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  1. 'Lonely Is The Name' Appreciation Thread
  2. sort of a lame thread
  3. MTV World Stage México
  4. Oasis/Pumpkins relation?
  5. James is Back
  6. Live in Chicago promo
  7. 12/04/2010 - Grand Prairie (Dallas), TX
  8. TbK vol 2 the solstice bare
  9. Jellybelly instrumental - Gravity Demos appreciation thread
  10. Do you think Billy is a world class musician?
  11. high res TGBK artwork
  12. Just Some Random Show from 1996
  13. The Viper
  14. Billy in new "Music" photo book
  15. Billy continues his Tea Party masturbation
  16. time for hipsters united to start bashing the frogs
  17. Some green dude Jellybelly drum cover
  18. This is out.
  19. Best B-Sides of the 90s
  20. FMQB Interview - Smashing Pumpkins - September 2007
  21. I wanna Range Life.
  22. Why is Billy Corgan such a cunt?
  23. How much would you bet?
  24. Billy Corgan > Rockline Interview (2010)
  25. Did anyone like Judas 0?
  26. After reading Billy's Myspace rantings/confessions... I have a question
  27. what happend with the studio JC and BC bought
  28. Jimmy Chamberlain and Bill Corgan were gay together often
  30. Ray Davies & Billy Corgan
  31. My shadow rides alone
  32. hey this song sounds just like shame
  33. "This" - All I hear is snow
  34. Why does Billy Corgan have a bald head?
  35. Billy Corgans Gold Coast home for rent
  36. the smashing pumpkins
  37. I am particularly interested in 1996/05/15 - Brixton Academy; London, UK
  38. Buzzfest Houston Texas
  39. Bands less likely to re-unite than SP
  40. Pastichio medley
  41. Billy should get Jeff Lynne of ELO to produce TGBK
  42. this was probably the best thing to come out of SP2
  43. Billy on yet another pavement tirade
  44. TGBK
  45. torrent: 1992/07/05 master
  46. Tom Tom
  47. Sequence IV and Siamese Dream demos
  48. when is the new song coming out
  49. Viva Galapagos
  50. Billy slams hipsters united
  51. TGBK Vol. 2 Leak Watch
  52. Singles soundtrack vinyl re-release in February 2011
  53. 11/18/10
  54. So...the free downloads?
  55. Poll: Poll: Poll: disambiguate this lyric from tom tom with your vote
  56. ISO: Cottonwood
  57. Blue
  58. Smashing Pumpkins Live Stream Today!
  59. Smashing Pumpkins Live Stream Today!
  60. Cottonwood Symphony
  61. article about tapers
  62. Full audio from Argentina - To Sheila sounds awful
  63. What is your ideal scenario for the Smashing Pumpkins
  64. what an idiot
  65. hey yall i'm looking for some zwan shows
  66. Billy's always been a whiner.
  67. oddsmakers: Billy Corgan redeems self, becomes respected rock and roll legend by 2020
  68. Waiting vs. Soot and Stars
  69. Freak U.S.A.
  70. Machina era guitars... Drop C?
  71. revisit an old song you used to hate
  72. Looking for high quality download for The Fellowship
  73. The Fellowship?
  74. If Billy had a twitter account in 1996...
  75. Extended MCIS (song) anywhere?
  76. Tom Tom finially up at o-site
  77. so i downloaded some demos
  78. gish
  79. FOL is next TGBK song
  80. Gearheads, any info on how this solo tone was achieved?
  81. Look who now has a Facebook
  82. For Sale: autographed Machina lithograph, signed by all
  83. JINX
  84. Innosense guitar tab
  85. Album artwork for a shitty EP
  86. conversaphone
  87. This guy sure loves Landslide
  88. Yet again billy akes promises he doesn't plan on keeping
  89. Metro 12/2/2000 - ten years ago
  90. It's official!
  91. Here we go again....
  92. first 8 TBK songs plus b-sides
  93. the Fellowship is getting airplay
  94. Doomsday clock just played during
  95. James Iha album update
  96. i hate billy
  97. I really liked this
  98. man, billy is really great
  99. Remember this?
  100. The Solstice Bare EP FLAC - is this REAL?
  101. Billy mentions Netphoria on facebook
  102. sookie sookie from mashed potatoes
  103. goddamnit the drums on this are fucking awesome
  104. Billy, you got where you are today because of your old school fans
  105. New acoustic videos up.....
  106. Poll: Poll: Poll: which Freak is more awesome
  107. Guys, I have something to admit.
  108. quick someone send billy a message, this guy can do a better drum take than mike byrn
  109. Signed Zeitgeist for sale (Billy and Jimmy)
  110. Quotes & Link From New Longform Interview
  111. If the Ultra Rare Trax compilation were an official album
  112. Jimmy renames THIS to "Skysaw," appears on Shaman Durek readio show.
  113. "I think James Iha should feel alone."
  114. Smashing Pumpkins - Live at Luna Park, Buenos Aires, AR - November 18th 2010 [AUD]
  115. hello kittar kat
  116. Great, forgotten songs
  117. interview with Gavin Rossdale where he talks about Billy
  118. found hideout pics
  119. 12\11\2010 Gibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA Master Audience Recording
  120. Melissa Auf Der Maur Interview, This Friday..Got any good / interesting questions?
  121. Huh.
  122. Zwan - Lyric @ XFM Studios
  123. gravity demos
  124. New Corgan FB idea
  125. b0llster is on an epic global warming facebook rant
  126. has anyone got a video of when they performed muzzle on conan obrien back in 1997?
