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  1. [LMA] 2008-02-05 Zürich, Switzerland
  2. do you think there would have been a real reunion somewhere down the line
  3. UK Radio Interview with Zane Lowe
  4. Have you accepted the Baby Pumpkins?
  5. REQUEST: Billy's Siamese Dream Tab Book Message
  6. February 26, 2008 - Color Line Arena - Hamburg, Germany
  7. The "you" in Adore... he's singing about Electronic Music
  8. Bodies
  9. Excessive repition of words/phrases
  10. comfortably numb cover?
  11. LMA: 2007-08-14 - Copenhagen (second source--Sennheiser MKE40)
  12. Does Fat Man Blues remind anyone else of Jack Johnson
  13. Dawn to Dusk vs Twilight to Starlight
  14. From the Times: entertainingly stupid Radiohead-inspired theory why zwan split
  15. Have i bought a tab book written by a retard?
  16. Starla to be covered by Adem
  17. you all know how much i love machina, right?
  18. dear Starlight Video Production
  19. tsp2008-02-16 - O2 Arena, London, UK [Torrent]
  20. The New Album
  21. February 22, 2008 - Jahrhunderthalle - Frankfurt, Germany
  22. James of Jeff?
  23. Billy Corgan working with Peter Hook, Andy Rourke and Mani (Freebass)
  24. Drowned In Sound in "It's not 1995 anymore" shocker
  25. Difficult question
  26. What If Billy Had Never learnt Guitar.....
  27. REQ - 1992.07.23 Metro; Chicago IL, USA DVD
  28. ISO: 19.06.07 - Shepherds Bush, London DVD
  29. TORRENT: 1992.07.23 Metro; Chicago IL, USA DVD
  30. SP showing up multiple times on your ipod?
  31. Billy's "999" shirt, new version of "666" - foreshadowing "era" show garb
  32. Zeitgeist Contest: Last chance to vote-Somaziro and others involved
  33. Drew and Mike play U.S.
  34. Machina II 24bit/96Khz needle drop needed
  35. Is Zeitgeist re-entering any European album charts?
  36. Milk
  37. The Smashing Pumpkins play México (with The Mars Volta) in April 2008
  38. as long as we are getting tunes like zeitgeist and gossamer
  39. Pumpkins - V Fest Sideshows - Australia
  40. whoa, I just put on TFE and I actually like it
  41. A few more rare/semi-rare things on eBay
  42. AUS side show on sale!
  43. Best Pumpkins b-side?
  44. April 2008 - Imperial Festival - Costa Rica
  45. Who's the rTard they hired to write these things...
  46. I had a dream.
  47. photos from the frogs' myspace, have these been posted?
  48. 2007 vs 2008
  49. February 24, 2008 - Arena - Oberhausen, Germany
  50. February 23, 2008 - Arena - Berlin, Germany
  51. 2008-02-22 Soundcheck DVD
  52. REQUEST: AOL higher quality sessions
  53. Does anyone know where I can find a bootleg of last night's gig
  54. Dear Davin,
  55. .
  56. The password for the Aussie Gig Presales
  57. Smashing Pumpkins O2 ARENA 16 Feb 2008 3DVDS + 24/48 CSB audio
  58. is there one sp song that is just utterly indispensable to you.
  59. Best SP bass lines
  60. whens superchrist come out?
  61. Which version of La Deux Machina do you like more?
  62. The Smashing Pumpkins play Costa Rica 2008
  63. prognosis for 2008
  64. torrent: tsp2008-02-19 Forest National, Brussels, BE
  65. Most depressing SP song
  66. tomorrow, bitches (Superchrist video)
  67. Special Guest at Hamburg Show 2/26/2008
  68. Next album?
  69. quote unquote "archival material"
  70. The Last Hard Men album?
  71. LMA: 2008-02-21 Munich
  72. Billy Corgan's Riddle
  73. the dancing black angel chick is a porn star
  74. Betterchrist
  75. Superchrist Video/Audio rips
  76. feb 27th copenhagen
  77. What Is SP's most technically complex/elaborate song/production?
  78. When did you lose all hope/respect for SP2?
  79. Request: Mellon Collie tab book scans
  80. Songs that need to be dropped
  81. I just read all of Zetigeist's lyrics for the first time...
  82. Zwan 2001-11-16 Glass House, Pomona, CA, US
  83. request:rocket MTV europe 1993 vid
  84. Happy Machina Day
  85. How much do you reckon the Rocket CD single is worth?
  86. New Old Stuff
  87. the best gossamer verison?
