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  1. Dunno why noone brought this up
  2. Billy has something against Brian Molko from Placebo?
  3. you know the billy interview with the guy from soundgarde
  4. I'm selling the following t-shirts...just thought I'd put them here before e-bay.
  5. Best Billy Corgan solo concert?
  6. 2008-03-28 - [BT] DVD + LMA Audio
  7. Set the controls Video
  8. 2000/12/02 - Metro; Chicago, IL, US
  9. Conan Skit..
  10. Video of Billy holding up someone's baby on stage
  11. Video of a guy playing the drums for Geek
  12. What is the final show?
  13. What are your favorite Smashing Pumpkins websites
  14. this board was way more fun when it wasn't so fucking strict
  15. Smashing Pumpkins will be Inducted into Hollywood's Rockwalk
  16. torrent: tsp2008-04-06 - V Festival, Perth, AU
  17. Billy and Jimmy drink milk
  18. "The Smashing Pumpkins were a once relevant band"
  19. Nice fan video..Are these the best lyrics Billy ever wrote??
  20. Ryman Auditorium Vid
  21. Zeitgeist Live CD...
  22. Great Djali Zwan concert
  23. Wow this sounds really sex
  24. superchrist audio upload
  25. torrent: 1993/09/01 (newly surfaced show)
  26. The Smashing Pumpkins in videogames
  27. july 18th (i hope you're deaf) clip
  28. The Pumpkin Queen
  29. 2008/04/14 - Guadlajara
  30. How great songs are ruined
  31. 2008/04/16 - Monterrey
  32. Which song compliments you when you are drunk and alone?
  33. Billy ripped off a song from Siamese Dream
  34. Billy says Mexico is a lot better than "other countries"
  35. Best Percussion of the Adore Era
  36. The Smashing Pumpkins are probably my favorite band
  37. Holiday
  38. T3: Rise of the Machina
  39. New 1989 footage
  40. How the rocket intro is played (tablature)
  41. torrent: Smashing Pumpkins 2008-03-20 TSB Bank Arena, Wellington, NZ (FLAC)
  42. What about SP live with an orchestra?
  43. Why I think Machina was the worst album
  44. interview where billy talks about diff of SP vs SP2
  45. if you were gonna play an sp/bc tribute show
  46. torrent: Smashing Pumpkins - 2008.03.22 Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ (FLAC)
  47. Graceful Swans of Where?
  48. Signal to Noise and Gossamer
  49. 200/04/19 - Costa Rica
  50. Tristessa ... :eek:
  51. Mmm, this sounds so nice. I miss it
  52. torrent: Smashing Pumpkins 2008-03-24 Westpac Arena, Christchurch, NZ (FLAC)
  53. rq: 4/7/02 Zwan @ The Galaxy
  54. poster designed by pumpkin queen
  55. New Torrent: 10/2/07 Roy Wilkins St. Paul ALT DAT source
  56. will you ever meet Billy?
  57. Porcelina VS LOTR
  58. Corgan 3rd on most annoying singers list
  59. There it Goes
  60. Lucy's Drive - Be Strong Now (cover).
  61. New Zealand Traders??
  62. so the Zeitgeist promotional tour is over..
  63. Smashing Pumpkin's 1979 featured in GTAIV
  64. Smashing Pumpkins The Movie
  65. My little interview w/ billy corgan (great info inside)
  66. How does one weed out the untr00 fans from the era shows?
  67. the last decent song billy corgan wrote?
  68. Zero released as DLC for Rock Band Next Week
  69. i really like this video of disarm
  70. tip to get better music from corgan
  71. "Lost Highway" vinyl soundtrack on eBay...
  72. 9/21/07 Ridgefield, WA - Clark County Amp - DVD
  73. Smashing Pumpkins Cover of BOC's "Godzilla"
  74. marquis in spades appreciation thread
  75. looks like its up to me to rejuvenate the board, as usual
  76. Happy Birthday Siamese Dream
  77. Dave Pajo Talks about Billy
  78. 1979 in GTA4
  79. so where is this from?
