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  1. ISO: Arising Tour Poster
  2. Billy added me on facebook...
  3. What a fucking treat..
  5. Announcement of announcement of announcement
  6. who did this to me?
  7. the true successors to smashing pumpkins release a new album
  9. SKYSAW - Full Album Streaming:
  10. Adore
  11. Even MORE groundbreaking official news!!
  12. Record label changed to Reprise on FB page.
  13. ***Machina 2 CD???***
  14. ISO: "Spaceman" Starla lyrics t-shirt
  15. Have you sat down and listened through TgbK from start to finish?
  16. Quiet vs. Lucky 13
  17. Billy's Interview on
  18. Promises made/broken pre-2001?
  19. what the heck
  20. Ginger's solo EP
  21. SP Bass Players, who was/is the hottest?
  22. rofl you can buy a copy of siamese dream signed by sp3
  23. Owata
  24. Let's usurp the Pumpkins!
  25. What if Adore had been released 1 track at a time?
  26. Teargarden Artwork.
  27. May 13 Live Show!
  28. The last show
  29. Getting rid of some stuff
  30. New Rolling Stone Interview
  31. TGBK EP3 ????
  32. United States's Greatest Hits
  33. What do you hope Oceania will sound like?
  34. 2010 Terminal 5 Show??
  35. Crush appreciation thread
  36. New Pumpkins Video..
  37. French porn spam on the Oboard
  38. Anyone know where I can find the songs in this video?
  39. Unbelievable
  40. Which song is more heart-wrenching? Crestfallen or Disarm?
  41. Poll: Worst Teargarden track so far?
  42. The proof that the study ruined the Teargarden project
  43. Jimmy left cause the music sucked?
  44. today billy corgan has finally won
  45. Pumpkins descend on Chicago
  46. Regarding BC's 'spiritual memoir'
  47. Billy Corgan Syndrome
  48. time for a caption contest
  49. OWATA vs.
  50. remastering Siamese Dream
  51. Buy SP's albums now while you can...
  52. Looks like As Rome Burns will never be a studio track.
  53. Teargarden vs. Danzig 7:77 - I Luciferi
  54. Come Back Home
  55. Is there a recording of this anywhere?
  56. is gone
  57. The 5 Stages of Pumpkins Grief
  58. Another failed project
  59. Missing Persons - Spring Session M
  60. Live performance on Conan tonight 5/17
  61. Doing my part for Oceania.
  62. you can't buy credibility
  63. Adore Remaster.
  64. Super HD Wrestling Boobs? Billy as James Cameron? What?
  65. Vinyl Re-Releases As Part of Reissues?
  66. Doing my part for Oceania
  67. Could someone help me find a track in FLAC?
  68. "You are the sweetest flower that i have ever devoured."
  69. So..about that Gish/SD era tape
  70. SP/BC/Zwan TV Comp??
  71. have you ever listened to TFE all the way through?
  72. Machina truly is a heaping pile of shit
  73. Share a fond memory of the music we love...
  74. What Would M II Have Sounded Like if Virgin Hadn't Pulled the Album?
  75. The face of a tru pumpkins fan.
  76. Rank the songs from MCIS from best to worst
  77. Rate all smashing pumpkins songs from best to worst
  78. I need C'Mon in FLAC
  79. Bodies Appreciation Thread
  80. A better idea then the inevitable aweful remasters:
  81. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart: latest S.P. soundalike band
  82. New SP vinyl rips
  83. Celebrity Skin
  84. a bunch of idiots here wish it was May 23rd 2000 all over again
  85. Glissandra
  86. Friday Night Video
  87. billy on a roll today...
  88. Old man Bill confronts the H8Rz
  89. Monte's new blog
  90. interview with jimmy and members of skysaw
  91. Owata video shoot
  92. well gish is 20 years old today
  93. Desire Appreciation Thread
  94. I Actually Enjoy Every Pumpkins Album
  95. iso: gish era posters/flats
  96. Zwan spotting in Prague
  97. Bill is such a fuck stick
  98. i hate myself so much
  99. which one of you sad people drew this
  100. this goddamn website sucks so much ass
  101. million b0lly choir done right
  102. TFE appreciation thread
  103. Once again, post Billy quotes that are no longer relevant
  104. Best Up and Coming Drummer
  105. Oceania track listing
  106. Gish & SD remaster underway
  107. Rank the songs from TAFH from best to worst
  108. Nice
  109. Coherent post?
  110. looking for a few side projects
  111. Rolling Current Favourite Pumpkin Jammers
  112. Cool as hell Gish "mixed tape"
  113. Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Drums
  114. In case we all forgot what a mofo drummer JC is
  115. "pee"
