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  1. Whats the merch look like for this tour?
  2. Denver, October 10th - AUD Recording Link
  3. Don't worry, Billy is BACK!!
  4. Band joins DC fan meetup
  5. I'll just leave this here.
  6. Remasters Preorder
  7. SPRC - Frail & Bedazzled
  8. an actually good new interview
  9. Favorite New Song?
  10. sp2011-10-17 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC cabbage AUD
  11. SPRC Meeting
  12. Fruit Bat Salad....
  13. So how long has Resistance Pro been active?
  14. Gear on the new tour
  15. Pisces Iscariot reissue speculation
  16. If Billy said "Have at it" which hole would you use?
  17. If D'arcy said, "Have at it", which hole would you choose?
  18. If James Iha said, "Have at it", which hole would you choose?
  19. If Jimmy Chamberlin said, "Have at it", which hole would you choose?
  20. If Mike Byrne said, "Have at it", which hole would you choose?
  21. Billy Corgan Fan Fiction Thread
  22. James Iha stories
  23. Corgans voice actually sounds damn good on this new tour
  24. So when did Billy part ways with Irving Azoff?
  25. Geek U.S.A. sounds like hell
  26. Effect used in Cherry
  27. Why doesn't Billy just put the bullshit behind him and get Iha, Chamberlin back?
  28. Massive Attack & Hope Sandoval sound like SOMA
  29. Not Worth Asking
  30. Last Song appreciation thread
  31. wtf is this?
  32. happy birthday mellon collie and the infinite sadness
  33. Congrats Billy
  34. What was that one fan yelling at a Smashing Pumpkins concert a few years back?
  35. What SP/Billy Corgan songs are in the public domain?
  36. Ringo Deathstarr
  37. Oceania a tribute to Orwell's 1984?
  38. Can someone link me to the crazy Machina era interview about the Gaultier?
  39. Between when the Pumpkins first broke up and now, more time has passed than between
  40. Billy on lithium Sirius xm
  41. Is SP3 perfect music for sadists?
  42. Lost in the Woods
  43. newesque Jimmy interview
  44. WTD: 20th Anniversary Shows
  45. FS: Spaceman shirt $5
  46. smashing pumpkins chat. mike byrne is in it!
  47. New fast version of My Love is Winter
  48. LF: 2008-12-01 - Raleigh Studios; Hollywood, CA (Chris Issak Hour)
  49. you wanted it and now you have it the United States music video
  50. [RELEASE] Dirty Mirror: reflections and interpretations of the smashing pumpkins
  51. pretty fuckin' badass
  52. European Setlist Predictions
  53. Isn't some digital copy of the album supposed to be out this month?
  54. Vicious Swedish Concert Review
  55. check out my band
  56. Jimmy footage from Vic opening in Chicago
  57. How to listen to high-end PCM reissues?
  58. Its stupid of Billy to tour with no new album.
  59. Direct Download: 1991-09-23
  60. Positive (!) Norwegian Concert Review
  61. 4 shows postponed in Germany???
  62. Why was Oceania delayed?
  63. What is the number 1 reason TSP saw commercial success?
  64. asd;lkfnasl;dkfn
  65. Nicole Lashes out at Sexism in Revolver Magazine
  67. Do the Pumpkins still look cool?
  68. Jeff interview
  69. "The pressure has been on us to make really high-quality music"
  70. Billy Getting Married
  71. uh my gawd - Zero for For Martha?
  72. Did SP ever look cool?
  73. Reissues Preview
  74. 2 nights @ Brixton - Setlist changes?
  75. Billy and the half stack
  76. new sp3 song
  77. Billy and the half rack
  78. Will Oceania be better than Chinese Democracy?
  79. Mellon Collie artwork inspired by old engraving
  80. You will not hear Oceania this year!
  81. amazing vinyl rip of MCIS
  82. if anyone is in central IL
  83. BC poppin' vitamins (?) at O2 backstage...
  84. Courtney goes crazy again
  85. To Sheila (resume the pose version)
  86. BWBW b-side reaction
  87. Next Year's Tour
  88. Your dream super group members featuring Billy Corgan
  89. Monte: The new pumpkin queen?
  90. What sandwich meat is each album?
  91. Are the guitar sounds on Siamese Dream closer to the taste of Coke or Pepsi?
  92. did the reissues leak yet?