  80. This guy has more talent then billy does now
  81. Leo imai James Iha
  82. Doomsday Clock in new Hulk trailer
  83. b0lly sighting
  84. Some kid I know made this and I thought I would share it with you.
  85. please help me clean up a recording
  86. LMA: tsp2008-04-04 Festival Hall Melbourne, AU (Incomplete)
  87. isn't today d'arcy's birthday
  88. The Frogs
  89. SPLRA development advice
  90. Torrent: The Billy & Uli man date, aka "Durch die Nacht mit..."
  91. Your favorite Billy / SP quotes
  92. who here would lick a bollipop?
  93. Look at the energy back then
  94. Battery pack for Edirol R-09
  95. question about ebay tokyo dvd
  96. writers update
  97. New Torrent: Smashing Pumpkins 7/17/98 Minneapolis 2DVD with 5.1 DAT audio
  98. Lisa is hot! Ginger is not-
  100. lets blindly speculate
  101. From SP.COM: Pumpkins to celebrate their 20th anniversary
  102. Note to SP.COM, from NETPHORIA.ORG
  103. so, is it undisputed fact that billy and jimmy engineered Zeigeist to...
  104. What do you make of the new pic?
  105. paradox
  106. Yahoo's Ten Most Annoying Singers of All-Time - Corgan #3
  107. this would have been a sweet video for this song
  108. Sharon Osbourne Interview?
  109. SP tatoo
  110. SP on Fox 32 news tonight
  111. Smashing Pumpkins-Rockumentary
  112. MCIS 3LP bootleg samples
  113. About A Son
  114. BSB
  115. FTL
  116. ..Said Sadly
  117. uli jon roth is amazing
  118. Scotland bank commercial
  119. 2007-09-28 Orem, Utah DVD 2 Disc w/ Limited Direct Download
  120. Jeff's Gear
  121. 1979 (sort of) on pvc pipes
  122. the hell is this
  123. so who paid $350 for this test press?
  124. SP in Rock Band Wii
  125. Never really liked CBS
  126. Pumpkins rehearsal bass player?
  127. Smashing Pumpkins Working On Documentary From 2007 Club Tour
  128. Don't let me down Netphoria.
  129. bc's confessions
  130. Adem to cover Starla (maybe old)
  131. Smashing Pumpkins conversation on NBC's Poker After Dark
  132. yahoo rips on billy har har
  133. new interview
  134. Great footage of Jimmy + Billy from 1992 (+ James very briefly)
  135. demo tape? legit ... or not?
  136. OMGZZZZ bill and strawtits mentioned in tila tequila blender interview
  137. Gerard "Cry baby" Way talks about SP
  138. some dickhead on pvc playing pumpkins
  139. Is "This Time" about Courtney Love?
  140. Era Shows
  141. Just bought a drifter shirt for $17.
  142. Bonnaroo ticket for sale
  143. on the Today Show
  144. Haha, "Blinking With Fists" arrived in the mail as a late birthday gift from my mom.
  145. lol @ TFE movie
  146. question about "through the night" dvd
  147. Billy at wrestling event
  148. can anyone replicate the guitar sounds ath the end of through the eyes of ruby...
  149. Help finding this please
  150. Today - Live - 1993
  151. NYC, LA, Chicago Shows
  152. Billy photo in new Rolling Stone
  153. Pick one: MCIS album or all MCIS B-sides?
  154. Matt Sweeney is getting desperate.
  155. Billy played with Duran Duran last night
  156. Yelena>>>> Kristin Burns.. (link)
  157. Pumpkins on Nederland 3
  158. Courtney Love scraps album with Corgan
  159. random pumpkins reference
  160. ok, fess up...
  161. what pre gish songs do you want?
  162. Tristessa 7" prices
  163. the old official sp site
  164. Looking for BWBW artwork
  165. Remember when Billy said thanks to Rush and Greatful Dead?
  166. Smashing Pumpkins donated poster on Auction for Charity!
  167. French Promo of Live 2000 Show on Ebay
  168. torrent: 2007/10/21 mostly complete pro dvd (tv sourced)
  169. "We only come out at night" appreciation thread.
