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  1. Did the Pumpkins ever call it a reunion?
  2. So I hung with Melissa Auf Der Maur tonight...
  3. G.L.O.W. Promo
  4. So I hanged Melissa Auf Der Maur tonight...
  5. zwan thread -- what was the longest performance of 'mary star' (minus 'jesus i')?
  6. This is a long post
  7. If All Goes Wrong - audio rip (MP3)
  8. SMASHING PUMPKINS songbook Anthology
  9. Dear Santa......
  10. Anyone need PIT tickets for the LA shows?
  11. shitty smashing pumpkins related ytmnd's
  12. What happened to the SP fan communities?
  13. Anyone from the Bay Area going to LA?
  14. Best "If All Goes Wrong" review ever !!!!
  15. BWBW is the theme song for the new series on AP.
  16. TAFH Double CD. Is this real?
  17. Christmastime is #10. . .
  18. Wanted: 1 Ticket for Auditorium Show 12/8
  19. Here Comes Outer Space Billy Corgan! (prolly NSFW)
  20. Smashing Pumpkins Pearl Theatre, Las Vegas, NV 11/29/2008
  21. SP Booking Agent
  22. Interview with Justin Coloma about SuperChrist, with hints at G.L.O.W. video
  23. what is this?
  24. RIAMC Arena, San Diego, Ca 11/30/08
  25. G.L.O.W. music video
  26. How many times have you tried seeing SP but couldnt because it got canceled?
  27. It's Back! - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - LIFETIME Subscription Donation - HALF PRICE
  28. i don't feel like ever sitting thru if all goes wrong, but answer me this
  29. eaggaegae
  30. I can't believe there is not a December 2nd thread already.
  31. What is this weird song from SP's myspace?
  32. What mics were used on guitar cabs while recording MCIS?
  33. Jersey Shore
  34. has this been covered outside of the tour forum
  35. 12/02/08 Gibson Ampitheatre, Universal City. Los Angeles, Ca
  36. Guitar Hero World Tour content is now up
  37. Grammy Awards
  38. Best and Worst Demos that never made official release
  39. The old Zwan Home Movies request
  40. urgently needed: zwan premasters
  41. Smashing Pumpkins-Related Desktop Wallpapers
  42. 12/03/2008 Gibson Ampitheatre, Universal City, Los Angeles, Ca
  43. Toronto Maple Leafs come out every home game to "Today"
  44. IAGW Audio
  45. Gear Nerds - Jeff Talks about his Rig
  46. Whale Wars on Animal Planet features BWBW as the theme song
  47. Weird Al commentary on 1979 video
  48. IAGW Documentary Audio
  49. Medellia of the Gray Skies
  50. SP Boot covers
  51. The New Song from Denver
  52. totally microscopic, insignificant tidbit of bolly trivia
  53. 2-Day Pass EP/Live Download
  54. Can SP really take on Muse?
  55. ACHTUNG! Propaganda from
  56. the frogs to open for sp tonight in chicago
  57. Guitar World 1/97
  58. Guitar World 1/97
  59. my car got broken into & my new SP messanger bag was stolen...
  60. What comes next?
  61. Post-tour wrap-up thread
  63. guitar pick guy appreciation thread. (bill is an asshole)
  64. What will be the first SP cover to become a top 40 hit?
  65. "American Gothic" and "Communion" remind me of...
