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  1. i want more commercials with Pumpkins songs, thats right i said it
  2. Wow... there really were some great Zwan songs
  3. sky saxon is finally dead
  4. Billy is Mad - Email
  5. How much more media attention will Corgans death get compared to Jackson?
  6. billy should write an angst filled rock song about his "fans".
  7. this has to be a joke
  8. Archive Blog #12
  9. Does anybody have a cleaned up version of Psalm 131?
  10. Ah! The Moonlight
  11. Let the Hideout Come out of Hiding
  12. Choose to Choose Love - audio rip
  13. What if Billy played different?
  14. thank u 2 the shaman
  15. Netphoria: Which Song Should I Cover
  16. For those of you who missed it, 15k to feed billy corgan c wilson your a fuckin idiot
  17. Linda Strawberry against Billy Corgan
  18. Billy switching teams?
  19. lma: 1996-09-24 and 1996-11-15
  20. Use your Illusion World Tour
  21. req: catherine four-leaf clover mp3
  22. Rocketophoria complete
  23. I'm thinking of getting into the Smashing Pumpkins
  24. So the new Pumpkins drummer...?
  25. ISO: Zwan MSOTS demos
  26. four years of splra
  27. Corgan sells piece of Gold Coast
  29. anyone know where i can find the asheville drifter shirt?
  30. ATTN BILLY CORGAN! Please read this brief notice.
  31. Zwan Emerson Merch Table
  33. Piano Scores (my mistake, annie dog)
  34. Billy's current "tweet"
  35. is gonna change the internet, man!
  36. Help needed for livesp purchase
  37. Top 5 Questions for Charity Lunch
  38. World's Fair - Decent Recording?
  39. "I've never been happier about being in SP"
  40. BC response to "Pumpkins by Any Other Name"
  41. Top 5 Questions for Charity Lunch!
  42. Pissant MP3
  43. Paparrazi pics of Billy and that chick
  44. MTTS
  45. Will Billy keep Jeff?
  46. FS: Smashing Pumpkins T-Shirts
  47. So, um, D'arcy...
  48. Let's guess at phrases that D'arcy used
  49. Bill and Frank: take a few lessons from Trent Reznor
  50. Someone slipped Corgan's pic in article on "negative mood changes"?
  51. 1998-07-29 aud recordings
  52. Request : Ah ! The moonlight lyrics and tabs
  53. What going on with the hub>?
  54. best covers
  55. Archive blog #13
  56. What do you want in the SP Boxset ?
  57. Psycho Tape Audio
  58. All Went Wrong
  59. Methusela Studio Cover
  60. Blue ray Pumpkins?
  61. Which sect does Bill belong to?
  62. Coverphoria - Machina II
  63. searching for an Adore era interview
  64. what is your taping gear??
  65. bill's whole "starla was actually darla" story is a total sham
  66. Melissa Auf Der Maur's Swine Flu Diary
  67. so what song did Billy sing @ Linda's wedding
  68. Heads Will Roll (James Iha remix)
  69. I might need to take a leak.. little help
  71. SP @ roskilde 97, probably soundboard
  72. req 1998-6-30 San fran, CA
  73. Bullet with Butterfly Wings to be on Guitar Hero 5
  75. Sky Saxon Tribute tonight.
  76. need to sell some stuff :(
  77. NEW SONG [video]
  78. LMA: 1993-07-04 London UK SBD acoustic Starla!!
  79. Sky Saxon Tribute 07/24/2009 Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA
  80. Rock a Bye Baby
  81. hey look what i found on rspaa
  82. Billy talks about future of SP/Drummer/D'arcy (Sky tribute review from
  83. Veiuphoria DVD Mistake
  84. When was the last time you listened to Zeitgeist?
  85. Dublin, Ireland 05/31/98 show - anyone have it?
  86. Netphorian Makes HUGE Donation!!!
  87. I am not even kidding...cked
  88. Sky Saxon Tribute 07/24/2009 Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA my video
  89. [megaupload] B-Sides tape
  90. [megaupload] Moon/TSP demo tape upgrades
  91. Billy out-and-about
  92. I found somone who wasted more $$$ on the Pumpkins than Monte
  93. Butch Vig speaks more about SD production
  94. Request ; Missing Hideout Sessions Zwan (10.21 and 10.28
  95. ganked from facebook because i'm waiting to go out to lunch (warning: gay)
  96. request: residency collection comp.