  116. Billy's new guitar pedal is done. :)
  117. Billy on The Veronicas' new album
  119. Gish Era Archive update from Billy today
  120. SP Management
  121. SP experiment
  122. My tape caps
  123. Billy Corgan's brother gets punched and iPod stolen while listening to Nelly Furtado.
  124. Songs that clip worse than Zwan's "Mary Star of The Sea"
  125. Walking Shade Video
  126. Who plays drums on Shame and Czarina?
  127. This forum keeps on giving me trojans.
  128. Bullet with Butterfly Wings is about a vibrator
  129. Do you think Corgan has ever at any point made an account here?
  130. Can anyone find that thread where the guy broke into the studio?
  131. Billy's wrestling outfit
  132. i just bought the Crestfallen Promo CD
  133. Halp
  134. So do you guys think Billy is fucking Nicole
  135. is there an instrumental soot and stars
  136. Billy's pedal porn
  137. coats of eyes tracks up on zomb
  138. pale horse is about his mother
  139. When Will Adore's Moment Come?
  140. Jesse messaged me on Facebook
  141. Jesus messaged me on facebook
  142. Late night hate mail from the Bollster..
  143. OCEANIA acoustic demo leak
  144. A challenge to William Patrick Corgan
  145. SP's "comeback" has given me more respect for Herpes
  146. What sucks more? Widow wake my mind,Owata or Spangled?
  147. Billy was at Wrigley Field today
  148. this forum contains some xenophobic nazis-pigs...
  149. Favorite single moment on each album
  150. i would give my left nut to get a copy of this show
  151. Horny lesbian here... post your favorite "women of Smashing Pumpkins" pix
  152. @ 9:00
  153. Glen Campbell?
  154. Massive updates to
  155. 33 favorite songs, go
  156. Pumpkins flogging signed items
  157. Smashing Pumpkins HD on youtube
  158. Surfaced SP Argentina 98
  159. what
  160. Soma
  161. James Iha playing live with Ozzy
  162. :facepalm:
  163. unreleased gravity demos instrumental appreciation thread
  164. Bye June
  165. best/favorite 93-94 recordings?
  167. So here's the final design of the pedal imma shippin' Billy Monday.
  168. new jaymz interview-- listen up, bill!
  169. Fact is, the Smashing Pumkins weren't that bad with the reunion
  170. If the remasters are inferior to the original albums...
  171. HUUUGE Collection Mentioned Earlier....For Sale Now!
  172. Tonight, Tonight discussion
  173. WOW
  174. most overrated SP song
  175. Was Jefferson Airplane an influence for SP?
  176. James looks like such a girl in video for Bullet
  177. I miss the grandeur.
  178. ISO : Press Images (35mm slides)
  179. SP playlist/mix for the Non Fan
  180. What is the point of this?
  181. o jaymz - successful troll
  182. tales of a scorched earth appreciation
  183. Dearest Billy
  184. Ask Flood
  185. Former JJ72 frontman on Billy
  186. Favorite SP instrumentals?
  187. Has anyone even uploaded any Teargaren songs to there MP3 players?
  188. Rocks for your rocket
  189. Tonight Tonight
  190. Will you pay money for Oceania?
  191. Where's this sleepy acoustic Hummer from?
  193. Rumor: To reinstate asian/female quota, Smashing Pumpkins hire 8 year old girldrummer
  194. will billy corgan ever go this far?
  195. billy recording drums...
  197. Noticed something watching the trailer for the new Scorsese movie
  198. Billy is clearly still a guitar God
  199. why does billy have no babies?
  200. If Oceania is coming out September 1st, shouldn't we be getting a single soon?
  201. Finally, the Owata music video
  202. Finally, the Skysaw video is here
  203. billy cover of lonesome day blues
  204. Is SP in its Spinal Tap faze?
  205. Billy Corgan and the fool's journey
  206. what did kurt think of billy
  207. Adore
  208. Even wikipedia's noticed Billys inability to keep promises!!
  209. Greg Kot, Billy Corgan interview 7-21
  210. Compare Adore with Thirteenth Step
  211. Billy Corgan Feuds
  212. Darcy's Boobs during Adore
  213. original 1979 demo
  214. where and when did corgan fail??
  215. Billy Corgan free jazz
  216. Weird (and insignificant) Billy COrgan reference.
  217. so, fucktards, when is the first of the reissues due to "drop"
  218. i forgot billy was with new order
  219. Silverfuck - 1991
  220. Interviews with Billy saying nice things about his former band mates.
  221. Do you think Billy still enjoys playing music?
  222. Reactions to Untitled when it first came out?
  223. Billy to open his own wrestling promotion.
  224. Billy is looking for a researcher netphoria.
  225. RadioMonte interviews Billy
  226. Petition to get SP III to re-record certain Teargarden tracks.
  227. this > sp.
  228. Bob Ludwig remasters
  229. Billy's Vox & Lyrics are the main reason why the band...
  230. Nothing Ever Changes
  231. Billy in 1991 on the future of music
  232. Teargarden doesn't hold a candle to real psychedlia.
  233. Oceana will be released on vinyl
  234. wtb: an original pressing vinyl of Siamese Dream?
  235. I enjoy when billy try to sound like he's on top of shit
  236. Does Machina 2 showcase Jimmy's drumming better than Machina?
  237. what if time was backwards?and
  238. Will Oceana be the first SP album with no heavy metal?
  239. New Mike Byrne EP
  240. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow
  241. Artist Direct review of Teagarden
  243. Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan talks w/ The Honky Tonk Man
  244. tour dates
  245. Album delayed
  246. Window Paine to appear on Footloose remake OST
  247. So how is billy's skill with the tambourine coming along?
  248. whoa
  249. Hey guys don't you think Siamese Dream is new wave
  250. Past disappointments and the coming tour.