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  1. tapers beware: venues appear to be in the dark
  2. G.L.O.W. 08/08/08 (FULL SONG-VIDEO)
  3. LMA: 2008-08-08 - Davenport, IA
  4. Would you say G.L.O.W. is a definite improvement over Zeitgeist?
  5. My collection. Help me value it. :)
  6. No more open taping?
  7. Ascendo/Speed Kills from Japan upload?
  8. LMA: 2008-08-09 - Hammond, IN
  9. The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning..
  10. Request: 2000/04/26 - NYC, NY, US
  11. i'm really impressed by how the band is sounding on this tour
  12. What's going on back stage on tour? wild speculation begins now
  13. Request: Glasgow SECC 08
  14. New intro music?
  15. Torrent: 1993-06-30 VPRO; Hilversum, NL (ANA-M)
  16. did an audio recording of them doing that cover of Reptile ever surface?
  17. request: Seeders needed for columbus 10-11-07
  18. You guys have no idea how lucky you are...
  19. Charlotte & Charlottesville Tickets
  20. Rarities And B-Sides - $19.99 (114 songs)
  21. billy and jimmy interview
  22. Orlando tickets
  23. Why... what is that wonderful tune?
  24. Billy's balls. ahem.
  25. Cool new poster
  26. all SP releases have terrible artwork
  27. The live recordings album that was going to be released
  28. Billy Corgan guitar playing
  29. Heavy Metal Machine on August tour
  30. e-stalkers: have some pics of Darcy's sister for you
  31. what is with billy and the star spangled banner?
  32. SP on Treble's Best Albums of the 90s
  33. Glorious vs Gorgeous
  34. What The SP Tickets Should Say
  35. how long's their set been the last few shows?
  36. pro audio from 2007-10-21?
  37. Does Frank Q. work for the band?
  38. First Row ticket for Charlotte tonight
  39. One Charlotte ticket! 45 bucks
  40. do you think i am attractive?
  41. songs played since Grand Rex in Paris
  42. Another multiple edition Zeitgeist thread
  43. Billy Foumd His Voice?
  44. Oh No! SP2 It's different!
  45. Best live Boots from each year?
  46. Does the merch booth accept credit cards?
  47. What is your current level of interest in the Pumpkins?
  48. i never loved the song but...
  49. More August Recordings...
  50. Netphoria's new front page nearly impossible to navigate
  51. Remember shows like this one?
  52. WTF Billy.
  53. backing vocals for studio glow?
  54. Request - any 88 shows
  55. Louisville recording question...
  56. so what's the deal with this show in orlando on the 22nd?
  57. sp1994-08-27 second stage
  58. Home Improvement
  59. torrent: 2008-08-17 (HOLY CRAP SOMEONE GOT STAND IN)
  60. FAEOMM Tape?
  61. Request: Fresh Cuts vol 2
  62. Judas vs Pisces Iscariot
  63. WTF: band's rider says no taping
  64. I can't believe I live in the same time line as Billy Corgan
  65. So who has Soundboards of the Double Door shows?
  66. Rose March ftw (for the win)!
  67. Zeitgeist in "35 excellent examples of beautiful creative & impressive album covers"
  68. Pop Pop/Await/Reflect Request
  69. Help Poland to have a Pumpkin gig!!!
  70. I'm going to drive 6 hours through a tropical storm to see Billy Corgan
  71. Melissa Auf Der Maur recorded a duet with Glenn Danzig for her new CD
  72. join together cover?
  73. Today #5 on list of "Ridiculously Upbeat Songs About Death"
  74. Corgan goes for a gold medal tonight!!
  75. trying to find photographic record of clothing sold at 07 us fall tour
  76. Billy Corgan Solo Bootlegs
  77. HD crash -- need Gossamer mp3...
  78. James Iha with Chara (video)
  79. Request - any of these shows
  80. "If All Goes Wrong", a multi-disc documentary/live DVD
  81. i just got a used Aeroplane Flies High (mostly) for $3
  82. Lyrics for Psalm 131?
  83. the sound at the asheville shows
  84. pieces of me
  85. 4/12/94 - Nashville, TN poster?