  93. I think its time to acknowledge now that tfe is the best thing billys done in the
  94. SP in top 10 of superfluous reunions
  95. Siamese Dream in full on Radio 1 now
  96. if you had sex with each album, in what position would you do each of them?
  97. spinoff: What type of seafood would each SP album be?
  98. New Matt Pinfield Interview
  99. Happiness will make you wonder/Will I feel okay?
  100. High-Rez Promo JPGs for Reissues
  101. Mix-tape for a bus of SP fans?
  102. Pumpkins swapping instruments in Prague
  103. Pumpkins swapping bodily fluids
  104. Rachel Getting Married
  105. JBTV SP Special
  106. BREAKING: New Drummer
  107. No Alternative
  108. Glasses
  109. So have the re-issues leaked yet?
  110. Autographed reissues?
  111. Pitchfork actually gave the Smashing Pumpkins a good review
  112. Monte, Why did Corgan quit Bills Corner?
  114. Corgan getting sick?
  115. did i overpay for my aeroplane box?
  116. Opening Flac Files
  117. I Am One
  118. Billy's Diezel Herbert (amp)settings
  119. Live show archive
  120. U.S.A. deluxe edition track vs pastichio medly
  121. Not enough pre-Gish material on re-release?
  122. So is it "boys, let's do it" or "poised, like an angel" or "over you, like an angel"
  123. farewell concert and break up
  124. Disarm Cover and Video - Occupy Wall Street Version
  125. Best live performance
  126. ISO: 10/18/11 Terminal 5 Videos (720p+ Footage)
  127. What bonus tracks are you hoping for on MCIS reissue?
  128. List of bands billy has supported
  129. What bonus tracks were you hoping for on the Gish and SD reissues?
  130. La Dolly Vita
  131. Sweet Giveaway Prizes?
  132. Hipsters blog changes
  133. Billy 2011 on the crossroad?
  134. Still one of the best videos
  135. What show is this from?
  136. What thread about bonus tracks are you hoping someone will make?
  137. What SP song most closely resembles the atmosphere/spirit of this board?
  138. Billy's guitar effects (current 2011 tour only)
  139. great new BC interview
  140. Roadie trips and unplugs Billy's guitar (Boston 10/21/11 - Vid Clip)
  141. Where do I enter my SPRC code for free tracks?
  142. Gish deluxe DVD Live at The Metro, Chicago, IL 8/25/90
  143. new hair styles... they ran out in 1996?
  144. Drumroll please!
  145. Superslut Shirt
  146. Corgan & Kerry Brown part ways
  147. Lisbon solo acoustic
  148. Spirits in the Sky
  149. The 666 Tapes
  150. slunken liveblogs new BC interview (not live nor blog)
  151. Newsflash: Monte mocks the disabled in new video blog
  152. Pisces Iscariot Reissue - Another broken/delayed promise
  153. Oceania renamed SamsungŪ Galaxy S II HD
  154. your favourate extra tracks on the remasters
  155. So is there a solid release date for Oceania?
  156. Request: Philadephia Tower Theatre 2007 DVD
  157. sprc flacs
  158. Smashing Pumpkins - 10/18/11 - Terminal 5 - [Multicam] - Test Stream
  159. sd deluxe dvd
  160. Billy's stereogum interview
  161. Full versions of Zoom & Knuckles!
  162. In this thread I fuck your mom
  163. I need a love to help me find my way
  164. Acoustic videos from 94.7 KKDO
  165. Copperpot5 Appreciation Thread
  166. Propose new band names for Billy Corgan here
  167. Billy is lost in his own narrative
  168. James Iha playing Japanese festival in February; new album in March
  169. So we've got a "remastered" Gish and SD.
  170. "Oceania is our best album since MCIS"
  171. Where do I start?
  172. New Mike Byrne Interview
  173. Infinite Sadness
  174. is Jeff's guitar playing as memorable as Iha's?