  97. I Am One - 4.10.99
  98. Question.
  99. [megaupload] MCIS mixes 7/25/95
  100. 7 Track Promo, Shirts, Photos - Up For Grabs!
  101. Snake Train Demo
  102. New Pumpkins release?
  103. In case you missed it - new (awesome) '93 boot surfaced...
  104. So Billy Corgan Watches TMZ
  105. so bc is pretty busy in LA
  106. Tinted Windows - 2009-08-05 - Black Cat - Washington, D.C.
  107. Los Angeles August Shows (Spirits in the Sky)
  108. Smashing Pumpkins/Chicago Tapes
  109. What "Today" REALLY sounds like on Gutair Hero
  110. Michael Jackson's History kicks off MCIS from British Airways Essential Albums list
  111. Wound Appreciation Thread
  112. Courtney Love's Nobody's Daughter leak
  113. Pmack's Onanism Thread
  114. Wanted: Starla Lyrics T-Shirt
  115. FS: Still Becoming Apart, etc
  116. Top 10 SP acoustic songs
  117. SP documentaries
  118. thom yorke steals billy corgan's idea
  119. ISO: Zwan Emerson late show non-quinto
  120. so wound kind of rips off surrender by cheap trick
  121. torrent: bc2004-10-19 oktava source 16-bit
  122. A-AB-E-B-F = Lakeside Park
  123. Soothe vs Purr Snickety .... Shootout!
  124. jimmy almost played lolla with janes addiction
  125. Nature never takes a day off...
  126. FS: Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan CDs, Bootleg CDs, Cassettes, Shirts, Vinyls
  128. smashing pumpkins announce new durmmer several months after everyone else found out
  129. Zeitgeist > Siamese Dream, Gish
  130. The Best Tracks of the '00s - No. 16
  131. Looking for a green zero shirt
  132. This photo makes me feel weird.
  133. Semen...
  134. Billy's message on what to expect for the shows
  135. Billy autographed book
  136. Need San Diego ticket in exchange for Santa Barbara
  137. Dave Navarro is playing these SoCal dates
  138. Ball and Chain
  139. FS: Ticket(s) For 8/27 Santa Barbra (FACE VALUE)
  140. The David Lynch Foundation Television thing
  141. Request: 1999-04-10
  142. torrent: bc1998-08-03 howard stern
  143. question for anyone who has 1998/06/07
  144. request: la saga racontée par max, de fun radio
  145. torrent: tsp1998-06-25 "J-Files" radio special
  146. Pumpkins demanded payment from a flaming Greece
  147. another substanceless archive blog
  148. august shows will be open taping
  149. Billy attacks fan????
  150. lma: 1994-03-27 (the superball show)
  151. Miley Cyrus' Latest Tweet
  152. lma: 1998-06-20 melbourne (only recorded Zero in 1998)
  153. Is there any show where Jimmy would be going only through motions?
  154. Smashing Pumpkins 1996-11-06 Worcester Centrum
  155. you guys think BC will follow through on this 40 songs project?
  156. Request: 2000/03/12 Guverment, ON, CA
  157. list of abandoned corgan projects
  158. what really happened to billy's confessions?
  159. thank you linda...
  160. does this sound like a few of Corgan's songs
  161. Things I've Learned since Hiatus
  162. 1992-09-03 Frankfurt Germany
  163. has anyone ever read this?
