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  1. Christmastime is "As the World Turns"
  2. Billy's up-coming new book
  3. The Church - Disarm
  4. So should I expect the second song in March or what
  5. Chamberlin News - new band, "This", etc.
  6. Smashing Pumpkins memorbilia/gear on eBay
  7. If someone compiled all of the Archive Update posts into a nice hardcover book
  8. Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Jimmy Sullivan Dead At 28
  9. Are Smashing Pumpkins Dead ?
  10. Teargarden - On your radar?
  11. The "New" RSPAA
  12. My Life and Times Zwan DVD ver mp3
  13. My 1979 remix
  14. Deluxe Zeitgeist for 4 bucks
  15. next song due in two weeks or less
  16. My 1979 cover
  17. My 1979 midi
  18. help with torrent: zwan 2003-03-28 dvd
  19. Tigercity - James Iha
  20. Anyone still listening to Song For A Son?
  21. SP songs in the oddest places (rehashed topic)
  22. Hang on, Starchildren are back?
  23. New pic released by Universal re: Scott Pilgrim movie
  24. what about the atheist fans?
  25. what about the islamist fans?
  26. funny story, this girl meets james
  27. new cover of mayonaise i found
  28. over/under 5.5 total songs being released before 2011
  30. comparing S.P. to the Beatles and Radiohead to Pink Floyd
  31. Piscese iscariot liner notes?
  32. Request: can anyone upload Signal to Noise?
  33. Question about billy gear circa 95
  34. request: Residency Collection comp.
  35. The best Smashing Pumpkins shows?
  36. hrm
  37. Our only hope is to make Corgan suffer
  38. Where are those youtube videos...
  39. whats the most uncommon pumpkins song you've heard on the radio.
  40. Video letter from James
  41. Are you a current fan or former fan of the Smashing Pumpkins?
  42. My Cherub Rock Cover
  43. Eurgh
  44. "Billy Corgan" #4 'Trending Now' topic of
  45. So now they're getting married?
  46. Looking for image of the SD cover girls
  47. Widow Wake My Mind
  48. poker face vs widow wake my mind
  49. Anyone still listening to Window Wake My Mind?
  50. Anyone still checking TSP ebay auction?
  51. TSP III(?) for Coachella 2010?
  52. Bill Corgan is the Jay Leno of music
  53. rank the sp2/sp3 songs go go go
  54. Why didn't Billy play like this more often?
  55. Widower Suck My Cock
  56. hehe
  57. Rock Band opening up market
  58. If Billy keeps releasing one song a month..
  59. Here Is No Why vs. Hello Kitty Kat
  60. How many Top 10 Smashing Pumpkins songs do you have?
  61. Corgan broke up with Simpson
  62. Luna encapsulates everything that is missing from SP2/SP3
  63. 1995-10-20 Dekalb, IL
  64. Phish - Rhinoceros
  65. So that Jimmy Chamberlin guy, you guys know him?
  66. Oh no, 'Tinted Windows' are dunzo!
  67. Iha needs to return...
  68. What should we do for the next month and a half?
  69. best interview moment
  70. 2009-08-24 - Kerry Brown's House [Pro Video]
  71. 2009-04-17 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  72. ISO: SP Radio 3disc comp
  73. Chevelle covers Quiet
  74. What the hell is going on over there at HU
  75. That guy
  76. Billy Corgan early demos
  77. hey spguitar, any idea of ada mp1 patches for gish sounds?
  78. last night's show
  79. New Billy Interview (circa spirits tour)
  80. Who do you think plays the guitar solo on Wave Song?
  81. tapes and vinyl
  82. lost a couple songs
  83. SPTV name contest
  84. Everything from here to ...
  85. For those with iTunes, how do you categorize The Aeroplane Flies High?
  86. The Last Great Romantics?
  87. SP songs you will NEVER listen to again
  88. what's worse?
  89. What is your favorite Machina-YouTube-review by someone with neurological damage?
  90. Billy Interview (Cover Story - Illinois Entertainer)
  91. The best thing Billy's ever done for you?
  92. Integrative Medicine Program's 10th Anniversary Benefit Concert
  93. Zwan Toronto Much Music
  94. Billy Corgan's House
  95. Jessica Simpson Records Theme Tune With Billy Corgan
  96. Jessica Simpson
  97. For those interested in the occult aspects of Machina
  98. Rocket single. What the...?
  99. So can we expect the rate at which songs are released to pick up pace at any point?
  100. John Mayer: "Sex with Jessica Simpson is like cocaine"
  101. Pumpkins to tour with Janes?
  102. Billy Corgan: Sex with Jessica Simpson is like communion wine
  103. Billy Gear: Line 6 Pod Pro
  104. What this board needs
  105. New, Radical Smashing Pumpkins Argument!
  106. Request: Tilt
  107. Billy is responsible for nu-metal band Static X
  108. Billy +/- cred
  109. REQ: Blinking with Fists
  110. Prove to me that ZEITGEIST exists on vinyl
  111. who of you was it?
  112. i have a question
  113. Q101 Competition
  114. B-Hanger on Q101 tomorrow (today)
  115. petition to ban flipnut
  116. Kahlo/AaroniusMaximus/c_wilson Appreciation Thread
  117. Archive project?
  118. Petition to.....
  119. Best site for Pumpkins bootlegs?
  120. Giving away data DVDs of shows
  121. Demo Of Perfect ?
  122. Interesting article on mentalfloss
  123. REQUEST: Premasters
  124. Heroin
  126. fat man blues in why am i so tired
  127. Bleeding The Orchid
  128. show tonight
  129. Pop Tart
  130. bad news, guys
  131. New news on Billy
  132. SP
  133. songs that sound like SP songs
  134. FM SOURCE request---1998-08-21 La Capilla, Recolet
  135. Your favorite version of Smiley?
  136. We're not discussing Billy's cock anymore?
  137. Songs For a Sailor
  138. Billy and Steven Jones of the Sex Pistols "talk politics"
  139. so where's the new song at?
