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  1. " Generation X is probably the most insincere generation "
  2. Corgan's visit to Congress/ Politico Interview
  3. Archive Update
  4. delete me
  5. Billy hangs out with Sasha Grey
  6. SP's new manager is the fucking CEO of ticketmaster
  7. Whir on NPR
  8. The Frogs - Starjob
  9. happy birthday guy
  10. You broke my heart Billy.
  11. LOL
  12. No More Pop-Up / Full Page / Malicious Ads, All are Gone now
  13. lma: 2007-11-09 24-bit
  14. Whos heard of Zwan? Well....
  15. So, what would you pay $300 for?
  16. Lisa Harriton 3/19/09 SXSW Setlist
  17. New TNA Wrestling video for BWBW
  19. So, Matt Walker?
  20. Is it heroin again?
  21. Jimmy joining tinted windows or what?
  22. what ever happend to i adore adore
  23. Which SP lacks the most?
  24. what ever happened to i adore adore
  25. can we move forward?
  26. Scary prediction for the future regarding the pumpkins
  27. It sucks that Jimmy left but...
  28. itt post humorous PMs from the o-board
  29. Man, who cares...
  30. What happened to "we're in the band for life" pledge? Why say "left the band"?
  31. If SP and JCC are both playing in your city
  32. SP2 appreciation thread
  33. Since 2004, Billy's songwriting has gotten progressively worse
  35. Metro DVD
  36. silverfuck from 1997/01/07
  37. The dysfunction in the band
  38. Mini
  39. Chamberlin responds...
  40. Anybody else feel this departure may have been due to some bad business?
  41. Anything less is just not good enough
  42. SP3
  43. Petition to change this board's name to the SP/JCC Discussion Board
  44. Twitter: SmashingPumpkin (S-less)
  45. In Defense Of Billy Corgan...
  47. In Attack of Billy Corgan...
  48. who deleted my thread and why
  49. Petition to change SP band name
  50. James Iha video interview "Billy is very talented"
  51. happy birthday james
  52. Request: Spindle Covers of Soot and Stars + X.Y.U.
  53. Billy #67 on 100 Unsexiest Men list
  54. Is Linda talking about new members?
  55. Arising Questions
  56. has anyone ever tallied how many times "love" and its variants are sung on Let It Com
  57. ya know, Jimmy shoulda just kicked BILLY OUT of SP
  58. Billy don´t need a new drummer
  59. Billy in Studio making Demos
  60. I Am One 10" test press
  61. SP2 never played Geek USA
  62. I saw Tinted Windows at SXSW
  63. what is the current status of Jeff and Ging?
  64. NME to Billy: "Give Up the Ghost"
  65. Corgan's biggest blunder (SP2 edition)
  66. Is this the end? No, really.
  67. Psychedelic It Is? Billy working with Mark Tulin
  68. 4/30/09 Tinted Windows Double Door-- Need a ticket.
  69. Specific BC Confessions entry about the big muff/SD mayhem.
  70. Here is No Why
  72. Corgan's Confessions Chronicled
  73. Sticky: Attn: Some guidelines for new members(and old ones too).
  74. Suggest new drummers
  75. MCMURDERSON April Fools ftw
  76. Fad in a cage?
  77. Sky Saxon/Electric Prunes/Baby Lemonade tour
  78. Replay of Local Anesthethic from 6/91
  79. Tinted Windows tracklist
  80. the night Jeff threw the guitar in IAGW
  81. the girl in IAGW dvd talking about Hopi's
  82. Is this for real? Kenny Aronoff: if you ever need anything you know who to call
  83. who thinks that Jimmy will return as the new guy?
  84. For Your Love DVD
  85. Billy and Tila at Bravo's A-List Awards
  86. billy corgan
  87. Ginger is having a baby
  88. Photo of new 'band'
  89. Anyone get the feeling that Billy isn't being honest?
  90. Billy Corgan: Mission Statement Thursday
  91. WTF - Smashing Pumpkins join PETA KFC boycott.
  92. I go away for ONE MONTH
  93. Billy Corgan working with Jeffree Star
  94. Just checked out the new "site"
  95. Smashing Pumpkins are like an ex girlfriend...
  96. The name of the 2 new bands
  97. it's like looking into a time machine
  98. torrent: 1996-03-13 (From ana-m)
  99. Writing process for JCC's first album? Lyrics, song structures, chords, etc?
  100. Selling my smashing pumpkins t-shirts - possible rare ones?
  101. How much is this poster worth sans autographs?
  102. Adore EPK promo video?
  103. 1993-06-22 disarm video
  104. Where can I download SP on The Chris Isaak Hour ?
  105. 2000 11 29 - United Center
  106. Guitar Solo Thread!!1!1!! :thehelicopter:
  107. God's Gunna Set World On Fire MP3
  108. So MySpace SP just banned my ass...
  109. James Iha "former man" - is there something we dont know?
  110. Request: Jesus from the Spun Soundtrack
  111. Tell us about your drummer audition...
  112. new tinted windows you fucks
  113. And now... Jeff is in the studios!
  114. ITT: How Barack Obama Saved The Smashing Pumpkins
  115. Billy to perform at Chicago Tonight's 25th Anniversary w/Mavis Staples
  116. billy now has his own twitter
  117. how do you d'load from archive??
  118. is it possible that Zeitgeist demos still didn't leak?
  119. Batman 1 Appreciation Thread
  120. "Still just a rat in a six sided steel cage"
  121. ISO: Audio from SP on The Chris Isaak Hour
  122. GOD IS GREAT!
  123. taylor swift > james iha
  124. Request: The Lessie Foundation
  125. how do you open shn files?
  126. "What did he say? We can't tell, we were sworn to secrecy!"
