we talked
  201. suprise Q and a!
  202. skin flute in 'strawberry'
  203. Any guesses on what the first single will be?
  204. Tonight Tonight covered on The Voice last night
  205. Did you guys know...
  206. Yelena demos cassette
  207. what is happening?
  208. First Trip last night - Gish discuss....
  209. **Official** Lucky 13 SPRC Recommendation Thread
  210. Final Metro DVD, finally?
  211. new song by Eve 6 quotes Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  212. Has there been a musical genius in our lifetime (how about Corgan)?
  213. Does anyone remember Superchrist?
  214. who's listening to monte talk on the phone with billy?
  215. It occurred to me
  216. New Smashing Pumpkins confession blog on Tumblr
  217. The Smashing Pumpkins announced for Splendour In the Grass festival - Australia 2012
  218. "Black Oblivion" still holds up
  219. Free Flexidisc for Preorder Folks?!
  220. Best entry level recording gear?
  221. LOL Latest SP Facebook Announcement of an Announcement
  222. oceania cover art revealed
  223. Go take the survey
  224. three tracks leaked from Oceania (tracks for single apparently)
  225. Why is indie a bad thing to some of you?
  226. So when is the single coming? It's gotta be soon, right?
  227. Why doesn't Monte know how to spell?
  228. more of that Brian Solis interview
  229. I'm gonna listen to Oceania
  230. Who the hell is posting Siamese Dream live videos on the SP Facebook page?
  231. Everyone
  232. Billy Corgan
  233. Billy's affairs recap
  234. Do people seriously like The Future Embrace or is that a joke?
  235. billy memes
  236. Never Forget
  237. For Sale: Siamese Singles + bwbw/1979 7"
  238. Always Forget
  239. Show: 2012/06/14 - Metro; Chicago, IL
  240. So when do the tour dates start leaking?
  241. [New] - Smashing Pumpkins - 1996-05-15 - Brixton - [Complete] - [Custom Amt+Pro]
  242. James' tribute to David Bowie
  243. Smashing Pumpkins album sales over the years.
  244. Sweeney rips Billy. Hard.
  245. Inspectah Deck rips it, Hardcore
  246. Eye
  247. Billy interviewed by Fox Chicago
  248. Second Sight J-Z.
  249. Signal to Noise appreciation thread
  250. Nicole in GQ Spain