  66. Selling these if anyone is interested...
  67. Billy: SP is now going to be a "singles" band
  68. attn: RockLobster
  69. Torrent: 1996-11-06 DVD
  70. i am one test pressing on ebay
  71. Billy responds to Chicago Tribune interview
  72. Are deleting those who don't follow the party line?
  73. How did "strolling" become "1979"?
  74. As a fan, what do you want the Smashing Pumpkins to release/focus on?
  75. have any of you
  76. TBITEITB - In A New Movie - Watchmen
  77. 2008-12-07 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL [AUD #1]
  78. 12/08/2008 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
  79. before they were pumpkins
  80. ISO: SP's second ever gig, 1988/08/10
  81. High Drama in the Pumpkin Nation
  82. SP hits the front page of digg
  83. Cherub Rock - String Quartet Tribute Version
  84. A Song For A Son and As Rome Burns official audio (LSP)
  85. Albums sold???
  86. ISO: Daydream (Live) and Callout Hooks
  87. "New" Official Watchmen Film Montage
  88. Torrent: 1996-11-05 DVD
  89. Random Billy Corgan Videos
  90. What Yelena Yemchuk is upto...
  91. Disarm Ukulele Guy
  92. Did the o2 / Shephards Bush Empire DVDs ever get out?
  93. The Frogs 2008-12-07 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL (DVD)
  94. If All Goes Wrong on Youtube
  95. 20th Anniversary tour Soundboard compilation
  96. 20th Anniversary tour compilation
  97. Christmastime at Central Market
  98. Anniversary tour PHOTO Thread: all 5 Chicago shows and more.
  99. in response to the press saying pumpkins "don't play the hits"
  100. The Frogs 12/07/08 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL (Audio)
  101. end of year recording roundup:
  102. 12/07/2008 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL_Aud#2
  103. Cherub Rock WLP went for $435 a week ago
  104. "dissection of gossamer"
  105. Zero
  106. ISO: Thirteen's remasters site
  107. Official Live CDs time estimate?
  108. When did you start getting concernced Billy might be loosing it?
  109. Ginger Reyes August 29th, 2007 interview:
  110. Rumour: Pumpkins to play in Chile in Mar-09?
  111. Adore vs. Machina
  112. Pumpkins Recommendations
  113. ISO: rarities / side-projects
  114. Zeitgeist v. 4:13 Dream
  115. Database Error?
  116. Interview with Gingger Shankar: "interesting projects"
  117. Your favorite S.P. song from 1997
  118. Did you actually go to an Anniversary Tour show?
  119. Billy to play solo show in switzerland
  120. If the Pumpkins break up in switzerland
  121. Stargate LOL
  122. Zeitgeist underrated!
  123. Shot Full of Diamonds - Tribute CD
  124. Billy's last hope
  125. req: edge 102.1 epitaph thingy
  126. Billy Corgan should check out Merriweather Post Pavilion
  127. haha I had forgotten all about this
  128. Unidentified Pumpkins Song in Wayne's World?
  129. Smashing Pumpkins July 28th 2007 DVD with Soundboad Audio
  130. T-Shirt Quilt update (Still unfinished, but photos included)
  131. analog tape transfers
  132. best Billy Corgan interview I've seen
  133. BC Still in Chicago.
  134. Written by James Iha
  135. Torrent help for an old fan
  136. Billy past his prime?
  137. 1991-10-30 second source?
  138. Info for PI + Friends tracks
  139. Smashing Pumpkins July 28th 2007 Audio SBD torrent
  140. Songs you want to see SP do a cover of.
  141. i can't find the damn thread
  142. New Butch Vig Rumor
  143. DVD: 2008-12-08 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago IL
  144. Song cowrote by d'arcy
  145. torrent: 2008.03.22 Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ (PAL DVD Master)
  146. Request: Sacred + Profane Tour SBD Compilation
  147. Contest for Ipod with new version of Translucent
  148. B+P for 2x 25GB disc Blu-Ray July 28th 2007
  149. selling my SP cdrs and silver boots
  150. "Strawberry 2008"
  151. just bought these
  152. SP - Dallas 08.20.94 audio
  153. FS: Original 1994 Earphoria Promo CD
  154. iso-video footage of smashing pumpkins 11/24/08
  155. Monte is "selling" his wares...
  156. billy's vocals on bullet with butterfly wings
  157. Rotten Apples / Judas 0 cd set (please help)
  158. What do you think of Feelium and the Groover?
  159. Corgan's massive modular synth
  160. Private lessons with Lisa.
  161. has anyone seen kabriskies point? (nsfw)
  162. zwan stuff????
