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  2. vid: billy rehersing with new sp members (from kevin dippolds fb updates)
  3. im listening to the pumpkins full blast right now
  4. Billy needs to embrace his new tabloid lifestyle!
  5. A video of Billy driving the white van
  6. TBK on Pirate Bay...a fake???
  7. Teargarden Reviewed!
  8. Top 10 Band Break-Ups on
  9. best covers of SP songs
  10. breaking: billy corgan continues to be a raving fucking idiot
  11. Everclear and Hole did the same thing as the Pumpkins
  12. ... and now a message from Billy Corgan to Netphoria.
  13. breaking billy corgan continues to
  14. billy can't stop fucking musical dating geniuses
  15. Astral Planes being released April 16th
  16. So Courtney knew Billy while dating Kurt...
  17. Am I doing it right?
  18. billy is not on team coco
  19. Always
  20. billy is on team cuckoo
  21. New Jimmy Chamberlin drummin' !
  22. um, what the shit is this
  23. Never forget!
  24. Monty on tour again - SP3 reunion 2010
  25. new cd box
  26. Astral Planes Download
  27. Rocket CD single goes for $2 million
  28. Some years ago.....
  29. i know i'm probably just askin for it, but...
  30. monty has a new lady friend
  31. A Stitch in Time is very touching
  32. 2 New SP Record Store Day Red Vinyl 7"s 250 COPIES ONLY
  33. Jimmy Chamberlin - SSE Music Drum Clinic - 2009-12-03
  34. Linda Strawberry Smearing Billy on Reddit
  35. Teargarden Theme
  36. BRIAN from the Ameoba line LA - long hair, headphones
  37. 1997/10/17 - Slim's, San Francisco, CA
  38. [DOWNLOAD] Teargarden Theme
  39. What do you think of Songs for a Sailor?
  40. Rank the First Five Teargarden Songs
  41. Req: Can someone please point me to that live alternate version compilation
  42. I super heart @jessicaveronica !
  43. Bill's guitar sound
  44. *DOWNLOAD* 1080 HD video of Widow Wake My Mind on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  45. *DOWNLOAD* 1080 HD video of Widow Wake My Mind on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  46. what courtney says...
  47. 24 bit vinyl rip of Machina
  48. Billy Corgan the teabagger
  49. getting complete years up on LMA
  50. "come with me" vocode intro? wtf
  51. Smashing Pumpkins: 'There Are Always More Riffs Than Words'
  52. billy is in 7th grade
  53. Really looking forward to the Pumpkins, No Doubt, Bush, Hole tour.
  54. Best live version of Once Upon a Time?
  55. MCIS booklet icon scans
  57. Is Widow Wake My Mind the worst Pumpkins song of all time?
  58. so, seriously, who's troll is mickeyshambles?
  60. friends and enemies t-shirt
  61. Billy made out with Paris?
  62. hewn in the shadow of maccu picchu
  63. hey guyz i have 2 upload requests:
  64. BWBW casette tape
  65. a word of advice for those of you ordering the teargarden ep
  66. what is the best song on spiderland
  67. so who has a physical copy of TGBK?
  68. whats the 6th song from TGBK
  69. SP 20 years dream set list
  70. Yo La Tengo tapers/traders???
  71. Tonight Tonight being used by neo nazis on youtube
  73. Nicole Fiorentino is the new SP bassist
  74. selling some pumpkins singles(make me an offer)
  75. Alternate History X: Iha, D’arcy, and Chamberlin never leave…
  76. nothing like moshing to a piano
  77. D'arcy and Billy.....
  78. so I'm slightly interested in the new SP song
  79. Auf Der Maur talks about James and SP2
  80. Happy Anniversary Death Show
  81. ISO: 1998/08/05, 2007/08/01, 2008/12/01
  82. Alternate History X2: Everyone Dies In A Plane Crash In 1996
  83. vinyl collection.
