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  1. Linda Strawberry to perform on Stickam channel SHE TV
  2. BWBW @ The White Room 1995
  3. Catherine 6-20-97 With James Iha(MC) and Darcy
  4. 2000/04/06 - Riviera Theater - Free show for radio contest winners
  5. I saw the "can i have your pick" guy
  6. The Chris Isaak show from a few months back...
  7. Looking for live version of Cherry
  8. When/where were the following phrases first immortalised?
  9. the indigo and crystal children or:
  10. Thread for those who would like to bash bill's face in while blasting Rockin' In The
  11. When did Smashing Pumpkins Jump the Shark?
  12. ATTN iphone/tap tap revenge 3 users: a 6 song SP track pack is available for purchase
  13. "The beauty of life is inherent in it's risk."
  14. Looking for older Studio Recordings...
  15. Why won't Gossamer ever be recorded?
  16. guitar guys, what is the effect during the chorus of ugly
  17. miss lisa playin teh piano
  18. magic pulsing rainbow
  19. some touching moments in the smashing pumpkins cannon
  20. coming back here after so many years
  21. Making of Teargarden
  22. Can someone upload Tilt?
  23. "to sheila" on flash forward
  24. Whale in a cage
  25. ATTN NYC: Melissa Auf der Maur 10/17/09 concert
  26. So I bought a Billy Corgan stratocaster
  27. Smashing Pumpkins and 2012
  28. Laser Pumpkins
  29. adore vinyl
  30. A friend of mine tried to get a 3.2 second sample of XYU cleared
  31. Bolly Corrigan, you've really let me down.
  32. whats with this doll thing
  33. another thing sp2 has fucked up for me
  34. how will billy corrigan die
  35. Billy Corgan interview - Rolling Stone
  36. Acoustic Geek USA
  37. So I bought Billy Corgan a stratocaster
  38. Just so we're all clear... is this SP2? 3? 4?
  39. Jack & Jill..
  40. Melissa Auf der Maur - 2009-10-17 - Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY audio
  41. I totally just got netphoria onto the front page of
  42. What's going on with the Archive?
  43. Billy headlining benefit for former head of SP fanclub (Laura)
  44. alan moulder talks a litlle bit about mcis
  45. Billydoll a.k.a Billydoll appears on Linda Strawberry's Stickcam show 10/22
  46. if all goes wrong HD Broadcast on HDNET
  47. jimmy is doing a radio interview on friday (10/30)
  48. tsp2000-05-23.csb.ms702.flac16 [AUD #3]
  49. Lossless Pastichio Medley
  50. billy corgan lunch was not cwilson.. surprise
  51. i realized something today
  52. billy corgan sez: nobody understands me
  53. He still did "Mayonaise" you guys. I know what you are thinking..
  54. Billy on the DLFTV Project
  55. i remember when.....
  56. Jimmy drum clinic 11/1 Champaign IL
  57. billy thinks h1n1 is man-made
  58. 5 shirts: Adore, Machina, Mellon Collie
  59. Light Into Dark Vinyl, Sampler Cassete, Signed CD
  60. REQ: 10.30.96 Fort Wayne, IN
  61. East Appreciation Thread
  62. Old songs at concerts
  63. West Appreciation Thread
  64. hey check this fucking retarded gay shit out
  65. I wonder if kerry reads netphoria
  66. Billy Corgan posted some shit once again
  67. Dear Billy, STFU about vibrations.
  68. The hub is going offline
  69. Once In a While (b-side)
  70. Can somebody upload Billy's cover of Autumn Leaves?
  71. What ever happened to the Gish boxset?
  72. Billy Corgan-inspired movie
  73. Spaceboy appreciation thread
  74. Courtney Love has beef with Corgan/ Azoff
  75. hey the backwards cunt society show is tonight
  76. The Essential Smashing Pumpkins (So says me)
  77. What happened to
  78. What the heck is it?
  79. Backwards Clock Society 2009-11-08 Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA
  80. Adore Tour Documentary
  81. "Today" + Rock Band + Flute
  82. Chrysanthemum
  83. spot billy corgan
  84. the four new songs are up on the official site
  85. 99 Floors.. etc rips from If All Goes Wrong
  86. Gish-era photo I hadn't seen...
  87. what's missing from this ebay auction?
  88. Gish era acoustic vid i've never seen.
  89. hulk hogan would play bass for pumpkins
  90. Billy went on stage with his shrink?
  91. Old school Corgan classlessness
  92. FS: Strange Fruit/Year Of The Spectacle 10"
  93. Soma Vieuphoria Guitar Effects
  94. Guitar Pick?!
  95. Astral Planes
  96. negativity and creativity
  97. Hong Kong in 30 seconds
  98. So what is this, then?
  99. TOYS 4 EVERYONE!!!
  100. Billy is more interesting now than ever.
  101. who else is sick waiting for these new songs?