  163. Update On Jeff
  164. Machina guitar tone (fuzz/reverb)
  165. REQ: Behold The Nightmare Studio Video
  166. Crush Appreciation Thread
  167. TFE is really pretty decent
  170. Best SP related live show you have seen?
  171. what books have been written about SP?
  172. Kenny rocks the high-hat with Stevie
  173. New O Board in
  174. Anyone who likes (insert album here) are kidding themselves
  175. the burden of the image of the band
  176. o-board invasion planning thread
  177. Wanted: August 2008 tour poster
  178. Attn: Dutch netphorians/fans
  179. The first GLOW video
  180. Haven't been around for about a year, any great booty?
  181. As Rome Burns - Billy and Jeff's first songwriting collaboration?
  182. cult of luna cover of bodies
  183. Bat Stickers
  184. "I quietly felt that I was somewhat of a passenger"
  185. New Smashing Pumpkins track featured on Hyundai Super Bowl ad
  186. Ever wanted Billy's fecal matter, saliva, skin cells or bacteria?
  187. What's the name of that Smashing Pumpkins Site
  188. How will the next Exclusive Smashing Pumpkins song be released?
  189. Always appreciation thread
  190. "Ugly" appreciation thread
  191. Help Identifying Sound's a tricky one, early demo?
  192. GLOW = jackboot revisted?
  193. funny (homemade) photoshopped shit
  194. REQ: James Iha 31-03-1998, NY
  195. You aren't a fan of something if you bad mouth it, Period.
  196. Siamese Singles box set for sale?
  197. so rose march or rose parade?
  198. Download FOL now!
  199. How to Get Zeitgeist on Vinyl (Long Shot, but Possible)
  200. attn pumpkins metal milita
  201. The Chris Isaak Hour
  202. Live versions of Adore songs?
  203. 9ish minute mark of final metro show Silverfuck...
  204. dumb question: Cash Car Star x Grand Funk Railroad
  205. Rate FOL out of ten
  206. There is very few tolerance in the new pumpkins official forum
  207. Request: James Iha Be Strong Now B-Side Rips
  208. Looking for a few rips to complete my Pumpkins Ipod Library
  209. look at what came in the mail today
  210. What do you think the sexiest song they ever did was?
  211. Remember
  212. massey hall shows result in class action lawsuit
  213. Ticketmaster sued over tsp ticket prices
  214. there's some kind of symbolism in my broken Pumpkins mug
  215. FS: Tristessa Grey 7" signed
  216. set the ray from qaos
  217. QaoS
  218. ST: Dream pumpkins tribute albums
  219. Where is this from?
  220. I was listening to a compilation bootleg
  221. James Iha forms supergroup with a Hanson brother.
  222. 2009/03/20 - Pangaea, Austin, TX (Tinted Windows 1st gig)
  223. what will a tinted windows success do for TSP?
  224. james iha appears in a greg dulli interview
  225. James Iha does not appear in this dull Greg Hanson interview
  226. Eddie the Halen talks about Billy, briefly.
  227. billy corgan says he needs to be more like cursive
  228. Contacting person(s) who recorded video at The Hideout Chicago 2002
  229. Live Bonus EP Up!
  230. Remember the white capes?
  231. Crogan supports Ticketmaster&LiveNation merger
  232. dear billy, and the problems you face today, open letter
  233. Stream new Tinted Windows song
  234. Anyone know what show this is from?
  235. Billy asks for your forgiveness
  236. looking for 07.28.93 at The Metro
  237. A/Ab/E/B/F# - The drums
  238. Never Let Me Down Again Appreciation Thread
  239. more tinted windows dates
  240. forgive this question, but for how long has the O-Board disallowed new members?
  241. "The impossible is possible tonight", For you Billy
  242. REQ: 07/22/2007 Filmore
  243. "Today" being used in Visa commercial
  244. Post about this yet?
  245. SP board overmoderatiing at it again.
  246. Why all the negativity??
  247. Billy's Mansion?
  248. LOL!
  249. Jimmy's New Album
  250. Billy wants broadcast radio to pay performers