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  1. Does the director of "If It All Goes Wrong" kinda look like a douchebag?
  2. Strawberry Trumps Fans & GLOW
  3. Billy Corgan: sneaking food through airport security
  4. Why is _______ the best radio single released by SP
  5. lol wut
  6. what do you think of this SP cartoon
  7. what billy needs
  8. Billy: "A rock star without amplification is dickless: for 15 minutes, I had no dick"
  9. Ginger's new myspace blog:
  10. Alternative rock videos of the 1990's versus the 2000's
  11. Buying tickets for US events abroad??
  12. Asking the Smashing Pumpkins a question
  13. Billy Corgan 2004-10-19
  14. My friend told me the smashing pumpkins
  15. White Spyder or The Everlasting Gaze
  16. Kevin Drew/Age of Innocence intro - Lucky Ones does it sound like the latter?
  17. 17 appreciation thread
  18. where's waldo?
  19. Shirley Manson didn't collaborate with Corgan...
  20. Las Vegas, NV 11/29 The Pearl
  21. tsp1994-07-30
  22. We only come out at night . cover
  23. Who here became a Pumpkins fan from post MCIS matarial?
  24. happy 20th anniversary..
  25. More sneaks peak of If All Goes Wrong
  26. chicago songs
  27. Columbus, OH 10/31 Newport Music Hall
  28. for people who went to the zeitgeist tour...
  29. req: chicago songs
  30. Just got back from an Opeth concert..
  31. Best version of Luna I've heard
  32. 08/12/08 Louisville, KY - Palace Theatre Footage
  33. Reason why Billy's voice is better now than 98/99
  34. Do you think Supersnore will be played on the 20th?
  35. Special Acoustic Show Halloween Night
  36. ITT we give our own interpretations of SP songs
  37. pumpkins solos
  38. Full Video of Starla on the o-site from the dvd.
  39. songs this tour
  40. "If All Goes Wrong" official website.. including an o-board!
  41. James was the antithesis of Billy
  42. NEW SHOW:10/31/08 COLUBUS OH
  43. Flood on similarities between SP and Sigur Ros
  44. Guess This Song!
  45. Is my Earphoria a bootleg?
  46. I want You ...
  47. LMA: 1996-04-19 (New transfer)
  48. Need help finding live/rare demos in flac
  49. Southwest, VA fans - lets get the new film into the Lyric!
  50. anybody got tha hookup on...
  51. DC++ hub???
  52. i just discovered a pic exists of me with billy + jimmy
  53. To look at setlists or not...
  54. My pathetic story
  55. Weezer's Beverly Hills and Cherub Rock
  56. G.L.O.W. (320kbps official download)
  57. MCIS the most popular double-album of all time?
  58. Machina acoustic demos
  59. Anyone seeing IAGW at the charles in baltimore?
  60. Request: 2000-05-23 LA video
  61. What Hummer needs is MORE DISTORTION
  62. Pumpkins performing on spike scream awards.
  63. billy's black and white stripe shirt
  64. 2008/02/03 8 cam mix DVD
  65. Has anyone ever bought tix from Stubhub?
  66. Pre-Gish Songs on Anniversary Tour
  67. Article in new issue of Rolling Stone; "long-ranging concept album"
  68. Lookin for someone goin 11/18 chicago to buddy up with.. possibly share a room...
  69. does billy listen to sinatra?
  70. superchrist rocks hard.
  71. you and you and you
  72. Jimmy on Eddie Korosa's Polka Party!
  73. One Hour Live Chat with Billy Corgan for $9.95 on 10-22 at 7:30pm CANCELLED
  74. The 666 Tape
  75. Living out of USA and going to any 20th Ann show?
  76. torrent: Pinkpop 2007 DVB source
  77. Ticketmaster Reassigning Seats For First Three Rows-"Change Stage Setup"
  78. i don't get it...
  79. iso: mcmurderson smileys
  80. Tickets for Jimmy Kimmel "mini-concert" available again
  81. Info on Billy's Strats
  82. Question about 2008 tour shows...
  83. Open taping?
  84. night gown
  85. Speed Kills from the SIYL single.
  86. anyone goin to DC from Charlotte, nc for the 11th and 12th?