  88. Pumpkins in 1992
  89. Hottest Nurse in SC vid
  90. Muzzle Promo CD
  91. the only album where things didnt go wrong
  92. Guitar Center Interview
  93. March 1, 2008 - Hovet - Stockholm, Sweden
  94. Did we have a thread about this yet
  95. If Billy Corgan....
  96. 6 Months Donation option working again
  97. If Billy Corgan...
  98. Cortez The Killer
  99. 3-3-08 Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland
  100. anyone tabbed stellar?
  101. SP singles/soundtracks/others for sale
  102. Pickups for BC's signature guitar revealed
  103. 1997-07-08 Spodek; Katowice, PL (new to circulation)
  104. news about the "Era shows"
  105. Pumpkins headline Body By Milk
  106. chance for redemption?
  107. American Gothic (UK Tour Edition)
  108. T-shirts! T-shirts! T-shirts!
  109. Monte's fillmore dvds?
  110. billy talks abuse, suicide, isolation...
  111. Billy copying from Saul Williams??
  112. Quiet & Other Songs download
  113. 'world is a vampire' mellon collie tour shirt
  114. Greg Shipley, lighting designer, talks about the SP Tour rigs...
  115. Be Strong Now single
  116. Mellon Collie Spin Poster
  117. Two questions.
  118. Did Trent listen to the Stigmata OST?
  119. file converters
  120. Paaaaawwwwxxx
  121. Pre-Order New Pumpkins Biography
  122. Vote For SP
  123. How does SP's online fan community compare?
  124. Gibson Interviews Jeff Schroeder
  125. More gushing Superchrist tomfoolery.
  126. I think Billy's problem is.....
  127. aol sessions download?
  128. why would trent reznor want to rip off someone whose every move has been a colossal f
  129. Fuckin' A, Jimmy C.
  130. American Gothic Scans
  131. TAFH box... alt art
  132. bolly in new meathead perspective
  133. SP on your Nintendo DS...
  134. 2 New Mexico Dates
  135. ISO: Audio of 2007-10-11 in Columbus, OH
  136. Lollapalooza 2008
  137. adore, almost ten years later:
  138. not sure where to post this, but..
  139. Anyone know this?
  140. torrent: tsp2008-02-15 Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, UK
  141. Zeitgeist Flag Poster for sale
  142. torrent: Zwan 2003-02-15 Virgin Radio, London, UK [FM]
  143. How many different torrent sites are there you know off?
  144. Billy's speech, 2005-06-08
  145. Lets all donate!
  146. this PoP superstar stole billys new dress
  147. billys sick and funny blues
  148. More info (incl. air date) of the German TV Show with Uli John Roth
  149. do you think jimmy listens to adore?
  150. [rumour] South American Tour - April
  151. my 2007/2008 tour comp
  152. I Of The Mourning on David Letterman
  153. req: residency songs comp in FLAC
  154. Did Zeitgeist Generate Any New Fans at All?
  155. Japan Tour 2008?
  156. Hopefulness and Oh So Finite Happiness
  157. Zwan - Cafe de la Danse, Paris
  158. if anyone cares...rumored Shirley Manson solo CD tracklist
  159. is starbangled banner on the american cherub rock single?