  164. list of abandoned iha projects
  165. FREAK
  166. list of abandoned chamberlin projects
  167. BC and Spirits played tonight
  168. LMA: D4 tapes
  169. Calling all tapers: Cellar Door - Visalia, CA
  170. Interview with Mark Tulin about SITS, SP and BC
  171. Owata sucks.
  172. so is it common knowledge that monte is liveblogging the soundcheck/show right now?
  173. 08/27/09 BC & Spirits In The Sky soundcheck
  174. 08/27/09 BC & Spirits In The Sky
  175. Billy Corgan & Spirits in the Sky - Long Haired Lady Aug 27th '09
  176. Are Smashing Pumpkins dead?
  177. LMA: Billy Corgan Live at The Cellar Door on 2009-08-26 (August 26, 2009)
  178. How do you find Zwan 2.0 ?
  179. S.P. and Veruca Salt
  180. tweet from oboard mod: billy corgan refuses to go on the oboard anymore
  181. I saw an sp heart on an old mercury villager today
  182. 08/29/09 Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown, CA
  183. B MONSTER
  184. BC in Cubs documentary 'We Believe'
  185. 08/31/09 the Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
  186. Jimmeh!!
  187. Is this shirt official?
  188. Do they still sell the official anniversary show CDs?
  189. B MONSTER going back to Chicago to record
  190. Been outta the loop for a while... little help?
  191. How do you want the new music to be released?
  192. what happend to the audio section at
  193. What is the worst SP song ?
  194. hey that west coast song
  195. LMA: 2008.11.12 Interview
  196. "my so-so songs live"
  197. torrent: spirits in the sky 2009-08-30 san diego
  198. any SP bootlegs database you know of?
  199. What are your fav 4 songs from the Spirits show
  200. billy corgan starts website dedicated to "mind-body-soul integration"
  201. Spirits in the Sky will touch your woo woo.
  202. DVD of the August 27 Spirits in the Sky concert
  203. Smashing Pumpkins recording: Vintage King Audio
  206. Gish Snare
  207. Dating "Rock On" from Judas Ø
  208. Just listened "Let It Come down"this morning and I just thought...
  209. "Absolutely Groundbreaking"
  210. if i were dead, would my records sell?
  211. Someone give it to me straight: FLAC/ALAC
  212. billy is never going to read your criticism
  213. kerry brown a good influence?
  214. Anyone have 1998-07-12 on DVD?
  215. Request: Fruit Bat Salad Video
  216. Billy's giant analog synth delivered.
  217. Someone post the Chris Isaak audios
  219. What has the rat bastard been up to?
  220. Teargarden: Great Name or Greatest Name?
  221. So here is what the title means
  222. worst album title
  223. billy corgan freaks out
  224. Video of The Trip (demo) now up!!!
  225. question for the davster and montelds
  226. billy corgan freaks me out
  227. Siamese Dream on
  228. Article on Byrne
  229. Billy Corgan and that 19-year-old drummer mentioned in SPIN
  230. looking for 08/28/09
  231. From a former life...
  232. FS: Signed Tristessa Grey 7" single
  233. gish
  234. Name SP songs with a guitar sound that you really like
  235. full accoustic versions of the aborted reel time sessions songs?
  236. The painting on today
  237. That Pro-Shot 4 cam Spirits' Show
  238. pumpkins at CBGB's 1992...
  239. d'arcy sounds a bit retarded on the first track on mashed potatoes
  240. Don't Post New Topics During Mercury Retrograde
  241. Sellin' off my collection
  242. Zwan 2003-03-28 DVD torrent
  243. despite all my rage i'm still just a rat in a cage
  244. a chirty auction that someone should of bid on instead & random stuff
  245. my Glass & Machines of God mix...
  246. who didn't have a zero shirt
  247. Ok, so Dave Navarro is going to Chicago!
  248. Japanese rap samples Today
  249. pics from Dave Navarro's book
  250. i'm listening to machina/the machines of god for therapeutic reasons