  140. pumpkinland burns to the ground
  141. Ole Anderson Cooper
  142. QAOS
  143. Machina/The Machines of God 10 year anniversary
  144. Free Posters!
  145. a stitch in time
  146. 20th Anniversary Tour 11/16/08
  147. Lets take Teargarden as a complete album...
  148. Let's Blindly Speculate About the Upcoming Tour
  149. Has anyone brought up the point yet that...
  150. OMG...the Billy article in RS.
  151. Jessica Simpson is bashing Corgan on!!
  152. google "smashing pumpkins message board"
  153. MCIS
  154. Clip of song Billy wrote for POB
  155. More SP coming to Rock Band
  156. Tour names
  157. so when are we getting this shitty album?
  158. hey these are some fairly cool pictures i haven't seen before
  159. I am 16 and I still pee myself at night
  160. Reel Time Studio Sessions summer-fall '89
  161. The Smashing Pumpkins 2.0 - The Zeitgeist Era [2007-2009] Torrent
  162. Been a long time
  163. Billy Corgan & Dennis Rodman Pic?
  164. despite all my rage i'm still just a
  165. I just got back from the oboard
  166. Isn't it weird we all joined this forum
  168. What setlist would make you happy?
  169. jessica simpson & bill's collab- 'who we are'
  170. @Billy I'm at the mall. Why Lord, why?
  171. How can the upcoming tour not be the worst Pumpkins tour of all time?
  172. sweet cover of Peach and Love
  173. maybe it's because I'm a little bit drunk
  174. More ridiculous press for BC
  175. anyone lose thier Vcard to WWMM>?
  176. "Without You"
  177. ISO: 2008/10/25 Best Buy/Guitar Hero
  178. I don't hate FOL and G.L.O.W.
  179. So, is "SP" finally dead?
  180. Now Official: Jessica Simpson new singer of the Smashing Pumpkins!!!
  181. how many of you still believe..
  182. Pumpkins Japan Tour Aug 07 & 08 2010
  183. Pastichio Medley VS. TBK
  184. LMA: 1996-09-07 Syracuse (barely circulated show, ANA-1)
  185. I miss everything
  186. Best song Bill has written since 2000?
  187. hey guys let's make a list of the best live versions of each song
  188. Djali Zwan sound quality???
  189. Happy b0rthday, B0lly.
  190. Courtney Love apologizes to teh b0lly on Facebook
  191. Scott pilgrim poster and the pumpkins t shirt
  192. SP Songs ruined in the studio
  193. SP to play LA April 17th - Record Store Day
  194. LMA: 1996/09/08 Providence RI (major upgrade)
  195. Is this what we have to look forward to?
  196. I don't like FOL and G.L.O.W.
  197. WTF is Avastor?
  198. So the chick Jesse James is cheating with has a love is suicide tattoo
  199. Uploading to Redbull & Co help needed
  200. Two Machina shirts on ebay (Small and Med)
  201. Probability that SP's next bassist is female:
  202. Corgans favorite horror movies...
  203. new bass player
  204. Have you all seen this? Blue 10.91
  205. Going to the upcoming 2010 concerts?
  206. Tribute to Johnny
  207. smashing pumpkins live videos from 93-96 torrents
  208. tHe CaMeRa EyE!!!
  209. Has anyone heard any news about This?
  210. Ginger is a total hottie...who agrees???
  211. widow wake my mind CD
  212. The Malware Warning Problem
  213. New Release: 1993.12.11 Upgrade
  214. 1991.07.21
  215. Did the Pumpkins record their albums through digital or analog equipment?
  216. This is quite possibily the most exciting Pumpkins-related video in about a year
  217. RIP Jim Marshall as a great photographer
  218. nostalgia tripping
  219. The perfect example of a singer trying too hard.
  220. Czarina: request
  221. Zeitgeist interview in FMQB ~2007
  222. I'm loving "Freak"!
  223. has the 3rd song come out yet?
  224. Billy plays chess??
  225. Ugh Astral Planes is going to be so bad.
  226. I could've bought that silver special edition version of zeitgeist
  227. Billy's "To Sheila" Guitar For Sale on eBay
  228. REQ: 1996-09-25 Saskatoon
  229. Guitar in Obscured
  230. Raindrops and Sunshowers from VH1 Storytellers
  231. Hole "Samantha" co-written by BC
  232. SP Break up (again!)
  233. Teargarden delayed
  234. AGAIN! SP DC++ hub...
  235. Jimmy Chamberlin > LaCrosse WI Music Seminar
  236. hey is this a new jimmy song??
  237. Jimmy discusses the "white van" and how it rekindled his appreciation for music.
  238. Anyone else "not care" anymore?
  239. Could someone please upload "My Life and Times" and "To Love You"?
  240. billy can't stop dating musical fucking geniuses
  241. Help a brotha out - Psycho Tape DVD
  242. I could've bought that silver pants
  243. "white van" on ebay
  244. So Billy...
  245. the infamous obelisk
  246. I love the "Smashing Pumpkins" because...
  247. So I had to trash Billy nationwide...
  248. Drinking mercury...
  249. Where can i find the reel time sessions in flac?