  127. Mayonaise Dream on ebay
  128. Archive Update #6
  129. Studio subscription model
  130. SP songs ripped off
  131. does anyone still post here?
  132. TW 2009-04-20 Mercury Lounge
  133. Message from Billy Regarding the Subscription Model('s Predicatable Demise)
  134. poll: poll
  135. IAGW Live from the Floor - was this quality?
  136. Billy Corgan? I know you're reading. And you need to read this. Now.
  137. Iha Platinum SD for sale?
  138. Spoken word Bullet With Butterfly Wings
  139. Tinted Windows Album ...`
  140. billy handles a heckler
  141. SP Band Members
  142. Yahoo Pulls the Plug On GeoCities
  143. Anyone have IAGW cover scans? Can you upload them, please?
  144. Is it possible for Billy to get any lower in fan's eyes?
  145. this is the best time since 1996 to be a pumkins fan
  146. Archive Blog Post #7
  147. "The final show will be coming out."
  148. "Smashing Pumpkins lose drummer for, like, the third time."
  149. email from billy?
  150. Ron Roesing Demo Tapes on Ebay
  151. i need faeomm
  152. i want to know pakula's opinion of all that's gone down recently
  153. Muzzle Artwork
  154. Tinted Windows - Troubadour 4/28
  155. corganist, kiss your fandom goodbye
  156. Should Billy grow his hair out?
  157. Once Upon A Time has never clicked for me
  158. new archive blog
  159. Don't Worry, Guys
  160. Stupid question/Guitar Hero
  161. Are the Archive Releases going to ******* Zwan/DjailiZwan/Chicago Songs?
  162. I don't know why everyone's so pissed about paying for things...
  163. dear billy
  164. Aeroplane Flies High dictaphone recording
  165. Nirvana and Pumpkins playing Twister in 91.
  166. Lead singer of Cake is slowly becoming Billy Corgan
  167. Tinted Windows 6/20 @ Taste of Randolph (Chicago)
  168. British hipster Billy apologists really embarass themselves
  169. Trent Reznor trumps Billy Corgan yet again
  170. The March Hare/Suffer appreciation
  171. Moses, Smell The Roses, Billy Corgan, Frank Zappa & David Crowder Band 12/31/2010
  172. Anyone want to sync up some audio to a video?
  173. Well, Billy has ruined something else
  174. smashing pumpkins in student film before gish was released...
  175. Fruit Bat Salad Appreciation Thread
  176. My school's art teacher and Billy
  177. TBL - James Iha
  178. this is my favorite picture of billy
  179. What version of As Rome Burns is this?
  180. Archive Blog #9
  181. Yeah yeah yeahs
  182. Request: Two part instrumental Gossamer played at 20th Anniversary Tour
  183. Free subscription for TRUE FANS
  184. Silversun Pickups: "We never really paid attention to the Pumpkins before"
  185. James Iha (tinted windows) on MTVU
  186. Billy Corgan, LeAnn Rimes, Local WeatherGirl (Jackie Johnson) at Laker Game
  187. TFE isnt as bad as i have been informed.
  188. i'm bored, someone leak something.
  189. post rare pumpkins vids...
  190. Archive Blog / Newsletter #10
  191. Fanatic Fans
  192. james after the metro show
  193. Quick question
  194. Sasha Grey Is Also A Musician (download included)
  195. Please be patient with me.
  196. request that huge djali zwan collection
  197. @Imetbilly corgan??
  198. Archive newsletter #10
  199. help uploading to
  200. question mark and mushi-shi
  201. agnew interviewed at his m2 rip now on
  202. So what exactly is Billy Corgan up to these last few weeks?
  203. pumpkins in guitar hero 5
  204. Message from Billy - May 28, 2009
  205. Where is Skipgo?
  206. james graham from the twilight sad...
  207. Machina II
  208. Who is the craziest mofo on the planet?
  209. Archive Blog #11
  210. Does anyone want to have a Gish month?
  211. Disc 1 of If All Goes Wrong is a total bore.
  212. O-site database problems?
  213. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker approved by vacationing Billy Corgan
  214. Speed Kills Fav Version
  215. MSOTS or Zietgeist ?
  216. Jeff Schroeder playing shows in LA with The Lassie Foundation
  217. SP shirt on new Scott Pilgrim movie poster
  218. that pic of random African guy wearing Zwan shirt.
  219. Wade Youman to the drums?
  220. Billy killed Netphoria
  221. Archive newsletter #11
  222. Tinted Windows 8/5 @ Black Cat (Washington DC)
  223. What ever happened with the drummer auditions?
  224. i'm not sure how it works
  225. Billy June 5th message re drummer
  226. american music club discusses opening for the smashing pumpkins
  227. Iggy Pop
  228. The lyrics of Pomp and Circumstances...
  229. tsp2008-02-14 - Nottingham Arena, Nottingham, UK
  230. best live concert
  231. Archive Update #12
  232. BC solo section added to LMA
  233. I love the O-site.
  234. I found Bill's template for all of the blogs lately
  235. photoshoped smashing pumpkins album covers
  236. Petition for Corgan to get therapy
  237. Fresh Cuts - Vol. 2 - Up for Grabs!
  238. Perfect Puff Daddy remix
  239. James clip
  240. Lots of interview clips with James Iha and Adam Schlesinger on
  241. Zwan unreleased - possibility on Quinto's Archive?
  242. Light Into Dark CD
  243. Appreciation
  244. man, i miss those archive updates
  245. Smashing Pumpkins dot com needs YOU
  246. Charity bid for lunch with Billy
  247. torrent: Machina EPK DVD
  248. March Hare Lyrics
  249. Question
  250. Lyrics: Beyoncé's "Radio" vs. Bill's "I of the Mourning"