  87. Never Let Me Down Again
  88. Pumpkins playing Guitar Hero Launch 10/25/08
  89. my dad ripped up my pumpkins ticket
  90. I'm watching Vieuphoria
  91. Can You Feel It
  92. netphoria is referenced like a million times
  93. ITT: ISO XX tickets for Show X
  94. SP on conan tonight
  95. billy should try more of this
  96. madm and conrad keely showing art in nyc tonight
  97. Oh noes! The Pumpkins aren't going to be able to vote!
  98. Gossamer Cover
  99. bring the light guitar solo effect
  100. No Doubt horn player possibly to tour with the Pumpkins
  101. HD SP
  102. update
  103. is this a pumpkins poster on the wall?
  104. SP on KTLA tonight for Guitar Hero launch
  105. GATMOG Remixes
  106. set the controls is almost worse than last year's versions of GATGC
  107. old news?
  108. As Rome Burns...
  109. billy talking to fans after kimmel show, refuses to shake hands/hug for fear of germs
  110. Who is this new guy on stage with the Pumpkins?
  111. Cascais Bullfight Arena, 02-06-1996 - Audio source
  112. New song - OWATA
  113. New Song - Song for a Son
  114. new b0lly blog post
  115. i think i hate billy corgan
  116. 10/24/08 Jimmy Kimmel download.
  117. Some insight please on camcorders as I'm planning to record DC Shows
  118. MP3 rips of new songs
  119. Request: "Why Am I So Tired?" from Earphoria
  120. "Prototype" 20th Anniv. Tour shows?
  121. James Iha - Never Ever (mp3)
  122. Video of Josh Groban + horns + Pumpkins = Disarm
  123. 10/26 Bridge School - Schoeps
  124. Anyone have the Church Sessions clip of Spike Driver?
  125. 20th Ann. Tour
  126. My favourite thing about SP2...
  127. Friggin' VIP
  128. Tarantula to be in the next Guitar Hero for DS
  129. Best Buy Guitar Hero recording?
  130. Corgan writes synth soundtrack for "it all goes wrong"
  131. Owata!
  132. "Seventeen New Songs" ???
  133. 10/24/08 Jimmy kimmel soundcheck audio
  134. Billy Corgan comments on the success of AC/DC's new buisness model
  135. The new SP site "borrows" images from AltitudeTV
  136. how much money do you think billy has
  137. New Guns N' Roses Song uses "Million B0lly (Axl) Choir"
  138. open taping is no longer allowed
  139. Shattering Fast Alchemical Glass - Machina Analysis LAUNCHED
  140. Request: Zeitgeist B-Sides
  141. Quiet or Mouthz of Babez
  142. WTF is this Track?
  143. Greatest SP video ever!
  144. I'm listening to the Zwan Glass House show right now.
  145. This Tours Merch...?
  146. Ottawa
  147. First Performance of Lisa's Band - Yes, There's A Keytar
  148. NY SHOWS go to now
  149. San Diego, CA 11/6 - IF ALL GOES WRONG premier
  150. No wonder Machina blows...
  151. When did billy actually lose it/go bonkers?
  152. What's this all about?
  153. Glitched GATMOG videos on YouTube
  154. James Iha post-Pumpkins work
  155. did anyone get VIP
  156. Will you still financially support Billy Corgan?
  157. If he doesn't want to play old songs and only look towards the future
  158. Important Questions
  159. who remembers this guy?
  160. in light of recent events
  161. Billy with perfect vocals, James with a Space helmet and ray gun. Enjoy
  162. 20th anniversary shows now 50% off on ticketmaster?
  163. Winner of the sp freaks contest
  164. first ever digital 45?