  84. n-r-gaze
  85. ISO: Tobin Stewart
  86. ATTN NYC: FREE* Melissa Auf der Maur OOOM 5/24/10 event
  87. We knew we were fucked when...
  88. Any vintage Gish style clothing/accessories?
  89. Purchasing 2 CD Singles
  90. Smashing Pumpkins release 2nd free song “Widow Wake My Mind”
  91. Teargarder Vol.1 FLAC
  92. wanted:gish/lull tour poster pic/photo
  93. Did we ever talk about the GONG/Zero connection?
  94. So when is the next shitty song coming out?
  95. Am I the only one?
  96. Zwan Tribute?
  97. Download: Machina Interview CD - CDHUTIV59
  98. Astral Planes Instrumental??
  99. Without You (Adore Demos 2)
  100. Anyone got a "Siva/Window Paine" CD single for sale?
  101. Billy Corgan @ Black Hawks Game
  102. teargarden in store today.
  103. Another New Billy Interview
  104. Secret SP show tonight in Hollywood?
  105. So I was cleaning out an old e-mail account and found this...
  106. Who's this?
  107. [megaupload] update to Second Sight compilation
  108. Club Tour in July
  109. Does it make me gay if I actually wanna hear the four new songs?
  110. so how many copies of TBK were pressed
  111. hey is anyone watching this live studio broadcast
  112. Who's this?!
  113. Where is that thread we made about five years ago ranking every pumpkins song?
  114. your favorite songs by the Marked
  115. Need a picture of Billy's blue '73-'74 strat.
  116. Interesting! Chicago Songs are still in the work
  117. this is probably a stupid question but...
  118. Pumpkins to headline the Forecastle festival
  119. The Smashing Pumpkins July Dates
  120. SP announce summer tour plans
  121. Teargarden Theme 24/96?
  122. Pumpkins are planning to invite select fans to attend their sound checks
  123. so the first EP is shit...what now?
  124. Is Billy in the Illuminati?
  125. Chicago Tapes/Unreleased Demos LP?
  126. smashing pumpkins on demand
  127. Louisville carpool interest check
  128. need audio to sync to my HD video 2008-08-15 Charlotte
  129. And who's this?
  130. record store day show
  131. I had a spiritual experience this morning (tgbk)
  132. Billy and JC contribute to Rush film
  133. new article about the influence of the smashing pumpkins on modern culture
  134. 7/21/2010 Ybor, Tampa, FL
  135. Tonight, Tonight montage on CBC for Blackhawks
  136. 7-12-2010 Baltimore MD
  137. Music Radar Interview Pt.2
  138. Beirut members in studio with James Iha
  139. The Pumpkins plan to tour South America and Australia in 2010
  140. 7/16 Charlotte, NC
  141. SP Guitar Hero backing tracks
  142. New Orleans and Memphis July Dates?
  143. 7/20/2010 Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  144. Request: Sacred and Profane soundboard compilation in FLAC
  145. Can we all just appreciate Untitled in this thread?
  146. help plz
  147. 7/26/10 New York City
  148. Sunkissed
  149. This Billy picture is kind of cool.
  150. smashing pumpkins forums
  151. The pop bridges
  152. Is this the best picture ever taken?
  153. need some of the old SP songs to complete my collection
  154. is gio going to be on tour with the band?
  156. MAdM Interview This Friday, Have Questions? Leave them here.
  157. Pox appreciation thread
  158. Who writes this garbage
  159. Window Paine
  160. Would the Pumpkins been as influential as an indie act?
  161. 2007-06-24 - Orange Peel - Asheville, NC - 1st row 3 x NTSC DVD VIDEO
  162. 2007-06-24 - Orange Peel - Asheville, NC - 1st row 3 x NTSC DVD VIDEO
  163. Top Smashing Pumpkins songs: A poll/survey thread
  164. 2 Tickets-Sunset Strip Music Festival-Saturday, August 28
  165. 2007-07-10 - 9:30 Club - Washington, D.C. - 1st row balcony 3 x NTSC DVD VIDEO
  166. willl sp3 be at the orange peel in asheville on 7/28
  167. 1992/08/31 - Hamburg, DE
  168. sp3 has its work cut out...
