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  1. Now he has impregnated that moron?
  2. Tickets to free Phoenix show?
  3. 09/25 - Bonner Springs, KS
  4. Billy's Current Live Set-Up
  5. This is fun
  6. Scott Pilgrim vs The Wolrd
  7. Now he has impregnated that mormon?
  8. Mike's side project
  9. Do you think Billy, James, or Darcy will ever have kids?
  10. finally after 12 years
  11. Next song coming mid-September
  12. Really Good Billy Interview
  13. Teargarden on Crack
  14. Pumpkins: You rule Monte!
  15. rewatching fruit bat salad
  16. how people describe Machina
  17. cool thing i dug up (pre-gish antecdotes)
  18. By Starlight
  19. “I will never get up on a stage and do what people want me to do”
  20. I really wish Billy would stop blaming his demise on our "being stuck in the past"
  21. when did you first notice Billy was bat-shit crazy?
  22. really super long ass interview (August 26)
  23. 09/14/2010 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory
  24. who are Billy's fans these days?
  25. Looking for scan of MCIS artwork of hourglass with bat wings
  26. Billy's Wrestling Again...
  27. 08/27/2010-Sunset Strip Music Festival, West Hollywood, CA
  28. Any crucial new(old) shit?
  29. FREE show 9/2/10 Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ
  30. 2 quirks billy has
  31. Couldn't Billy think of a better hacker nickname?
  32. Godzilla Acoustic
  33. 1979 on pitchfork's top 200 songs of the 90s
  34. That's the Way (My Love Is) 2010 version appreciation thread
  35. some new 1992 footage just popped up on zomb
  36. Question
  37. The Solstice Bare...
  38. Favorite single?
  39. What did you do with your obelisk?
  40. Songs For A Sailor: The Complete Package?
  41. is spfc not working for anyone else?
  42. Bally Corgan
  43. Like Sap from a Tree
  44. SP time signatures
  45. the era that best showcases Jimmy's drumming
  46. 10 years ago today
  47. South America concerts - nov 18, 20 and 23
  48. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Lobero Theatre on 2010-09-04 (September 4, 2010)
  49. Santa Barbara Show 9-6-10
  50. Jimmy's son is affected some blood disease!?
  51. Mary Star of the Sea vinyl rip
  52. Live Show Experience and Thoughts
  53. Disarm (2010 Live Karaoke Version) Confusion Thread
  55. Spangled performed last night (you tubez link inside!)
  56. A Perfect Circle tweet
  57. Is the ZOMB torrent site locked?
  58. Pumpkins touring aussie
  59. isolated drum/rhythm tracks?
  60. thirty-three
  61. Going to a SP concert MIGHT KILL YOU.
  62. Link to that picture of Billy talking to God "come on come on"
  63. lazy taper
  64. best live SP songs
  65. someone post "ZEROMONTE.JPG"
  66. Behind the Music that Sucks - SP
  67. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Crest Theatre on 2010-09-06
  68. James is officially in APC
  69. Billy talks like a 14-year-old girl
  70. Spangled
  71. If you hate the band so much, why are you here?
  72. Billy quotes that are no longer relevant
  73. Had MCIS been released one track at a time
  74. blast bill thread
  75. Smashing Pumpkins Live at The Showbox SoDo on 2010-09-10
  76. Billy, the problem is we liked the other guys
  77. another interview worth reading
  78. SP3 Lyrical analysis
  79. Ranking Drummers
  80. Had Ben and Jerry's been released one flavor at a time
  81. I rarely make threads but i will make this exception
  82. My song-by-song positive review of Teargarden (so far)
  83. b0lly yelled at crowd for talking during spangled and played tom tom last night
  84. Billy Corgan believes in Chemtrails
  85. Jesus, I/Mary Star of the Sea appreciation thread
  86. Imagine being loved by Billy Corgan
  87. do you follow Billy's twitters?
  88. hacked by abol_fa
  89. Searching for Utrecht 1/24/2000 DVD/avi
  90. Which of you idiots got the gold obelisk in EP1?
  91. Is there an actual tracklist for TBK?
  92. Peace and Love tuning??
  93. 30 sec preview of The Fellowship
  94. Is it worse when songs suck in a new way, or in a familar way?
  95. When to arrive at pumpkins concert?
  96. There is much to be said in favour of modern journalism....
  97. mayonaise
  98. Boll and the Pumpkins play Auckland
  99. mike byrne interview
  100. New Corgan interview, talks a bit more about Jimmy
  101. Anyone tape the Stubb's show?
  102. we are the fossils. the relics of our time
  103. Att: Billy Corgan and whoever else is in the pumpkins right now or in the future
  104. For Sale - Corgan Stratocaster
  105. the SPLRA uses scans of my concert memoribilia without my permission or crediting me
  106. Under Your Spell
  107. Which song would you want to hear SP cover?
  108. vid
  109. I guess this is a Pumpkins reference!!
  110. Rocket & Untitled
  111. Best acoustic version of non-acoustic song?
  112. Interesting album reviews
  113. new Billy song: Jesus Needs a Hit
  114. Ever Dream This Man?
  115. Which song was it..?
  116. Tom Tom on EP 2
  117. Nobody posted this so I will
  118. Help from beyond the grave?
  119. Teargarden By Kaleidyscope Vol. II "The Solstice Bare" - November 23, 2010
  120. Most pathetic album and/or song title
  121. Zwan
  122. New Billy interview
  123. a song I'd like Billy to sing
  124. one time netphoria podcast
  125. Video of Billy singing Christmas music
  126. When was the last time you watched the DVD that came with the MSOTS album?
  127. Another new Billy interview
  128. Any instances of the Kerry Brown Q&A session vids still around?
  129. The Fellowship
  130. Machina is better than Adore
  131. rocking TEITBITE cover
  132. Which Pumpkins song would you attempt at karaoke?
  133. Vieuphoria
  134. Gish is better than Mellon Collie
  135. Earphoria 1994 original promo CD for sale
  136. TBK is better than Adore
  137. Adore is better than Adore
  138. Jimmy's Drug Habit is better than Billy's Ego
  139. hey listen to this version of riverview
  140. Billy Corgan & Bon Jovi
  141. My opinion is better then your opinion
  142. "This" Album Set for Release Mid-October
  143. lyric booklet scans?