  165. Melissa @ Lion D'or
  166. so the "black crosses show" includes (spoilers)
  167. Itunes Celebrity Playlist: Billy Corgan and JC - 10/29/08
  168. will set the controls be played tomorrow
  169. REQ: Shirt Related Material
  170. So, I'm interviewing B0lly this week...
  171. Smashing Pumpkins 2008-11-03 Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, CA [AUD]
  172. String Quartet Version of G.L.O.W.
  173. Check out Jimmy's drumming on Wipeout (halloween show)
  174. 4-19-1996
  175. Bullet from Launch CD
  176. Creepy tiny Billy in concert poster...
  177. Latest News Re. Taping @ Anniv. Shows
  178. Night 2 Soundcheck... *Spoiler?*
  179. Will People Stop Complaining...
  180. Smashing Pumpkins - 2008-11-04 Massey Hall Toronto, ON
  181. billy congratulates obama
  182. Slighty chubbier verision.....
  183. Billy & Jimmy radio interview by Matt Pinfield tomorrow Thursday 11/6 8am-9am Eastern
  184. why aren't live recordings split into multiple discs anymore
  185. Favourite new song post G.L.O.W.
  186. so, its been a very eclectic year for sp2
  187. Jeff leaving the band?
  188. No clips of SOMA yet? Are we not spoiling it for everyone else?
  190. Reseed request for 2007-07-20 Santa Cruz
  191. the Big Billy set up
  192. as 99 floors from the dvd been posted yet
  193. seeking a ticket for the chicago show on the 21st
  194. Can anyone tab this Unknown Instrumental?
  195. ISO: 1 ticket each for all 4 Chicago shows
  196. James Iha, Landslide, and a Guitar Magazine.
  197. BC +JC Radio Appearance 11/12 DC101 VA/DC/MD (Possibly Acoustic)
  198. WTF is this?
  199. NYC Audio
  200. what are the odds of getting admitted to standing (ie general admission)
  201. MTV Canada - Pumpkins Contest
  202. Jimmy Chamberlain Tattoo Inquiry
  203. Extra Tickets for Chicago Auditorium Concerts
  204. Atlantic City Audio?
  205. The way Billy sings ARB and Sounds of Silence
  206. Signal to Noise
  207. LF: 2008.11.01 - Cleveland, OH [AUD]
  208. 1996-01-02 DVD question
  209. Again,again,again Tab?
  210. So, has Billy even acknowledged the 20th anniversary on stage yet?
  211. Is it still accurate to call Netphoria Anti- Pumpkins?
  212. over the last 7ish years
  213. Rolling Stone gives G.L.O.W. 4 Stars
  214. For Martha appreciation thread
  215. No Surrender Appreciation Thread
  216. link request
  217. song for a son will play at all your high school dances
  218. jesus christ hipster's united
  219. It's not a comeback, its self-indulgence
  220. another ticket request: nov 19th
  221. Billy mocks fan.
  223. ATTN: Kiwis. If It All Goes Wrong in Theatres this Weekend
  224. Just finished uploading 11/11/08 Show. Got about 95% of footage. Help cleaning audio?
  225. Corgan talks about Netphoria (And Netphorians)
  226. the Zeitgeist Babies, show yourselves.
  227. i have a few iagw dvd questions
  228. so why was jeff mad?
  229. Orpheus Descending tab
  230. Methusela
  231. SP on DC101 11/12
  232. DC 101 Interview 11/12/08
  233. Best new song to fuck to: Gossamer, live from Massey Hall
  234. Peace + Love lyrics?
  235. Some reviews/reaction to the 20th Anniversary shows from the Media
  236. request: myriad "perfect" cover (spin/myspace)
  237. iso a few things
  238. Extra Tickets for Chicago Theatre Concerts
  239. Are any retailers actually carrying If All Goes Wrong?
  240. Smashing Pumpkins 20th Anniversary...really?
  241. Orpheus Descending
  242. help me get caught up...
  243. Help with Yeah!
  244. IAGW DVD video quality
  245. Massey Hall recording
  246. Looking For Some Of The New Songs
  247. Identifying a live version of a Zwan-Song
  248. LMA: 2008-11-11 DAR Constitution Hall - Black Sunshine
  249. Zwan - Acoustic Paris ENCORE
  250. LMA: 2008-11-12 - DAR Constitution Hall - Washington, D.C.