  169. Drown Appreciation Thread
  170. Teargarden Theme (HQ Rip / Right speed)
  171. Behind the Music: Courtney Love
  172. listening to machina II high is awesome
  173. Passion Pit covers Tonight Tonight
  174. first 20 fans into soundcheck for free, kill hannah and bad city to open tour
  175. listening to Siamese Dream on MDMA is awesome
  176. torrent: 1994/03/24 DVD
  177. New Message from Billy
  178. GEEK USA Vs. Widow Wake My Mind
  179. (come on) let's go!- totally grew on me
  180. machina II icons on Guitar Pedals
  181. Ozzy Osbourne comments on Billy Corgan
  182. "hey billy, you should go back to that zeitgeist thing"
  183. Billy speaks at Rush: Walk of Fame
  184. Blurb about Gio from 2007
  185. sp fan at g20
  186. So Billy is rich and lazy.
  187. Viper Room 30th June?
  188. ITT we post songs better than anything on Teargarden
  189. Emotions you feel while listening to Teargarden songs?
  190. LA Shows in August
  191. My interest has waned.
  192. torrent: 2007/07/18 alt angle 2xDVD
  193. Smartest thing he's said all year:
  194. Is anyone liveblogging the setlist from the viper room tonight?
  195. 7/24 Pittsburgh - Mr. Smalls
  196. Aug 5 2010 / TSP@Singfest - Singapore
  197. Aug 14 2010 / TSP@Korea
  198. TGBK Whiteboard- Check it!
  199. Billy dont be silly
  200. The next EP comes out the day of the Cleveland show.
  201. What show is this from?
  202. What the hell
  203. Smashing Pumpkins: June 30th 2010 Viper Room, West Hollywood, Ca(incomplete)
  204. Freak.
  205. Note from Billy on Soundchecks
  206. SP Freak vs. Silverchare Freak
  207. Will there be any videos for TbK?
  208. The Leaving Lament
  209. Q and A with BC
  210. Current taping policy?
  211. SP broadcasting Cleveland show from Ustream
  212. Smashing Pumpkins on July 26 being streamed live for SPIN Magazine 25th anniversary
  213. Best SP song from 2000-2010?
  214. Somebody upload "Make it Happen.mp3"
  215. So they played Gossamer last night
  217. new b0lly/j0mmy track getting released
  218. live chat
  219. a gift to netphoria
  220. TSP3 meets Shoegazer... again?
  221. Astral Planes gets a bad rap.
  222. When the pumpkins have 2 openers...
  223. Is anyone else having a hard time keeping up with songs?
  224. Does anyone have old gifs / banners / graphics from early internet fan sites?
  225. A fun mind game...
  226. Tour Merchandise
  227. bad city
  228. I can't deny it...
  229. C'mon guys...
  230. Smashing Pumpkins 2010-07-09 Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, US [AUD-Audience]
  231. Smashing Pumpkins 2010-07-10 Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY, US [AUD-Audeince]
  232. Sad, kinda strange.... but true
  233. There is a new SP facebook rule
  234. Tapers Beware!!!
  236. What if Billy proposes to girlfriend onstage?
  237. Smashing Pumpkins 2010-07-12 Ram's Head Live, Baltimore, MD, USA [AUD-Audience]
  238. B0ller's worst vocal deliveries ever
  239. sp2010-07-13 - The National - Richmond, VA
  240. anybody got pics from Reading '95?
  241. Orland July 19
  242. R+S, Behold! and 17/Tonite Reprise videos
  243. new rolling stone article
  244. Smashing Pumpkins - 2010-07-15 - The Norva - Norfolk, VA
  245. Vote for SP....If you wish!!
  246. Spider
  247. Siamese Singles 24bit/96KHz
  248. Your Most Meaningful SP Song?
  249. James Iha guitar auction
  250. A Song You'd Like the SPs to Cover