  144. Hard to believe.
  145. Earphoria CD 1994 original promo for sale
  146. iso the following shows:
  147. Wheres the rest of the 666/MTV material?
  148. Rockin version of Stumbleine
  149. Local news segment featuring Mike Byrne
  150. Did the Smashing Pumpkins have any clone bands early on?
  151. Listen to this fucking asshole
  152. Holy shit... Mikey fucking owns on this version of The Fellowship
  153. When did you stop loving Smashing Pumpkins?
  154. Graceful Swans of Never
  155. Smashing Pumpkins Live at The Tivoli on 2010-10-17 (October 17, 2010)
  156. Methusela
  157. yo so where the fuck is jimmys album?
  158. Cottonwood Symphony
  159. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Big Top Auditorium on 2010-10-16 (October 16, 2010)
  160. Billys followers on twitter
  161. 1979: Literal Video Version
  162. New SP article on
  163. one of my lies
  164. Melissa Auf der Maur 2010-10-21 - Coolidge Corner Theatre - Boston, MA
  165. Freak on Billboard
  166. [LMA] The Smashing Pumpkins 2010-10-15 Festival Hall Melbourne, AU (AUD)
  167. Happy 15th Birthday, Mellon Collie.
  168. Random billy spotting in a friends photo..
  169. 'Lonely Is The Name' Appreciation Thread
  170. sort of a lame thread
  171. MTV World Stage México
  172. Oasis/Pumpkins relation?
  173. James is Back
  174. Live in Chicago promo
  175. 12/04/2010 - Grand Prairie (Dallas), TX
  176. TbK vol 2 the solstice bare
  177. Jellybelly instrumental - Gravity Demos appreciation thread
  178. Do you think Billy is a world class musician?
  179. high res TGBK artwork
  180. Just Some Random Show from 1996
  181. The Viper
  182. Billy in new "Music" photo book
  183. Billy continues his Tea Party masturbation
  184. time for hipsters united to start bashing the frogs
  185. Some green dude Jellybelly drum cover
  186. This is out.
  187. Best B-Sides of the 90s
  188. FMQB Interview - Smashing Pumpkins - September 2007
  189. I wanna Range Life.
  190. Why is Billy Corgan such a cunt?
  191. How much would you bet?
  192. Billy Corgan > Rockline Interview (2010)
  193. Did anyone like Judas 0?
  194. After reading Billy's Myspace rantings/confessions... I have a question
  195. what happend with the studio JC and BC bought
  196. Jimmy Chamberlain and Bill Corgan were gay together often
  198. Ray Davies & Billy Corgan
  199. My shadow rides alone
  200. hey this song sounds just like shame
  201. "This" - All I hear is snow
  202. Why does Billy Corgan have a bald head?
  203. Billy Corgans Gold Coast home for rent
  204. the smashing pumpkins
  205. I am particularly interested in 1996/05/15 - Brixton Academy; London, UK
  206. Buzzfest Houston Texas
  207. Bands less likely to re-unite than SP
  208. Pastichio medley
  209. Billy should get Jeff Lynne of ELO to produce TGBK
  210. this was probably the best thing to come out of SP2
  211. Billy on yet another pavement tirade
  212. TGBK
  213. torrent: 1992/07/05 master
  214. Tom Tom
  215. Sequence IV and Siamese Dream demos
  216. when is the new song coming out
  217. Viva Galapagos
  218. Billy slams hipsters united
  219. TGBK Vol. 2 Leak Watch
  220. Singles soundtrack vinyl re-release in February 2011
  221. 11/18/10
  222. So...the free downloads?
  223. Poll: Poll: Poll: disambiguate this lyric from tom tom with your vote
  224. ISO: Cottonwood
  225. Blue
  226. Smashing Pumpkins Live Stream Today!
  227. Smashing Pumpkins Live Stream Today!
  228. Cottonwood Symphony
  229. article about tapers
  230. Full audio from Argentina - To Sheila sounds awful
  231. What is your ideal scenario for the Smashing Pumpkins
  232. what an idiot
  233. hey yall i'm looking for some zwan shows
  234. Billy's always been a whiner.
  235. oddsmakers: Billy Corgan redeems self, becomes respected rock and roll legend by 2020
  236. Waiting vs. Soot and Stars
  237. Freak U.S.A.
  238. Machina era guitars... Drop C?
  239. revisit an old song you used to hate
  240. Looking for high quality download for The Fellowship
  241. The Fellowship?
  242. If Billy had a twitter account in 1996...
  243. Extended MCIS (song) anywhere?
  244. Tom Tom finially up at o-site
  245. so i downloaded some demos
  246. gish
  247. FOL is next TGBK song
  248. Gearheads, any info on how this solo tone was achieved?
  249. Look who now has a Facebook
  250. For Sale: autographed Machina lithograph, signed by all