  86. Heads up for XM subscribers...
  87. Pedo Billy
  88. Any news yet on the 20th Anniversary shows?
  89. Pineapple Express
  90. When exactly is G.L.O.W. being released???
  91. guys, lets talk about the drums on tonight tonight
  92. Current Favorite Pumpkins Tune
  93. looks like billy is looking into a new O-Board, asking for thoughts and suggestions
  94. Milk Carton Music
  96. is there a video around of 6/29 asheville?
  97. lost in the woods guitar tab?
  98. The Marked artwork
  99. No news recently :(
  100. what titberry has been up to
  101. "We play 'American Gothic' music" - Billy Corgan
  102. Question about 08/05/98 show in Nashville...
  103. Ginger Reyes!
  104. Would the Smashing Pumpkins be popular if they were a new band starting out?
  105. Request: Tilt - Billy Corgan
  106. BC solo backdrop used at chiptune shows?
  107. If the Pumpkins want to get real corporate...
  109. Torrent: 1995-10-08 WKQX-FM Studios, Chicago, IL, US [FM]
  110. Richard Patrick (Filter) speaks about Billy.
  111. happy late birthday to Davin!
  112. Pitchfork's review of Mellon Collie
  113. Say It Ain't So
  114. June 5, 2007 (Berlin Acoustic Show) Appreciation Thread
  115. Songs where Corgan implores the audience to listen
  116. how many times has being a Pumpkins fan gotten you laid
  117. Do you think Billy will ever play his solo songs again?
  118. So is bolly gonna sue Le Castlevania for sampling zero?
  119. James with a towel, Billy with hair
  120. Video of Billy in Guitar Hero
  121. Spinoff: Which Pumpkins records have you had sex to?
  122. Gish to be DLC for Guitar Hero?
  123. ever karaoke pumpkin songs in public?
  124. Who is B. Corgan? Channel3 News Report
  125. TAFH Pressing Information
  126. GLOWmp3
  127. lma: 2008-03-29 second source
  128. My Exhaustive Live Pumpkins Compilation - what do you think so far?
  129. would someone re-up the Cherub Rock and Siva mogg files?
  130. why am i so tired? appreciation post
  131. Who translated the lyrics on the netphoria lyrics page?
  132. Best show from August 2008 tour?
  133. TSP 2007-10-21 - Tower Theater - Upper Darby, PA, US - [PRO] (DVD) (upgrade)
  134. Machina / NK Analysis Teaser
  135. Smashing Pumpkins Yoghurt Sultanas Tubs Recall
  136. Huge Article in new EQ Magazine this month
  137. I have to give a speech about Billy Corgan/Smashing Pumpkins
  138. i'm selling some smashing pumpkins item
  139. Melissa Auf Der Maur article in Strut magazine
  140. Paul Gilbert answers a question about Billy Corgan
  141. Billy Corgan on ESPN Sept 14, 2008 at 9 A.M. ET
  142. Request - 1996/12/16
  143. Billy Corgan/Pumpkins Literal Lyrics
  144. is it well known that the machina term "cog" probably stands for 'child of god'?
  145. 20th Anniversary Contest
  146. Future Embrace era article about Billy's spirituality
  147. Is this about Billy Corgan?
  148. Do you think Corgan re-fills his water bottles?
  149. Netphoria: How about we enter the 20th Anniversary contest as a GROUP?
  150. The "Does BC Refill his water bottles" thread is the worst in Netphoria's history
  151. If All Goes Wrong DVD Nov 11th
  152. MCIS Minidisc
  153. This is Billy Corgan's best interview of all time
  154. 2008-08-20 -- lma question
  155. Best sp news in years
  156. lol @ a friend of mine
  157. Now Shipping! Smashing Pumpkins - If All Goes Wrong - 2 Disk DVD only $16.99
  158. LMA: 2008-03-27 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
  159. Metallica GH tracks give hope for G.L.O.W.
  160. Arbitrary pictures I found.
  161. xMAdMx is back!
  162. Does anyone want to up the Perfect single?
  163. Zwan acoustic question...
  164. SP to play two dates in Universal City, CA in December
  165. who is billy endorsing?