  160. if anyone cares... "The World Is Darker" featuring Melissa
  161. Let's not forget...
  162. What are the band doing currently?
  163. United States guitar model? Help :/
  164. LMA: 2008-02-22 Frankfurt
  165. torrent: tsp2008-02-15 - MEN Arena, Manchester, UK (2nd source)
  166. So, did a TFE premaster FLAC ever surface?
  167. That's gotta be one of you guys
  168. ISO: complete audio of 1998-05-16 Genova
  169. Your favorite Billy quote...
  170. So, um, what is this?
  171. ISO: Zwan, St Poelton Austria 13/06/2003
  172. Request: Cincinnati Arising! 1999-04-12
  173. Bring The Light Guitar Tab
  174. Butch Vig Interview re: Billy and Pumpkins
  175. Wellingtonian Pumpkin Heads
  176. J-Files Radio Show from 98
  177. Should Butch Vig work with Billy and Jimmy again?
  178. Happy Birthday Billy!
  179. For Sale: Korg SDD-2000
  180. Jesse Corgan
  181. camera singles out Billy at England Vz NZ cricket match
  182. TORRENT: 1996/01/26 Rio de Janerio (Upgrade from master VHS)
  183. so that song from the frankfurt soundcheck
  184. There It Goes vs. She
  185. All Pumpkins on online :)
  186. someone tell me why i love the production on machina
  187. I Am One Part II acoustic demo?
  188. Attn: Davin
  189. Jiimy Chamberlin Signing Session 22nd March NZ
  190. MP3's of new songs played
  191. what song is this?
  192. Last time you watched Viewphoria?
  193. lol...more Video of Billy at the Cricket
  194. More studio material coming (album lovers fucked)!!!
  195. zeitgeist biggest weakness is it doesn't leave you asking 'where do they go from here
  196. Request: 1992-01-15 - Kill Yr Parents show
  197. what is this??
  198. Just a reminder of when SP was big
  199. Adore Demos II (Whole Sides - Not Cleaned Up)
  200. Adore Demos II (Whole Sides - Not Cleaned Up)
  201. Siamese Dream & You'd Prefer An Astronaut
  202. Did Jimmy drum on the "Starchildren" 7"
  203. the secret diary of billy corgan
  204. 2008 version of United States live
  205. G+tGC frustrates the hell out of me
  206. I found an an Easter Egg!
  207. One of the greatest works of art of the 20th century and its SO machina it hurts
  208. Rollingstone's Hot List
  209. what show is this from?
  210. Holy Hell I AM ONE PART 2 is awesome
  211. The Smashing Pumpkins - Live At The Fillmore - July 30th 2007 [AUD]
  212. Superchrist on Fresh Cuts
  213. Jennifer Ever
  214. rare zwan tracks
  215. So how much of a nerd are you?
  216. does this girl post here yet
  217. good old youtube, always good for a laugh
  218. weird guy on soulseek/control room vids
  219. Pumpkins sue Virgin
  220. Who was responsible for the multiple Zeitgeists? Label or band?
  221. Zeitgeist live compilation: wanna help me?
  222. Transmission
  223. Jimmy brings the light in new blog.
  224. Purple spaceboy shirt owners
  225. Torrent: 2008-03-01 Stockholm, Sweden DVD
  226. zeigeist b-sides request
  227. Looking Back at the Residencies
  228. 1979 New Originals 1799 Remix(es)?
  229. Pumpkins will play New york, L.A. and CHICAGO!!!
  230. Pumpkins sue, site down, account suspended
  231. Needed: SP stage photo - high res
  232. who the fuck is james iha
  233. the 6th pumpkin ...
  234. Innosence is such a beutiful song
  235. Will we ever see this again?
  236. pumpkins HD vids available
  237. The Pumpkins Dope Whip
  238. new rolling stone article
  239. I'm really digging American Gothic
  240. I've struck youtube gold
  241. when did the sp heart first appear?
  242. Email to Billy
  243. El Sol
  244. 30 minutes to decide Pearl Jam vs. Pumpkins
  245. The Peel Sessions Ownz
  246. who has No surrender HD Vid?
  247. There was a chick who wanted them to play Silverfuck so bad she flashed her tits, and
  248. Billy's comment on Rock bands who sound the same
  249. How much can it cost to host these forums anyway?
  250. weird...Purr Snickety?