  175. Smashing Pumpkins - 10/18/11 - Terminal 5 - [Multicam] - [DVD] - Bit Torrent Download
  176. Smashing Pumpkins - 10/18/11 - Terminal 5 - [Multicam] - [DVD] - Bit Torrent Download
  177. is Jeff's hair dew as memorable as Iha's?
  178. who said mcis sounds like it was recorded on a pile of pillows?
  179. can we ban/mute lala already
  180. Nostalgia boys living in 1991
  181. PMs that Scotty send to me
  182. Members banned... Reason sought.
  183. Why is Mike Byrne in all these other bands when hes in one of the coolest bands ever?
  184. Is this kid better than Mike Byrne?
  185. New song - Have Faithe be Merrie!
  186. "Rubano tapes"
  187. Remastered version of Landslide leaked
  188. Billy covering John Lennon's "Oh My Love"??
  189. How long did it take Billy Corgan to write and record "Have Faithe Be Merrie"?
  190. no lala thread: lets be honest, mike byrne sucks
  191. you guys remember that SP fan that posted on amsp or something and killed a kid?
  192. Does anyone have the MCIS rough mixes?
  193. If I were to upload a rip of MCIS here...
  194. what is the best LIVE Oceania song?
  195. Finally a good recording of Double Doors show?
  196. Awesome fan made Mina Loy video
  198. will you be disappoint if the mcis reissue only has one bonus disc?
  199. Billy Corgan to Open Tea House
  200. Wowee Zowee - The Bob Ludwig remasters
  201. Corgan opening a Chicago teahouse!!!
  202. Does Corgan's narcissism make his lyrics seem less sincere, pure, and significant?
  203. message from frank quinto
  204. would Billy fare well in a fight?
  205. Gravity Demos
  206. What if Corgan's song writing ability came from "selling his soul"?
  207. Missing samples on the SD reissue
  208. so if it was revealed that corgan actually did sell his soul to the devil...
  209. so whats b0llys beef with zeitgeist?
  210. Billy will sign a poster for you...for $1000
  211. Billy has fallen out with Kerry
  212. winning combinations
  213. anyone wanna share Reissue Vinyls 2496?
  214. Reissue Vinyls
  215. Monte preparing a gift for Billy ... creepy
  216. Metro 1993 - raise your hands
  217. A New Poetry Appreciation Thread
  218. Who is Monte exactly?
  219. What if Billy Corgan's guitar playing ability came from eating a magic bean?
  220. Netphoria trumps the O-board in traffic these days.
  221. How would you sequence this short list of essential albums from the 90s
  222. So whats everyones over/under on Oceania actually coming out in March?
  223. Oceania release date?
  224. dreamy lol
  226. so we're all supposed to forget about oceania
  227. PI reissue
  228. a solution for a real reunion
  229. Lets find a derogatory name for teargarden... like shitgeist
  230. Teargarden is the best record of the last 10 years
  231. karaoke Soma
  232. Who's more pretentious: Billy Corgan or his fans?
  233. vieuphoria
  234. Gooch!
  235. which songs of the marked do you like best?
  236. Lonely is the Name Appreciation Thread
  237. DVB Upgrayyedd to Late Show 92 performance
  238. A couple of these look familiar
  239. Billy's Fact Checker
  240. First Pumpkins Songs
  241. How ridiculous is it that we have a release date for Iha's 2nd solo
  242. From AMSP: "Super Elite Rare Track"
  243. Nicole's album out B4 oceania?
  244. New MBV album out before oceania?
  245. Is Bill Corgan a Beef Yankee?
  246. Is there a chance music will cease to exist before Oceania comes out?
  247. is it funny or sad to you
  248. Smashing Pumpkins Anagrams
  249. Smashing Pumpkins - 10/5/11 - [Multicam] - [1080p/Remix] - [MP4] - Bit Torrent
  250. If Darcy released a solo album...