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  1. Was Jefferson Airplane an influence for SP?
  2. James looks like such a girl in video for Bullet
  3. I miss the grandeur.
  4. ISO : Press Images (35mm slides)
  5. SP playlist/mix for the Non Fan
  6. What is the point of this?
  7. o jaymz - successful troll
  8. tales of a scorched earth appreciation
  9. Dearest Billy
  10. Ask Flood
  11. Former JJ72 frontman on Billy
  12. Favorite SP instrumentals?
  13. Has anyone even uploaded any Teargaren songs to there MP3 players?
  14. Rocks for your rocket
  15. Tonight Tonight
  16. Will you pay money for Oceania?
  17. Where's this sleepy acoustic Hummer from?
  19. Rumor: To reinstate asian/female quota, Smashing Pumpkins hire 8 year old girldrummer
  20. will billy corgan ever go this far?
  21. billy recording drums...
  23. Noticed something watching the trailer for the new Scorsese movie
  24. Billy is clearly still a guitar God
  25. why does billy have no babies?
  26. If Oceania is coming out September 1st, shouldn't we be getting a single soon?
  27. Finally, the Owata music video
  28. Finally, the Skysaw video is here
  29. billy cover of lonesome day blues
  30. Is SP in its Spinal Tap faze?
  31. Billy Corgan and the fool's journey
  32. what did kurt think of billy
  33. Adore
  34. Even wikipedia's noticed Billys inability to keep promises!!
  35. Greg Kot, Billy Corgan interview 7-21
  36. Compare Adore with Thirteenth Step
  37. Billy Corgan Feuds
  38. Darcy's Boobs during Adore
  39. original 1979 demo
  40. where and when did corgan fail??
  41. Billy Corgan free jazz
  42. Weird (and insignificant) Billy COrgan reference.
  43. so, fucktards, when is the first of the reissues due to "drop"
  44. i forgot billy was with new order
  45. Silverfuck - 1991
  46. Interviews with Billy saying nice things about his former band mates.
  47. Do you think Billy still enjoys playing music?
  48. Reactions to Untitled when it first came out?
  49. Billy to open his own wrestling promotion.
  50. Billy is looking for a researcher netphoria.
  51. RadioMonte interviews Billy
  52. Petition to get SP III to re-record certain Teargarden tracks.
  53. this > sp.
  54. Bob Ludwig remasters
  55. Billy's Vox & Lyrics are the main reason why the band...
  56. Nothing Ever Changes
  57. Billy in 1991 on the future of music
  58. Teargarden doesn't hold a candle to real psychedlia.
  59. Oceana will be released on vinyl
  60. wtb: an original pressing vinyl of Siamese Dream?
  61. I enjoy when billy try to sound like he's on top of shit
  62. Does Machina 2 showcase Jimmy's drumming better than Machina?
  63. what if time was backwards?and
  64. Will Oceana be the first SP album with no heavy metal?
  65. New Mike Byrne EP
  66. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow
  67. Artist Direct review of Teagarden
  69. Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan talks w/ The Honky Tonk Man
  70. tour dates
  71. Album delayed
  72. Window Paine to appear on Footloose remake OST
  73. So how is billy's skill with the tambourine coming along?
  74. whoa
  75. Hey guys don't you think Siamese Dream is new wave
  76. Past disappointments and the coming tour.
  77. and for a moment i lose myself, wrapped up in the pleasures of the world
  78. Billy Corgan at Chicago Comic Con promotion wrestling thing
  79. we have an updated definition of success
  80. Oh you do make me laugh!
  81. best "epic" song
  82. worst "epic" song
  83. Archive update: The Smashing Pumpkins Record Club (SPRC)
  84. Show: 2011/10/13 - Riverside Theater; Milwaukee, WI
  85. Gish & SD reissues will *******...
  86. Billy quits music in the next two years and becomes wrestling manager full time.
  87. Happy birthday to the mother f'in davster!!
  88. Single greatest studio feat?
  89. Smashing Pumpkins dubstep
  90. Starla being REMIXED!
  91. Show: 2011/10/17 - 9:30 Club; Washington, DC
  92. Tales of a Scorched Earth
  93. Billy doing weekly Q and A for Montes website
  94. Question for parents
  95. Chicago "Artist pre-sale" info
  96. a great find 1993/06/30 with more songs
  97. Billy considering possibly the worst idea ever
  98. Angela Aki covers 'Today'
  99. How do you people sleep at night?
  100. FS: Tristessa Grey and Today Red 7"s SIGNED
  101. bill corgan lashing out at devi ever
  102. Billy Ready To Knock Out...
  103. Another Open Letter To Billy Corgan
  104. remember fysche?
  105. who is your least favorite smashing pumpkin
  106. After today, will you continue to support bill.
  107. Psychology of the older SP fan
  109. lets raise funds to help devi sue Billy
  110. BC
  111. billy = transphobic
  112. official netphoria loves Devi Ever day
  113. What bullshit
  114. Iha and D'arcy giving each other high fives
  115. Billy Corgan buys a piece of the Gold Coast
  116. Dear 1995 Billy Corgan,
  117. Dear 2000 Billy Corgan
  118. i wonder if b0lly finds himself to be sexy?
  119. Let's address deviever's Netphobic comments
  120. As a psychotherapist, something Billy said in his angry lil rant stuck out to me...
  121. Apology from Billy
  122. European leg of SP tour
  123. It's called weather morans
  124. Bat Strat Stickers
  125. Reading between the lines
  126. To Monte
  127. remastered albums
  128. Pretty soon it's christmas
  129. An ode to Billy Corgan's headwear
  130. Ron Roesing reminds me of Henry Padovani the original guitarist for the Police
  131. 2 monte
  132. tiny, random mention of BC on
  133. Something about eBay.
  134. 2 shiela
  135. 2 shylock
  136. who else can save us from chemtrails but ron paul???