  127. highlights from the Secret Diary of Billy Corgan
  128. Onion AV Club seems to be enjoying Teargarden
  129. what are the odds Jimmy and Billy might reconciliate, your thoughts
  130. 10 Questions for Billy Corgan
  131. I really want this to happen
  132. Mashed Potatoes (lossless)
  133. firewall story?
  134. Billy, important message regarding the lunar eclipse/solstice
  135. Anyone owns a copy of the Obscured 12" bootleg?
  136. xyu...
  137. so billy thinks he can just take pictures and have fun instead of writing good tbk so
  138. Billy admits to 'frying' out and losing passion
  139. Bill discussing certain songs on Facebook
  140. Look who now left a Facebook!
  141. christmastime swf
  142. Starla vs. Drown
  143. Have I been cast out from the BC FB-page?
  144. Any new bootlegs/releases?
  145. guitar pedals made for sp tone.
  146. Would Teargarden be more forgivable as a Billy solo effort?
  147. to love you by zwan
  148. hey
  149. bolly's willingness to talk to strangers
  150. Zero vs. Bury Me
  151. if you could attend one concert in the past....
  152. TAFH Australia promo - acoustic tracks
  153. b0lly trying to be all d33p and shit
  154. teargarden theme
  155. NEW Jimmy Chamberlin interview from
  156. My Smashing Pumpkins theory
  157. Perfect Representations of the Pumpkins Live Eras/Versions
  158. Help with FLAC conversion
  159. christmastime sfw
  160. Why the hate for FOL?
  161. christmastime nsfw
  162. Billy Corgan's biggest mistakes?
  163. Has Ozzy given you hope for Billy?
  164. your strength is my weakness, your weakness my hate
  165. Hello, my name is Devi Ever, I gave billy some guitar pedals, he signed my biphase.
  166. Rare songs
  167. Fuck You Billy Corgan
  168. How many times have you touched Billy Corgan?
  169. Billy Corgan is a not a manipulative genius with a plan.
  170. 2011 is going to be a great year for the pumpkins.
  171. Adore LP/Mono
  172. When is the next song coming out
  173. Crisco Twister
  174. PI + Friends (shn/flac)
  175. Billy writing new book
  176. i don't think it's a coincidence
  177. i have a bunch of old SP-related CDs
  178. is there any interest in these items anymore?
  179. spinoff thread: does billy go down on chicks?
  180. I'll Never Change
  181. Anyone wanna buy a signed TAFH box?
  182. Billy and his Crackpot Conspiracy Theories on
  183. Billy Corgan's Biggest Milkshakes
  184. SP Vinyl Collection
  185. The Fellowship
  186. Thanks Paranoid! :D
  187. 15 years ago
  188. P.S.A.
  189. stretch in time
  190. Songs that start with only vocals
  191. lets talk about this song
  192. why JC left the band
  193. EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  194. I like Here's to the Atom Bomb more than 1979
  195. vancouver 01.08.97
  196. SP Discography
  197. come on
  198. Song for a Son = House of the Rising Sun
  199. Does Jimmy teach?!
  200. Has Bolls said what he's been listening to lately?
  201. Pumpkins Dog
  202. Gian / Subway sized posters
  203. Caught with this virus of my mind
  204. matt walker to replace mike byrne
  205. billy corgan to start judging on american idol next season
  206. did i just hear bullet in a dead space two commercial?
  207. Smashing Pumpkins song to be in New McDonalds Commercial
  208. Billy talks about online fans, and his audience.
  209. Which drummers do you think are worthy comparisons to Jimmy?
  210. On this day in Live Pumpkins history...
  211. appears to be gone?
  212. real love and slow dawn
  213. The fact is, if Corgan still had any balls then he would have released Gossamer
  214. I like Tom Tom
  215. The Final ZEITGEIST Debate!
  216. despite...
  217. So is this Teargarden thing finally dead?
  218. Greta Garbo/Hope Tape
  219. Calling all Dallas / Fort Worth Fans!!
  220. billy corgans thoughts on touring:
  221. Billy appreciation thread
  222. 1997-06-28 Rosklide
  223. Billy Corgan and sci-fi themes
  224. Billy Corgan and steampunk themes
  225. about as stupid and middle of the pack as it gets
  226. Mike Byrne's Side Project: Jewels and the Wall Walkers
  227. mu-tron bi-phase signed by billy corgan
  229. D'arcy got arrested recently for something related to her horses running loose in 200
  230. D'arcy arrested, looks horrible.
  231. Kill Hannah's Mat Devine intervies Billy Corgan about making videos.
  232. amazing video of vasily kafanov
  233. Oh and she got busted for drunk driving again too
  234. Why do I check this board every day?
  235. Billy/Chicago Code Clip
  236. William is a Sex-Obsessed Maniac
  238. Billy Corgan is shit
  239. alert: b0lly has another kid
  240. Best version of "Daydream" + an album idea
  241. Album Ideas for Billy:
  242. Smashing Pumpkins lists
  243. I'm a Hateforian
  244. Today at the grocery store (sp related)
  245. Don't you think Billy has a lot of rage?
  246. Best live show videos?
  247. Today at the liquor store (sp related)
  248. what ever happened with Jimmy?
  249. New demo/studio footage
  250. Magical performance of G&TGC, is the full concert available?