  102. b9lly is writing another book sigh
  103. james and darcy lawsuit settled
  104. Has this been seen? from dlftv...
  105. Billy Corgan "Tilt"
  106. Billy Corgan "Tilt"
  107. come on guys: 12/2/2000
  108. The Crying Tree of Mercury (Piano and Vox)
  109. REQ: some tracks from 2000/12/02
  110. Jessica Simpson, where has your love gone?
  111. Jimmy clears up the breakup
  112. goddamnit agnew
  113. which pumpkin has the most stinky ass
  114. LMA: 2000/12/02 Paul Baker source [patched]
  115. Billy Corgan movie [repost]
  116. STRTJ
  117. Would you disarm Billy with a smile if you saw him?
  118. Heading back 2 Chicago 2nite. I think the first SP song is coming out 2morrow :)
  119. b0lly says to pray for rivers
  120. song for a song up
  121. Who loves Song For A Son ?
  122. Automatic bootleg?
  123. does this render all fucked up for anyone else
  124. iso: quinto's email
  125. It is finally here!
  126. New official site up...
  127. Do you like the first song from Teargarden?
  128. How many more Billy's do you want to come?
  129. So... The second song?
  130. Next up...Jessica Simpson
  131. what size venues will SP be playing on their tour next spring
  132. Is there any proshot Gish era live footage around?
  133. James Iha in high school
  136. Any live zwan archives?
  137. Why the "absolutely groundbreaking" distribution?
  138. New Spinner Interview - Breaking up Pumpkins was a "mistake"
  139. WTF???
  140. poll: how many songs will actually come out
  141. how many songs into teargarden
  142. the pumpkins code
  143. just to make everyone sad
  144. Best SP cover I've ever heard
  145. The Start's cover of Raindrops and Sunshowers
  146. Billy playing rare tracks without hesitation?
  147. It's Back! - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - LIFETIME Subscription Donation - HALF PRICE
  148. Is Jessica Simpson our Yoko Ono?
  149. Billy playing race card without hesitation?
  150. wow now...
  151. Wanted: SP heart shirt
  152. So I listened to Adore stoned last night...
  153. Billy to play with Zoom in Februrary
  154. teargarden is a scam
  155. Request: Zwan DVD Audio Rip
  156. ok, who posted this?
  157. Scott Pilgrim
  158. The Quality of Billy's Work
  159. GlitterCop's (KB's) Daily Blog
  160. what is a blown-out bird?
  161. My Geek Usa Cover
  162. Byrne's youtube page
  163. i was going to register a troll called bally crogan and the first thread was going to
  164. Tila Tequila disses Jessica Simpson
  165. 1994-02-26 Astoria Theatre, London, UK [PRO]
  166. REQ: Christmastime (FLAC)
  167. Dave Navarro et al. (Camp Freddy) cover BWBW at Roxy Hollywood 12/18/09
  168. doomsday cloak
  169. Chistmastime song
  170. Christmastime is "As the World Turns"
  171. Billy's up-coming new book
  172. The Church - Disarm
  173. So should I expect the second song in March or what
  174. Chamberlin News - new band, "This", etc.
  175. Smashing Pumpkins memorbilia/gear on eBay
  176. If someone compiled all of the Archive Update posts into a nice hardcover book
  177. Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Jimmy Sullivan Dead At 28
  178. Are Smashing Pumpkins Dead ?
  179. Teargarden - On your radar?
  180. The "New" RSPAA
  181. My Life and Times Zwan DVD ver mp3
  182. My 1979 remix
  183. Deluxe Zeitgeist for 4 bucks
  184. next song due in two weeks or less
  185. My 1979 cover
  186. My 1979 midi
  187. help with torrent: zwan 2003-03-28 dvd
  188. Tigercity - James Iha
  189. Anyone still listening to Song For A Son?
  190. SP songs in the oddest places (rehashed topic)
  191. Hang on, Starchildren are back?
  192. New pic released by Universal re: Scott Pilgrim movie
  193. what about the atheist fans?
  194. what about the islamist fans?
  195. funny story, this girl meets james
  196. new cover of mayonaise i found
  197. over/under 5.5 total songs being released before 2011
  199. comparing S.P. to the Beatles and Radiohead to Pink Floyd
  200. Piscese iscariot liner notes?
  201. Request: can anyone upload Signal to Noise?
  202. Question about billy gear circa 95
  203. request: Residency Collection comp.
  204. The best Smashing Pumpkins shows?
  205. hrm
  206. Our only hope is to make Corgan suffer
  207. Where are those youtube videos...
  208. whats the most uncommon pumpkins song you've heard on the radio.
  209. Video letter from James
  210. Are you a current fan or former fan of the Smashing Pumpkins?
  211. My Cherub Rock Cover
  212. Eurgh
  213. "Billy Corgan" #4 'Trending Now' topic of
  214. So now they're getting married?
  215. Looking for image of the SD cover girls
  216. Widow Wake My Mind
  217. poker face vs widow wake my mind
  218. Anyone still listening to Window Wake My Mind?
  219. Anyone still checking TSP ebay auction?
  220. TSP III(?) for Coachella 2010?
  221. Bill Corgan is the Jay Leno of music
  222. rank the sp2/sp3 songs go go go
  223. Why didn't Billy play like this more often?
  224. Widower Suck My Cock
  225. hehe
  226. Rock Band opening up market
  227. If Billy keeps releasing one song a month..
  228. Here Is No Why vs. Hello Kitty Kat
  229. How many Top 10 Smashing Pumpkins songs do you have?
  230. Corgan broke up with Simpson
  231. Luna encapsulates everything that is missing from SP2/SP3
  232. 1995-10-20 Dekalb, IL
  233. Phish - Rhinoceros
  234. So that Jimmy Chamberlin guy, you guys know him?
  235. Oh no, 'Tinted Windows' are dunzo!
  236. Iha needs to return...
  237. What should we do for the next month and a half?
  238. best interview moment
  239. 2009-08-24 - Kerry Brown's House [Pro Video]
  240. 2009-04-17 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  241. ISO: SP Radio 3disc comp
  242. Chevelle covers Quiet
  243. What the hell is going on over there at HU
  244. That guy
  245. Billy Corgan early demos
  246. hey spguitar, any idea of ada mp1 patches for gish sounds?
  247. last night's show
  248. New Billy Interview (circa spirits tour)
  249. Who do you think plays the guitar solo on Wave Song?
  250. tapes and vinyl