  137. i am 1
  138. searching for girl of name lily???
  139. jennifer
  140. no bodys
  141. Zeitgeist
  142. siamese dream
  143. smashing pumpkins record hair club for men
  144. the rolling stones - wild horses
  145. you think your all that cause you invited to dinner linda strawberry
  146. remember when billy first went bald and he tried to glue his hair onto his chin
  147. question for paz lenchanting
  148. rare pumpkin info
  149. how to get 40k posts
  150. question for hoser
  151. question for :smoke:
  152. question for crestfallen
  153. would u cry if billy corgan died
  154. would u cry if d'arcy wretzkiy died
  155. is melissa auf der maur true member of pumpkins
  156. Kid Rock with the straight dope
  157. good old american rock and roll!
  158. question for graveflower
  159. d'arcy wretzky is not dead
  160. whoa, it stinks in here...
  161. nimrod son to delete all my topics come morning
  162. new reputation comment of the eliot
  163. pale princess nude pictures ft. hyperbole and spava
  164. lily or scotty
  165. anyone here a psychotherapist?
  166. psychotherapists vs. framers
  167. question
  168. hey guys
  169. mary star of the sea
  170. Do you think Bill would ever seek out to collaborate with Jack White?
  171. Netphorias most hillarious moments
  172. So Devi Ever
  173. SP are nature kids and STP are elegant bachelors
  174. Why is there always more guests than Members viewing this site?
  175. Perez Hilton: Billy Corgan Doesn't Like Transgenders
  176. Ode to Graveflower
  177. question for paz lynching
  178. Something Awful talks about Bill
  179. here's a totally original thread
  180. why are there so many new threads
  181. pm from mickeyshambled
  182. Billy's Chicago Live video now online
  183. this chick at my new work kinda looks like monte
  184. Couple new DVDs up on dime, nice upgrades!
  185. UK Tour - Pre Sale Link
  186. Any space tickets to the Chicago show?
  187. Fan-made Smashing Pumpkins covers album
  188. Pic request: machina tour/banners
  189. Ginger Sling Solo Track
  190. "Barb Wire" on SPRC
  191. jim carrey sings BWBW in karaoke bar
  192. What would you put on the reissues?
  193. TSP 1979 Remixes 12" Vinyl
  194. Drew Carey bangs BBW in singles bar
  195. Ain't No Sleep When You're Living The Dream
  196. anyone good with syncing audio/video?
  197. Best source of Machina II
  198. Best version of F.O.L.
  199. Oceania online by November
  200. Tear is easily the saddest SP song ever written.
  201. How many times have you actually listened to "Spaced" all the way through?
  202. For Sale: Rare SP shirts
  203. what is this sprc update?
  204. Gish, 2011 Vinyl Test Pressing.
  205. Oceania is finished.
  206. I just want to spit onto the top of Billy's head.
  207. Where did the "SPRC moments away :)" thread go?
  208. Happy SP songs
  209. Billy should make a rap song
  210. billy corgan interviews nick cave...
  211. Qui Henry
  212. What kind of underwear does Billy wear?
  213. How often does Billy Corgan change his underwear?
  214. What are still sealed Aeroplane flies high box sets going for these days?
  215. torrent: 2000/11/29 DVD
  216. WTB: 1 LA ticket
  217. Jupiter's Lament Gospel Version
  218. chances of Jimmy ever coming back
  219. Machina II on Ebay
  220. Oceania predictions
  221. Whats with the Bullet video looking just like the Only happy when it rains video?
  222. Yet another 1979 cover...
  223. Good to see The Motherfuckin' Davster found a job during these tough economic times.
  224. Billy Corgan hints that Smashing Pumpkins could end if 'Oceania' fails
  225. "...throwing a pebble in the ocean." - Corgan
  226. Quick question
  227. Cheap Chicago tickets on eBay
  228. Omaha show added
  229. Stigmata vs Ransom
  230. So I just started listening to Zwan, why didn't get Corgan get that drummer to replac
  231. Is anyone actually going to the US shows?
  232. Mishearing SP songs...
  233. heya
  234. Billy Corgan's best pop songs?
  235. Do you guys think BC really considered putting HMM alternate mix on Machina?
  236. corgans best non-pop, non-epic, non-metal songs
  237. Show: 2011/10/05 - Wiltern; Los Angeles, CA
  238. Show: 2011/10/07 - Fox Theater; Oakland, CA
  239. Show: 2011/10/08 - Boulevard Pool, The Cosmopolitan; Las Vegas, NV
  240. Show: 2011/10/10 - Ogden Theater; Denver, CO
  241. Show: 2011/10/11 - Slowdown; Omaha, NE
  242. Show: 2011/10/14 - Riviera Theater; Chicago, IL
  243. Show: 2011/10/15 - Fillmore Detroit; Detroit, MI
  244. Show: 2011/10/18 - Terminal 5; New York City, NY
  245. Show: 2011/10/19 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel; Providence, RI
  246. Show: 2011/10/21 - Orpheum Theater; Boston, MA
  247. Show: 2011/10/22 - Tower Theater; Upper Darby, PA
  248. Show: 2011/11/02 - Annexet; Stockholm, SE
  249. Show: 2011/11/04 - Spektrum; Oslo, NO
  250. Show: 2011/11/05 - Grey Hall; Copenhagen, DK