  167. Lily Question
  168. Autographed Machina on EBay
  169. i blow the dust off my guitaaaaaaaaaar
  170. Coat Of Eyes (Pre The Marked)
  171. Complete Marked Demos
  172. LMA: 2007-10-22 - Tower Theater - Upper Darby, PA, US
  173. SP to play Bridge School Benefit
  174. Under Your Spell
  175. Dear SPLRA...
  176. interpretations of the song Love
  177. ascendo
  178. Songs that could of been hits had they been released as singles
  179. LMA: 1999-10-30 / 1999-10-31
  180. Request: Manchester Evening News Arena 15/02/08 Audio
  181. hey beatroute36
  182. SP to play Nov 11th & 12th in Washington DC
  183. Washington, D.C. 11/11-12 Constitution Hall
  184. SP playing Atlantic City, NJ 11/8/08
  185. Atlantic City, NJ 11/8 Borgata
  186. LMA: 1997-10-18 / 1997-10-19
  187. Crazy, yet Cute, girl writes book about SP songs
  188. Cleveland, OH 11/1 Palace Theater
  189. Toronto 11/3 - 11/4
  190. Toronto, ON 11/3-4 Massey Hall
  191. Uncasville, CT 11/16 Mohegan Sun
  192. New York, NY 11/6-7 United Palace Theater
  193. New York Shows 11/6 & 11/7
  194. can we have some uniform thread titles please?
  195. Smashing Pumpkins to Sell LIVE shows in digital format
  196. Purveyors of fine American Gothic music since 1987
  197. Chicago, IL 11/18-19, 21; 12/8 Chicago Theater/Auditorium Theater; 12/7 Aragon
  198. Guess who is playing Chicago Theatre the 18th/19th and Auditorium 21st/22nd
  199. Boston 11/14 11/15
  200. Boston, MA 11/14-15 Wang Center
  201. San Diego, CA 11/30 RIMAC Arena
  202. I have 1 Extra ticket for 11/12 D.C. DAR Show
  203. St. Louis, MO 11/26 Fox Theater
  207. Los Angeles, CA 12/2-3 Gibson Amphitheater
  208. Tapers for upcoming tour
  209. Mountain View, CA 10/26 Shoreline Amphitheater (Bridge School Benefit)
  210. torrent: 2008-08-07 rehearsals SBD
  211. Kansas City, MO 11/24-25 Midland Theatre
  212. White Crosses & Black Sunshine - WTF?
  213. 2-day Pass - OR buy individually during presale?
  214. ISO: lossy originals for myspace tribute CD
  215. Corgan Blogs about 20th
  217. Kansas City 20th Anniversary Dates
  218. Is this studio G.L.O.W.?
  219. IF All Goes Wrong Preview
  220. G.L.O.W. radio premiere
  221. WTF, Amazon dot com... WTF...
  222. Ginger was in a Christian Ska band?
  223. torrent: 2008-08-07 rehearsals SBD-redux
  224. Have we talked about the upcomming ask the band a question thing?
  225. Pumpkins 20th Anniversary Tour makes Perez Hilton.
  226. TNA Wresting Video
  227. Recent articles about Machina..
  228. Palace Theater seating
  229. Film Center wants me to host screening of Pumpkins documentary
  230. i'm seeing Emilie Autumn this week
  231. 20th Anniversary Tour - Concert Attendance
  232. Netphoria's official opinion on G.L.O.W. (poll)
  233. Didn't Billy say...
  234. New SP Shirt?
  235. Does billy still play piano?
  236. bonus EP for sale
  237. Looking for Smashing Pumpkins Tickets? - look here
  238. Looking for Smashing Pumpkins Tickets? - look here
  239. G.L.O.W. Video in the Works
  240. Smashing pumpkins tour line up history
  241. Pumpkins songs that make good lullabies
  242. Ticket presale?
  243. I got a feeling Soma will be played on this tour
  244. Setlists of the 20th Anniversary tour - Comments, thoughts and speculation
  245. LMA: 2007-11-09 (with Hootie & the Blowfish cover)
  246. Now Shipping: Guitar Hero World Tour
  247. aww i just listened to Believe for the first time in like a year
  249. G.L.O.W. Guitar Tab
  250. 20th Anniversary Introduction Music Discussion