  170. Stealing Gish (no i didn't steal it)
  171. HUB ?
  172. So what's the deal with the skirts?
  173. You'll always be my WHORE
  174. Pumpkins to play 20th anniversary shows
  175. borat's producer was in the SIYL video
  176. Request: 1998/10/31 - Dodger Stadium; Los Angeles, CA, US
  177. July 16th 2007 DVD (Fillmore Show #2)
  178. torrent: 2007/07/18 complete show, four source mix
  179. MSOTS vs. TFE (Dividing CDs at the end of a marriage)
  180. help on transfering vhs tapes
  181. James Iha on new Marilyn Manson album
  182. 25 Down
  183. Smashing Pumpkins and adolescence
  184. Mayonaise
  185. Sweet Sweet
  186. Awesome.
  187. Torrent: Pearl Jam 1992-03-28 Chicago, IL (NTSC)
  188. Machina II Q101 #8...
  189. what's that knockin on my chamber door?
  190. new music file format, bad news for iha
  191. Smashing Pumpkins cover songs
  192. Zeitgeist Promo DVD
  193. sp on hood internet mix
  194. "Family Feel Forums"
  195. B*boy mentioned in Harper's Bazar mag...
  196. New single coming in September 2008
  197. Where to get Judas O FLAC?
  198. Pinkpop 2007 vid
  199. Full Pinkpop Concert broadcast on 3voor12 TV tomorrow (30/05)
  200. news section is getting worst
  201. albums without James' songwriting
  202. Upload: JCC 2005-02-27 Indie 103.1 interview
  203. Mexico's SKY One to broadcast Control Room (1 hour and 30 minutes)
  204. Some band/dude called Adem covering "Starla"
  205. Adore 10 years later-
  206. jeez, who made this video?
  207. Psychiatric Diagnosis: SP
  208. shit like this is why I love
  209. torrent: 2008/02/29 Oslo
  210. Yahoo's Top 25 Alternative Bands of the 90's!
  211. b0lly's confessions
  212. The Greatest Drummers Of All Time!
  213. cherub rock revisited
  214. SP Promotion ???
  215. Wasn't Jeff going to be a permanent member of SP?
  216. halp! have you seen these shows?
  217. Boston October 13, 15 and 16 Vids?
  218. torrent: madrid radio 3 concert
  219. SPLRA roll call
  220. today cover
  221. Request: Frogs
  222. Request: Soma/Mayonaise
  223. Request: 6 th January 1996 (pijama show)
  224. request: pumpkins xm session
  225. zeitgeist - 1 year later (not a parody thread)
  226. Tarantula reference in 1997 Silverfuck
  227. Zeitgeist - Dark Blue Box + Book?
  228. LMA: 1996-05-20
  229. Who is Corgan fucking?
  230. New James Iha commercial featuring unreleased track from LICG?
  231. So Jimmy is 44 today (June 10th)
  232. so do me a favor plz
  233. If you treated Pisces Iscariot as one of the albums, where would you rank it?
  234. Another Billy!
  235. Huh?
  236. Probably a long shot ...but..
  237. Joleen Lutz = Corgan relative??
  238. Smashing Pumpkins 2008-03-20 TSB Bank Arena, Wellington, NZ (DVD)
  239. gin-gif-ication
  240. Could anyone upload the studio version of Ma Belle for me?
  241. Jersey Shore appreciation
  242. Smashing Pumpkins 2008-02-02 Datch Forum, Assago, IT [DVD]
  243. Holy Jesus. What are these goddamn animals?
  244. Stevie Nicks weighs in on SP's version of Landslide.
  245. Fuck You - Drum Sych Error
  246. July 15th 2007 DVD (Fillmore Show #1) limited direct download & torrent
  247. SP: The Epics (double album)
  248. Jimmy Chamberlin in Gamefly Commercial
  249. who is Joliet and how did she end up w/ Billy?
  250. Somebody in LA go to this and record it, please.